Based in Slovakia, MOLNAR FABRY is a high end luxury watch atelier which creates unique, jewelled and bespoke timepieces with the aim of providing the clients with the best quality of both the gemstones and the horology artwork.

Established by Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry, who began their professional careers as certified jewelers and goldsmiths, the MOLNAR FABRY brand draws inspiration for its timepieces from the masterpiece works of highly acclaimed independent watch makers.

Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry

Having finished their respective studies in 1998, Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry met in 2002 and kept on working in the industry until 2005, when both opened their own jewelry boutique. From the onset, Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry have specialized in the conception and creation of bespoke fine jewelry pieces made of various precious metals, with the aim of providing the clients with the best quality of both the gemstones and the artwork. Both have gradually focused on enhancing their techniques and crafts pertaining to the profession of high-jewelry, and eventually acquired all the corresponding equipment. The passion for new creative ideas as well as on a quest for improving and developing the skills clubbed with training and experience in the high-jewelry led them to the world of highly-complicated timepieces.

Molnar Fabry Classic Art Tourbillon Piece unique

Passionate admirers of horology since young age, both Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry began their journey for realizing unique handmade timepieces. Both have begun to study the pertinent specialist publications and technical literature, drawing on the wealth of publicly available information from the world’s finest watchmakers and from watchmaking history, until they later got the opportunity to exchange ideas and experience with some of the “master watchmakers”.

The duo admires Philippe Dufour for the quality and precision of his craft and finishing; and Antoine Preziuso for his Stardust Tourbillon model which is set with more than 2000 miniature diamonds. Antoine Preziuso‘s Stardust Tourbillon has inspired them to find original ways to apply their jewelers’ skills into the realm of horology as well as to master more horological complications for a higher form of artistic expression.

Molnar Fabry Mechanical Art Creation Piece unique

The founders of the brand always felt the need to “transgress” the boundaries between the two worlds (jewelry and horology), the desire not to remain confined to their initial area or to use jewelry only as a final decorative touch for a timepiece, but rather to build on the convergence and complementarity of the two art forms so as to attain a harmony between the aesthetic appeal and the mechanical art of Molnar Fabry creations. The brand believes that the skeletonized timepieces are obviously the best and most direct means of displaying the art, the exactitude and rigor of craft.

Beginning with simply assembling different pre-fabricated watch parts, decorating them and setting the timepieces, the brand moved through finishing and customization of the components (polishing into high brilliance, work on the bridges and other various surface conditioning tasks) up to their in-house realization. Today, the atelier designs and manufactures most of the watch parts such as bridges, balance wheels, hands, cases, screws, strap buckles, and counting.

Concerning the calibers, the brand has opted to start working with the best quality – Swiss-made movements naturally, ETA and Unitas at first. The brand has also worked with Mr. Christophe Claret for Molnar Fabry Classic Art Tourbillon Piece unique.

Last but not least, Molnar Fabry keeps it an integral part of its philosophy to strive for ultimate perfection in the personal choice of materials, craft and finishing, which all require enormous amount of hours spent with utmost care and absolute concentration. This is why the atelier currently produces only less than 10 pieces per year.

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