The WeAntStory

Announced in 2020, the WeAntStory is a Swiss made wristwatch inspired by the formidable nature of ants. It is a collaborative project between Luc Pellaton, founder of the Swiss watch brand WATCHE and Chen Zhiguang, contemporary artist, China.

Made of black grade 5 titanium, this timepiece boasts a bold design inspired by the resilience of ants. The stand-out features of the watch are its stealthy appearance, innovative dial design and a flexible strap equipped with a patented technology.

The WeAntStory watch

The front side of the watch is designed after the face of an ant. Featuring an armour-like guilloche pattern, the metal face of the watch incorporates two glass crystals, evoking the eyes of an ant. Through these two openings made of sapphire crystals, the watch displays the hour and minute.

The WeAntStory

Its 47 mm diameter case in polished black grade 5 titanium features black screws and sapphire crystal caseback. The watch houses an automatic calibre with additional module signed WeAntStory. The WeEngine01 movement features an engraved and lacquered oscillating weight. Beating at 28,800 vph, it provides 42 hours power reserve.

Made of Fluoroelastomer (a fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber), the watch strap is flexible, smooth, odourless and waterproof. It does not feature a buckle or loop, but a patented system for securing it around the wrists.


Christiaan van der Klaauw CVDK Planetarium Eise Eisinga Limited Edition watch

Introduced in 2020, this extra-ordinary astronomical watch by Christiaan van der Klaauw pays tribute to Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium, the oldest working Planetarium in the world.

Christiaan van der Klaauw CVDK Planetarium Eise Eisinga Limited Edition watch

Suspended from the ceiling of the living room of a beautiful canal house in Franeker, is the oldest still working planetarium in the world. This accurately moving model of the solar system was built between 1774 and 1781 by the Frisian wool comber, Eise Eisinga.

Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium

Eise Eisinga was born in Dronrijp on February 21, 1744. He attended primary school there. Like many children, at that time, he had to work at home, which his case was in his father’s wool combing establishment. In addition to combing wool, he inherited his father’s interest in matters such as astronomy and mathematics.

Eise Jeltes Eisinga (21 February 1744 – 27 August 1828)
Eise Jeltes Eisinga (21 February 1744 – 27 August 1828)

He was so curious that he went to Franeker every week, where he studied Euclides’s maths books with Willem Wijtses, a wool dyer. At the age of 24, Eisinga married Pietje Jacobs, after which he settled in Franeker in 1768, working as a wool comber.

On May 8, 1774, a special constellation of planets formed. In the early morning, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the moon were positioned closely in the sky. It was claimed that the mutual forces of these celestial bodies would knock the earth off its path and cause it to be burned up by the sun. A preacher from Bozum, Eelco Alta, made this prediction. In April 1774, the Leeuwarder Courant published a piece about this.

His piece of writing carried the title: ‘Philosophical concerns about the conjunction of the planets’. Alta’s ideas caused a lot of unrest among the population. The authorities attempted to intervene by banning the piece of writing, but the damage had already been done.

Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium
Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium in Franeker, Friesland, Netherlands

Eisinga’s vast knowledge of mathematics and astronomy came in handy when, in May 1774, turmoil broke out in response to Eelco Alta’s prediction. In order to give the people a correct picture of the solar system, he built a model of the solar system in his living room. Only seven years passed between his very first idea and the final realisation of this project. Since 1781, Eisinga’s model has closely followed the paths of the 6 planets in our solar system. This makes it the oldest still-functioning planetarium in the world.

Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium in Franeker, Friesland, Netherlands

Christiaan van der Klaauw’s Planetarium timepiece incorporates the smallest mechanical planetarium mechanism in the world, showing real time the orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn around the sun. The watch also indicates the minutes, hours, date and month.

Christiaan van der Klaauw CVDK Planetarium Eise Eisinga Limited Edition watch

Equipped with the in-house developed module, Planetarium is one of the most complicated watches created by Christiaan van der Klaauw. This extremely complex mechanical watch is a fitting tribute to the grand masters of planetarium design such as Nicolaas Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, Christiaan Huygens and Eise Eisinga.

Christiaan van der Klaauw CVDK Planetarium Eise Eisinga Limited Edition watch

The PLANETARIUM Eise Eisinga watch was made in a very limited edition of only 6 steel and 6 rose gold models, with each of the 6 watches boasting its own unique planet name.

Christiaan van der Klaauw CVDK Planetarium Eise Eisinga Limited Edition watch

Measuring 40mm diameter case made of stainless steel or 18K rose gold, this watch is fitted with a sapphire crystal glass on the front. It houses an automatic mechanical movements equipped with 35 jewels and twin barrels, which provide an impressive power reserve of up to 96 hours.

Christiaan van der Klaauw CVDK Planetarium Eise Eisinga Limited Edition watch

The oil-painted dial of the watch was created by Gaël Colon. It features applied rose-gold Roman numerals for 1, 2, 3,9,10 and 11 hour-markers. The 12-h marker is replaced with the Christiaan van der Klaauw logo. The watch does not feature any hour-markers on the lower dial part for ensuring more focus on the planetarium complication.

Christiaan van der Klaauw CVDK Planetarium Eise Eisinga Limited Edition watch

The CVDK PLANETARIUM Eise Eisinga watch features two centre hands in rose gold to indicate the hour and minutes respectively. A sub-dial at 12 o’ clock with two gold hands displays the date and month. The planetarium is placed at 6 o’ clock.

Christiaan van der Klaauw CVDK Planetarium Eise Eisinga Limited Edition watch

The sapphire crystal case back affords the spectacular view of the self-winding movement and its artistically engraved oscillating weight, which highlights planets, stars and the ‘Sun with 12 Claws’ as well as the logo of Christiaan van der Klaauw.

Christiaan van der Klaauw CVDK Planetarium Eise Eisinga Limited Edition watch

Technical details

Model: CVDK PLANETARIUM Eise Eisinga Limited Edition

CVDK7386, automatic winding, 35 jewels, twin barrel
Power-reserve: 96 hour maximum
Complication: CVDK Planetarium module
The rotor is engraved with planets, stars and the ‘Sun with 12 Claws’, the logo of Christiaan van der Klaauw

Hours, minutes, date and month
Planetarium: the watch is equipped with the smallest mechanical Planetarium in the world, showing the orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn around the Sun.

Case material: High quality steel or Rose gold
Case diameter: 40 mm
Sapphire crystal front glass
Sapphire crystal case-back
Each case is uniquely engraved with the name of one of the 6 planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn.

Oil painted dial made by the artist Gaël Colon, rose gold plated indexes.
Planetarium with customized colored hand painted planets.

Black leather
Buckle: Logo engraved steel folding clasp/ rose gold buckle

Limited Edition
6 unique watches in steel, each uniquely engraved with the name of one of the 6 planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn.

Retail price
Stainless steel version: € 43,950
Rose gold version: € 58,450

Corum Golden Bridge Dubail Special Edition

Swiss luxury watch brand Corum has launched a special edition Golden Bridge wristwatch in partnership with Dubail. The second collaborative project by the two iconic houses, this timepiece is a limited edition of just 10 copies.

Corum Golden Bridge Dubail Special Edition

In 2010, the family-owned the Parisian retailer and Corum collaborated and created a 25 piece limited edition Admiral’s Cup watch in black dressed with accents of red. This rare timepiece laid the foundations of the exclusive Dubail series: very few pieces, engraved and numbered, with black and red accents. Dubail has since established itself as a leading partner for Corum.

Corum Golden Bridge Dubail Special Edition

The Golden Bridge was therefore naturally imposed when Corum and Dubail wanted to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their first joint limited series. The model chosen is the Golden Bridge Round 43 mm. An atypical piece, a perfect circle within which stretches the famous baguette movement of the house, created in 1980.

Its bridges and mainplate are in gold, engraved with the name of the house, ending at 6 o’clock with the crown allowing the time to be set and the winding of a 40-hour power reserve. On either side of this movement are deployed four symmetrical series of cables. For Dubail, they have been specially treated in black PVD, as has the black PVD titanium case.

Corum Golden Bridge Dubail Special Edition

These cables continue the architectural inspiration of the aptly named collection “Bridge”. The play associates the “bridge” which keeps its cogwheels in place with the one which crosses towns and rivers to connect people.

Corum Golden Bridge Dubail Special Edition

Symbol of openness, the bridge is also one of the most complex structures ever made by man, a feat capable of defying centuries and the elements. The construction, suspended in the air, summons the aesthetics of the largest bridges erected by man. It also underlines the aerial character of the baguette movement: Caliber CO113 and its 16 seat stays manage to combine the light and suspended expression of movement with the strength and resistance of the wired structure.

For Dubail, Corum has dressed its Golden Bridge with an alligator strap, instead of rubber. The piece, engraved and numbered, will be available only at Dubail Paris.

Orologi Calamai Chronograph G50/F

Exclusively designed for pilots and navigators, the Orologi Calamai Chronograph G50/F (Freccia) comes with a robust watch case forged from the steel of an F104 Starfighter jet plane that served in the Italian Air Force. Presently available in four dial versions, this automatic pilot’s chronograph is equipped with the Swiss made Sellita SW510 Top Grade movement.

Orologi Calamai Chronograph G50/F with blue dial

Founded in 2008 by Francesco Calamai, this small Italian watch company is an official supplier of wristwatches for the Pilots of the Italian Airforce.

This military-grade automatic timepiece takes inspiration from the legendary aviation chronographs. The case of each Orologi Calamai Chronograph G50/F was forged by melting the steel of the G.E. turbine that powered an F-104 of the Italian Air Force.

Orologi Calamai Chronograph G50 F Case back

Indeed, the serial number of the exact turbine utilised is engraved on the caseback. Its 40mm diameter case features alternating brushed and polished finishing. Apart from the time-setting crown at 3 o’ clock, G50/F has an additional crown at 10 o’ clock for operating the inner rotating bezel.

Orologi Calamai Chronograph G50/F

The watch case has been optimised to be as thin as possible by using ultra-modern techniques. The caseback was transformed from a traditional screwed-on model to a more rounded one secured by 4 peripheral screws to accommodate the rotor of the automatic winding mechanism. The crowns and chronograph pushbuttons are specifically designed to be in harmony with the casing and to offer the best grip possible in all conditions.

