SAINT HONORE Appoints Kiera Chaplin as the Brand’s New Ambassador

Luxury watch maker SAINT HONORE has appointed Kiera Chaplin, the Grand-daughter of Charlie Chaplin and great-grand-daughter of Nobel Prize winner Eugene O’Neill, as their new brand ambassador.

Kiera Chaplin started her career as a model at the age of 16. She appeared in leading fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle or Vanity Fair and also in several brands’ campaigns, as well as Pirelli’s calendar. FHM voted her one of the top 20 most eligible women in the world. Later on, she looked into acting and appeared in several movies, including Oliver Parker’s adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s comedy The Importance Of Being Earnest and Bollywood movie Yatna. She finally got into film production, her first try being a documentary on Charlie Chaplin while he lived in Switzerland.

A few years ago, the brand Hogan Rebel invited her to create a shoe collection, and she is today designing her own handbag line. She is known for her work as film-producer with young film-makers, and is currently producing a television series on Hollywood.

SAINT HONORE met Kiera Chaplin at the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc, an off-road rally raid in the middle of the Moroccan desert. In 2017, she did take part in the rally raid with 2005 Miss France Cindy Fabre, and SAINT HONORE was their sponsor. A successful first try since their team finished 6th in their category. She then repeated the rally experience in 2018 with her friend Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, with SAINT HONORE’s support.

SAINT HONORE could not have dreamt of a better ambassador; with her elegance and charm, Kiera Chaplin perfectly represents the brand. Interesting detail: the Eiffel Tower, which inspired a flagship piece among SAINT HONORE creations, was inaugurated the same year her grandfather Charlie Chaplin was born.

She worked together with Frédéric Monceau to present the 2018 collection.

Saint Honore Opera Lady 33mm

The new Opéra watch designed by SAINT HONORE will certainly appeal to the woman who’s seeking a timepiece as a companion for all occasions.

SAINT HONORE rediscovers delicate and elegant proportions, bringing an innovative touch to a beautiful classic. The dial – the authentic signature of the Opéra line – is the first element that captures the eye.

Each piece of the collection has been elaborately crafted to bring it an assertive personality. The dynamic lines of the 33 mm case are softened by dials with particularly exquisite, inventive interlacing designs.

The perfect colour coordination between the straps and dials also draws admiring glances: the two versions featuring white and brown dials are mounted on smooth, iridescent bracelets in the same shades.

Opéra upholds the codes that have brought it renown: a round case with a timeless design, a bracelet extending into horns that perfectly clings to the wrist shape, and an interchangeable strap system that makes it possible to change the colour of the bracelet on a whim.

Adorned with black onyx, the crown has generous curves that enhance the model’s refinement.

Technical details
OPERA, 33 mm
Stainless steel case, 33 mm, crown set with black onyx
Sapphire coating glass
White satin dial, with interlacing design
Quartz Movement
White leather strap, on special deploying buckle
Water resistant to 30 m


Since 1885, SAINT HONORE has been synonymous with the famous “Paris style” and has been manufacturing luxury watch collections, jewellery collections and accessories of unrivalled designs.

Established in 1885 by watchmaker Victorin Frésard in the Doubs region of eastern France, close to the Swiss border, this traditional yet innovative company has been handed down through successive generations of the same family. Thierry Frésard, the founder’s great-grandson, is now responsible for maintaining SAINT HONORE’s worldwide reputation, cultivating Parisian style and Swiss quality.

This 130 year-long history has been marked by iconic collections (Orsay, Opéra, Lutécia, Haussman, Euphoria and more) as well as many inventions such as the EclairTM effect, the rotating monogram, the panoramic glass and one of the first tourbillon watches for women.

Over the decades, numerous international awards have recognised the elegance and watchmaking expertise of this rapidly expanding brand, loved by connoisseurs of contemporary timepieces. For example, the Manhattan collection obtained First Prize in the New York Luxury Design Competition.

Today, as in the past, SAINT HONORE continues to marry longstanding tradition and fresh passion at its production site in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. This spirit is encapsulated in its limited series, Tour Eiffel, an exceptional watch featuring the first bezel to be carved from a steel girder taken from the famous monument.

With its Parisian spirit and Swiss Made quality, prestigious materials and innovative creativity, SAINT HONORE makes watches, jewellery and accessories for men and women, always staying abreast of the tastes of the times.

The brand celebrated its 130th Anniversary in 2015, Today, SAINT HONORE is a global brand, recognized for its distinctive style and represented in more than 60 countries.



