Molnar Fabry Mechanical Art Creation Piece unique

In this skeletonized timepiece, Molnar Fabry has removed all geometric elements from the movement so that the main plate and bridges attain a naturalistic visual aspect resembling to a coral or to the roots of a tree, depending on what the imagination brings to mind.

By combining the Cartesian, rational aspect of the watch’s functioning – components assembled and working  with  the  highest  precision  following  a  strict mechanical logic  (“cold  logic”)  with  the  free, intuitive spirit of abstract art, Molnar Fabry wished to ally these two opposite worlds in a harmony of mechanical art.

The clear-cut, strict shapes of the gears are softened by their warm, glowing gold coloration, while the irregular, abstract shapes of the bridges are rendered more machinelike with the black rhodium plating – a chilly tone usually associated with the realm of mechanics.  Molnar Fabry has also incorporated a proprietary balance wheel in this piece.

Technical details
Movement: Swiss mechanical with manual winding caliber Unitas 6497-1 17 jewels, hand skeletonized and engraved
Case: Titanium grade 5, sapphire glass, diameter 44 mm, hand engraved
Hands: Blued steel, gradually colored, hand made
Strap: Alligator 22/20, handmade, Deployment clasp
Power reserve: 46 hours

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