Orologi Calamai Chronograph G50 F black dial

The dial has been designed to ensure enhanced readability. The applied hour markers are made of metal and highlighted by a generous use of SuperLuminova®. The same technique was used for the numbers and text, with the characters designed to maximise readability in small dimensions.

G50/F has two syringe-shaped luminescent hands for hours and minutes. Tips of the chronograph hands (central 60 seconds, 30-minutes and 12-hour) are highlighted with red color. The watch displays the date at 4.30H.

Orologi Calamai Chronograph G50 F

The Sellita 510 is an evolution of the self-winding calibre SW500, with the main difference being in the arrangement of the registers, evolving from a 12-3-6 layout to the classic 3-6-9. This chronograph watch houses a “coulisse” escapement, which is less elaborate than the “column shaft” mechanism but offers great advantages in terms of robustness, simplicity and reliability.

The Orologi Calamai Chronograph G50/F is available in Black “sablé”, Blu Soleil, Dark Brown and Anthracite dial versions.

Technical details

Diameter: 40 mm
Thickness: 14.40 mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Crown: Screw Down
Glass: Sapphire crystal with double AR coating
Water resistance: 5 ATM (approximately 50 meters)

SW510 Top Grade
Diameter: 30mm – 13¼’’’
Height: 7.90mm
Power reserve: 48 hrs
Number of Jewels: 25
Frequency: 28,800 A/h


Cowhide strap made in Italy
Width: 20 mm
Pin Buckle

Retail price
2,450 Euros

Vianney Halter Deep Space Resonance Prototype

Independent Swiss master watchmaker Vianney Halter presents the Deep Space Resonance, a modern and technical interpretation of his 3 axis tourbillon. In this new creation, Vianney reengineered the tourbillon cage in order to integrate two acoustically synchronized balance wheels.

Vianney Halter Deep Space Resonance Prototype
Photos credit: Guy LUCAS de PESLOUAN/ Vianney Halter

The idea of creating an acoustically resonant double-balance timepiece emerged in Vianney’s mind in 1996 when he started learning to play the piano.

When attuning the keys where three harmonic strings overlap, Vianney noticed an energy exchange between the strings that forced them to resonate. Just like on the tuning fork, the resonance mechanism seemed to depend on the fixed base through which the energy flows. He believed that there could be a similar way to synchronize two balance wheels.

As he was doing some research on the subject, Vianney found early 1800s blueprints of Abraham Louis Breguet’s attempts to achieve resonance. The schematics showed devices allowing for the fine tuning of the distance that separated the two balance wheels, which were in this case using a fundamentally different coupling than the piano or tuning fork.

Breguet’s works were based on the interactions between the balance wheel rims and the air between them, using the air as a fluid gearing. In this case the size of the gap, air viscosity and rotation directions were critical. Air behaved as a clutch and only one rotation was allowed. Without air, there could be no resonance.

On the other hand in order for the acoustic resonance phenomenon to occur, waves are of utmost importance. Using a linkage of some sorts, waves could be transmitted from one balance to the other. By having both spirals attached to a well designed common bridge, the two oscillators could influence each other and attain resonance, whichever direction the balances were turning.

In order to form solid bases for the mechanical groundworks, Vianney needed to study the pre-existing resonance watches, then craft an instrument that could demonstrate the possibility of resonance from coupling two oscillators. He then started collecting every chronometric object linked to undulatory phenomena he could, aiming to build such a demonstrator.

In 2007, Vianney Halter started the construction of the demonstrator he has been imagining since 2005. To build his movement, he used two identical Russian POLJOT deck watches that give him identical gear trains. For the two balances to resonate, he needed the two oscillators to be as similar as possible, and links them using a solid bridge, like in a tuning fork.

In 2012, Vianney brought an antique mechanical clock made by French clockmaker Jacques Langlois in 1660. With the help of horological expert Jean-Claude Sabrier, he discovered the clock is in fact one that Christiaan Huygens subcontracted to various craftsmen to demonstrate his isochronism theory.

In 2016, a major scientific discovery encouraged Vianney to continue his dream project. Almost a century after Albert Einstein relativity theory, gravitational waves were detected, confirming the existence of two collapsing black holes.

Space-Time is the fabric of our Universe. Heavy objects bend it and deform it and when they accelerate or collide, those objects generate waves that propagate through the cosmos at light speed, in all directions. Those waves perturbate the whole Universe, and finally were measured on Earth using a resonance based space-time seismograph.

This discovery was so important to Vianney he was determined to finish the research about acoustic horological resonance. By trying multiple configurations for the coupling of the two balances, he eventually found one that allows acoustic resonance without relying on aerodynamics.

At the same time, a new idea and new challenge emerged. In 2011 Vianney has decided to create a timepiece that reminds us of our four dimensions during our stellar travels. Introduced in 2013, the Deep Space Tourbillon watch with a 3 axis central tourbillon shows you the physical dimensions, surrounded by the display of our 4th dimension, time.

With these 4 dimensions making the elastic fabric of our universe, being warped and reshaped by gravitational waves, it appeared evident that the resonating oscillators will be placed at the center of the Deep Space Tourbillon.

The study of the demonstrators configurations allowed to define the tuning fork configuration in which will be the two balances. To prevent the wave dissipation, Vianney chooses specific, solid materials, and minimizes the length and complexity of the path the wave must travel. This led to the configuration in which the two spirals are mounted opposite in front of each other. Using a rigid shared bridge for the two spirals, Vianney made sure that the resulting resonance was a genuine behavior, not a functional artefact.

Work and perseverance eventually bore fruit, and at the beginning of 2019 the two balances in the demonstrator were beating as one. The behavior was stable and allowed Vianney to start the construction of a wrist worn model: the Deep Space Resonance.

The Deep Space Resonance Prototype immense works took over the entirety of 2020. Vianney built it to check that the acoustic synchronization correctly functions when worn on the wrist.

Vianney Halter Deep Space Resonance Prototype
Photos credit: Guy LUCAS de PESLOUAN/ Vianney Halter

Thanks to the three axis rotation, every detail on the structure is visible. The complexity of the mechanism is highlighted by a unique and light architectural construction. The 42 polished curved pillars that hold the bridges are inspired by an antique Achille Benoît marine chronometer that dates back to 1840. Every part of the mechanism is traditionally decorated and refined by hand for a breathtaking effect. Despite the apparent complexity, the technological architecture was kept at the most simple and efficient.

The axis structure is layered in concentric cages: The innermost cage holds the balances and weighs 0.6 grams for 162 parts. This cage rotates inside the traverse in 60 seconds. The traverse weighs 2.8 grams and rotates around its horizontal axis in 6 minutes. The traverse is mounted in the cradle, which rotates on its vertical axis in 30 minutes. The whole 3 axis system counts 371 individual parts.

The beating frequency of balances is nominally 21‘600 vph but in reality they vary a little. Each balance will transmit its motion to the shared bridge which will in turn affect the other balance. This way, both balances will influence each other, and quickly and reliably reach a common frequency. In turn, this makes the whole regulating system more accurate.

The Deep Space Resonance Prototype is a manually wound, 65h power reserve watch. The balances start to resonate as soon as the energy is sufficient to set the balances in motion, and stay synchronized until all motion stops. The balances will synchronize and oscillate at the same time, but not necessarily in the same direction at the same time. This will define the resonance mode.

The mode depends on the position the balances were occupying when they started beating, and will keep this mode until the end of the power reserve. The next time the watch is wound, the balances may start beating in a different mode, and will offer a new view to the resonance phenomenon.

The dial is directly inspired by the Vernier calliper. The Hours and Quarters can be read in the top aperture. At the bottom aperture one can read the supplemental minutes by finding where the marks match the best.

For the final realizations of this technical device, the reading of the time will be easier thanks to a fascinating dial specifically designed to match the resonance principles. The power reserve will be drastically enhanced.


Introduced in 2020, this sturdy and sophisticated GMT SPORT timepiece from MAURON MUSY’s ARMURE collection is inspired by motor sports and travel. Certified “SWISS CRAFTED” and strongly inspired by racing cars, the MU04 GMT SPORT watch is equipped with a second 24-hour time zone engraved on a titanium-ceramic bezel.


The GMT SPORT model is entirely crafted in titanium and its industrial design and brushed finishes endow it with a unique style that goes equally well with a driver’s helmet or a gentleman’s suit. The hybrid ceramic and titanium bezel features a 24-hour scale enabling dual-time readings, while the colour difference marks the boundary between day and night.


The entirely in-house made case represents an authentic watch exterior complication in its own right and a world-exclusive feature. MAURON MUSY is the only watch brand in the world to have developed a mechanical gasket-free water-tightness system completely free of the costly maintenance associated with polymer ageing.


This patented nO-Ring® method of mechanical gasket-free water-resistance, featuring a design whose very essence is intrinsically linked to the technology involved, requires 36 highly technical elements and ensures a waterproof seal guaranteed to 300 metres.


This robust and technological MU04 GMT SPORT model is undoubtedly the first watch with a 5-year warranty that is completely maintenance-free.

The dial is machined in a single operation using state-of-the-art laser technology. It features a very rough cast iron texture inspired by car engines. In the same spirit as the movement bridges, the hour-markers and cartouches are machined using the champlevé technique highlighting the polished script appearing in relief.


The raised numerals light up in the dark thanks to a luminescent ceramic that instils a very sporty yet highly functional spirit. Five apertures offer a sporadic view of the date disc and these indexing changes.


The 60-minute scale is engraved on an imposing sloping inner bezel ring circling the dial, while a small speedometer-like 60-second counter appears at 9 o’clock. The latter is deeply recessed on a finely microblasted structure, again highlighting the raised numerals.


The sporty wheel rim-style hands are open-worked as much as possible in order to ensure a transparent view of the watch face.


The watch is equipped with the Calibre MM01-GMT. This mechanical self-winding movement developed in collaboration with Manufacture La Joux-Perret is endowed with an optimal 55-hour power reserve. The MM01-GMT calibre drives the hours, minutes, small seconds at 9 o’clock, date at 3 o’clock and 24-hour dual-time indications.