Saint Honore Charisma Twist

Give this festival season an elegant twist with the stunning Charisma Twist ladies’ wristwatch that is custom craft to entwine around the wrist of the elegant woman with a captivating charm

This attractive, original and original triumph of watchmaking design, takes inspiration from the world of fashion, featuring a very trendy style with a wraparound strap.

The new interchangeable wraparound bracelets are available in pastel shades, which are very fashionable this year.  Green, salmon, orange, and more: the brand plays on summery colours while also offering a more traditional palette of black, white and brown straps. Each bracelet, adorned with white overstitching, features a simple yet ingenious system that makes it easy to change colours in the blink of an eye.

With a 26 mm case specifically redesigned for the Twist, this piece still has all the features of the model launched in 2016: a streamlined design with a silver satin-finish dial and two arches that embrace the contours of the round case.

Other details that add finishes touches to the charm of this piece are the black onyx cabochon that adorns the crown and the centre of the dial that reflects the case structure.

Technical details

  • Stainless steel case, 26 mm
  • Sapphire coating glass
  • Sunray satin finishes dial
  • Quartz movement, 2 hands
  • Water resistant to 30m
  • Green, salmon and orange interchangeable and double loop leather straps: on deploying buckle


Saint Honore Haussman Quartz UAE’S 46th National Day Limited Edition

SAINT HONORE, world renowned for its unique contemporary elegance and legendary “Parisian Style”, will celebrate the UAE’s 46th National Day on December 2nd with a specially designed Limited Edition HAUSSMAN quartz watch designed as a tribute to the leaders and citizens of the country.

The UAE National Day HAUSSMAN watch will be issued in a limited edition of just 46 pieces. With a diameter of 41 mm, this steel model with a slim profile meets the expectations of today’s clients, putting SAINT HONORE at the heart of today’s watchmaking trends.

Since its creation in 2007, both the shape and the complications of the HAUSSMAN have been revised on several occasions. Now, ten years later, a new watch makes its entrance, one that is both innovative and true to the original spirit.

Whether it is the geometric harmony created by its round shapes and right angles, or the contrast between the steel grey and white colours, the HAUSSMAN honours the architectural talent and aesthetic standards of the famous Baron. In addition to the hours, minutes, seconds and date, which are powered by a highly accurate quartz movement, the watch is eye-catching, and its natural elegance and presence is truly fascinating.

Powerful, sleek, and timeless, the new HAUSSMAN is the perfect partner for any watch lover who prizes authenticity, and prefers strength of character to ethereal charms. The resolutely patriotic UAE National Day HAUSSMAN Limited Edition features a dial in the four colors of the United Arab Emirates flag. The case back is engraved with a map of the country. Presented in a luxury gift case including a writing implement, this watch will only be available at “Paris Gallery” points of sale across the country at the retail price of AED 3246.

Technical details

  • Stainless steel case
  • Diameter 41 mm
  • Silver dial
  • Date at 6h
  • Fluted crown
  • Quartz movement
  • Water-resistant to 50 m
  • Metal strap with special folding clasp
  • Swiss Movement

Saint Honore “Ruban Rose” Charisma Twist Special Edition in Partnership with Association “Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en!”

SAINT HONORE PARIS, the oldest of all French watchmakers, has been the heir to a unique expertise since 1885. Its watch creations always combine inventiveness, boldness and Parisian elegance. With a long-term commitment to women’s issues alongside the association “Cœur de Gazelles”, SAINT HONORE is today mobilized for all women as partner of the association “Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en!”

That is why the Brand has adorned its latest watchmaking creation with the association’s colours: the “Ruban Rose” special edition of the Charisma Twist watch features a pink wraparound bracelet. A discreet pink ribbon charm is a reminder of the necessity of raising awareness.

The “Ruban Rose” Charisma Twist watch is available on the online shop and with partner jewelers for € 250. For each watch sold, € 50 will go to the association “Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en !”

Technical details
Case: stainless steel case, 26 mm
Glass: sapphire coating glass
Dial: lacquered and sunray satin finishes
Movement: quartz movement, 2 hands
Water resistant: to 30m
Strap: interchangeable and double loop rose strap, with “Sellier” stitches

The Association “Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en !”
Beginning in France in 1994, the Estée Lauder France group joined forces with Marie Claire to combat breast cancer by creating the association “Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en!” Each  year,  they  reinforce  their  commitment  and  involvement  to  continue  raising  women’s awareness on the importance of early screening. In 2004, the association established the Pink Riboon Photo Awards to financially support breast cancer research.

The Pink Ribbon Photo Awards
In 2003, “Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en !” association created the Pink Ribbon Photo Awards in order to support clinical and fundamental research, as well as the remarkable innovation and progress being made in screening techniques, corrective surgery, psychology, and an improved quality of life for women affected by various forms of cancer, and in particular various types of breast cancer.

