Benson Watchwinders Black Series

Established since 2010, Benson Watchwinders is based in Netherlands. The company has been specialized in the production of watch winders that incorporate modern design, solid technique and various functionalities. These highly exceptional creations are designed, developed and tested in the Netherlands by skilled craftsmen.

Watch winder is a well needed accessory for passionate luxury watch connoisseurs and collectors. The primary function of a watch winder is to keep the self-winding (automatic) mechanical watches in fully wound condition all times enabling the timekeepers to deliver its optimum performance on the wrist. In addition, the watch winders offer dust free and secure storage for your expensive mechanical watches.

Benson Watchwinders Black Series

Only a few companies in the world are specialized in the manufacturing of luxury watch winders. Benson is one among them. With attention to detail, quality and fine materials, this luxury brand from Groesbeek in Netherlands quickly made name for itself.

Benson offers high quality watch winders with a wide range of versions to choose from. Suitable for all types of automatic wristwatches, these watch winders incorporate powerful motors manufactured in Japan, LCD or touch screen control, LED lighting and automatic start/stop systems. The company offers 24 months of warranty on its watch winders.

Benson Watchwinders Black Series

Latest line from Benson Watchwinders is Black series, which  offers exclusive, hand-made watch winders with modern design and innovative technique. These master pieces are lavishly finished in black, white or carbon.

This line offers different versions of products starting with watch winders with capacity to wind one watch at a time to exclusive watch-winder towers that can wind up to maximum 12 watches at a time, plus extra storage space to keep watches, jewellery and documents.

The Black series 1 can wind a watch at a time and has no extra storage. The Black series 2 can wind up to 2 watches at a time and storage capacity of 3 watches in extra storage space. The Series 4 can wind maximum 4 watches at a time with an additional storage of 3 watches; Series 6 has a winding capacity of 6 watches at a time with an additional storage of 4 watches and Series 8 has a winding capacity of 8 watches at a time with an additional storage of 8 watches.

Benson Watchwinders Black Series

An enhanced version with in this line, the Benson Black Series Pro is available with a watch winding capacity of 12 or 16 watches with additional storage.

In the Black series tower category, available models are Tower 6 (6 winding+ 6 storage), Tower 8 (8 winding+8 storage) and Tower 12 (12 winding + 8 storage). For the customers in need of simple cases for storage, Benson offers Black series watch cases with capacity of 8, 12 or 16 watches.

Crafted from wood, and available in black, carbon fibre, white or macassar finishing, the Black series watch winder boxes feature 12 layer painting, soft-close cover, mineral glass front, stainless steel feet and special soft velvet to protect the watches. The winding system can rotate clock wise, counter-clock wise or alternate. TPD (Turns per Day) can be set from the range of 600, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800 or 2100 as per the requirement. The energy efficient winders ensure noise-less operation and protects from over-winding.

Benson Watchwinders Black Series

Winders feature one independent motor per watch holder, which can accommodate any wrist size. Other features include, mains adaptor, built-in battery, touch screen control panel, LED lighting and USB ports. Retail price starts from Euros 329.

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