This movement boasts unique high-end decoration, featuring bridges hollowed and micro-blasted in the centre, satin-brushed on the periphery and polished on the chamfers so as to reveal the various inscriptions in relief.

The recommended Swiss retail price of the MAURON MUSY MU04 GMT SPORT watch is CHF 12,700 for stainless steel models and CHF 13,000 for black DLC versions.

Technical details

Exclusive self-winding Calibre MM01-GMT in-house made by La Joux-Perret
33 mm in diameter
6.55 mm thick
25 jewels
Frequency of 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
55-hour power reserve
167 components
Polished steel Swiss lever escapement

Central displays of the hours and minutes
Small seconds at 9 o’clock
Date appearing through a window at 3 o’clock
Central 24H GMT indication

Movement finishing and decoration
Snailed and hollowed bridges with micro-blasted structure, anthracite NAC coating
Diamond-polished angles
Micro-blasted mainplate, anthracite NAC coating
Sunburst and nickel-plated pallet bridge
Rhodium-plated and circular satin-brushed gear wheels
Steel screws with polished heads
Snailed tungsten oscillating weight with anthracite NAC coating

Grade 5 titanium
Bi-material titanium-ceramic bezel
44 mm in diameter
13 mm thick
36 components
Glare-proofed sapphire crystal and back
nO-Ring® mechanical water-tightness to 300 m. (30 ATM)

Bulk laser cutting
Galvanised cast-iron texture
Polished champlevé hour-markers and cartouches
Luminescent hybrid ceramic numerals
Luminescent-tipped diamond-polished hands

Delivered with two leather and rubber straps enabling tool-free interchangeability
Folding clasp in steel and grade 5 titanium

Specific features
Five-year guarantee
Stamped with the “Swiss Crafted” inscription (meaning 100% made in Switzerland)
nO-Ring® technology by MAURON MUSY


After the successful re-launch in 2019 with the Malouine watch, Paris based watch brand LE FORBAN SECURITE MER presents a new model: the Brestoise.

Paying tribute to the first Le Forban Sécurité Mer model released in 1969, this new diving watch is water resistant up to 150 meters. Named after the famous French port of Brest, the Brestoise represents a perfect fusion of special characteristics of a tool watch and urban styling.


It has a 38.4mm diameter case made of 316L grade stainless steel. It is topped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass and a unidirectional rotating bezel featuring with aluminium insert and Super Luminova luminous markers.


It features a black dial inspired by the historic Le Forban Sécurité Mer watch. Its large hour markers are embedded with SuperLuminova C3. The even numbered markers (2, 4, 6,8,10 and 12) are Arabic numerals and the remaining are rectangular indices. It features a date display at 3 o’ clock.

LE FORBAN SECURITE MER Brestoise diving watch

Just below the 12 hour-marker, the dial displays the brand name and the anchor logo. The trapeze shaped date window and the lollipop seconds hand are inspired by the historic model of 1969. All the three hands are embedded with Super Luminova C3 luminous material for ensuring dial visibility around the clock.


Just like the Le Forban Sécurité Mer ‘Malouine’  model, this new stainless steel diving watch is driven by the Miyota 8215 self-winding calibre. This highly reliable movement has a power reserve of 40 hours.


To secure the rear-side of the watch, the brand has chosen a solid, stainless steel screw-on caseback, which also has an attractive engraving depicting a ship wheel above ocean waves.

LE FORBAN SECURITE MER Brestoise watch wrist shot

The Brestoise watch is worn on a silicone strap, which is extremely comfortable to wear. Its retail price is approximately 490 Euros.

Technical details

Model: Le Forban Securite Mer « Brestoise »

316L stainless steel
38. 4 mm diameter (39 mm with the bezel)
Case thickness: 12.75 mm
Scratch resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating
Crown : Screw-down, with Le ForbanSécurité Mer logo
Screw-on caseback, engraved with ‘Le ForbanSécurité Mer’ and individually numbered
Water resistance rated to 150 metres

Unidirectional, 120 clicks
Material: 316L steel with aluminium insert
C3 Super Luminova luminous marker

Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date

Miyota 8215 automatic movement
Frequency 21’600 bph
40 hours power reserve

Black with SuperLuminova C3 luminous numerals
Quickset date at the 3 o’clock position
Super Luminova C3 luminous sword style hour and minutes hands
Lollipop second hand

Specially designed silicone (black) with branded buckle
Lug width: 20mm

Recommended retail price
490 Euros

Raketa “Leopard 24” Limited Edition

To produce this 24 hour automatic wristwatch for Russian submariners, the Raketa Watch Factory used original metal from the Russian submarine “Leopard” (Akula class). This exceptional watch was developed with the help of Captain Valery Dyakonov, who supervised the pre-launch stages of the Leopard, conducted its sea trials and was its first commander until 1996. He now lives in Saint-Petersburg next to Raketa.

Raketa “Leopard 24” Limited Edition

The Raketa Watch Factory is located in Saint-Petersburg, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, and it therefore always had a strong tradition of making watches for Soviet seamen and submariners.

Living underwater for many months, Soviet submarine crews needed a sturdy watch with a robust 24-hour movement to allow them to distinguish day from night. The Raketa “Leopard 24” watch model continues Raketa’s tradition of making such specialized 24 hour watches for submariners.

Raketa “Leopard 24” Limited Edition

“Akula” class nuclear powered submarines (their Soviet/Russian designation is “Shchuka-B”) first entered service in the Soviet Navy in 1984 and immediately positioned themselves as one of the most advanced submarines in the world in quietness and survivability. To this day these silent submarines still command respect in the oceans.

Raketa “Leopard 24” Limited Edition

Each Akula Class submarine has its own name: the metal used in the Raketa watch comes from the “Leopard K-328” submarine which took part in numerous operations around the globe. The metal was officially given to the Raketa Watch Factory by the shipyard that is currently conducting the overhaul and modernisation of the Leopard submarine (each watch is delivered with a certificate authenticating the origin of the metal). This metal comes from an exterior part of the Leopard’s hull.

Raketa “Leopard 24” Limited Edition

In addition to the bezel made from a metal part of the “Leopard” submarine, the Raketa “Leopard 24” model is also a submariner’s watch by design and functionality. Its hands replicate the design of the hands in the control panels of the submarine.

Ракета Подводник Леопард 24

The Leopard 24 watch is powered by a Raketa 24 hour automatic movement (Raketa 2624А caliber) that allows submariners to distinguish day from night during their long underwater missions. The dial and hands are luminescent to allow submariners to read the time in the dark.

Raketa “Leopard 24” Limited Edition automatic watch

6 lines (in red and grey colours) divide the perimeter of the dial into 6 quarters (4 hours each) allowing each crewmember to keep count of his watches/shifts in the submarine.

The automatic movement has a bi-directional rotor which doubles the winding-up efficiency of the watch (which is particularly useful in the cramped conditions of the submarine).

Raketa “Leopard 24” Limited Edition watch movement

The colours of the top of the watch (dial & top leather strap) and of the bottom (screws fixing the bridges of the movement, rotor and lining of the strap) are identical to the colours of the submarine’s hull: black for the top and red for the bottom.

Raketa “Leopard 24” Limited Edition

Every watch is delivered with a certificate authenticating the origin of the Leopard metal, with the official insignia of the Leopard submarine, with an additional rubber band and a branded spring bar tool to easily change the straps.

Raketa “Leopard 24” Limited Edition

The Raketa Leopard 24 watch is produced in a limited series of 300 pieces. Its price is 1,292 Euros (VAT not included).

Technical details

Model: Raketa “Leopard 24”

Raketa Watch Factory (Saint-Petersburg)

Raketa Calibre 2624A
Automatic with 24 hours display
Number of jewels: 24
Testing positions: 4
Average rate (s/d): -10+20
Average running time (h): 40
Frequency/hour: 18.000 / 2.5Hz
Bi-directional automatic winding: Yes
Stopper of self-winding unit activated during manual winding: Yes
Decoration: Hand-made Onega waves + red screws + red rotor with printing

Case and dial
Material: Stainless steel
Material of bezel: Stainless steel from the submarine Leopard K-328
Size: 44 mm
Front glass: Sapphire
Back glass: Mineral
Crown: Screwed-in crown
Water resistance: 20 АТМ
Hands: Superluminova
Dial: Superluminova

Material: Genuine leather + additional silicone strap included with watch
Width: 22 mm

Suggested retail price
1,292 EUR (without VAT) with free delivery worldwide

Bausele Ocean Moon IV

Bausele Watch Company has been known for their Swiss made wristwatches endowed with Australian essence. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, the brand has released first automatic version of its best-selling Ocean Moon watch.

Bausele Ocean Moon IV automatic dive watch with black dial

Water resistant to 200 meters, Bausele Ocean Moon IV is an ideal timepiece for recreational diving activities and nautical sports. It proudly reflects the beach lifestyle. The watch comes dressed in a 42mm diameter and 14.5mm thick stainless steel case, which is secured with a thick sapphire crystal glass on the top and a screwed stainless steel case back.

Bausele Ocean Moon IV watch case back

The Ocean Moon IV watch also features an anti-magnetic Faraday cage to protect the mechanical self-winding movement. This diving instrument boasts the iconic ‘Super Compressor’ inspired twin-crown design. The first crown (positioned at 4H) is for time-setting and the second one (positioned at 2H) for operating the inner rotating bezel.

Bausele Ocean Moon IV swiss made automatic dive watch with blue dial

Powering Bausele OceanMoon IV is the Caliber STP1-11, a Swiss Made automatic movement manufactured by Swiss Technology Production. Equipped with 26 jewels, Incabloc shock system and Nivaflex mainspring, this movement has a power reserve of up to 44 hours.

Bausele Ocean Moon IV watch with green dial

The Ocean Moon IV automatic watch is available in Black, Blue, Green, Silver and White dial versions. Each variant is limited to 100 pieces.

The brand also created a limited edition Ocean Moon IV to mark the 5th anniversary of Australian Watch Forum (AWF). Limited to 40 pieces, this model in stainless steel features a bright blue sunray degrade dial with a lumed map of Australia. Placed at 4H, the hollow crown of this timepiece safeguards some genuine sand from a famous Australian beach.

