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Lebois& Co was founded in 1934 by French watch manufacturer Raymond Dodane. He belonged to the third generation of the famous Dodane family, who are best known for their watches using the family name on the dial. The company was sold to an Italian import company in 1947. The watches were still being produced in the Dodane factory and by some Swiss manufacturers, and sold (mainly to Italy).

In 1972, Lebois& Co ceased production and the brand disappeared from the watch industry landscape for a long time. Despite the disappearance of Lebois& Co the brand is still known today and popular with watch collectors all over the world. In 2012 a beautiful 1945 Lebois& Co Chronograph sold for over $ 6,000 at Christie’s Important Watches auction.

In 2014, exactly 80 years after the original company was founded, Lebois& Co was resurrected by Tom van Wijlick with his partner Eveline. The founders took inspiration from a vintage Lebois& Co Chronograph and decided to re-register the brand name and re-launched this forgotten watch brand.

Promoted using an online crowd funding project  in 2015, the Avantgarde Date is the first model in the collection of the reborn Lebois& Co. Inspired by former Lebois& Co collections and using some of the aesthetics of that era, the Avantgarde Date is a modern 40mm timepiece in stainless steel and a Swiss mechanical automatic movement made by ETA.

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Compagnie des Montres Lebois & Cie B.V.
Keizersgracht 391 A
Amsterdam, 1016 EJ
Website: https://www.leboisandco.com/

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  1. […] Lebois& Co is a Swiss watch brand established in the 1930s by a member of the famous Dodane family. After its revival in 2014 and the introduction of 3 Re-launch Editions of its first model the Avantgarde Date – Lebois& Co now announces their new equity crowd funding campaign allowing investors and watch lovers to become shareholders of the watch company. […]

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