Frédéric Jouvenot Sîn

Luxury watch brand Frédéric Jouvenot presents his latest creation Sîn. Reflecting the heavenly canopy, where the sun and moon celebrate the passage between night and day, the unique complication showcases both celestial bodies embedded in a three dimensional dial.

When Frédéric Jouvenot established his watchmaking company in 2008, he had a clear vision. His ambitious goal was to develop the first self-winding chronograph with the rotor on the dial side, revealing the entire caliber on the case back side.

It was no coincidence that he named the watches of his second collection after four gods, because the hours are not displayed with hands, but instead with sun rays that emanate from the hub in the center of the dial. This technical development, a world first, is as complex as a tourbillon. Not least because of the striking design, the collection was enthusiastically welcomed by the market and has won several prizes.

Frédéric Jouvenot Sîn watch black dlc case

Frédéric Jouvenot is now presenting a new model named Sîn, after the Mesopotamian god of the moon. In terms of its complexity and unorthodox time display, it needs shun no comparison with the company’s other unusual creations.

On the contrary: Jouvenot now lets the moon and sun celebrate the day on a futuristic dial that for the observer looks like a stunning trompe l’oeil. The moon appears when the sun sets and is gradually overtaken by the hour hand, which seems to orbit around the minute star located in the center of the dial.

Frédéric Jouvenot Sîn watch

During the progression of the moon, the sun is hidden – behind the horizon, so to speak – in a cosmic tunnel that extends from 3 to 9 o’clock, and rises again the next morning. The choreography of the elements reflects the perpetual spectacle that takes place in the firmament. To optimize the view of this mesmerizing extravaganza, Frédéric Jouvenot developed a special sapphire-crystal glass for his creation. It is secured to the case with pins.

Frédéric Jouvenot Sîn hand-wound watch

The titanium case accommodates a highly advanced, manually wound Swiss movement developed by Frédéric Jouvenot. It has a power reserve of 50 hours. The bridges are decorated with côtes de Genève and the ratchet wheel with a polished boss.

The elegant pawl spring is attached in the center of the caliber. The screw balance is black gold. All components, including the movement, case, and clasp, are 100% Swiss-made.

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