Bausele Ocean Moon IV Australian Watch Forum (AWF)
Bausele Ocean Moon IV Australian Watch Forum (AWF) 5th Anniversary Limited Edition

Bausele is also offering a limited edition Ocean Moon IV model created in collaboration with Paxton Wong, the organiser of WatchFest – Australia’s largest watch community get-together.

Bausele Ocean Moon IV WATCHFEST PAX 2020
Bausele Ocean Moon IV WATCHFEST PAX 2020 Limited Edition

Limited to 50 pieces, the Ocean Moon IV WATCHFEST PAX 2020 features a red-black degrade sunray dial inspired by Uluru, the massive sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in Australia. Uluru is known for its distinct red coloration at dusk. Inside the hollow crown at 4H, you can view the real red sand from this iconic natural landmark.

Bausele Ocean Moon IV watch silver degrade dial

Each timepiece from the Bausele Ocean Moon IV family comes with a high performance plastic strap made of recycled ocean waste. It is secured around the wrist with a deployed butterfly buckle.

Bausele Ocean Moon IV watch white dial

The retail price of the Bausele Ocean Moon IV watch is $1,200 Australian Dollars, which is approximately US $ 880.

Technical details

Model: Bausele Ocean Moon IV

Caliber STP1-11
Swiss Made bi-directional self-winding mechanical movement, Incabloc shock system and Nivaflex mainspring
Power reserve: 44 hours
Frequency: 28,800 vph
26 jewels

Hour, Minute and Second
Date at 6H
Inner rotating bezel for calculating diving time

316L surgical grade hardened Stainless Steel with IP Gunmetal coating
Case diameter 42mm
Thickness: 14.5mm
Screwed in case back with inner anti-magnetic Faraday cage to protect movement
Inner bi-directional bezel, operated by screw-locked crown at 2H
Water resistance: 20 ATM / 200 metres
Crown Screw-locked at 4H
Crystal: Anti reflective, scratch resistant sapphire crystal

High performance plastic strap made of recycle PET
Quick release CAPSA system
Lug width: 22mm

Metal dial (
Super-Luminova coated indexes and hands

$1,200 AUD

BOVET Récital 26 Brainstorm® Chapter Two Sunshine Collection

In November 2020, BOVET introduced its Sunshine Collection starting with a very limited edition of only 7 Brainstorm Chapter Two with a magnificent yellow dial.

BOVET Récital 26 Brainstorm® Chapter Two Sunshine Collection

The new Récital 26 Brainstorm® Chapter Two Sunshine is available in fully hand-engraved movements, all in the crafted monoblock Sapphire “Writing Slope” case (47.8 mm). It features a yellow dome-shaped dial, hand-coated by the BOVET artisans with a green Super-LumiNova® (SLN) that gives the dial a powder finishing to the surface.

BOVET Récital 26 Brainstorm® Chapter Two Sunshine Collection

The yellow dial accumulates light from the sun, transforming it into a vibrant green dial at dusk. The green color not only enhances the readability at night, it also adds an unexpected new dial to this spectacular timepiece. The green SLN treatment on the entire surface of the dome and its porosity add complexity to the pad printing process, making it one of the most challenging processes.

BOVET Récital 26 Brainstorm® Chapter Two Sunshine Collection

The Récital 26 Brainstorm® Chapter Two watch comes with a patented double-face flying tourbillon, a patented radial guidance system, a three dimensional moon phase with five days of power reserve, and a patented three-dimensional V-shaped needle that allows the collector to display the time zone of their choice.

BOVET Récital 26 Brainstorm® Chapter Two Sunshine Collection

This innovative combination imagined by Mr Raffy, united with the dome, allows for an intuitive Universal Time function, permitting each of the 24 time-zones to be read simultaneously.

Technical details

Model: Récital 26 Brainstorm® Chapter Two Sunshine Collection
Reference Number: R26C2-018, sapphire case, yellow dial

Type: Dimier « writing desk » case
Diameter: 47.80 mm
Material: Sapphire with titanium lugs and case-back
Bracelet: Yellow rubber strap
Buckle: 18K white gold folding buckle
Water resistance: 30m

Caliber 17DM06-DT
Type: Hand-wound movement
Diameter: 39 mm (17 1/4’’’)
Frequency: 21,600V/h
Power reserve: 5 days

Hours, minutes, seconds on the tourbillon, hemispherical moon phase indicator, Universal time with indexable second timezone with hemispherical city indicator

Convex in yellow with Super-LumiNova® (SLN)

5 years

Double face flying tourbillon Radial guidance mechanism system Universal Time indication

Limited edition
7 hand-engraved timepieces in the Sunshine Collection (with yellow dial)

CHF 365’000.-


The Grands Fonds 3000, developed by the Geneva-based brand ZRC is the first watch in the world able to withstand immersion to a depth of 5,000 meters without a helium escape valve and with a thickness of less than 20 millimeters.


The Grands Fonds, developed by ZRC back in 1958 and embraced as the French National Navy official watch in 1964, stood out with its robustness and technical sophistication specially-designed for diving down to depths of 300 meters.

In 2015, the brand launched a re-issue of this icon. The Grands Fonds 300 re-edition watch features the emblematic screwed crown at 6 o’clock as well as technological innovations like the Crown Protection SystemTM and the Easy Clean System (ECSTM).

ZRC GRANDS FONDS 3000 diving watch

The Grands Fonds 3000 is the new addition to the brand’s diving timepieces collection. Although this virtually indestructible timepiece flaunts undeniable family resemblance with its elder sibling from the 1960s, nonetheless it boasts its own character and brave personality.

ZRC GRANDS FONDS 3000 meters diving watch

Its 42 mm-diameter, 19.5 mm-thick grade 2 titanium case enables the elements which make it up to compress together and as such prevent any gaseous molecules from penetrating. Moreover, the 316L steel case back equipped with a titanium double seal and clamp ring resists pressure and absorbs warping.

ZRC GRANDS FONDS 3000 diving watch case back

The case is complemented by a 60-notch unidirectional rotating bezel topped with a ceramic ring, another light technical material which is practically scratch-proof and immune to ultraviolet rays which tarnish colors. Its black-hued navy blue color weaves a striking contrast with the blue-glowing white Super-LumiNova® coated phosphorescent markers.

ZRC GRANDS FONDS 3000 watch dial

The dial, protected by a 5 millimeter-thickcamberedsapphirecrystalwhichrefutesanyalteration in terms of readability, actually traces the sensations experienced by a diver as they descend to the depths through vertical gradient tones beginning with indigo and gradually darkening to become totally black.

ZRC GRANDS FONDS 3000 watch dial

Traditional skeletonized magnum-style hands, adorned with Super-LumiNova®, fan out from the center of this blue-hued disc and hover over an hour chapter featuring indexes and three white Arabic numerals. A silvered one points to the hours whilst a bright red varnished one ticks past the minutes.


The seconds are marked by a “lollipop” direct-drive tipped with a luminescent dot and vermilion dash. These features are driven by the Sellita SW200-1 caliber, a well-proven self-winding mechanical movement which vibrates at a standard frequency of 4 Hertz and delivers a power reserve of 38 hours.

The Grands Fonds 3000 watch comes with a natural injected rubber strap attached by a specially-designed ZRC titanium buckle.

Technical details

Model: Grands Fonds 3000

Swiss Made

SELLITA “Elaborated” SW200-1
Power reserve: 38 h
Oscillation: 28 800 a/h

Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Titanium Grade-2 case
Non magnetic 316L shielded steel caseback with titanium double seal and clamp ring
Screwed crown and caseback
Glass: 5 mm padded sapphire
Pressure resistance: 3000 m (301 bars)
Tested depth: 5000 m (501 bars)
Bezel insert: Ceramic
Antimagnetic: ISO764 Standard, 4800 A/m

Case diameter: 42mm
Lug to lug: 49.2mm
Lug width: 24mm
Dial opening: 30.7mm
Thickness: 19.5mm (including crystal)

Rubber strap with titanium tongue buckle

Retail price
CHF 3,990.00

Special features


The ECS™ is a technical solution to an issue encountered by the mine clearance divers of the Marine Nationale during their many dives: salt crystallizing in the gaps between the bezel and case, thus impeding its rotation. For the 2015 re-issue of the Grands Fonds 300, ZRC has developed and patented a functional solution – the ECS™ was born.

ZRC GRANDS FONDS 3000 watch ecs

This unique system is useful for cleaning the inside of the bezel by circulating fresh water that dilutes and evacuates the sea salt. The ECS™ is the ultimate tribute to the original Grands Fonds and is perfectly in tune with the brand’s identity.

Crown Protection SystemTM

During diving 100% safety is guaranteed thanks to this exclusive strap system using retractable lugs. It is now impossible to place the watch in water without screwing the crown back into its original position.

ZRC GRANDS FONDS 3000 watch with Crown Protection System

If the crown is not screwed down, the strap cannot be correctly repositioned. This effective method prevents oversights that can lead to technical difficulties.

ZRC Grands Fonds Militaria

Sporting a distinctive Khaki Green dial, the ZRC Grands Fonds Militaria watch pays tribute to the heroes of the Second World War.

Introduced in 2020, this timepiece takes us to 6th June 1944 that marked D-Day. Amongst the allied forces that landed on the coast of Normandy, some 150,000 soldiers from the US Army were deployed throughout the land to help liberate France and bring the Second World War to an end, which actually happened nearly a year later.

These courageous men who had come to defend Europe during this immense conflict were equipped with full military gear which was easily-recognizable thanks to its khaki green colour decorated with highly-specific, perfectly-identifiable white typography. The font Stencil USA, created using stencilled design, thus its name, now features on the dial of ZRC’s GF300 Militaria watch.

ZRC Grands Fonds Militaria

The legendary Grands Fonds 300 watch was developed by ZRC back in 1958 after having submitted and won a tender launched by the French National Navy. It became the official Navy watch in 1964. This sturdy timekeeper was equipped with state-of-the-art technical features such as waterproofness to depths of 300 m, a crown set at 6 o’clock equipped with the Crown Protection SystemTM and ECS-patented bezel which eliminates risk of pollution and corrosion.

