Frederic Jouvenot Helios

After the model ACE (Automatic Chronograph Evolution), Frédéric Jouvenot is offering a display in three dimensions represented by two inseparable phases, night and day, straight from the life of the young fair-haired God with crimson cheeks: Helios

Easy to read but with a complex mechanism, this timepiece named “Helios” contains two designs corresponding to the cycle of day and night. The depth of the face enables a realization in relief and, for the first time in the history of watch-making, a display that uses neither hands nor discs.

Frederic Jouvenot Helios watch

Each hour is represented by a sunbeam. Twelve in total, they represent the progress of Helios’s chariot across the heavens drawn by fiery steeds. As for the minutes, they appear in a central moon equipped with an index making one revolution per hour.

Frederic Jouvenot Helios watch

At midday all rays blaze like the light of the day. At this precise moment the design represents the sun at its zenith. As the chariot gradually crosses the sky, each sunbeam is replaced by a moonbeam. Twilight is reached, then midnight symbolized by twelve dark segments.

At this moment, Helios is in the arms of Thetis, the most beautiful of the nymphs of antiquity and of the sea. The darkness of the face then reveals the disc with an opening in the form of the moon at the centre of the watch: It is the second depiction of midnight.

At dawn, the rays of the sun (as watch hands) are reactivated and the ambient light progressively returns as each hour passes. Helios once more mounts his chariot drawn by fire-breathing horses impatient to traverse the heavens once more.

Technical details

– New face with patent applied for, which indicates the passage of 24 hours with the day and night.
– Display with 12 jumping hours rotate about 180°.
– Display of minutes by a disk turning in the center of the watch.
– Three-dimensional face with black colour, rhodium-plated or pink.
– Mechanical movement in exquisite workmanship with a screws balance.
– 42 rubies.
– Power reserve with 50 hours capacity.
– Face with high-quality finish,
– Casing in white or pink gold or black TITANIUM DLC.
– Alligator leather wrist strap with buckle using loop.
– High-quality presentation case.
– Two-year warranty

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