Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 Moscow Boutique Edition

The Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 Moscow Boutique is a Vacheron Constantin masterpiece.

Crafted in a limited edition of one, this watch celebrates the inauguration of the new Moscow Boutique that has now taken up residence in Berlin House. Equipped with a tourbillon, a perpetual calendar, an equation of time as well as sunrise and sunset times for the city of Moscow, it pays tributes to the noblest horological traditions.

Rare, complex and exclusive are the adjectives that best describe the Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 Moscow Boutique watch. Issued in a one-only limited edition for the inauguration of the new Moscow Boutique, it pays tribute to a longstanding expertise, acquired over a period of almost 260 years by a Manufacture that set out to conquer Russia at a very early stage in its history.

Fashioned in 950 platinum, this model is a compendium of major horological complications. Its 457-part calibre developed and crafted by Vacheron Constantin features a tourbillon along with several astronomical-type complications such as the perpetual calendar, the equation of time and the sunrise and sunset times for the city of Moscow.

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Caliber 2253 Moscow Boutique Edition

This watch is also endowed with an exceptional 14-day power reserve. Its technical configuration is based on two pairs of two coupled barrels; while the power reserve is visible on the bridge side and clearly visible through the sapphire crystal case-back.

The equation of time is probably the most fascinating complication in this outstanding model. Its purpose is to indicate the difference in minutes between the variable solar time shown by a sundial and the constant mean time of clocks and watches. For practical reasons, mankind has divided each year into 365 and a quarter days, each day into 24 hours, and the hours into 60 minutes each.

However, solar noon, the exact time when the sun reaches its zenith, does not generally correspond to the legal standard time shown by watches. In actual fact, solar time and mean time coincide just four times a year – on April 15th, June 14th, September 1st and December 24th. For the rest of the year, the difference between solar and mean time varies from minus 16 minutes to plus 16 minutes.

The oldest clock showing the equation of time was made by the mathematician Nikolaus Mercator in the 17thcentury. It enabled people in those days to convert the sun’s varying noon to the standard constant time shown on their watches. Since then, the rare instruments calculating the equation of time have been the work of extremely accomplished horologists.

Making this complication work does indeed call for particular skill. It depends on the equation cam, a waisted oval or analemma, shaped like a figure 8 and calculated according to the daily declination of the sun observed from a given spot in the course of a calendar year.

The cam rotates once a year and the extreme precision of its shape governs the accuracy of the equation of time. This fascinating complication is displayed by a short hand appearing between 10 and 11 o’clock on the dial of the Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 Moscow Boutique timepiece.

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Caliber 2253 Moscow Boutique Edition

This exceptional creation also features another astronomical complication seldom found in watches –the times of sunrise and sunset throughout the year at a given locality. This extremely intricate complication serves to provide an accurate daily indication of these times for the city of Moscow. Here too, the mechanism relies on a cam, the outline of which is calculated according to the latitude and longitude of Moscow Its symmetrical display shows the sunrise times at 8 o’clock and sunset times at 4 o’clock.

The tourbillon carriage, as always in the shape of the brand emblem, a Maltese cross, rotates once a minute at 6 o’clock as a small seconds indication. The indications of the perpetual calendar are symmetrically laid out with the days, the months and the dates at 9, 12 and 3 o’clock respectively, while the leap-year indicator makes a circumspect appearance at 1 o’clock.

Within the Vacheron Constantin universe, this Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 Moscow Boutique expresses the very genetic identity of the Manufacture, of its heritage and of the skills patiently acquired since its founding. Radiating an aura of understated elegance through a 44 mm round case imbued with timeless classicism, this model embodies the noblest horological traditions and establishes itself as a reference in its field.

In addition to rigorously pure aesthetic, this one-of-a-kind model displays traditional style codes expressed in contemporary language: a slimmer case, a knurled motif surrounding the screw-down case-back fitted with a sapphire crystal, dauphine hands and an opaline black dial. An engraving on the case-back soberly indicates the exceptional – and indeed unique – nature of the Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 Moscow Boutique “N°1/1”.

The Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 Moscow Boutique model also bears the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva, which is an independent and sovereign guarantee of workmanship, origin, quality, precision, resilience and competence. This seal of watchmaking perfection, among the oldest of professional labels, is reserved for a handful of Geneva manufacturers.

In an ultimate touch of elegance and refinement, the Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 Moscow Boutique model comes with a pair of 18-carat white gold and onyx cufflinks matching the Vacheron Constantin timepiece.

Technical details

Model: Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Caliber 2253 Moscow Boutique Edition
Reference: 88172/000P-F417
Hallmark of Geneva certified timepiece
Special product for Vacheron Constantin Moscow Boutique

Caliber 2253
Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Mechanical, manual-winding
32 mm (13 ’’’) diameter
9.60 mm thick
Approximately 336 hours power reserve (14 days)
2.5 Hz (18,000 vibrations/hour)
457 components
30 jewels

Hours, minutes, small seconds at 6 o’clock
Perpetual calendar (day of the week, date, month, leap year)
Equation of time
Sunrise/sunset time of Moscow
Power reserve indication on the back of the watch

Platinum 950
44 mm diameter, 15.60 mm thick
Transparent sapphire crystal caseback
Water-resistance tested at a pressure of 3 bar (approx. 30 meters)

Black opaline
18K white gold hour-markers, with painted minute-track and indications

Black Mississippiensis alligator leather strap, hand-stitched, saddle-finish, large square scales
Clasp: Platinum 950 triple-blade folding clasp; Polished half Maltese cross-shaped

Delivered with a corrector pen
Delivered with a pair of cufflinks in 18K white gold matching the dial of the timepiece

Unique timepiece
“N° 1/1” engraved on caseback

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