ZRC Grands Fonds Militaria

To pay tribute to the heroes who had come from a nation on the other side of the Atlantic to free a whole continent and to honour a key chapter in the History of Humankind, this new Grands Fonds 300 watch boasts a military green dial, vibrant khaki set off by white-dressed hour markers and punctuated with central dots for this Militaria version.

ZRC Grands Fonds Militaria

The four Arabic numerals set on the cardinal points, and complemented by arrowed indexes, reiterate the US Army’s traditional Stencil USA font.

ZRC Grands Fonds Militaria

This décor, resolutely inspired by soldiers’ uniforms, is hovered over by a pair of Super- LumiNova® X1-coated magnum-style hands which indicate the hours and minutes. This powerful luminescent substance also enhances the dot of the “lollipop”-style central direct-drive and the markers etched on the matt-black DLC bezel. A bezel which, like on all ZRC watches, rotates and is equipped with ECSTM (Easy Clean System).

ZRC Grands Fonds Militaria

The 40.5 mm-diameter mono-block case crafted in non-magnetic 316L steel hosts the ETA 2824-2 calibre, a reputed, Swiss-made self-winding mechanical movement, beating at a standard frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) and delivering a power reserve of 38 hours.

ZRC Grands Fonds Militaria

The ZRC Grands Fonds 300 Militaria is complemented by a solid khaki-coloured rubber strap which matches the dial. The strap is attached to the wrist by a sandblasted ardillon buckle.

Technical details

Model: ZRC Grands Fonds 300 Militaria

Monobloc case screwed case back & crown
Diameter: 40.5 mm
Material: Nonmagnetic 316L Steel – ISO764 Standard: 4800 A/m
Bezel: ECSTM system (Patent pending N°1462496; Unidirectional 60 divisions rotating bezel
Crown: Located at 6H (Crown Protection System™)
Inverted screwed thread with dual sealing
Crystal: Sapphire 3 mm padded
Water resistance up to 300 meters

Calibre ETA 2824-2
Automatic movement
Power reserve: 38 h

SYNCHRON Military Diver

This 70s inspired Military diver comes from Synchron Uhrenmanufaktur GmbH, which also produces AQUADIVE watches, ISOfrane straps and Tropic straps. With a water resistance up to 300 meters, this automatic timepiece combines the aesthetics of the 70s and modern technology.

SYNCHRON Military diver

It features a CNC cut case in 316L Surgical Stainless Steel. A black PVD steel version is also available. Each variant is limited to 250 pieces.

SYNCHRON Military diver

Measuring 42mm diameter, the case is topped with a unidirectional-bezel with sapphire crystal insert and luminous timing ring. The dial highlights aged Tritium-like Superluminova markers and hands for vintage look.

SYNCHRON Military diver

This timepiece takes inspiration from the Doxa Army watch of the 1970s. Powering this timepiece is the tried and tested ETA 2824-2 self-winding mechanical movement.

SYNCHRON Military diver

Technical details

316L surgical stainless steel
Bezel: 37mm, unidirectional 120-Click rotating, with sapphire crystal insert and luminous timing ring
Diameter: 42mm
Thickness: 12.5mm (including case back: 14.00mm)
45mm lug-to-lug
Stainless steel case back
Water resistance: 30 BAR (Approx. 300 meters/666 feet)

Super Luminova Markers and Hands

Tropic rubber strap or optional ISOfrane strap

Swiss Made ETA 2824-2 Elabore Grade
Self-winding movement
Frequency: 4 HZ (28,800 vibrations per hour)
Jewels: 25
Power Reserve: 40 hours

Hours, minutes, sweep seconds, date

Limited edition of 250 pieces per color (total 500)

Retail price
Synchron 70’s military stainless steel: $1,290.00
Synchron 70’s military black edition: $1,290.00


Cuervo y Sobrinos is a Swiss luxury watch brand that proudly boasts its historic connection with Latin creativity. Cuervo y Sobrinos was established in 1882 in Havana.

Founded by the Spanish in the 16th century, Havana, the capital city of Cuba has been known Latin glamour, hedonism, luxury, cigar smoke filled casinos, elegance and exoticism. In 1862, Ramon Fernandos Cuervo, an immigrant from northern Spain, founded a jewellery store Calle de la Amistad in Havana.

The Cuervo family started by importing Swiss watches before developing their own Swiss made collection which became must have stylish timepieces. Many famous people of the 20th century visited the Cuervo y Sobrinos Havana boutique including Hemingway, Churchill, Pablo Neruda, Einstein and Caruso.

Armando Rio y Cuervo and his brothers ran their jewelry and watchmaking business founded by their uncle Ramon which is why the brand has Sobrinos (nephews) in the name. The boutique known as ‘La Casa’ was on the prestigious Avenida Quinta.

Cuervo y Sobrinos Vintage Boutique

The company prospered and in a short time, “La Casa” became the jeweler and watch shop in the Cuban capital. Its reputation crossed borders and the name became known in Europe and North America. In order to satisfy the growing demand and ensure consistent quality three sites were opened in Europe. First one in Pforzheim, Germany, where the precious stones were selected and next in Rue Melzy, Paris where the stones were cut and polished. Lastly, a production facility was opened at La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of Swiss watchmaking.

The brand became known for representing a unique and glamorous Latin lifestyle and the Cuervo y Sobrinos sales reached their peak at the end of the 50’s. Due to a changing political situation part of the Cuervo family left and the brand lay dormant till it was bought by Europeans in the early 2000’s.

The brand was relaunched in the early 2000’s and collectors continued showing interest in the Swiss made brand with a Latin soul. In 2018, Cuervo y Sobrinos came under new ownership with shareholders and the management team having a wealth of experience in the watchmaking industry. The brand’s current CEO is Massimo Rossi .

As the Managing Director, Massimo Rossi had been in charge of the brand’s successful development from 2004-2014 and knows the international watch market inside out. In Sep 2008, he was appointed as CEO of the brand.

The brand’s Creative Director is Mario Girardi, who has a truly solid background in the watchmaking industry. All partners share the same passion for quality watchmaking. Their vision is to develop a dynamic and innovative brand that stands for Latin heritage, creativity and luxury. Watches will always remain the core business.

CUERVO Y SOBRINOS headquarters and atelier

The headquarters and atelier are still located on the shore of the Capolago Lake in the canton of Ticino.

The key values running though the brand are tradition, quality, joie de vivre, and exoticism. The value of tradition can be traced back to 1882, the year the brand was established. The products are ‘Swiss made’ which is a guarantee of the highest quality when it comes to watchmaking. The design philosophy is to combine elegance and Latin creativity to communicate a certain joie de vivre, hedonism and exoticism.

This is very much part of the unique heritage which can be traced back to the city’s glorious past, when the Cuban capital was the center of an extraordinary international social scene that was elegant, refined and glamorous. These values associated with Swiss savoir-faire give Cuervo y Sobrinos a unique and inimitable positioning that gives it the tagline ‘Swiss manufacture, Latin Heritage’.

The highly skilled designers get their inspiration from models in collections around the world or from the brand’s extensive archives. The original spirit of the brand is very much inspired by Art Deco, a combination of refined details and discreet elegance. Different experts are brought together under one roof in Le Noirmont and they look after all the stages from design to assembly. Cuervo y Sobrinos keeps abreast of all the latest technological breakthroughs ensuring clients have the most reliable and technologically advanced products.

Since the early 2000’s Cuervo has successfully positioned itself as the new vintage watch brand. The historical models the Esplendido, Prominente and Historiador have been created in the spirit of the brand driven by an Art Deco aesthetic that is elegant, discrete and yet stylish. Besides the historical collections Cuervo y Sobrinos proposes contemporary and innovative timepieces like the Vuelo and the Pirata.

[View Cuervo y Sobrinos Watches Gallery]


Panerai Luminor Chrono PAM01109, PAM01218 and PAM01110

With advanced technical know-how widely documented throughout its history, Panerai has come to the sportiest complication and combined it with the iconic shape of the Luminor collection in three models, for an authentic synthesis of aesthetic expression and Italian heritage: Luminor Chrono PAM01109, PAM01218 and PAM01110.

Panerai Luminor Chrono PAM01109

Featuring a sandwich dial and crown-protecting bridge on the right side of the dial, Panerai’s quintessential elements, the Luminor Chrono are distinguished by the original placement on the left of the chronograph controls and by the blue hands devoted to that function. Finally, a “base 1000” tachymeter scale on the prominent flange allows the calculation of average speed over a predefined distance, in kilometers or miles.

Panerai Luminor Chrono PAM01109

All models feature the new Caliber P.9200 with chronograph function. It is an efficient, high-performance self-winding movement thanks to the 42-hour power reserve ensured by the energy stored within a single barrel.

Panerai Luminor Chrono PAM01218

Waterproof up to 10 bar (more than 100 meters deep), the Luminor Chrono PAM01109 and PAM01218 models feature two straps, in alligator leather and rubber, equipped with a trapezoidal pin buckle in brushed steel.

Panerai Luminor Chrono PAM01218

The Luminor Chrono PAM01110, designed to be slim, light and ergonomic, is characterized by the folding clasp with slimmer blades and “OP” logo. Moreover, the links of the bracelet are inspired by the emblematic Panerai safety lock system.

Panerai Luminor Chrono PAM01110

All the Luminor Chrono models have the strap interchangeable system giving the client the opportunity to move from metal bracelet to alligator or calf and vice versa.

