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Frédéric Jouvenot is a Swiss luxury watch brand established in 2008. Its flagship collections are ACE, Solar Deity and Moon Deity.

Frédéric Jouvenot, Founder of the Brand

Born at the end of the summer of 1977, this young man of French-Swiss extraction, belongs to the group of players who today pave the way for tomorrow’s renewal of up-market watchmaking. His inspiration stems from his natural curiosity and from observing things past and present. His sources are period architecture, contemporary design, but also the heritage left by several centuries of beautiful watchmaking, old timekeepers which he loves to restore, giving them a new lustre.

He uses all these things as fuel for developing his craziest ideas. For several years, Frédéric Jouvenot worked for renowned and prestigious brands, giving the best of himself, using as sole guideline his perpetual attention to detail and to perfection.

Hence, when he finally decided to launch his first own creation, the Chronographe Evolution I, whose automatic rewinding system has created a sensation in the display field, this model clearly expresses the power he gleans from the recollection of the time he spent with his grandfather who, amidst the French countryside, shared with him his various talents as winemaker, mechanic and musician.

Today, this blend of different tastes, savours, smells and colors benefits him in the care he lavishes on setting off the inner and outer aesthetic aspects of his timekeepers. By creating his own brand, Frédéric Jouvenot aims mainly at sharing his love of all things beautiful, thus leaving for future generations a patina all his own, his personal vision of high class watchmaking.

Frédéric Jouvenot founded a limited liability company (SARL) in 2008 to express his talent as a designer of inventive fine watches:

  • The creation of the first chronograph in history fitted with a winding system on the dial side which gives a full view of the beauty of the movement at the back of the watch.
  • The production of a unique piece – a removable chronograph watch inserted in a luxury phone set with diamonds.

These first extraordinary designs, backed up by his experience, attracted the attention of active partners from different countries. In 2010 Luxembourg and Swiss funds allowed him to upgrade the status of his company to a “société anonyme” (public limited company).

After studying as a micro-mechanic, micro-technician and in sales, Frédéric Jouvenot was not naturally destined for a career in watchmaking. The production of a tomographic scanner for the prestigious Centre Suisse d’Electrotechnique and Micro-technique (CSEM) opened the doors to the selective world of fine watchmaking. He thus joined the Minerva manufactory. There he developed a house calibre, a few complications and a mystery tourbillon without hands at the age of 27.

He left this manufactory in 2005 for a complications development company. He even became a partner in the firm. He thus fully expressed his talent by developing complications for independent brands and for established watchmakers; a discreet man, his name never appeared on the dial of watches by major watchmaking and jewellery brands.

In 2008 he decided to create his eponymous brand: he funded the filing of the patents, the production of his chronograph and the first marketing actions by trading in rare timepieces. He also restored antique pieces that he sold to collectors.

The philosophy that Frédéric Jouvenot wants to express through his designs is to link antique watchmaking with contemporary watchmaking. To imagine the design of his watches, he finds his inspiration in Beauty: architectural forms that he admires in his travels, works of art presented in museums, etc., but not just that. He likes to question and reinvent the mechanisms of fine watchmaking. Pushing back the boundaries of watchmaking know-how by creating never before invented timepieces is the reason for being of the manufactory.

The manufactory thus covers the design, conception and development of movements, the finalising of complications with production follow-up. His timepieces are made in limited editions and their components are entirely Swiss-made.

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