Switzerland is the kingdom of watches and Manjaz is part and parcel of all the extraordinary brands that contribute to this worldwide reputation. The company has all the wealth of a long history behind it dating from its creation in the 19th century in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the ultimate watchmaking town.

It was founded by two great visionary entrepreneurs, Cuthbert Keynes and Absalom McPherson.

Manjaz benefits from the wealth of knowledge surrounding it to draw on the greatest watchmaking know-how and skill the world has to offer.

Manjaz has enjoyed consistent growth in the 20th century, firmly rooted in a philosophy based on three key principles: quality above all things, unremitting innovation and an on-going quest for perfection. Manjaz was notably the first company to produce a pocket watch with a scale map engraved on the case, which became the timepiece of reference for senior officers in the Spanish navy.

It subsequently continued to produce exceptional watches renowned the world over for their pure lines and classical timelessness, progressively developing a high-tech infrastructure enabling it to manufacture watches fulfilling the most stringent quality criteria.

Headed by Mr. Hubert Fluri since 1972, Manjaz is building a long-term development strategy and making substantial investments in research and development in Switzerland.

The brand is also renowned for having developed privileged relationships with the Asian markets considerably ahead of its competitors. Today, the brand’s principal aim remains to fulfill the needs of this clientele, which has been unremittingly true to both this company from the Jura Mountains and its products.

Manjaz positions itself in the “affordable luxury” segment, with a product offering that ranges mainly from 380 to 5,000 Swiss francs, and classical, elegant, timeless lines, targeting both men and women, and all equipped with Swiss-made mechanical and quartz movements.

In 2012, for the first time in its history, Manjaz presented two haute horlogerie models with an exclusive tourbillon. These different and yet inextricably associated timepieces reflect the name and the principle of complementarily contained in the oriental “Yin and Yang” symbolism. In 2012 the brand also launched the new Engineer Series.

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