HYSEK Abyss Tourbillon

The Abyss Tourbillon is the first movement imagined and manufactured by HYSEK, this piece of character, with a robust and asserted look is a visual and technical marvel. Its very sophisticated conception requires a very technical know how. This piece presents a power reserve and a big date; the disk of the date is visible behind a marvelous sapphire dial which covers half of the Tourbillon.

This Tourbillon movement is housed in a sublime titanium case coming from aeronautics with black titanium horns and prolonged by an articulated strap in leather and perforated rubber with H insert in Titanium which ends in a double secured fold over buckle in titanium exclusive to HYSEK which strengthens the avant gardiste and virile side of the brand. Model limited to 30 pieces.

Hysek creativity has no limit and the signature from which a very asserted horological character is emanating has today its interest beyond the image. Ultimate success of an inner construction whose harmony agrees with completion, the company is taking off and created its own manufacture in order to extend its potential to the pure mechanic. Codename of Hysek in temporal revolution: HW03 caliber.

The Abyss is indeed a Tourbillon watch, because, such a temporal vortex, it has known at once how to capture the best of the know how of these last years to make a technical syntheses in which the architecture of the design has known how to put forward the advantages and strengths of innovative alloys, rare materials and avant gardist technologies in only one volume, which gave birth to an almost infinitely simple watch.

A Hyper Tech case: The Abyss Tourbillon owns an incontestable strength of captation by reaching all stylistics and technical universes before the others. A pioneer in its field, this watch becomes a horological crossing where all experiences and thematics discussed since the beginning of the third millennium finally find a kind of materialization.

Unveiled in 2008, this watch is under the protection of this number whose writing, by symbolizing Meobius ring, gives an infinite physical dimension.The Abyss Tourbillon case is in brushed Titanium, the horns in black titanium and has a bezel in tinted sapphire, metallized and inlayed with luminescent studs which opens on a great dial from which we remember at the same time the transparency but also the reasoned exploitation of the technical elements’ discovery.

Concurs of modernity and tradition, its heart balances and its very contemporary strap with titanium insert succeed in joining leather in perforated rubber to reveal, on people greedy for avant garde’s wrist, the watch of immediate future.A calibre at the erotic transparency Transparent but not skeleton, contemporary and liberated from the classical constraints but not indecent, the HW03 calibre with manual winding is endowed with a fly tourbillon regulator with escapement, furthermore it is a Tourbillon with a very complicated shape revealing a wonderful titanium balance.

Hysek Manufacture will stay as a pole in the horological design history. See without showing everything, unveil without tarnishing, here is the orientation the art must take when measuring the time during the third millennium. Hysek opens, once again the path with this first reference realized in its manufacture and at a limited edition of 30 pieces. With 338 components including 38 jewels chosen not red but transparent (except end stones and impulse-pin of the plate), this calibre gives the hours, minutes and seconds thanks to a hand machined in the same spirit than the complicated shaped Tourbillon.

Complicated as far as in the most invisible details, this semi-instantaneous big date movement at 3O’Clock, exploits for its discs some advanced aluminium alloys limiting this way the inertia during the rotation. Subtle, this calibre using no classical finishing’s code upgrades the mechanical writing by employing felly wheels specifically trimmed so as to be a subliminal and personal signature.Intensively unique, this watch at the same time simple and complicated writes without saying it the coming tendency and proves that rarity tolerates temperance.

Description of the Movement

  • Movement with manual winding up
  • Indication of the hours and minutes in the center
  • Fly Tourbillon which accomplishes 1 turnper minute (direction between 10h-11h)
  • Fly Tourbillon with a titanium balance and upper bridge of the frame with forms
  • Escapement by Manufacture HYSEK
  • Semi instantaneous big date (direction between 2h-3h) with aluminium alloys discs
  • Indication of the power reserve with spherical differential and rack for the indication with SuperLumiNova (direction between 6h-7h)
  • All jewels are in sapphire (transparent color), excepting end-stones and impulse-pin of the plate
  • Decoration of the platinum and bridge in shot-blasting
  • Galvanic treatment on the platinum and bridges in ruthenium (black color)
  • Gear train opening specific to Manufacture Hysek
  • Casing diameter: 33.75 mm
  • Height with sapphire dial: 8.20 mm
  • Number of pieces: 338 pieces
  • Number of jewels: 28 jewels
  • Power Reserve: 75 hours (tolerance 0/-3 hours)
  • Frequency: 28’800 alternances per hour (4Hz)
  • Diameter of the Tourbillon: 14.00 mm
  • Height of the Big Date figures: 2.85 mm
  • Angle for the Power Reserve indication: 46°
  • Gear-train finishing: NIHS 20-02
  • Couple on the hour-wheel: 1220 g.mm
  • Moment of force M0: 840 g.mm
  • Development in turns: 13.30 turns
  • The barrel performs a turn in: 6 hours
  • Inertia of the titanium balance: 8.00 gr.cm2 (Ø 10.70 mm)


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