Antoine Preziuso – The Art of Tourbillon

Anyone who has had a chance to observe a tourbillon in motion is amazed by the mesmerizing beauty of the gently revolving carriage containing all parts of the escapement. The intricacies of this complication make it one of the greatest horological challenges of all, which has consistently inspired watchmakers to display the depths of their knowledge and expertise.

Those acquainted with the finer points of watchmaking history will recall that the tourbillon was first developed by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1801, and was designed to eliminate errors of rate due to the effect of gravity when the watch was placed in a vertical position. The mobile carriage or cage generally completes one revolution per minute, thereby cancelling out the errors of rate.

In our day, the original, practical purpose of the tourbillon is surpassed by the prestige that it has acquired due to its sheer ingenuity, complexity and aesthetic appeal. Antoine Preziuso, a master-watchmaker with a confirmed taste for challenges of a technical and aesthetic nature, could not resist the chance to create his own variation on a theme that is already two hundred years young.

The Art of Tourbillon watch by Antoine Preziuso is presented in a solid 18-carat pink gold case pared down to essentials in order to highlight the elegance and rarity of the hand-wound movement. This marvel of traditional watchmaking in a uniquely personal and contemporary interpretation, features mysterious winding, 21 sapphire-blue spinel jewels, blued screws, wolf-tooth gear-train, a balance oscillating at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour and a power-reserve of 110 hours.

Chamfered and engraved by hand, this sophisticated mechanical calibre is adorned with the Côtes de Genève decorative pattern, and the tourbillon carriage is delicately cut out by hand. This miniature masterpiece can be admired from virtually all angles, thanks to the transparent dial and sapphire crystal case back.

A token of horological excellence at its most refined, the Art of Tourbillon literally draws one into the fascinating dance of time Indeed, the French word “tourbillon” can be variously translated as “whirlwind, whirlpool or even merry go-round”.

Worn on a fine leather strap with folding clasp, this gently gyrating, pirouetting source of visual enchantment is bound to make heads turn wherever it goes.

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