Moritz Grossmann Celebrates the Successful Auction of 24 Unique Pieces with Christie’s

The 11th December marked the closing of a landmark moment for luxury German watch brand, Moritz Grossmann. To mark the 10th anniversary of its rebirth, Moritz Grossmann partnered with Christie’s to auction 24 unique pieces which represent the brand’s past, present and future.

The 24 pieces pay homage to Moritz Grossmann’s most recognisable features, such as the extremely fine hands, polished and annealed over an open flame by hand, and the high quality finish of each and every movement. The online auction also marked a historic moment for Christie’s, as this was the first time ever that the auction house has offered such a large capsule collection of new and unique watches.

The successful partnership between Moritz Grossmann and Christie’s captured the attention of watch lovers around the world and introduced the brand to new audiences. The auction was 100% sold – all 24 timepieces were purchased – a huge success for the German brand.

The auction saw strong support for Moritz Grossmann’s unique historical, classic as well as outstanding modern pieces. The hallmarks of the independent German brand, which represents superb craftsmanship and a combination of traditional and contemporary methods, were very well received. The movements are constructed and manufactured in-house, chamfered, chased and engraved by hand. The hands are extremely finely made with highly polished steel centers; seeing them is a reminder of what the standard should be for high grade hands in fine watchmaking.

An original, 19th century Moritz Grossmann pocket watch became a standout timepiece from the auction. The piece stood out from the modern watches and will continue to be an important representation of Moritz Grossmann’s past. In another reflection of Moritz Grossmann’s history, the set of Atum 37 Hommage and Pocket Watch gained a lot of interest from buyers. The ATUM 37 Hommage wristwatch is the very image of the historical pocket watch and perfectly showcases Moritz Grossmann’s classical design.

The successful closing of the Christie’s auction represents the end of a busy decade for the revived brand. The craftsmanship involved in creating these 24 unique timepieces belies the fact that it is a mere 10 years since the manufactory’s revival and is testament to the company’s namesake, Moritz Grossmann. The partnership with Christie’s will introduce Moritz Grossmann to new audiences as the brand continues to grow. Described by Christie’s watch specialist, Ryan Chong, as ‘German watchmaking’s rising star’, Moritz Grossmann is confidently moving into its next decade to continue creating watches that are the perfect embodiment of the slogan: ‘Schönstes deutsches Handwerk’ – ‘the most beautiful German craftsmanship’.

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