STOWA Partitio Blue Limited

German watch brand STOWA expands its classic watch collection by introducing the Partitio Blue Limited edition watch.

STOWA Partitio Blue Limited

Limited to 100 pieces, this automatic timepiece boasts an elegant blue polished dial. It has a stainless steel case measuring 37mm diameter and 10.8mm thickness, including the domed sapphire crystal glass.

STOWA Partitio Blue Limited

STOWA Partitio Blue houses a top grade SW200 Swiss self-winding movement with Geneva stripes and blued screws. The watch is fitted with a sapphire crystal caseback, affording the views of the mechanical movement beating inside.

STOWA Partitio Blue Limited

Technical details

Model: STOWA Partitio Blue

Stainless steel case
Diameter: 37.00mm
Height: 10.80 mm with domed sapphire glass
Strap width: 18.00mm
Lug-to-Lug size: 46.90mm
Sapphire crystal case back
Waterproof: up to 5ATM
Weight: 62 gr. (leather strap), about 110 gr. (metal bracelet)

Blue coated sunburst finish, white printed, with Superluminova BWG9 (white)
Hands: polished, nickel-plated with Superluminova BWG9 (white)

Caliber: SW200, top version
Mechanism: mechanical, automatic

Leather strap (grey or blue)
Milanese bracelet

Limited edition of 100 pieces

Retail price
980.00 € (including VAT)

STOWA 90th Anniversary Special Edition Watches – Flieger Klassik 36 Old Radium and Marine Automatik Blue Limited

Since 1927 STOWA has been continuously producing mechanical watches in the Black Forest, Germany. This year, the brand is celebrating its 90th anniversary and to mark this historical milestone the company will present some special limited edition watches.

STOWA is one of a few watch companies in Germany with a continuously successful history. Founded in 1927 at the time of the Staatlichen Bauhauses STOWA has survived all crises during the last 90 years whether it was the quartz crisis in the early 1970s or the big upheavals of the watch industry in the last two decades.

STOWA Manufactory

But there is still this small team of passionate watchmakers in the Black Forest, who have faced successfully to these challenges of the global market. At the door to the Black Forest, in the small village Engelsbrand, almost 25 employees try not only to design, manufacture and distribute world-famous watches; the chosen sales channel of the direct sale through an online shop and other sales channels are so modern that the big ones in the industry now observe exactly what is going on in the Black Forest.

If you look at the actual DNA of STOWA, you will inevitably stay with the most popular watches of the brand, the so-called Flieger watches (Pilot watches). STOWA has been back on the market since 1997 with this model in numerous sizes and designs, and has thus contributed significantly to its success over the last 20 years.

STOWA Fliegeruhr (Pilot watch) from 1940. 55 mm case. Movement: Unitas 2812.

Based on the STOWA original from the year 1940 these well-readable watches are now indispensable in the wide-ranging market of watch designs. STOWA was the first manufacturer to have completely waived the logo on the dial. An absolute novelty and regularly characterized by advertising specialists as absolutely impossible, until they have then seen the solid evidence of the sales figures: The Flieger without logo is – and that for years – STOWAs best-selling watch.

Flieger Klassik 36 Old Radium
When looking at the DNA of STOWA, you inevitably are caught by the most popular watches of the brand, the Pilot watches. In various sizes and designs, STOWA has been back in the market since 1997 with this watch model and made a significant contribution for the renewed success during the last 20 years.  For the anniversary, STOWA will once again take a small step back in time to the past and launch some special limited Flieger watches in 2017. These timepieces will be produced in only 90 numbered watches of a version.

The main feature of the limited-edition Flieger (Pilot) watches, the luminous numbers, illuminated markers and hands of the models are covered with a vintage lume (based on superluminova), the so called Old Radium. In addition, all anniversary watches are engraved with the original STOWA Flieger watch case engraving. The handmade rotor has an anniversary engraving. The watch will be delivered in the new Black Forest wood-etui.

Technical details
Model: Flieger Klassik 36 Old Radium
Limited to 90 pieces
Stainless steel case 36 mm
Old Radium illuminating color on hands and dial
Both sides sapphire crystal
ETA Automatik (2824-2) or hand-winding (ETA 2804) movement
Starting from Euro 1.120.- 

Marine Automatik Blue Limited
When looking at the DNA of STOWA, one remains beside the well-known Pilot watches also with the very classy models of the brand, the Marine watches. In various sizes and designs, STOWA has been back in the market with this watch since 2002. For the anniversary, STOWA will once again take a small step back in time and launch a special limited Marine watch in 2017.

