Grand Seiko Heritage Collection, Twenty-Four Seasons

Unveiling the deep sensibilities, appreciation and reverence for Japan’s seasons, Grand Seiko introduces four “Twenty-Four Seasons” timepieces to the Heritage Collection with a reinterpretation of the symbolic 62GS design.

Grand Seiko’s new timepieces pay tribute to Japan’s ever-changing nature, with each timepiece reflecting the grandeur expression of design and movement. The collection honors the traditional Japanese calendar with not four, but twenty-four seasons, referred to as “Sekki.” From Risshun (beginning of spring) in early February to Daikan (greater cold) in late January, the Twenty-Four Seasons of Japan celebrates the passage of time as a poetic journey, as nature awakens, blossoms, matures and slowly slumbers.

Grand Seiko pays tribute to its iconic 62GS – the revolutionary first self-winding timepiece launched in 1967. The 62GS pushed the boundaries of industry benchmarks in precision and accuracy. The signature design features a mirrored, multi-sided case and a wide dial opening, achieved with a bezel-free construction and Grand Seiko’s unique “Zaratsu” polishing. Pure, refined and noble, the 62GS is a treasured classic.

The four models feature two emblematic calibers of Grand Seiko. Each is assembled and adjusted by hand by acclaimed Grand Seiko craftsmen and women.

Grand Seiko Heritage Collection, Twenty-Four Seasons

Spring and Winter are assembled at the Shinshu Watch Studio. The 9S85 caliber uses sophisticated modern technology coupled with the skilled hand of a master craftsman for the finest adjustments and highest precision possible, highlighting the seamless passage of time with a Spring Drive movement.

Grand Seiko Heritage Collection, Twenty-Four Seasons

Summer and Autumn are assembled at the Shizuku-ishi Studio. The 9S85 caliber uses sophisticated modern technology applying innovations to the precision controlling mainspring, the hairspring, and the escapement. Together the movement showcases the pure power and dynamism of the Mechanical Hi-Beat 36,000.

The Details of Twenty-Four Seasons

The subtle pink dial of the Spring model epitomizes the graceful Sakura season as blossoms waltz on water like glorious “Hanaikada – Rafts of Blossoms.” Starting with the beginning of spring (Risshun),the first of the lunar year, the season comes to life when the snow gives way to rain(Usui), and creatures awaken from hibernation(Keichitsui). As day equals night (Shunbun), the pure sky and renewal of nature come into existence (Seimei).

The vibrant green dial of the “Rikka – The Beginning of Summer” embodies the energy and vitality of life, as flora flourishes (Shoman). It is during this season that rice is sowed (Boshu) and when the night is shortest (Geshi). As the intensity of heat raises(Shosho), summer ends with the hottest day of the year (Taisho).

The rich blue dial of the Autumn model exemplifies the deep and melancholic expressions of “Tsukiyo – The Moonlit Night.” Opening with the beginning of fall(Risshu), the period when temperatures fall (Shosho), and awaken to the morning dew (Hakuro).It is this season that day equals night (Shubun), and the frost appears in the morning (Kanro). Fall enters hibernation upon the first frost (Soko).

The silver white dial of the Winter model illustrates the pure and clear landscape of “Miyuki”deep snow. As nature slows down the beginning of winter (Ritto), flurries of snow (Koyuki) begin before the heavy snow (Taisetsu).This season welcomes the shortest day of the year (Toji), as days become cold (Shokan), and life experiences the coldest day of the year (Daikan).

Technical details

Model: Grand Seiko Heritage Collection, Twenty-Four Seasons

Caliber 9R65
Spring Drive
Power reserve indicator
Power Reserve: approx 72 hours
Accuracy: ±1 second per day
30 jewels

Case and bracelet
High-intensity titanium case and bracelet with tri-fold push button release clasp
The case is modeled after the 62 GS case which was the first Grand Seiko self-winding model
Box-shaped sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Screw down crown
Screw see-through case back with Grand Seiko Lion emblem in gold metalization
100M (10 bar) water resistant
Case diameter: 40.0mm

Price and availability

  • US Special Edition “Winter” SBGA415: $6,300, Available from September 2019
  • US Special Edition “Spring” SBGA413: $6,300, Available from September 2019
  • US Special Edition “Summer” SBGH271: $6,300, Available from October 2019
  • US Special Edition “Fall” SBGH273: $6,300, Available from October 2019

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