The Dutch watch maker, Van Ree has created the first watch ever to store the DNA of its owner: the Van Ree Personal DNA watch. This exclusive mechanical timepiece with its outstanding self-winding movement contains actual physical DNA in a special, see-through compartment at 4 o’clock in the watchcase. A section of the owner’s unique genetic code is engraved on a ring surrounding the movement, as well as on the back glass.

In an age when uniqueness is limited to ‘Special Editions’, and 100.000 dollar products have become far from rare, the time was ready to create something that would stand out and fulfill the wish of countless watch enthusiasts across the world: to own a high-end wristwatch and be able to say it is ‘the only one in the whole wide world’.

Since one’s DNA is about as unique as it can get (nowhere on earth you will find two precisely identical DNA profiles), each Van Ree watch is the only watch of its kind – a timepiece that can be described as literally unique. Besides the fact that each watch is one-of-a- kind thanks to the DNA it contains within, Van Ree Personal DNA watch has a priceless and perpetual added value: it preserves the owner’s genetic blueprint, forever and ever.

Van Ree has created a beautiful classic watch, distinctive and with an extraordinary face. The robust, round watch case is traditional yet fresh, with its strong lugs and subtle engraved lines that follow the silhouette of the watch. It also has a certain height to it, to house the movement (14,10 mm). The 12 o’clock position in the bezel is marked with a triangular, V-shaped notch, a reference to the brand name. This V-shape visually returns in the ridge of the crown, the DNA crown and in the ring surrounding the sapphire glass back.

The automatic movement displays hours, minutes and seconds. The watch also features retrograde date and has a power reserve index. Its functions can also be regulated by hand, with a large crown at 3 o’clock and a pusher at 2 o’clock.

Meticulous attention was paid to the dial of the watch, which is available in contemporary and visionary colours and colour combinations. The dial reflects the watch’s personality and is crucial for the first impression. It boasts contrasting index coloration, elegant numbers and clear indexes.
In these models the dial has an opening, showing moving parts of the outstanding mechanical movement. Time is displayed through a distinguished, classic hour and minute hand; power reserve and date have smaller but clearly visible straight hands.

The timepiece is topped by a double-coated, scratch-free, anti-reflective sapphire glass. The same applies to the back, which shows the beautiful VRW 001 automatic movement. The DNA code sequence is engraved at the inside of the glass at the back.

The ‘secret of life’ is a molecule called Deoxyribonucleic Acid, which is abbreviated as DNA. This essential molecule carries the complete genetic instructions for life – codes for processes that we are dependent on for our survival – as well as passing on characteristics from one generation to the next. DNA defines what we are, and who we are. It forms the individual blueprint of each and every living organism, and the underlying cause for the saying “it runs in the family”.

Van Ree Personal DNA watch is a completely new way to preserve your genes for generations to come. Your cells with DNA are collected from your saliva in the store where your watch is purchased. The store personnel are trained to collect a sample of your saliva; a simple procedure that is done in a matter of seconds.

To process the DNA, your saliva is sent to the brand’s biotechnology lab, where your DNA profile is determined in order to provide the truly unique, personal DNA code: a sequence of the nucleic acids (C,T,A,G) in a specific DNA region. Also, your DNA fragments are run through a gel, which provides a typical and unique pattern. This pattern actually visualizes one’s DNA profile.

The DNA itself will be transformed into a visible and durable crystal. DNA code, pattern and crystal will be incorporated in your watch by the Van Ree Watchmaking Department. It is important to note that no medical information can be retrieved from these analyses. The DNA analysis does not contain information about hereditary diseases or conditions. It merely serves to produce a DNA fingerprint.

Each Van Ree DNA timepiece bears visible proof of the owner’s DNA:-
• The compartment at 4 o’clock visibly marks the location of the physical DNA sample inside the watch.
• Each timepiece shows the owner’s name and personal DNA code is engraved around the movement.
• The DNA pattern of the owner’s individual genetic code is engraved in the sapphire back glass.

Daniël van Ree personally inspects each watch during each phase. After being approved by him, the Personal DNA watch is sent to the shop where it was purchased, where it will soon be reunited with its proud owner. It is guaranteed by nature that no two watches will ever bear the same code. Suggested retail price is € 9.995,- for steel model and € 16.995,- for Rosé gold (N5) .

About Daniël Floris van Ree

The Dutch watchmaker Daniël Floris van Ree has acquired a wealth of expertise and practical experience working on countless assignments for important national and international watch brands. His career started early, as he developed an interest in the technique behind the watch face while still a child. Van Ree set his heart on becoming a professional watchmaker.

He graduated successfully after four years of training at the Watchmaking School in the Netherlands. Soon after this, Van Ree was invited to give an interesting sequel to his education: an internal training program at the after sales service of an important Swiss watch brand.

Meanwhile, Van Ree developed a preference for complicated movements. He built and worked on watch complications – minute repeaters, chronographs, perpetual calendars, tourbillons and power reserves – for some well-known international and national watch brands.

During his career, Van Ree also became involved in product development – a completely different but no less interesting aspect of the watchmaking profession. This provided the Dutch horologist with important new insights in the watch as a total product, inside and out. It also brought him closer to his dream: to create his own watch and watch brand, under his family name.

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