Marine Automatik Blue Limited

Besides the typical Marine design, the watch will be equipped with a collectable movement DUROWE 7526-4. To be produced in a limited edition of 250 pieces, the Marine Automatik Blue model is also a tribute to the 250th anniversary of Pforzheim’s jewelry- and watch industry which takes place in 2017.

DUROWE stands for Deutsche Uhren-Rohwerke Pforzheim.  Founded in 1933, DUROWE was one of the largest manufacturers of mechanical movements. The brand belongs to STOWA since many years. Jörg Schauer, as the owner, takes care of maintaining the good name and tradition.

STOWA Marine watch from 1942: 55 mm case, Movement Unitas 2812

Technical details
Stainless steel case 40 mm
Galvanic coated blue dial
Both side sapphire crystals
Collectable movement Made in Pforzheim/Germany (DUROWE 7526-4)
Price starting from Euro 1.180.-
Classic leaf hands
The watch will be delivered in the new Black Forest wood-etui
Limited to 250 pieces


Introduced by STOWA in 2013, the FLIEGER TESTAF TO1 is a new generation pilot watch which was created according to TESTAF, the new standard for pilot watches in the watch industry.

Since the late 1930‘s STOWA has been creating exceptional pilot watches offering high legibility in a simple classical design. Earlier the pilot watches were relatively big (55 mm diameter) so they could be worn for example over a leather jacket. STOWA always concentrated its attention on the future and reinterpreted the former pilot watches and developed them further by exploiting all technical possibilities.


TESTAF is the new standard for pilot watches in the watch industry developed by Fh Aachen to determine the regulations for modern wrist-pilot watches with analogue time display. Until now there was no clear definition for pilot watches (like for example for diving watches, DIN 8306/ISO 6425). Therefore the FH Aachen developed and submitted this new standard for pilot watches in cooperation with the German watch company Sinn. STOWA, with a 70 year experience in building pilot watches, decided immediately to participate in this certification procedure.

With the certification of the FH Aachen it will be possible for the first time to test the quality of the watch in a scientific developed procedure. Function, design and quality have to pass a complex testing procedure. STOWA is among the first brands to participate in this new project.

STOWA will continue to build traditional and historical seeming pilot watches, but its new model FLIEGER TO 1 TESTAF went one step further into the future by passing all TESTAF tests right away in the fall of 2013. In FLIEGER TESTAF TO1, STOWA has incorporated the following innovations to match the stringent regulations of TESTAF:-

  • Use of a titanium casing due to the magnetic signature of stainless steel (Stainless steel housing may influence the classical compass which is used in an airplane)
  • Un-detachable bezel construction
  • Special thick sapphire crystals to resist safely the shock testing
  • Viton seals for crown and case. Viton is a sealing material which is besides others used in space flights.
  • Special thick luminous colour coating in white (Superluminova BWG 9) achieve a perfect contrast.
  • Screwed lugs

Technical details
Diameter: 45/46 mm, height: 12.90 mm
Material: titanium, matt
Water proof: 20 bar = 200 meters waterproof according to DIN 8310
Low pressure proof by special thick crystal sealings
Bezel: turnable on both sides, un-detachable screwed construction
Cone: special thick diameter for improved stability
Crown: titanium
Seals: Viton on crown and case, a sealing material used at space flights
Crystal: AR-coated sapphire crystal on both sides, front sapphire crystal domed

Black matt, white printed, Superluminova BWG9 (white illuminating colour, at night light blue luminous)
Hands: Superluminova BWG 9

ETA 2824-2 in TOP quality, rhodium-coated, Genève strips finish, golden STOWA engraving, blued screws, shockproof acc. to DIN 8308, and antimagnetic acc. to DIN 8309

Buffalo leather or rubber strap fixed on very solid un-detachable and screwed lugs

STOWA – Antea Kleine Sekunde mit schwarzem Zifferblatt (Antea small seconds model in classic black dial)

The reproduction of the original Stowa Antea small second watch from the thirties is equipped with a handwinding Peseux 7001 movement. Now this model in classical Bauhaus style with 35.50 mm diameter is extended with the design variation of a black dial.

This Stowa Antea model comes with a white printed dial with Arabic numerals and white coated hands. The small second at six o’clock position is harmonically integrated into the characteristic dial. The handwinding movement with Côte de Genève decorative pattern („Geneva Stripes“) and blued screws offers a power reserve about 44 hours.

The black Antea is serially delivered with an 18 mm deer leather strap in black or brown with a tang buckle or on demand with a deployment. The strap can be chosen from a small exclusive collection of various croco straps. This watch also available with a Milanese metal bracelet of stainless steel wire netting.

