Chronoswiss Kairos Chronograph

The Kairos Chronograph is a living expression of perfection. The casing is designed in accordance with the strictest aesthetic and functional demands, and exhibits its constant high quality in gold, gold/steel or steel.

The pushpiece, for starting, stopping and resetting the chronograph, fulfils the most advanced ergonomic standards. The acknowledged excellence of the Chronoswiss Company in the manufacturing of classic mechanical watches may be demonstrated in just one example; an unusual modification to the popular chronograph caliber ETA 7750 with automatic winding.
In order that the hour and minute hands, usually placed centrally, would not obscure the display of the stopped seconds, minutes or hours, the actual time is displayed where the watch’s very special construction best affords it: at the figure “3”.

This modification means that the hours and minutes may be read from the solid silver face at a casual glance, even if the watch is half-hidden under the left sleeve. Thus the Kairos Chronograph is truly a watch for all seasons – a high-quality chronograph which will never be overlooked.

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