Brivet-Naudot Eccentricity

Cyril Brivet-Naudot is a young watch maker based in France. In 2018, he launched his first wristwatch bearing the brand name Brivet-Naudot.

It took three years of designing and making to achieve this unique creation: a watch entirely made by hand by a young French watchmaker. Christened as Eccentricity, this fine, highly technical hand-wound mechanical watch combines simplicity, sophistication as well as refinement with the best know-how in a deep artisanal approach.

Brivet-Naudot Eccentricity watch

Graduate from the Watchmaking school of Morteau (France) and the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland), Cyril Brivet-Naudot belongs to a family of traditional watch makers.

Brivet-Naudot Eccentricity

The Eccentricity watch was created after almost three years of research and development including one year of manufacture. Dressed in a stainless steel (also available in gold) case measuring 39mm, this watch is completely hand crafted and incorporates some historical horology mechanisms.

Brivet-Naudot Eccentricity watch

Apart from the components which are not directly made relying on the know-how of the watchmaker (the rubies or the hand-engraving) or requiring alloys which can’t be found in stores, all the components were made by hand in his workshop.

That includes the plate, the 9 separated bridges, the wheels and the pinions, all the screws from the biggest to the smallest, the balance and its inertia-block, the escapement, the silver and glass dial, the case with its eighteen stainless steel screws and its horns, the hairspring-stud system, the key and the so many pins. Only the rubies, the mainspring, and the balance spring, the glass and the watch strap are purchased externally.

Brivet-Naudot Eccentricity watch with key

Another distinction can be found in the libre excentrique escapement. Invented by Louis Richard in 1860 it has been modified and updated by Cyril Brivet-Naudot in partnership with his watchmaker friend Luc Monnet. He found it so original that it was worth to be given a second life, they started a long and hard work to make it efficient and reliable. It is now part of the Eccentricity, the first watch to be equipped with such a mechanism. This watch has also an original and mysterious time display.

Brivet-Naudot Eccentricity

The time display of the watch is also original and mysterious thanks to one rotating dial for the minutes with a second dial turning inside for the hours. Finally the choice of a hand winding with a key is a nostalgic look back to the rich history of watchmaking. This enables the watch to be more visually pleasing avoiding the use of a crown.

Brivet-Naudot Eccentricity

Its aestheticism inspired by the French time keepers of the beginning of the XIXth century is the most modern aspect. Sand-blasting golden bridges and traditional blued screws correspond to wheels drilled with specific holes and screws with heads adorned with two eccentric holes. Its design allows to admire the balance wheel oscillate mysteriously next to the dial as if it was driven by time itself.

This first creation, the Eccentricity, (to honor the escapement and the eccentric recurring patterns of the watch) is the first of a series of unique pieces. Customizations are available for Eccentricity watch. Each watch is unique and made by hand without CNC machine. The name of the owner will be engraved on the case back.

Technical details

Model: Eccentricity
Hand winding watch, with key
Time setting with key
Frequency: 18 000 alt.h-1
Escapement: libre excentrique
Indication: hours and minutes with rotating dial
Power reserve: 40h
Case: 39mm
Alligator strap

Price [in Euros (€) excluding VAT (20%)]

Eccentricity watch with stainless steel case: 60’500

Customization is available on request.

Contact details

Cyril Brivet-Naudot
Quimper, Brittany

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