Technical details
– Case stainless steel polished, Ø: 35,50 mm, height 6,80 mm
– Strap size 18 mm, front and back sapphire crystal, 3 ATM
– Peseux 7001 handwinding movement, Côte de Genève
– Decorative pattern („Geneva Stripes“), blued screws
– Small second, power reserve about 44 hours
– Dial Black coated with small second, white printed
– White hands
– Strap Deer leather size 18 mm in black or brown
– Also available various crocostraps
– With deployment buckle optional
– Milanese metal bracelet 18 mm
– Price:from 840.00 Euros depending on strap version

Stowa Flieger Watch Automatic Type B (Re-edition of the Historic Stowa Flieger Watch with the Baumuster B Dial)

Stowa Flieger watch with the Baumuster B dial and its respectable size of 55 mm is one of the rarest historical Flieger watches. Introduced in 1940, only 42 pieces of this remarkable model have been built. The remake of this historical model comes in the popular case size of 40 mm with riveted Flieger strap. The remake Stowa pilot watch type B features a unique black dial without logo.

The manufacturer information is available with the handmade German Silver rotor of the automatic movement, visible through the glass back. Built in is the automatic movement ETA 2824-2, well-known for its resilience, in a high quality version with blued screws. If desired, even a version with a tested COSC chronometer work is available.

Special attention was paid to the authenticity of the design between the dial and hands; the hand however was designed more harmonically. The counterweight of the sweep hand is based on the length of the hour hand. The different interpretation of the crown and the sweep hand of the original Flieger watch are based and designed on the personal taste of Jörg Schauer.

The sweep hand of the historical original Flieger seemed to be not a part of the design – so Mr. Schauer had some thoughts in mind in order to link the second hand perfectly with the design. The Flieger Baumuster B watch is offered with handmade German silver rotor and various strap combinations.

Technical details
– Case: stainless steel, matt finished, Ø: 40 mm, height 10,2 mm,
– Strap: size 20 mm, front and back sapphire crystal, 5 ATM
– ETA 2824-2 automatic movement, power reserve 40 hours
– Handmade German Silver rotor with special B-watch laser engraving
– Available with a COSC movement upgrade
– Dial: Black coated and white printed,
– filled with Superluminova C3, no logo
– Steel blued hands
– Leather strap in old style with rivets 20 mm in black or brown
– Variations and various crocostraps available
– Also with Milanaise metal bracelett 20 mm

From 630.00 Euros (including German VAT)
Chronometer version additional 230.00 Euros

STOWA Flieger Chrono

STOWA Flieger Chrono features a minimalistic pilot watch design adopted by Jörg Schauer & his STOWA team. They omitted the small second dial and date display in order to highlight the simplicity and the chronograph functions.

As for chronographs, the permanent second dial really only indicates whether or not the watch is running; otherwise it often interferes with visual appearance or needs to be integrated in the design with some minor flaws. Only very few watchmakers manage to include the dial of the permanent second nicely or to even highlight its position on the major dial. When designing the pilot chrono, Schauer realized that the integration of the small second dial would only lead to compromises concerning clarity of the typography, and therefore he dropped the idea altogether. Of course, the chrono is equipped with the blued steel hands featured by all STOWA pilot watches.

The luminous hour, minute and numeral markers make reading easier, especially in the dark. The hand-matted stainless steel case has a glass caseback exhibiting the automatic Valjoux 7753 chronograph movement. As it is common in all STOWA watches, premium sapphire crystal protects the dial and the caseback. The diameter of the watch is 41 mm and it is available with different leather straps.

Technical details

  • Case: Stainless steel, matt finished, Ø: 41 mm, height 14,7 mm, strap size 22 mm, front sapphire crystal domed, back sapphire crystal flat, 5 ATM
  • Movement: Valjoux 7753 automatic movement, power reserve min. 40 hours, with golden STOWA engraving on rotor
  • Dial: black matt, white printed, Superluminova C3
  • Hands: Temperature-blued steel, Superluminova C3
  • Strap: Leather strap or in old style brown or black, Flieger Original
  • Launched in 2011.

STOWA Marine Original with Durowe 7440 Hand-wound Movement and Silver Dial

With Marine Original model equipped with Durowe 7440 movement, STOWA & Jörg Schauer welcomes the lovers of traditional watch making to enjoy the heritage of a legendary movement brand.

In the year 2002, Jörg Schauer acquired the rights to protect the old historical brand name Durowe. However the restoration of the vintage Durowe movements created in Pforzheim was not succeeded. The plan to modify ETA 2801 movement was also failed due to the new policy of Swatch group regarding the supply of ETA movements to other brands. The growing demand of larger watches inspired the company to use the Unitas 6498 movements in the watches that to be made under STOWA – DUROWE brand name.

