MeisterSinger Phanero Mother-of-Pearl

Early this year, the Phanero was presented at the Baselworld and MeisterSinger, the manufacturer of exclusive single-hand watches, is greatly enjoying the resounding success of its smallest model. Now the line is being extended to include two models with mother-of-pearl dials.

The shimmering natural material gives each watch a unique character as it reflects the light in infinitely new ways, gently taking on the changing colors of its environment. The mother-of-pearl dial also highlights the elaborately applied hour digits, which are available in shades that match the single hour hand, either blue or bright silver.

MeisterSinger Phanero Mother-of-Pearl watch

With a diameter of 35 millimeters and a height of 7.5 millimeters, the Phanero is easily the slimmest model made by the house of MeisterSinger. However, the new Phanero does not appear delicate – and not at all cute, due to the straight lugs and edges of the case, the design of which is accentuated by its interchanging matted and polished surfaces.

The exhibition back is secured by four screws and provides a fascinating insight into the high-quality Swiss hand-wound movement that powers the Phanero.

The Phanero models with mother-of-pearl dials are fitted with wristbands made of fine suede. The Phanero mother-of-pearl model costs €1,549.

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