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Helfer Watches SA is Swiss made watch brand based in Geneva and the Bernese Jura. In 2016, the brand announced its presence for the first time at the largest and most prestigious World Watch and Jewellery Show, the Baselworld.

Since 2001, LivioHelfer was obsessed by the idea of creating sports watches of the highest quality. He finally created and designed the concept of a well-balanced watch, harmonious in symmetry with a crown integrated in the case of the watch.

After years of hard work and studies, Livio Helfer began manufacturing the first prototypes. Most were unique pieces sold worldwide. He quickly realized what potential his watches had in the sector of “luxury sports watches” and therefore decided to focus on such creations and produce limited series with the ability to create unique pieces.

Since 2014 the range of watches including the collections Body, Diver, Space and Racer Element has attracted thousands of customers worldwide.

All Helfer Watches are made with only the best materials, sapphire anti-reflective glass and the best Swiss super-quartz and automatic movements. Helfer Watches is the first brand in the world offering a 12 year International Warranty. Each watch is delivered with 2 interchangeable straps with patented QCSS (Quick Change Strap System).