Arthur Oskar Stampfli Watches

Arthur Oskar Stampfli is a Swiss luxury watch brand launched in 2009 by Roland Stampfli. The brand is named after Arthur Oskar Stampfli, the founder’s father who was a passionate horology lover and sports person.

Passionate of fishing and boats, and former Swiss champion of boxing, he lived his challenges with professionalism and stubbornness. His commitment in the high-level sports inspired the founder to create a unique luxury watch brand named after Arthur Oskar Stampfli.

On 1st October 2009, the adventure became a reality by the official launch and the inauguration of this new brand. On this day, in the cellar of the castle of Cressier, Roland Stampfli, introduced the concept of it in front of some invited horology lovers and friends.

The year, 2010 witnessed the development and validation of the products. Tests carried watches and resistance confirmed the choice of materials and techniques of finishing components. The first sale, a strong personal investment, some investors and friends support providers is to generate gains to continue the adventure.

In 2011, the brand made contacts to create a network of recognition and then sales. The brand also went online to create buzz in watch making industry. The Arthur Oskar Stampfli brand was highlighted during Cannes International Film Festival and American International Film Festival. Roland and Gaëlle Stampfli participated in these events to promote Arthur Oskar Stampfli luxury watch brand.

In 2012, Jonathan Kopp took in charge of the development of sales network and representation of AOS brand. Through is work, the brand made contacts in Australia (Oceania), United States, China, France (Europe), Germany and other countries.

In the Cannes International Film Festival 2012, the brand made contacts with Céline Durand to represent the brand on the Red Carpet. Arthur Oskar Stampfli is also working on a on a collaborative project with Willy Cartier. The brand is currently undergoing development and will soon be a global representation.

Arthur Oskar Stampfli
Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Artisanale
Chemin des Vergers 21A
2088 Cressier
Suisse (Switzerland)

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