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Based in Spain, Pita Barcelona is an independent watch making company co-founded by Aniceto Jiménez Pita (Master Watchmaker) and Daniel Jiménez Pastor (CEO & Brand designer).

Pita Barcelona produces highly exclusive mechanical watches in strict limited editions with several customization options enabling each customer to acquire highly personalized timepieces.

Aniceto is an AHCI Member since 2005. Self taught in watchmaking, Aniceto’s knowledge was obtained for more than 45 years working in his own watchmaking and jewelry atelier. Over the years, his artisan techniques have been complemented by state of the art tools, with the ultimate objective of bringing his ideas to life and sharing his passion in watchmaking with any enthusiast.

In 2004, Aniceto released his first patent, the Time Setting Mechanism, a complete redevelopment of the traditional winding system, isolating and decoupling time keeping mechanics from time setting and winding functionality.

This novel idea is the foundational stone used on different complications and improvements over a classic mechanical movement, used in different ways in Pita Barcelona timepieces. Looking externally to any Pita Barcelona timepiece, it is noticeable the absence of crown and the use of a back disk replacing its functionality, but are the changes inside the movement that set this invention apart.

The brand’s second patent is the Remote Transmission, invented in 2005. Aniceto has been the first watchmaker worldwide ever to create and use a magnetic transmission on an automatic mechanical timepiece to eliminate water-entry issues.

The TSM patented invention makes the Carousel, or slow-motion self-axis rotating automatic movement possible. And there are huge implications when combining both patents, TSM and RT, contributing to create the only truly watertight timepiece with virtually no weak points, featured on Pita Barcelona Oceana and Steam dive timepieces.

Aesthetically, Pita Barcelona timepieces take inspiration from the beautiful architecture and cultural heritage of the city of Barcelona.

Featured Timepieces

Pita Barcelona Oceana


Pita Barcelona MOLINOS ORBITAL Classic Edition

Official website: www.pita.es

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