Molnar Fabry Carpe Noctem

This one-of-a-kind timepiece watch was specially created for Molnar Fabry’s long time customer. This classic dress watch in 18ct pink gold case measures 42mm diameter. It houses a modified and hand-decorated Vaucher VMF 5401 automatic movement.

Molnar Fabry Carpe Noctem

Made in Switzerland, the Vaucher VMF 5401 automatic calibre features micro-rotor winding mechanism and provides up to 48 hours of power reserve. This exceptional self-winding mechanical movement was modified, skeletonised and hand-decorated in the Molnar Fabry workshop before putting it into the watch.

Molnar Fabry Carpe Noctem

The skeletonising of the bridges and the main plate was complicated because of the thickness on some places; on the top side Molnar Fabry added a small bridge that holds the hour wheel.

Molnar Fabry Carpe Noctem

The craftsmen then created a new micro-rotor in 18ct gold, and then decorated with engraving and natural ruby. The retail price of this watch model is approximately 35000 Euros without taxes.

Molnar Fabry Carpe Noctem watch in pink gold

Technical details

Vaucher VMF 5401 Swiss, 29 jewels
Power reserve: 48 h
21 600 A/h,
Micro-rotor winding
Variable inertia balance wheel

Hours and minutes
Setting the time with seconds stop

Hand engraved and skeletonized bridges, black ruthenium plating
Beveled and polished edges on all bridges
18 ct gold micro-rotor hand engraved, set with natural ruby 1.80 mm

Stainless steel index ring, with roman numerals
Hands: 18ct pink gold, handmade

18ct pink gold, sapphire glass
Diameter 40 x 7.1 mm

20/18 mm, handmade by ABP Paris, genuine Alligator, brown
Deployment buckle, 18ct pink gold, handmade


Based in Slovakia, MOLNAR FABRY is a high end luxury watch atelier which creates unique, jewelled and bespoke timepieces with the aim of providing the clients with the best quality of both the gemstones and the horology artwork.

Established by Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry, who began their professional careers as certified jewelers and goldsmiths, the MOLNAR FABRY brand draws inspiration for its timepieces from the masterpiece works of highly acclaimed independent watch makers.

Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry

Having finished their respective studies in 1998, Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry met in 2002 and kept on working in the industry until 2005, when both opened their own jewelry boutique. From the onset, Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry have specialized in the conception and creation of bespoke fine jewelry pieces made of various precious metals, with the aim of providing the clients with the best quality of both the gemstones and the artwork. Both have gradually focused on enhancing their techniques and crafts pertaining to the profession of high-jewelry, and eventually acquired all the corresponding equipment. The passion for new creative ideas as well as on a quest for improving and developing the skills clubbed with training and experience in the high-jewelry led them to the world of highly-complicated timepieces.

Molnar Fabry Classic Art Tourbillon Piece unique

Passionate admirers of horology since young age, both Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry began their journey for realizing unique handmade timepieces. Both have begun to study the pertinent specialist publications and technical literature, drawing on the wealth of publicly available information from the world’s finest watchmakers and from watchmaking history, until they later got the opportunity to exchange ideas and experience with some of the “master watchmakers”.

The duo admires Philippe Dufour for the quality and precision of his craft and finishing; and Antoine Preziuso for his Stardust Tourbillon model which is set with more than 2000 miniature diamonds. Antoine Preziuso‘s Stardust Tourbillon has inspired them to find original ways to apply their jewelers’ skills into the realm of horology as well as to master more horological complications for a higher form of artistic expression.

Molnar Fabry Mechanical Art Creation Piece unique

The founders of the brand always felt the need to “transgress” the boundaries between the two worlds (jewelry and horology), the desire not to remain confined to their initial area or to use jewelry only as a final decorative touch for a timepiece, but rather to build on the convergence and complementarity of the two art forms so as to attain a harmony between the aesthetic appeal and the mechanical art of Molnar Fabry creations. The brand believes that the skeletonized timepieces are obviously the best and most direct means of displaying the art, the exactitude and rigor of craft.

Beginning with simply assembling different pre-fabricated watch parts, decorating them and setting the timepieces, the brand moved through finishing and customization of the components (polishing into high brilliance, work on the bridges and other various surface conditioning tasks) up to their in-house realization. Today, the atelier designs and manufactures most of the watch parts such as bridges, balance wheels, hands, cases, screws, strap buckles, and counting.

Concerning the calibers, the brand has opted to start working with the best quality – Swiss-made movements naturally, ETA and Unitas at first. The brand has also worked with Mr. Christophe Claret for Molnar Fabry Classic Art Tourbillon Piece unique.

Last but not least, Molnar Fabry keeps it an integral part of its philosophy to strive for ultimate perfection in the personal choice of materials, craft and finishing, which all require enormous amount of hours spent with utmost care and absolute concentration. This is why the atelier currently produces only less than 10 pieces per year.

Contact details
Molnar Fabry
Horna 41
Banska Bystrica
Official website :

Molnar Fabry Classic Gentleman Blue Piece Unique

Crafted by Slovakian luxury watch atelier Molnar Fabry this unique wristwatch in pink gold houses a skeletonised ETA 6497-1 Swiss manual winding movement that also incorporates high level of finishing and hand-decorative techniques including the complicated banknote engraving.

This 17 jewels, hand wound movement also has an in house titanium balance wheel with 18 carat pink gold screws. The two part, open styled dial of the watch features banknote engraving at the outer part and inner circle features blued steel hands for hour & minute and hour marker indexes in diamonds and blue sapphires.