Panerai Luminor Chrono PAM01110

Technical details

Model: Luminor Chrono

Mechanical automatic, P.9200 caliber
13 ¼ lignes, 6.9mm thick, 41 jewels
28,800 vibrations/hour
GlucydurTM balance wheel
IncablocTM shockproof device
Single barrel
Power reserve: 42 hours

Hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph

Stainless steel brushed middle case, diameter 44mm, thickness 15.65mm
Polished bezel
Safety Lock crown protection device (protected by trademark), lever, crown and chrono pushers in brushed steel
Sapphire crystal
Twelve-sided screwed caseback in brushed steel
Waterproof: 10 bar (~100 meters)

Reference PAM01109

Panerai Luminor Chrono PAM01109

Black with matte finish, sandwich structure, with Arabic numerals and indexes in white Super-LumiNovaTM with green luminescence
Seconds at 9 o’clock, chronograph minutes counter at 3 o’clock, central chronograph seconds hand, tachymeter scale on the flange

Alligator leather, black with tone-on-tone stitching, with trapezoidal pin buckle in brushed steel
Additional rubber strap, black

Reference PAM01218

Panerai Luminor Chrono PAM01218

White with matte finish, sandwich structure, with Arabic numerals and indexes in anthracite with green luminescence
Seconds at 9 o’clock, chronograph minutes counter at 3 o’clock, central chronograph seconds hand, tachymeter scale on the flange

Alligator leather, black with tone-on-tone stitching, with trapezoidal pin buckle in brushed steel
Additional rubber strap, Blu Profondo

Reference PAM01110

Panerai Luminor Chrono PAM01110

Blue with satiné soleil finishing, sandwich structure, with Arabic numerals and indexes in white Super-LumiNovaTM with green luminescence
Seconds at 9 o’clock, chronograph minutes counter at 3 o’clock, central chronograph seconds hand, tachymeter scale on the flange

Brushed and polished AISI 316L steel, with deployant clasp customized with engraved “OP” logo.

Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 18 (with 18 K Lime Gold case)

The new Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 18 is crafted out of an exclusive and innovative 18 K gold alloy called Lime Gold, a true watch for connoisseurs who likes distinctive vintage timepieces.

Reinterpreting a 46 mm Minerva historical military chronograph from the 1930s equipped with the original calibre 19-09CH, the Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 18 features a case made of an innovative 18K gold alloy called Lime Gold, a distinctive gold-coloured dial with contrasting green elements and a matching vintage green nubuck calf strap – an harmony of colour making this timepiece unique.

Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 18 (with 18 K Lime Gold case)

It is the first time that a watch Maison unveils a model with this colour of gold fondly named Lime Gold thanks to its deep golden colour that veers towards a pale yellowy green. The Lime Gold colour is made of a special alloy composed of 18 K Gold (Au 750‰), Silver (Ag 238‰) and Iron (Fe 12‰) that provides the distinctive colour giving a true vintage aesthetics.

To match the colour of the new 44 mm 18 K Lime Gold case, the Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 18 features a distinctive gold-coloured dial with sunray finishes. Providing great readability and vintage style, the monochrome aesthetic is combined with contrasting green-coloured elements of different tones such as the luminescent cathedral-shaped hour- and minute-hands, the minuterie, the central split-second hand, the tachymeter and telemeter scales, as well as the historical Montblanc emblem at 12 o’clock.

Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 18 (with 18 K Lime Gold case)

In order to give a three-dimensional look both at day/night, the Arabic numerals are fully made of Super-LumiNova® with a special patented process that encapsulates the luminescent material and create a ‘monobloc’ shape without any outlines. Gold-coloured has been chosen for the central chronograph second hand as well as for the chronograph 30-minute- and small second-counters.

The glass above the dial has an anti-magnetized treatment on the inside top sapphire crystal to enable greater precision of the chronograph’s two second hands.

Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 18 (with 18 K Lime Gold case)

Like on the original timepiece, the Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 18 has a telemeter scale that runs around the dial. The telemeter was a common feature on the legendary Minerva chronographs and adds both function and a vintage touch to this new watch. A telemeter makes it possible to measure the distance of a phenomenon which is both visible and audible, like the lightning and thunder in a storm.

The watch also has a tachymeter (base 1000) at the centre of the dial in a colimaçon (snail shape) which lets the user measure a length of time of up to three minutes instead of one minute as it is the case in traditional chronographs. The tachymeter indicates the speed of a moving object, such as a car, over a known distance.

Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 18 (with 18 K Lime Gold case)

The case back reveals the Manufacture monopusher chronograph calibre MB M16.31 taking its inspiration from the original Minerva calibres 19-09CH from 1909 and the evolution, the 17-29, developed in the 1930s, that were used for both pocket watches and wristwatches.

The calibre MB M16.31 is particularly beautiful thanks to its handcrafted traditional finishings such as Côtes de Genève, inner angles, circular graining and bevelling – all performed at the Montblanc Manufacture in Villeret. The Split Second mechanism in the centre brings even more light to the entire movement.

Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 18 (with 18 K Lime Gold case)

For this limited edition, the plates and bridges are made in Maillechort (German-silver) plated in 18 K gold harmoniously matching the 18 K Lime Gold case and the dial. The calibre has two column wheels for the chronograph and the split complication, horizontal coupling and a power reserve of 50 hours.

Like its predecessor, it is composed of the same V-shape bridge (whose design was protected in 1912) and a large balance wheel with 18 screws beating at the traditional frequency of 2.5 Hz / 18,000 A/H.

The Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 18 is completed with a new vintage green nubuck alligator leather strap that has been finished with beige stitching to reinforce the vintage look. The strap is also fitted with a matching 18 K Lime Gold buckle for the perfect finishing touch.

Technical details

Model: Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 18 (with 18 K Lime Gold case), Reference: 128085

Montblanc Manufacture Calibre MB M16.31
Manually Wound Monopusher Chronograph with Split Second, Tachymeter & Telemeter
Chronograph: Monopusher with Two Column-Wheels (One for the Chronograph and One for the Split Second) and Horizontal Coupling
Diameter = 38.40 mm; Height = 8.13 mm
Number of components: 287
Number of rubies: 25
Power reserve: Approx. 50 hours
Balance: Screw Balance, Diameter = 14.5 mm
Moment of inertia = 59 MGCM²
Frequency: 18,000 A/H (2.5 HZ)
Hairspring: with Phillips Terminal Curve
Plate: 18K Gold-Plated Maillechort (German-Silver) with circular graining on both sides
Bridges: 18K Gold-Plated Maillechort (German-Silver) with “Côtes De Genève”
Going-Train: Gold-Plated, Faceted Arms, Diamond Polished Surfaces

Hours and minutes from the centre
Small seconds at “9 o’clock”
Chronograph’s elapsed-second and
Split-second hands from the dial’s centre
Counter for 30 elapsed-minutes at “3 o’clock” tachymeter and telemeter scales

18K Lime Gold Featuring Polished And Satin-Finishing
Crystal: Scratch-Resistant, Domed Box-Shaped Sapphire Crystal with Antireflective Coating
Back: Screwed 18 K Lime Gold & Inset Pane of Sapphire Crystal
Diameter = 44 MM; Height = 14.20 MM
Watertightness: 3 BAR
Crown: Fluted 18 K Lime Gold with Montblanc Emblem in Relief
Pushers: Monopusher Chronograph Integrated Into the Crown and One Pusher at 2 O’clock For the Split-Second

Gold-Coloured Dial with Green-Coloured Luminescent Arabic Numerals
Green- And White-Coloured Luminescent Cathedral-Shaped Hour- And Minute-Hands
Gold-Coloured Small Second- And Chronograph Second-Hands
Green-Coloured Split-Second Hand
Gold-Coloured Chronograph Minute Hand with a Green-Coloured Arrow
Historical Montblanc Emblem at 12 O’clock
Tachymeter Scale on the Central Part of the Dial and Telemeter on the Exterior of the Dial

Green Nubuck Alligator Leather Strap with Beige Stitching and 18 K Lime Gold Pin Buckle

Limited edition of 18 pieces

Certified by the Montblanc Laboratory Test 500

MAURON MUSY ARMURE MU3-108 Quadrifoglio Limited Edition

This limited edition timepiece was introduced in 2020 in partnership with the Garage du Littoral, the luxury car dealer based in Vevey, Switzerland.

MAURON MUSY ARMURE MU3-108 Quadrifoglio Limited Edition

Quadrifoglio is a high-performance sports car from Italian supercar manufacturer Alfa Romeo. The Garage du Littoral has been an exclusive Alfa Romeo dealer since 1981. Limited to 16 pieces, this special edition MAURON MUSY ARMURE watch blends the same characteristics as the QUADRIFOGLIO: technology, innovation and sportiness.

MAURON MUSY ARMURE MU3-108 Quadrifoglio Limited Edition

Just like all MAURON MUSY ARMURE watches, it incorporates the independent Swiss brand’s proprietary nO-ring technology, which allows impressive water resistance for wristwatches without using gaskets and thus reduces maintenance constraints.

MAURON MUSY ARMURE MU3-108 Quadrifoglio Limited Edition

Equipped with the patented direct mechanical sealing technology, the ARMURE MU3-108 Quadrifoglio watch has a water resistance of up to 300 meters.

MAURON MUSY ARMURE MU3-108 Quadrifoglio Limited Edition

This timepiece features a 44mm diameter case made of grade 5 titanium, with glare-proofed sapphire crystals fitted on the front and rear side. The exclusive Calibre MM01 automatic movement provides this watch a power reserve of 55 hours. Finished in matte-black shade, the dial features braided carbon texture and azurage pattern.

MAURON MUSY ARMURE MU3-108 Quadrifoglio Limited Edition

Each watch comes with a rubber strap and a leather strap. The suggested retail price of the MAURON MUSY ARMURE MU3-108 Quadrifoglio watch is CHF 12,700.

MAURON MUSY ARMURE MU3-108 Quadrifoglio Limited Edition

Technical details

Model: Quadrifoglio MU 03-108, Limited edition of 16 pieces

Grade 5 Titanium
Diameter: 44 mm
Components: 36
Crystal: Sapphire, glare-proofed
Caseback: Transparent, in glare-proofed sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30 ATM (300 metres)

Calibre MM01
Mechanical automatic movement
Swiss lever escapement
Bidirectional automatic winding
Power reserve: 55 hours
Frequency: 28’800 vph (4 Hz)
Diameter: 33 mm

Hour, minute, seconds and date

Matt black dial with braided carbon texture and central azurage
Hour-markers: Polished champlevé hour-markers and cartouches, hollowed by laser engraving
Swiss Crafted label
Engraved and hand-painted “Quadrifoglio Verde” logo
Diamond-polished hands

Rubber: FKM
Leather: Rawhide Timberland calfskin and smooth calfskin
Case fastening: Hand exchangeable lug bar
Buckle: 20 mm grade 5 titanium folding clasp

Specific features
Swiss Crafted
nO-Ring® technology by MAURON MUSY
Engraved serial number

Swiss retail price
CHF 12,700 (VAT included)

SINN 104 St Sa I MG

Designed in true, traditional SINN style, this pilot watch has a polished stainless-steel case and a shimmering metallic-green dial.

