JS Watch co : Sif – N.A.R.T (North Atlantic Rescue Timer ) – The Official Watch of the Icelandic Coast Guard

THE SIF – N.A.R.T,(The North Atlantic Rescue Timer)by Iceland based watch manufacturer JS Watch co. is an extremely solid watch designed to withstand depths of up to 1000 metes and the most difficult conditions that might arise. This watch has been in the design and testing stages with the brand for about two years. Now the time has come to let it undergo real world trials in the most difficult conditions that can imagine: the Icelandic Coast Guard’s rescue missions.

In spite of difficult times and natural disasters, JS Watch co. Reykjavík is keeping to its normal agenda and has been collaborating closely with the country’s most reputable rescue team, the Icelandic Coast Guard. Each and every staff member in the Guard’s staff is vigorously trained and approaches their work with the seriousness it warrants. The SIF N.A.R.T. is designed keeping aim of their difficult work, so it must meet the quality requirements which the guard sets for equipment it uses and relies on.

The watch bears the name SIF – N.A.R.T. and is named after the rescue helicopter TF-SIF which served the Icelanders for about 22 years. Before the helicopter was put out of commission on june 17th 2007, it had saved the lives of over 250 people and gone on hundreds of ambulance flights. It owes that success to the fact that the staff of the Icelandic Coast Guard are not just any staff: they’re among the best in the world in each and every one of their fields. With this in mind, the name SIF was chosen for this new watch. The name references the fact that with a strong will and hard work, it is possible to achieve great things that others might consider impossible.

The SIF – N.A.R.T. will be available to the following units within the Icelandic Coast Guard: The helicopter rescue team, pilots in helicopters and airplanes, bomb squad members and divers. The N.A.R.T. which stands for North Atlantic Rescue Timer and refers to the function which the watch is supposed to fulfill. These watches will encounter many trails and tribulations. Each watch worn by the guard’s will acquire quite a story, and it will be recorded with each watch. The watches that the Icelandic Coast Guard will be using are complete with NATO straps that are very strong and quite heavy-duty. They’re therefore very well-suited for the conditions which they will face.

The general public now has the opportunity to own the exact same watch that the Icelandic Coast Guard will use for years to come. The watches will be for sale in two varieties, brushed steel and black PVD coated. Leather straps and NATO straps will also be available. Each SIF – N.A.R.T. is made from a solid block of surgical grade stainless steel which is first stamped and punched, and subsequently milled, drilled and turned on CNC machines. It has a 4mm thick sapphire crystal and has withstood numerous pressure and stress tests. After the tests and their results, it can reliably classify the SIF – N.A.R.T. as a 1000 meter watch.

Technical details

  • Mechanical “Execution Top”
  • Automatic winding.
  • 25 jewels, Custom decorations, Blue screws and Rhodium plated finish.
  • 38-hour power reserve when fully wound.
  • Fine tuning “Assortment Chronometer”.
  • Shock protection Incabloc.

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