Measuring 44mm in diameter, the pink gold case of the watch is fitted with sapphire crystal front glass which offers clear view of time indication, decorations on the dial and glimpses of movement parts. Turning back the timepiece, the sapphire crystal caseback enables the connoisseur to enjoy the hand decorated mechanical manual winding movement.

Technical details
Eta 6497-1  Swiss,  17 jewels,  hand wind, power reserve 46 h,  18 000 A/h, in house titanium balance wheel  with 18ct pink gold screws, swan neck micro regulation, hand skeletonized and engraved bridges, white and blue rhodium plating, movement is completely embellished by banknote technique. Hand beveled and polished edges

Pink gold Au 750, sapphire glass, diameter 44mm, and weight 69,95g (In-house)

2 layer Ag 999/ alpaca, handmade, Indexes – diamonds and blue sapphires 0,40ct
Handmade banknote engraving
Hands: Blued steel, hand made

22/20 mm hand made by ABP Paris, genuine alligator, Blue
Deployment Buckle, pink gold Au 750, handmade, 10,47g

Retail price
Price on request

Molnar Fabry Mechanical Art Creation Piece unique

In this skeletonized timepiece, Molnar Fabry has removed all geometric elements from the movement so that the main plate and bridges attain a naturalistic visual aspect resembling to a coral or to the roots of a tree, depending on what the imagination brings to mind.

By combining the Cartesian, rational aspect of the watch’s functioning – components assembled and working  with  the  highest  precision  following  a  strict mechanical logic  (“cold  logic”)  with  the  free, intuitive spirit of abstract art, Molnar Fabry wished to ally these two opposite worlds in a harmony of mechanical art.

The clear-cut, strict shapes of the gears are softened by their warm, glowing gold coloration, while the irregular, abstract shapes of the bridges are rendered more machinelike with the black rhodium plating – a chilly tone usually associated with the realm of mechanics.  Molnar Fabry has also incorporated a proprietary balance wheel in this piece.

Technical details
Movement: Swiss mechanical with manual winding caliber Unitas 6497-1 17 jewels, hand skeletonized and engraved
Case: Titanium grade 5, sapphire glass, diameter 44 mm, hand engraved
Hands: Blued steel, gradually colored, hand made
Strap: Alligator 22/20, handmade, Deployment clasp
Power reserve: 46 hours

Molnar Fabry Classic Art Tourbillon Piece Unique

The Classic Art Tourbillon incorporating the caliber CCR97 by Christophe Claret (one-minute tourbillon, 21’600 vibrations/hour) could be qualified as the twin to Tourbillon Art Nouveau. In comparison to the latter, this bespoke watch exudes a more masculine and less extravagant vibe.

The overall white-grey toning is enhanced by the rose gold plating used on the balance wheel and the adornment is pared down to a ring of diamonds around the movement with classical red jewels, complemented by blued hands  and  screws.

The  sober  temperament  of  this  piece  is  emphasized  by  the  techniques  of sandblasting and beveling on the edges, applied on the front side.

Its case back is decorated by banknote engraving in Art nouveau spirit. On  the  contrary,  the  movement  ticking  here  is  a  two-color  variation  combining  black  and  white rhodium.

The barrel bridge was naturally hand skeletonized and it took 3 months to craft this unique timepiece.

Technical details
Movement: Swiss mechanical with manual-winding caliber CCR97 Christophe Claret, 19 jewels, hand skeletonized
Case: 18-carat palladium white gold, sapphire glass, diameter 44 mm
Inner bezel: 87 pavé diamonds totaling 0.37 ct (grade VVS, color E)
Hands: blued steel, handmade, classical Dauphine style
Strap:  alligator 22/20, black, hand made
Buckle: 18-carat white gold, hand made
Power reserve: 110h

MOLNAR FABRY Invertum Piece Unique

Crafted by MOLNAR FABRY this unique haute horlogerie timepiece beats to the rhythm of an inverted movement where the mechanics of the components in motion can be admired up-front (oscillator, winding, micro-tuning).

This complication takes inspiration from the Villeret inverted movement by Swiss watch manufacture Blancpain.  The watch makers at MOLNAR FABRY took up this horological challenge while putting their own distinctive spin on it so they opted to design this piece in a fine jewellery style. Thus, the large bridges of the movement acting as the dial are highly adorned with diamonds and banknote engraving and MOLNAR FABRY logo placed in the center of the winding wheel brings a delicate finishing touch. The case slightly contrasts this ornamental style of the dial, reinforcing the mechanical spirit of the watch.

From the technical perspective, MOLNAR FABRY equally devised several compelling elements for this piece. The watch makers added two bridges, the hours and minutes hands are mounted from the back side, but kept the seconds  hand at  its  original  position with  a dedicated dial  on  the  watch back.

Another noteworthy ingredient on the watch back lies in the positioning of the mainspring in the sapphire glass: the chaton is set in the glass without recourse to usual metal bridges. For maximizing accuracy, the brand has incorporated a traditional balance wheel with weight screws in this timepiece. It took approximately 600 hours to design and craft this unique timepiece.

Technical details
Movement: Swiss mechanical with manual winding caliber Unitas 6498-1
23 jewels, 115 diamonds, hand skeletonized and engraved
Case: Stainless steel 316L, sapphire glass, diameter 42 mm, hand engraved
Hands: Blued steel
Strap: Alligator 22/20, hand made
Deployment clasp:  Stainless steel, hand made
Power reserve:   46 hours