Established by Michael Young in 2014, UNDONE is a Hong Kong based watch company. It offers customizable, made-to-order timepieces. Every watch is unique, brought to life using traditional techniques and today’s technology; components are carefully curated, designs are developed in-house, and all products are tailor-made, tested. Undone’s popular timepieces are Aero, Aqua II, Basecamp, Classic, Mystique, Terra, Type 20, Urban, Urban 34 and Vintage.

The brand also creates collaborative collections in limited edition. The notable examples are Batman Quantum Carbon, Mickey, Disney Classic, Terra Chinese Hour, Stellar Speedster, Birdwell, Popeye Monochrome, Kevin Lyons, Dark Knight Retrospective, The UNDONE Astro Boy, Shunga, Space Jam, Batman, BATMAN Quantum, Simple Union MU3, POPEYE & Friends, Popeye, Simple Union, Pointing Boy 2.0, Monopoly, UNDONE x STAPLE, Calavera Neón, Texas Holdem, Looney Tunes, Zen, Snow Angel by UNDONE AND APPortfolio, Ronin, Moomin, FLASH, Bugs Bunny, Peanuts, Tom and Jerry, Topawards Asia, Space Xplorer, UNDONE Chinese Hour, Wonder Woman 1984 , Superman, The Joker & Harleyquinn, Arabian Nights, ULTRAMAN and UNDONE.420.

Featured Timepieces

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