Gallet – The 75th Anniversary Edition Flight Officer & The Truman Edition Flight Officer

In 2014, Gallet celebrates the 75th anniversary of the birth of its legendary Flight Officer wristwatch. To commemorate this special occasion, the most exciting and technologically advanced new version of this renowned timepiece will be available in two limited series.

  • The 75th Anniversary Edition Flight Officer: Following in the pedigree of the original 1939 version with highly advanced new technology and features, the 75th Anniversary Edition will be released in a limited series of only 10,000 sequentially numbered examples and sell at the retail price of 14,500 USD.
  • The Truman Edition Flight Officer: Released as a special preview edition, this small group of only 1000 sequentially numbered examples will have all of the same advanced features as the 75th Anniversary Flight Officer, with the addition of President Harry S Truman’s famous signature on the reverse. This exclusive group of watches is provided at a special reduced price of 8700 USD and is only available to members of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors and the National Watch and Clock Museum.

Originally issued in 1939 to pilots of the United States Army Air Forces during WWII, the Gallet Flight Officer chronograph became the most renowned military pilot’s timepiece of the 20th century. An indispensable aviation timing and navigation device, the Flight Officer was the first wristwatch capable of calculating the current time during flights across multiple time zones. It was also the first wrist‐worn timepiece with a rotating bezel and one of the only chronograph mechanisms protected within a water resistant case.

2014 marks the 75th anniversary of this legendary timepiece. In honor of three quarters of a century of service in the skies, the Gallet Group is producing two special limited edition versions of this world famous wristwatch. Technologically updated for the 21st century, the Truman Edition will be provided exclusively to members and patrons of the National Watch and Clock Museum in a series of only 1000 number examples, with a portion of the sales used to benefit the museum’s yearly fundraising efforts.

Upon completion of the sale of the Truman Edition, the Gallet 75th Anniversary Edition Flight Officer goes on sale to the general public in a series of only 10,000 numbered examples. The response from minimal marketing activities for the new watches by both the general public and the 18,000 members of the National Watch and Clock Museum has been extraordinary.

Due to the connection of the sale of the Truman Edition Flight Officer with the fundraising purposes of the museum, combined with special members‐only reduced pricing, the first series of 1000 examples are expected to sell out quickly, allowing the commencement of production and sale of the full 75th Anniversary Edition to begin in early year 2014.

Truman Edition Flight Officer Chronograph Proposal
This design proposal was developed by the Gallet Watch Group in coordination with the staff and board of the National Watch and Clock Museum.
The following criterion was followed in developing this proposal:
1.) That the appearance and function of the new watch corresponds with the appearance and function of the Gallet Flight Officer watch worn by 33rd United States president Harry S. Truman, with technological and functional updates as would be found on more contemporary timepieces within the same genre.

2.) That the watch contain the maximum number of functions available while keeping the discounted selling at 8700 USD for museum members. It has been determined that this price fits within the pre‐determined demographic spending capabilities of a significant number of the 18,000 patrons of the museum, insuring the greatest potential for successful and timely sales of the full edition of 1000 watches.

Technical details
40 ‐ 42mm overall diameter (not measuring the winding crown)
Water resistant to 100 feet of 330 meters
5mm wide bi‐directional 12 position click‐lock bezel
Water resistant screw down winding crown
Water resistant screw‐lock chronograph pushers
Curved non‐glare sapphire crystal

Back Cover
Solid back without exhibition window
Screw down or screw on O‐ring style
Engraving of limited edition details

Two separate dials, 1 fixed inner and 1 rotating outer
Fixed black inner dial with 3 registers, telemetry and MPH scales, luminous numbers
Crown controlled 12 position rotational white outer dial with 24 world cities

Skeletonized diamond‐shape minute and hour hands with luminous material in outer section only
Luminous filled diamond‐shape subsidiary register hands
Luminous filled sweep chronograph hand

C.O.S.C. Certified Chronometer
Basic 12‐hour recording chronograph mechanism
Automatic winding
Crown controlled jumper system for rotation of outer cities dial

Hour, Minute and seconds
Measures elapsed time down to 1/5 of a second
Calculates the relative speed of a moving object
Calculates the relative distance of a visual occurrence
Calculates the time across all 24 world time zones

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