ANPASSA is a Hong Kong based luxury watch brand co-founded by Mr. Gary Ching and Mr. Frankie Lam.

Specialized in the production of tailor made luxury watches, the brand ANPASSA originated from the concept of “Personalization”. ANPASSA takes its name from the Swedish word for “custom-made” and “adjusted” tactfully implying at the concept of the brand. The watchmaker is aspired to produce the high-end watches embodying the inventiveness, the top-notch technology and the exquisite craftsmanship. Excellent hand craftsmanship promises to elevate art to a new level.

By pushing the boundaries of innovation, ANPASSA purses a mission of producing high quality personalized watches integrating design, watchmaking artistry and exceptional expertise for all watch lovers and collectors.

In 2018, ANPASSA celebrated its 5th anniversary.

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