U-BOAT Chimera Sideview

Italo Fontana, creator of U-BOAT, has announced their new Chimera “Sideview” range. A model of clarity and boasting profoundly clean appearance, the Chimera series began as a limited release edition of 99 pieces featuring a top-tier rattrapante chronograph movement.

The 51mm stainless steel case with hidden strap lugs had a completely unique design that retained the signature U-Boat size and crown cap, yet was otherwise distinct from the rest of the range. Last year the line was expanded with the new Chimera 48 Carbonio GMT boasting case material featuring forged carbon fibre, employed in Aeronautics, plus a range of smaller size Chimeras with a brand new innovation and featuring a 43mm case.

Now Italo Fontana unveils the Chimera “Sideview” range: two models presented in stainless steel, only 300 items, and gold 18K just 88 exemplars, both characterized by sapphire curved glass not only on the face and the back of the timepiece, but also with a side window, with a fumé sapphire glass which allows the movements visibility.

In addition to these, there will be an 88 unit limited edition of Chimera Sideview Diamonds featuring on the bezel of the case and on the lugs, 309 black diamonds set by hand, one by one(reversed diamonds on the lugs).

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