MU:N FIRST EDITION: A Swiss Made Automatic Moonphase Watch Designed and Approved by Enthusiasts

Mu:n is an extraordinary watchmaking project founded by three young Frenchmen. Launched in 2020, the Mu:n project has brought in a new way of participating, influencing and following the entire process of watchmaking creation. The result of this innovative horological adventure is MU:N FIRST EDITION, a Swiss Made automatic Moonphase watch created by combining the creative intelligence of designers and feedbacks of thousands of enthusiasts via an online campaign.


Moon phase is one of the most poetic complications in watchmaking. The MU:N FIRST EDITION is offering a novel interpretation of this much loved function. It took almost two years to create the final design. Each component – hands, case, appliques, moon disc, indexes – of the moonphase watch were designed by the participating designers.

Mun moonphase watch

The final design was chosen through an online voting. Now, Mu:n has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for commercially producing the first batch of the much anticipated moon-watch.



The first edition Mu:n watch is Swiss Made. The assembly and the control are carried out by PH Saner SA, a renowned watch manufacturing company based in Alle, Switzerland. For manufacturing the moon disc and the oscillating weight, the founders of Mu:n project have partnered with AJS Production SA, Porrentruy.


The dial features an exceptional geometric purity. It alternates round shapes, which marry the moon disc, and rectangular shapes, in harmony with its stick appliques and its day window. The dial has a 24-hour graduation.

This edition stands out with its realistic moon disc. In partnership with AJS Production SA, the Mu:n team has developed a new printing method for the lunar display. This process has the merit of making each moon disc unique through subtle variations in hue, bringing an artistic touch to each model. The moon craters are burnt on the surface in order to offer relief perceptible to the naked eye.

MU:N FIRST EDITION moonphase watch


The Hommage Edition houses the automatic Sellita SW288-1 movement, which features a superior moon phase complication, with a synodic revolution of exactly 29.50 days. The moon phase is precise to 0.03 days per revolution, i.e. a shift of one day every 3 years. The movement also features a rapid date and lunar day corrector.

The Sellita SW288-1 caliber has 26 jewels and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz). It offers a power reserve of 38 hours. The movement features rhodium-finishing and Geneva stripes. Two rotor options are available: standard and decorated.

MU:N FIRST EDITION moonphase watch decorated oscillating weight

To design the decorated movement rotor, the Mu:n project took inspiration from The Moon XVIII of the Tarot de Marseille, made by Jean Dodal at the beginning of the 18th century.

Mun moonphase watch oscillating weight

The decorated oscillating weight highlights six coats of arms in bas-relief repeating the constituent elements of the card, namely: 2 wolf dogs, a moon and its rays, a crayfish and 2 towers. Laser-engraved, each of these allegories is affixed to a specific decor, inspired by the original emblem.

The 38 mm diameter case in steel is comprised of three entirely polished parts: bezel, middle case and case-back. The case thickness is 11.1mm.

Mun moonphase watch Creators Series with black dial
Mu:n Creators Series with black dial

The slightly sloping upper bezel opens onto a sapphire crystal. The middle-case is attached to a case back in the form of a porthole, made up of two successive slopes hollowed out by four visible screws. This composition represents a fine union of flat and curved lines. The break in the slightly sloping lugs offers a pleasant light catch during wrist movements.

Mun moonphase watch Creators Series with silvered dial
Mu:n Creators Series with silvered dial

The brand is presently offering three variants of the MU:N FIRST EDITION moon-phase watch: Creators, Origine and Quartz.

Mu:n Creators Series

The Mu:n Creators Series is dedicated to creators who have followed the project for almost two years now. This model will only be available until December 31, for pre-order on Kickstarter. This stainless watch is available with three dial color options: black, midnight blue and silvered.

Mun moonphase watch Creators Series with blue dial
Mu:n Creators Series with blue dial

Origine series

Composed of two models, the Origine series is the permanent series of Mu:n. It will also be available for pre-order on Kickstarter from November. It features a white color dial, and comes with a stainless steel or gold-toned case.

Mun moonphase watch Origine Automatic Series
Mu:n Origine Automatic Series

Both Creators and Origine models are equipped with automatic movements. The glasses on the dial side and the case-back are made of sapphire crystals. The lug width is 20mm, and each timepiece comes with a leather strap.

Mun moonphase watch Origine Automatic Series with gold-toned case
Mu:n Origine Automatic Series

MU:N FIRST EDITION Origine Quartz Series

The quartz series is designed around the same requirements as the automatic, and assembled in Switzerland in the same workshop.

Mun moonphase watch Origine Quartz Series
Mu:n Origine Quartz Series

Equipped with the Swiss Ronda Normetch 708 movement, it comes with a 36mm diameter case in steel or gold-toned finish. Its thickness is 7mm and lug-width is 18mm. This variant with white dial comes with a sapphire crystal front glass and an engraved steel case-back.

Mun moonphase watch Origine Quartz Series with gold-toned case
Mu:n Origine Quartz Series

The online crowd-funding campaign launched by the Mu:n team on 14th November has already crossed the funding goal within a day.

Pledges start at $330 for the quartz version and $836 for the automatic model. This initial promotional drive will be active on Kickstarter until 12th December this year, with the estimated delivery of watches in April/May 2023.