BOVET 1822 Récital 27 – Three Time Zones, Moon Phase, 7 Days’ Power Reserve

In 2016, BOVET 1822 unveiled the Shooting Star tourbillon, the first timepiece in an exclusive collection dedicated to astronomy. The Astérium and Grand Récital tourbillons then followed in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Each of the three timepieces boasted groundbreaking technical specificities and explored new ways of measuring time, and each was also housed in a characteristic inclined case, inspired by and shaped like a sloped writing desk.

Designed by BOVET 1822 Owner, Mr. Raffy, the “writing slope” case features a bezel inclined at 6 o’clock. This ingenious idea makes it possible to diversify and organize the types of displays by using domes, rollers, discs, and three-dimensional hands to enhance intuitiveness, ergonomics, and elegance. The three-dimensional design prioritizes information for improved readability and brings the collector’s eye to the heart of the movement to discover the excellence found in each detail.

As seen by the numerous awards bestowed on the trilogy’s timepieces, notably including the Aiguille d’Or Grand Prix which honored Grand Récital at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in 2018, collectors and experts commend the stylistic revolution of the “writing slope” case.

Mr. Raffy’s inspired “writing slope” case design meets and once again exceeds collectors’ expectations in the Maison’s latest timepiece, the Récital 27, by simultaneously introducing four complications developed specifically to be housed within the “writing slope” case.

The success of the multiple time zones manufactured by BOVET 1822 illustrates collectors’ growing interest for useful functionalities as well as for ergonomic and intuitive timepieces that offer ease of use. Using their extensive experience, the BOVET 1822 watchmakers designed Récital 27 by making great use of the emblematic “writing slope” case’s proportions and thus meeting collectors’ expectations by offering them no fewer than three time zones which can be set to winter or summer hours for each chosen location.

The choice of three time zones is not insignificant. Historically, Maison BOVET was founded in three separate time zones simultaneously. Indeed, when it was founded on May 1, 1822, the Bovet brothers were already present in Switzerland, London and China. Beyond this historical anecdote, the three time zones offer collectors an answer suited to the modern world and to the immediacy of communications on a global scale.

The local time is logically displayed in hours and minutes at the center of the timepiece while the secondary time zones appear at 3 and 9 o’clock respectively. Each of the secondary time zones displays hours and minutes on a traditional 12-hour dial. A day/night indicator prevents any confusion between morning and afternoon. Finally, an aperture displays the name of an iconic city corresponding to the time zone indicated by the hands. For those collectors who so desire, the city discs can be customized to indicate the cities of their choice. Through its intuitive system of correctors, the three time zones can be set individually while adjusting for summer or winter hours.

A dome moon phase indicator completes the information appearing on the timepiece’s dial. Its surface is engraved to evoke the lunar surface and for heightened realism, the lower sections hand-filled with Superluminova®. The precision mechanism used to drive the moon phase requires correction only once every 122 years.

The movement’s three-dimensional display reinforces the “writing slope” case’s characteristic profile and the artisans’ talent is here harmoniously combined with the creative genius expressed in the timepiece’s genuinely innovative architecture.

As they do characteristically, the dial-makers at BOVET 1822 have expressed all of their virtuosity by designing a dial that is equally complex and dazzling. The machining of its base requires great know-how, for while its visible portion reveals part of its complexity, the non-visible portion requires multiple machining phases in order to absorb the movement’s volume and optimize its thickness.

The secondary time zones sectoral dials and the 12 o’clock cartouche are completed by a magnificent guilloché inlay. To create these inlays, the artisans perform the guilloche and lacquering work on a single large circular plate. Only these three inlays are then machined. While extremely delicate, this method is the only one able to produce such quality and guarantee the guillochage’s alignment between the three elements despite the large space separating them.

The dial’s latticework reveals the ballet performed by the dials, the discs and the moon phase indicator and whose interweaving illustrates the watchmakers’ virtuosity. Turning-over the timepiece showcases all of their talent. The bottom sapphire glass reveals the entire movement. The collector will continuously discover new details illustrating the virtuosity displayed in the decoration of each component. This exceptional level of quality in the finishing requires hundreds of hours of precision work following traditional methods that have made the reputation of BOVET 1822 for nearly two centuries. Each component, visible or not, is thus decorated according to the most exacting quality criteria and identical to those applied to the manufacturing of Grande Complication by the BOVET 1822 workshops.

This same face of the timepiece displays the seconds through a sectoral dial as well as the large 7 days’ power reserve obtained by the energy produced by a single barrel. This out of the ordinary energy balance is the result of a centuries-old mastery of great autonomy.

Maison BOVET actually holds the world record with a timepiece created at the dawn of the 20th century displaying a 370-day power reserve.

Available in titanium grade 5 and in red gold 18K, Récital 27 is offered in a limited edition of 60 timepieces.

Technical details

Model: Récital 27

Reference Number
R270002, titanium
R270001, 18K red gold

Limited edition
60 movements

Type: Dimier « writing desk » case
Diameter: 46.30 mm
Thickness: 15.95 mm
Material: Titanium or 18K red gold
Water resistance: 30m

Full skin alligator
Buckle: 18K white or red gold ardillon

Caliber 17DM04-3FPL
Type: Hand wound movement
Diameter: 13½ ’’’with 16’’’module
Frequency: 21,600V/h
Power reserve: 7 days

Hours, minutes, 2nd time zone (hours and minutes), 3rd time zone (hours and minutes), 24 cities indicator and day/night indicator for 2nd and 3rd time zone, double hemisphere moon-phase and power reserve indicator, sub-seconds on the back

Blue guilloché

5 years

Retail price

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