SINN 104 St Sa I MG

The watch houses a Swiss made SW 220-1 self-winding movement inside its 41mm diameter case. The crystal and transparent back made of sapphire crystal allows the accuracy of the mechanical movement to be admired.

SINN 104 St Sa I MG

The pilot’s bezel with minute ratcheting can be rotated on both sides and is securely attached to the case. Its key mark is a luminous triangle.

SINN 104 St Sa I MG

The watch displays the day and the date at 3 o’clock. The 104 St Sa I MG model is resistant to low pressure, waterproof and can withstand pressures of up to 20 bar.

SINN 104 St Sa I MG

Technical details

• SW 220-1
• Self-winding mechanism
• 26 bearing jewels
• 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour
• Seconds stop function
• Anti-magnetic as per DIN 8309

• Case made of stainless steel, polished
• Sapphire crystal glass in front, anti-reflective on both sides
• Transparent case back made of sapphire crystal glass, anti-reflective on the interior
• Case back screw-fastened
• Crown screwable
• Meet the technical requirements for waterproofness, as set out in standard DIN 8310
• Waterproof and pressure-resistant to 20 bar
• Low pressure resistant

• Hours, minutes, seconds
• Date display
• Day of the week display
• Pilot’s bezel with minute ratcheting and luminous key mark

SINN Technologies
• Captive bezel

Dimensions and Weight
• Case diameter: 41 mm
• Band lug width: 20 mm
• Case thickness: 11.9 mm
• Weight without strap: 73 gramme

Dial and Hands
• Shimmering metallic-green dial
• Indices coated with luminescent colour
• Hour, minute and second hand coated with luminescent colour

• 2 years

echo/neutra Cortina 1956 Collection

From 26 January to 5 February 1956 in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, took place the VII Olympic Winter Games which were the first Olympic event to be organized in Italy.

echo/neutra Cortina 1956 3 Hands

The Cortina watch collection from echo/neutra celebrates the Winter Olympic Games held in Cortina d’Ampezzo in 1956. The collection offers two models: Cortina 1956 3 Hands and Cortina 1956 Chronograph.

echo/neutra Cortina 1956 3 Hands

The Cortina 1956 3 Hands is a vintage-style timepiece inspired by the 50’s sport watches: the contrast between the matte and the polished faces of the case, the ceramic fixed bezel and the Old Radium lume on the dial and the hands are some of the aspects that define the unique design of the watch.

Cortina 1956 3 Hands

Equipped with Swiss Made STP 1-11 movement, this timepiece is available in Black, Blue and Khaki dial versions.

Limited to 100 pieces, the Cortina 1956 Chronograph is powered by the Swiss Sellita SW510M BH b movement. This model is available in 2 color variants (Black and White “Panda” style).

echo/neutra Cortina 1956 Chronograph

Made of 316L Stainless Steel, the Cortina 1956 timepieces are built and assembled with the best materials and techniques in Switzerland.

echo/neutra Cortina 1956 Chronograph

Technical details

Model: echo/neutra Cortina 1956 3 Hands

316L brushed stainless steel
Width 40mm
Height 11,9mm
Lug width 20mm
Lug-2-lug 46mm
10 bar water resistance
Screw-down brushed steel crown
Box shaped K1 Mineral glass or Sapphire both with double AR coating

Swiss Made STP 1-11
44 hours power reserve
28’800 vibrations per hour
26 jewels
Nivaflex NM barrel spring
Incabloc shock absorber

Model: echo/neutra Cortina 1956 Chronograph

316L Stainless steel
Width 40mm
Height 14,1mm
Lug width 20mm
Lug-2-lug 46mm
10 bar (100m) Water resistance
Box shaped K1 Mineral glass or Sapphire with double AR coating

Sellita SW510M BH b
58 hours, fully wound
28’800 vibrations per hour
17 jewels
Elaboré grade

Marco Lang Zweigesicht

Marco Lang, the master watchmaker based in Dresden, Germany presents Zweigesicht, a new watch collection launched under his eponymous luxury watch brand.

Marco Lang Zweigesicht

Marco Lang was the co-founder of Lang & Heyne watch manufacture. In 2001, in partnership with Mirko Heyne, he founded Lang & Heyne. In 2002, Heyne left the company and in 2013, Lang sold the majority of his shares to an investor. In 2019, Lang left Lang & Heyne and in 2020 he founded a new watch atelier in Dresden. Zweigesicht is the debut watch from Atelier Marco Lang.

Marco Lang Zweigesicht

Zweigesicht is a dual face watch. One side features a silver-plated dial with three centre hands (hour, minute and seconds) and Roman numeral hour markers. On the other side, it displays an eye-catching skeleton dial that allows the view of finely decorated movement.

Marco Lang Zweigesicht

Limited to 18 pieces, the Zweigesicht watch is available in three case variations: stainless steel, 18 ct rose gold and platinum. Measuring 40mm diameter, the specially constructed watch case maintains a slender profile despite the large 34mm movement beating inside. While wearing, the owner can chose any of the two dials by simply changing the strap attachment.

Marco Lang Zweigesicht

For this timepiece, Marco-Lang created a special movement, which stands out with flying bridges made of hardened steel. The free four legged balance with gold excenters is inspired by the shape of a Gothic church window. The two series-connected barrels ensure an impressive power reserve of approximately 70 hours.

Marco Lang Zweigesicht

On the first dial, three centre hands display the time. This white silver-plated dial features a Guilloche middle part with “Clous de Paris” decoration.

Marco Lang Zweigesicht

The second additional hand mechanism of the movement drives the hours and minutes on a skeletonized, translucent “grand feu” enameled dial. The first dial features pencil hands in blued steel or rose gold where as the second dial features cathedral hands in blued steel.

Marco Lang Zweigesicht

Technical details

Stainless steel / 18 ct rose gold / platinum
Diameter: 40mm, height 9.5mm (include glass bulge 12.5 mm)
Anti-reflective Sapphire crystal on both front sides
Water resistance 5 bar


Dial I
White silver-plated, three-part dial with finest Roman numerals and applied golden 5-minute appliqués
Guilloche middle part “Clous de Paris”
Pencil hands in blued steel or rose gold

Dial II
White-fired skeletonized dial in solid silver, covered with blue, translucent enamel “grand feu”
Cathedral hands in blued steel

Caliber ml-01
Size: Ø 34mm
Height: 4.4 mm (without dials)
Frequency: 3 Hertz (21.600 osz./ hour)
Power reserve: 70 hours
Jewels: 27 rubies, 1 diamond
Balance/escapement: Free four-leg balance with eccenter regulation, blued Breguet hairspring; Lever escapement (20.5) with one-armed balance lever

Face1: hours, minutes and central seconds
Face2: hours, minutes

Alligator leather strap, this is covered on the inside with shark leather to increase water resistance
Pin buckle (folding clasp on request)

BOLDR Odyssey Freediver

Singapore-based BOLDR Supply Company presents Odyssey Freediver, the latest addition to its Odyssey Family. While previous Odyssey models are renowned for their robustness and chunky fit, the Odyssey Freediver sports a sleeker design with a comfortable 40mm fit for average-to-smaller sized wrists.

BOLDR Odyssey Freediver

The unidirectional bezel of this stainless steel diving watch is made from high quality ceramic. The Freediver is also the first BOLDR timepiece to possess a full 316L metal bracelet with a quick release spring bars, along with a refined case detailed with a polished strip to accentuate its angular lugs.

BOLDR Odyssey Freediver automatic watch

As with most of their creations, The Odyssey Freediver was built with the help of fan feedback from previous Odysseys, a hallmark of the brand’s creative process. The slim 40mm case fits a wider range of wrists and is rated for 300m water resistance. Each stylish dial design is crafted to be highly legible underwater with clearly marked indexes and luminescent hands, shielded by a flat sapphire crystal lens.

BOLDR Odyssey Freediver watch with meteorite dial

The case is solid 316L stainless steel complete with a screw-down crown to prevent any water from seeping in. The watch is powered by a Miyota 9015 automatic movement. The custom caseback depicts a Kraken, the mythical sea monster in Scandinavian folklore.

BOLDR Odyssey Freediver

The Odyssey Freediver watch is available in five dial versions: three with textured dials and two with meteorite dials. Each version is limited to 300 pieces. The meteorite dial versions features dial made of fragments of the 4 billion year old Muonionalusta Meteorite, which was discovered North of the Arctic Circle.

BOLDR Odyssey Freediver

Technical details

Model: Odyssey Freediver

Miyota 9015 Automatic
Frequency: 28800 bph
42 hours power reserve
Made in Japan

316L stainless steel
Diameter: 40mm
Lug size: 20mm
Thickness: 14mm
Lug to lug: 48mm
Crown: Crown with custom embossed BOLDR logo
Sapphire crystal with AR-coating
120-click unidirectional ceramic bezel with Swiss Superluminova
Single-piece screw down caseback with embossed artwork
Water resistance: 300 meters

Ombre texture or Meteorite dial and custom matt hands with Swiss Superluminova

Dial Versions
Freediver 202: Green Texture dial, fumed ~ gradient
Freediver 545: White Texture dial with BGW9 Blue lume
Freediver 288: with Burgundy Texture dial, fumed ~ gradient
Freediver Meteo 635: with Blue Meteorite dial
Freediver Meteo 113: with Black Meteorite dial

316L stainless steel quick release bracelet

Each dial version is limited to 300 pieces

Retail price
For textured dial versions: $649 each
For meteorite dial versions: $799 each

Gerald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport

Unveiled at the Geneva Watch Days 2020, the Gérald Genta Arena Bi-Retrograde Sport by Bvlgari pays homage to Gérald Genta, a man who is regarded by many as the most notable watch designer of the 20th century. Housed in the famous chunky, round Arena case – truly representative of Gérald Genta revolutionary spirit – the timepiece features a smooth, wide, curved bezel in brushed titanium.

