Marc Brogsitter – Constant Force & Tourbillon Collections

Available in two versions based on complication (constant force or tourbillon) and dressed in precious gold cases – the extraordinary rectangular timepieces of Marc Brogsitter represent timeless elegance.

These exclusive mechanical watches are manufactured in the traditional art of handcrafting horology. The completely new constructed movements of manufacture comply with the highest quality requirements.Marc Brogsitter watch

They reveal essential construction-elements of the legendary observatory movements from the fifties and the sixties of the 20th century, which have been manufactured especially to take part in observatory competitions.

Marc Brogsitter tourbillon watch

The setting down of the wheel construction rendered possible the use of an oversized balance ( Ø 17,08 mm), presenting an enormous mass-momentum of inertia of 266 mg/cm³ and permitting a precision adjusting.

The large barrel provides a smooth and regular drive. In combination with the constant force, which is integrated in the escapement wheel, a constant and strong power will be achieved.

Marc Brogsitter tourbillon watch

Timepieces of Marc Brogsitter are handcrafted to a superior workmanship and the accuracy in working is excellent. However the impressive balance is the heart of these pieces of art and with a low number of 18 000 half-cycles they uncover its entire charm. Enthusiasts of important timepieces will be inspired.

Marc Brogsitter Watch Models

1. Ref. 2167 Constant Force -18 ct. Pink gold or 18 ct. White gold
2. Ref. 2166 Constant Force-18 ct. Pink gold or 18 ct. White gold
3.  Ref. 2181 Tourbillon-18 ct. Pink gold or 18 ct. White gold
4. Ref. 2179 Tourbillon-18 ct. Pink gold or 18 ct. White gold

Price list (As on 2008)

Ref. 2167 Constant Force: € 52,400,-
Ref. 2166 Constant Force: € 54,200,-
Ref. 2181 Tourbillon: € 126,700,-
Ref. 2179 Tourbillon: € 128,500,-

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