Since the brand has already developed some modifications which far exceeded the basic price of the movement – they decided to have the right to re-name the movement. A bigger stock of the movements had been reserved, the modified movements renamed as Durowe 7440.
In 2010, STOWA equipped the Marine Original model with Durowe 7440 movement. In 2011, the Marine Original introduced, which featured a solid silver dial and perfectly fitting blued steel hands. The matt finished case with the onion crown and as a proposal with a grey croco strap gives to the watch a completely independent design. This model is available in a small series.

Technical details
Stainless steel, matt finished, Ø: 41 mm, height 11 mm, Strap size 22 mm, front and back sapphire crystal, Inside antireflection coating, 5 ATM

Durowe 7440 hand-winding movement, 18000 A/H, Basic Unitas 6498, optional swan neck regulator, optional screw balance

Solid silver dial 925/000 without date
Hands: steel blued hands

Chronosoft strap with white stitching 22 mm in black or brown, various croco straps available, deployment buckle optional, Milanaise metal bracelett 22 mm

STOWA Chronograph

Introduced in 2010, the STOWA Chronograph takes inspiration from a historical pocket watch on display at Stowa museum. CEO Jörg Schauer, reacting to the demand by the customers for a Chronograph model, decided to create the new model by following the design principles that used in the construction of an antique pocket watch made by Stowa.

The very sober typography of the dial, as well as the production process of the dial itself (it is a pressed dial) is very attractive. For this procedure a „Pfaff“ (Positivform) needs to be used. After harden the Pfaff, a „Gesenk“ (Negativform) needs to be pressed.To realise the dial was quite difficult, since there are only a few specialists on the market who are able to manufacture classical press-tools. When the „Gesenk“ is getting too hard, it can be that the „Pfaff“ gets damaged or even ruined.

Jörg Schauer selected the classical manufacturing process in order to be able to get sharp numerals – just like the Original. Modern dial work tools are getting cut directly into the „Gesenk“which can be detected by the rounded edges of the numerals. At the end every milling tool needs a certain radius, which can be seen on the made product.

In this case the authenticity was more important and also more expensive, but it was worth it. The basic dial is made of bronze. Therefore the numerals are perfectly polished with only one single diamond cut.

The matching hands are pink gold plated. Naturally the used hands are made with Stowa own tools and therefore they are well-matched to the entire look. This Stowa Chrono has been built in a 41mm stainless steel case and has no date display.

Technical details
– Automatic chronograph movement ETA Valjoux 7753
– Golden STOWA engraving on rotor
– Power reserve min. 40 hours
– Stainless steel case with screwed back
– Matt/polished case finishing
– Front and back sapphire crystal
– Silver coated bronze dial with diamond cut applications
– Red gold plated hands
– 5 ATM water resistant
– Diameter 41 mm, height 14,5 mm, strap size 22 mm
– Made in Germany
– Price:from 1.680,00 Euros

STOWA Chrono 1938

Launched in 2011, this new Chrono 1938 model comes with additional date indication. The watch comes with a black dial and polished steel-colored hands. A convex sapphire glass protects the intricately embossed dial.

The date feature is the result of some extra effort: apart from the 8-fold embossing, another combination of embossing and punching is necessary to create the date display. The case accommodates a perfectly sunk adjusting pusher on the digit 10 for date correction. (A small tool is included upon delivery). The Stainless steel case has a diameter of 41 mm and may be fitted with all 22-mm straps.

Technical details

  • Case: Stainless steel matt/polished, diameter 41 mm, height 14,7 mm, strap size 22 mm, front and back sapphire crystal, 5 ATM
  • Movement: Valjoux 7753 automatic movement, power reserve min. 40 hours, with golden STOWA engraving on rotor
  • Dial: German New Silver, applications diamond cut, black matt
  • Hands: nickel coated
  • Strap: Napa leather strap in black or brown, various croco straps available, Milanaise metal bracelett

STOWA Antea 390 Day-Date

The STOWA Antea Day-Date is a Bauhaus design inspired timepiece yet features a highly-functional extra feature: a day-date display. Jörg Schauer and his STOWA team adorned the existing Antea model with the additional display, with out ruining the clarity of the design.

The model features polished stainless steel case. As it is common in almost all STOWA models, real blued steel hands and sapphire crystal are used. The plain Bauhaus typography of the design is printed onto a finely matted and silver-plated dial.

Technical details
Case: Stainless steel polished, Ø: 39 mm, height 9,70 mm, strap size 20 mm, front and back sapphire crystal, 5 ATM
Movement: ETA 2836-2 automatic movement, power reserve min. 40 hours, blued screws
Dial: silver coated dial with day and date
Hands: steel blued hands
Strap: Napp leather strap brown/black, various croco straps available, Milanaise metal bracelett