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Edox watch company was founded in 1884 by a very talented watch maker, Christian Ruefly-Flury in Biel-Bienne. In 1900 he selected, “the Hour Glass” as the official symbol (logo) of Edox watches. In 1921 after the death of Christian Ruefly-Flury, the company was took over by Robert Haufmann Hug.

In 1950 Edox moved into new and larger production facilities. In 1961, Edox launched world famous Delfin watch. In 1983 Victor Strambini took over the control of the company by buying shares from ASUAG and the company was moved to Jura Region of Switzerland. Since 1983, Edox has been a family owned independent watch company. In 1998 Edox developed world’s slimmest calendar watch.

Edox Super Limited Edition 1884

Edox Watch Collections

  • Les Bémonts,
  • Les Genevez
  • Les Fontaines
  • Les Combes
  • Classiques

History of Edox watch brand
Since its foundation in 1884 in Biel, Switzerland, the brand Edox is the symbol of elegance, dynamism and excellent technical competence.

In 1884 the watchmaker Christian Rüefli-Flury, originated from the Swiss watch town Grenchen, established his own watch manufacture. Biel was his preferred place of business. A new chapter of Swiss watchmaking art led off in this flourishing watch town. Rüefli was a very experienced and talented watchmaker. Nobody else refined raw materials with such an exquisite taste like him. A few times later Rüefli took out a patent for the brand Edox and the sand-glass. Edox: a remarkable name, easily to pronounce in each language and short enough to decorate the dial of pocket watches with style and elegance. Edox, originated from the ancient Greek, means “the hour”.

After the death of the founder in 1921, the factory devolved upon the banker Robert Kaufmann-Hug. This new, modern thinking man on the top of the company realized very quickly, that the time-honoured pocket watch will soon be replaced by the wrist watch. Edox was the only watch manufacture of the world, which concentrated its production only on wrist watches. Conscious of this new development on the market, the brand Edox became more successful and was transformed in a limited company in 1927. After the second world war the demand for Edox watches incredibly increased. Thanks to a very high production and well placed investments the most technical developed watch manufacture has been built in spring 1955.

In 1961 Edox engineers developed a water-resistant, patented crown system, based on a double waterproof joint. Thanks to this revolutionary waterproof system the crown needn’t to be screwed and guarantees a simple and comfortable handling. This technical innovation, as well as a double casing bottom are the main parts of a water-resistant and athletic watch collection, called „Delfin“. The “Delfin” is water-resistant to 500 metres. At this time a never reached technical masterpiece. From now on water sportsmen and a wealthy clientele of boat owners were interested in these watches. This was the beginning of a now 50 years old relationship between Edox and the world of luxury boats. A never ending “love story” growing by new innovating ideas and designs as well as technical perfection; Edox visualized the future from the very beginning of its establishment.

In 1965 Robert Kaufmann-Hug’s nephew, Victor Flury-Liechti, became director. Victor Flury-Liechti made considerable investments in a consequent further education of the management, as well as the technical competence of the engineers and watchmakers. In 1969 the first results of these in-vestments became obvious. The Edox engineers developed a very resistant, waterproofed watch based on multi hardened stainless steel, called „Bluebird“. This watch is made of a double casing bottom and shock absorbers. The extremely resistant “Bluebird” contains of a nearly scratch resistant surface, which gives the watch always a new touch.

The first real GMT watch: In the early seventies Edox presented the worldwide first real GMT watch, the „Geoscope“. The dial represents the realistic copy of the globe view from the south pole’s perspective. The continents like America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia as well as New Zealand can be clearly identified. The dial turns, exactly like the earth, within 24 hours around his own axis. The GMT time (zero meridian) as well as the position of the sun are indicated. This watch has become a very desired collectible and experts deal it to astronomic high prices. Because of this innovation Edox became one of the ten most important watch making manufactures in Switzerland and stands out until today, thanks to its constant further development.

The recuperation of the autonomie: Edox was unfortunately also affected by a profounded crisis unsettling the Swiss watch manufacture industry in the seventies. 1973 all shares of Edox were sold to ASUAG (predecessor of the Swatch-Group), the Swiss most important association of watch making manufacturers. This collaboration didn’t adduce the expected success.

In 1983 Victor Strambini, president of Edox, buys all Edox shares from ASUAG (today Swatch Group). Edox became finally again independent. Victor Strambini focused right away the excellent characteristics of the traditional brand: the fusion of dynamism, elegance and technical innovation in an excellent quality of workmanship. Victor Strambini removed the Edox headquarters to Les Genevez in the very heart of the Swiss Jura. To date all Edox watches are hand-assembled by skilled watchmakers in the workshops in Les Genevez.

The world-wide slimmest watch with calendar: In 1998, a few times before the millennium, Edox set a revolutionary point. It was the birth of the world-wide slimmest watch with calendar, called „Les Bémonts Ultra Slim“. In the fine case works the ultra-slim high calibre 26000/27000 (only 1.4 millimetres), the world-wide slimmest clockwork with calendar! A never reached world record until today and a classic watch for friends of elegant wrist-watches. The watch with a unique convenience.

Edox is the official timekeeper of the Class 1 since November 2006. The Class 1 World Power-boat Championship, “Formula 1 of the oceans”. As the very first watch brand Edox expands its commitment consequently and for a long time in water offshore races. The Class 1 leads Edox to a matchless position. The traditional brand developed in close teamwork with the Class 1-engineers a new satellite-assisted and GPS-technology based timekeeping. These high-tech-measuring instruments fulfill very strict standards according to the water-/shock-resistance and precision. The often heavy seas on the race days and speeds up to 270km/h need a very special timing. A challenge, that Edox answered and managed brilliantly already in the first year. Since March 2008 the Swiss are official watch partners of the British Class 1 racing team „Negotiator“.

In 2008, Edox became the official timekeeper for the famous Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC). The following year, Edox became the official timekeeper of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). Two years later, in 2010, Edox signed a partnership with Austrian free-diver Christian Redl. The Iceman timepiece collection has been inspired by the foremost ‘under ice’ freediving specialist, who holds the freediving under ice world record with a dive to -61 meters in water at a temperature of 2 degrees. In 2012, Edox became the official timekeeper of the Dakar Rally.

Strategy and vision
The autonomous brand considers to enlarge its technical commitment in the powerboat racing and extends its position as a leading manufacturer of fashionable and dynamic „offshore“ watches. While the majority of the other competitors is engaged in Formula 1, Hollywood-lifestyle and aviation, Edox identifies with the world of offshore races and luxury boats. This unique passion of Edox forms a supporting source of inspiration for the skilled watchmakers from Les Genevez. Deliminating from the others, Edox contemplates always the extraordinary values.

Official Website : http://www.edox.ch/

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