The Pink Ribbon Photo Awards are financed through the work of the founding members of the association, its partners, and the supporters who join the Pink October campaign each year. The prizes are specially funded by the proceeds from specific events and the sales of products designed for this purpose either during the month of October or throughout the entire year. Since October of 2004, and the launch of the first edition of the Pink Ribbon Photo Awards, 2,240,000 euros have been donated by the association “Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en!”

SAINT HONORE Worldcode ‘Diving’ New Versions

SAINT HONORE adds stunning new colours to its famous Worldcode “Diving” watch for men, making it a brilliant and eye-catching gift for the man of action over the festive season.

Ice blue, copper orange or candied chestnut: the diving watch takes on original and exceptional new shades while maintaining the technical functionalities essential for your underwater adventures.

Water-resistant to 100m, the Worldcode “Diving” watch is equipped with a steel case and topped with a one-way rotating graduated bezel. This feature is specially designed for calculating dive times. Its triangular indicator and notched edges make it easy to handle, even with neoprene gloves on.

With a diameter of 43 mm, the instrument includes a dial with a very legible display – including numerals, indexes and hands treated with white luminous coating – which enables the occasional or experienced diver to see the time even in the darkest, deepest waters.

The truly sports-minded Worldcode “Diving” watch is also particularly attractive, making it a chic, elegant timepiece in any setting. Choose from a two-tone steel strap or a beautifully textured rubber strap.

Technical details
Model: WORLDCODE Diving
Case in brushed steel, 43 mm, crown with SAINT HONORE logo
Notched rotating bezel in polished steel with grey or orange aluminum timer
Sapphire glass
Blue or grey sun finish; luminous white Arabic numerals, indexes and hands
Date at 6 o’clock
Quartz movement, three hands
Water-resistant to 100 m
Texturized rubber strap with white or orange stitching, or two-tone steel strap (shiny steel links with brushed centres) and folding buckle

SAINT HONORE Opéra Checkerboard Collection

For this Christmas season, SAINT HONORE presents a new and glamorous version of their famous Opéra watch for women.

A classical icon of the SAINT HONORE brand, Opera continually changes its look to fulfil every conceivable wish. This year, the watchmaker has reinterpreted the design of this singular beauty once again, adorning it with very glamorous details.

This particularly elegant, colourful model is as charming as they come. Take, for example, its round central dial, satin-polished to beautiful effect with the famous “checkerboard” pattern, a SAINT HONORE signature.

Immaculate white, mauve, midnight blue or iced chestnut: this play of colours and materials orchestrates the entire Opéra line and enhances its general harmony with a soft, seductive touch.

Each “checkerboard” Opéra dial expresses an individual style, setting the tone for perfectly harmonious straps.  Available in two different diameters, 33 and 37 mm, the piece reflects a multifaceted feminine universe: a couture spirit, an anthology of dials and straps, and timeless refinement right down the line.

Technical details
Model: Opéra “checkerboard”
Stainless steel case, 33 or 37 mm
Sapphire crystal
Satin-polished dial, décor “checkerboard” in centre, in white, mauve, midnight blue or iced chestnut colour
Quartz movement, 3 hands
Water resistant to 30m
Leather strap (white, mauve, midnight blue or iced chestnut), with white stitching, on deploying buckle

Saint Honore UAE National Day MONCEAU Chronograph Limited Edition

Luxury watch brand SAINT HONORE will celebrate the UAE’s 45th National Day on December 2nd with a specially-designed Limited Edition MONCEAU chronograph watch designed as a tribute to the leaders and citizens of the country.

The UAE National Day MONCEAU watch will be issued in a limited edition of just 45 pieces and will be available at the brand’s Paris Gallery points of sale across the country. Flying the UAE colours with pride, the UAE National Day MONCEAU Limited Edition features a dial in the four colours of the United Arab Emirates flag. The case back is engraved with a map of the country. Presented in a luxury gift case including a writing implement, this watch is a must for UAE collectors.

An ode to purity, the MONCEAU interprets French-style elegance with a most sophisticated design. Equipped with a Swiss Made quartz movement which offers a chronograph function, the timepiece features a dial with two harmoniously balanced counters: a 30-minute counter at 9 o’clock and a continuous seconds counter at 3 o’clock. The black “crocodile pattern” leather strap is finished with red top stitching.

Technical details
Model: Monceau Chronograph
Stainless steel case, 41 mm
Sapphire coating glass
Case back engraved with the UAE map
Quartz chronograph movement, 2 counters at 3 h and 9 h
Date at 6 h
Water resistant to 50m
Black leather strap with red topstitching, on deploying buckle