Gerald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport

The 2020 edition enriches and pursues a long story. The last episode took place in 2019 with the release of the 50th Anniversary model, with an Arena bi-retro watch featuring a platinum bezel and case, blue dial and blue strap. Based on an iconic 1969 design, it bears a reimagined Gérald Genta logo, and is conceived of as a tribute to the brilliance of the man and the significance of his brand to the success of Bvlgari’s watchmaking. This introduction marked the return of Gérald Genta.

Gerald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport

This new Gérald Genta Arena timepiece features jumping hours which are displayed through a window at 12 o’clock, while the minutes are tracked on an arc spanning the top half of the black anthracite dial, across which the minute hand travels and snaps back to zero every 60 minutes. The date is set in a smaller arc at 6 o’clock.

Gerald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport

Powered by the BVL 300 caliber with a bidirectional self-winding movement boasting a 42-hour power reserve, the complex mechanism is visible through the scratch resistant sapphire case back.

The Gerald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport watch comes on a matte black alligator strap with a titanium ardillon buckle.

Gerald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport

Technical details

Model: Gerald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport
Reference 103448

Manufacture mechanical movement bi-retro BVL 300 caliber with automatic winding (bidirectional)
Jumping hours, retrograde minutes (210°) and date (180°)
42 hours power reserve, 28’800 VpH (4Hz)
Diameter: 26.20 mm, thickness: 6.10 mm.

Case and dial
43mm brushed titanium case (12 mm thick) and crown
Water-resistant up to 100m
Black and anthracite dial with yellow indexes and hands

Matte black alligator strap with titanium ardillon buckle

Unimatic Modello Quattro U4-A

Italian watch brand Unimatic has expanded its renowned watch family by introducing a new Modello Quattro U4. Inspired and build for the military, it seamlessly blends the iconic Modello Uno case into a bolder, tougher aesthetic thanks to the Unimatic fixed bezel.

Unimatic Modello Quattro U4-A

The new sleek 40mm case with its drilled lugs allows for faster strap change, contributing to the resilient feel of the watch, reminiscent of the military heritage with its 8mm diameter oversized crown. By combining the simplicity of the forms with the top level functionality, this timepiece is visually appealing as well as comfortable on the wrist. The Modello Quattro U4 is the most resistant reference from all its predecessors, able to handle anything thrown its way.

Unimatic Modello Quattro U4-A

With its 300m diving grade water resistance U4-A is inherently superior, making it ready for whatever type of military or civilian manoeuvres you want to put it through. The first of its kind, Modello Quattro U4-A features a high legibility dial with enhanced contrast vintage black, off-white open second rail and trims, and Super-LumiNova® C3 pale green for better performance in any possible conditions.

Unimatic Modello Quattro U4-A

The dial hosts two matching phantom ladder hands (for hours and minutes) and the vintage black reverse lollipop second hand with off-white tip. The flat sapphire crystal, enhanced with 7 layers of antireflection coating, provides best readability in every light condition.

Unimatic Modello Quattro U4-A

Housed inside the 40mm solid 316 brushed stainless steel case of the U4-A is the automatic caliber Seiko NH35A 21600bph, with a power reserve of 41 hours. It comes on an olive drab heavy-duty Unimatic nylon nato strap with stainless steel brushed hardware signed Unimatic.

Unimatic Modello Quattro U4-A

The screwed-in 2.2mm caseback features the Unimatic “Ground-to-Air Signals” engraving and the individual number. The watch is covered by a 24 months worldwide warranty.

Unimatic Modello Quattro U4-A

The case of the new Modello Quattro is perfectly compatible with the Unimatic stainless steel bracelet.

The Unimatic Modello Quattro U4-A is available from 15 Dec 2020 with a retail price of 425 EUR excl.vat.

Unimatic Modello Quattro U4-A

Technical details

Unimatic Modello Quattro U4-A
Reference U4-A

Made in Italy

Material: 316L stainless steel
Diameter: 40mm
Thickness: 13.8mm
Lug to lug: 49mm
Case Finishing: Brushed finish
Drilled lugs, 22mm lug width
Fixed monoblock bezel
Unimatic “Ground-to-Air Signals” screw-down caseback
Alchemical Sun ☉ 8mm screw-down
2.8mm thick flat sapphire with inner side anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 300m = 1000ft = 30atm

Vintage black dial
Super-LumiNova® C3 pale green

Off-white open second rail and dial trims
Vintage black ladder phantom H+M, reverse lollipop S, off-white tip

Automatic caliber Seiko NH35A
Hacking seconds hand bi-directional automatic + hand-winding
Frequency: 21600 bph
Jewels: 24
Accuracy: -20/+40 s/day
Power reserve: 41h
Antimagnetic: 4800 A/m

Olive drab heavy-duty Unimatic nylon nato strap
Stainless steel brushed hardware signed UNIMATIC

Product kit
Unimatic tough case, warranty card with unique ID seal

2 Years warranty


The WRAITH DRIVE CHRONOGRAPH F1H20 celebrates REBELLION Timepieces’ role as the official timekeeper of the Formula 1 F1H2O world championship.


Highly competitive, intensely challenging, risky and entertaining, inshore circuit powerboat racing is one of the most spectacular and exciting sports in the world. The Wraith Drive chronograph F1H2O is tailored to withstand the pressure of the most challenging races as the F1H2O world’s foremost international series of single-seater inshore circuit powerboat racing.


Embodied with the brand’s DNA in every detail, this massive timepiece comes with a 47mm diameter case of made of Grade 5 titanium. It houses the tried and tested ETA 7750 automatic chronograph movement, which provides a power reserve of 48 hours.


Water resistant to 100 meters, the Wraith Drive chronograph F1H2O features a black dial with radial and straight line graining. The watch comes with a red top stitched white calf leather strap, secured with a triple safety folding clasp.

The retail price of the Wraith Drive chronograph F1H2O is 8,700.00 CHF (without taxes).

Technical details

Model: Wraith Drive chronograph F1H2O

Material: Grade 5 titanium
Glass: Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Case dimensions: 47mm, Height: 17.20mm

Black dial
Finishing: Radial graining, straight line graining
Water resistance: 100m / 10 ATM

ETA 7750 self-winding automatic chronograph movement
Jewels: 25
Balance frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vph)
Power reserve: 48 hours

Central hours and minutes, small seconds at 9 o’clock, central elapsed chronograph seconds, chronograph minute counter at 12 o’clock, chronograph hour counter at 6 o’clock and date at 3 o’clock

Strap and buckle
White calf leather with red top stitching; triple safety folding clasp with two opening pushers

Roger Dubuis – Excalibur Feng and Excalibur Long

To celebrate the new Chinese year, Roger Dubuis has created two special editions of its Excalibur Double Flying Tourbillon watch. These two exciting new timepieces reinterpret powerful symbols through unmatched craftsmanship: Excalibur Long, representing the majestic Dragon and Excalibur Feng, embodying the gracious Phoenix.

Roger Dubuis - Excalibur Feng and Excalibur Long

First in the world to introduce a double flying tourbillon, this contemporary architectural caliber is the extreme expression of the brand’s passion for recreating the codes of hyper horology.  Above and beyond its hypnotic aesthetic appeal, this calibre ensures an enhanced precision thanks to its differential system serving to average out the rate of the two tourbillons.

Roger Dubuis - Excalibur Feng and Excalibur Long

Brought to life in a 45mm masterpiece, the iconic Excalibur Double Flying Tourbillon is this time interpreted with an unbridled artistic creativity where 18K rose gold reigns supreme. With its head placed at 12 o’clock and its body and limbs intertwining with mechanical parts of the dial, the majestic dragon seems to be playing with this grand complication in a very daring way.

Roger Dubuis - Excalibur Feng and Excalibur LongThe Yin counterpart of the Dragon is here represented by the wise soul of the graceful phoenix, embracing the caliber with its wings and tail. Rarity and wisdom the Excalibur Feng is simply singular. Featuring one of the most complex of all Haute Horlogerie complications, the Excalibur Feng single flying tourbillon, with its plates and bridges pared down to extremes to only leave the essential, is a spectacular demonstration of radical watchmaking expertise.

As a flamboyant stage-setting to the highly technical nature of this tourbillon caliber, a 36mm case is here engraved with 18K rose gold. The already extraordinary allure of the Exclabur Feng is then completed with a bezel set with 48 brilliant-cut white diamonds.

Roger Dubuis - Excalibur Feng and Excalibur Long

Every part of the Feng, from the feathers to its body movement, has been fastidiously refined. Only by striking an obsessively balance in proportion and layout can the fascinating, vivid image of the Feng be brought to life, allowing it to spread its wings, with its plumage swirling around the tourbillon placed at the 7 o’clock mark.

Roger Dubuis - Excalibur Feng and Excalibur Long

These contemporary sculpted masterpieces feature a microscopic gold engraving technique – a delicate yet highly demanding craftsmanship skill highlighting their every detail: hairs, feathers, scales, and eyelids – giving life to this duo of sacred symbols in a deliberate way. A display of unparalleled expertise and craftsmanship, the Excalibur Long and Excalibur Feng are limited to eight pieces worldwide.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Huracán STO Limited Edition

The 88-piece limited edition Excalibur Huracán STO watch by Roger Dubuis takes its design cues from the livery of the power-packed supercar Lamborghini Huracán STO.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Huracán STO Limited Edition

The road-homologated super sports Huracán STO is itself inspired by the racing heritage of Lamborghini Squadra Corse’s one-make Huracán Super Trofeo EVO race series. It notably features rear-wheel drive and a V10 naturally-aspirated 640 hp engine, with the resulting acceleration and 310 km/h top speed ensuring an emotion-charged track experience on every outing.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Huracán STO Limited Edition watch caseback

The 45 mm Excalibur Huracán STO watch is powered by an automatic RD630 calibre with a honeycomb motif. This extraordinary self-winding movement is fitted with a 12° angled balance wheel combined with a 360° oscillating weight. The latter reproduces the same kind of speed effect as a Huracán wheel and is a brilliant representation of the movement signature associated with Lamborghini Squadra Corse.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Huracán STO Limited Edition watch

Topped with an upper calibre with a strut-bar design bridge reminiscent of those found on the V10 engine of the Lamborghini Huracán supercar itself, the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Huracán STO is housed in a sleek carbon case with a black DLC titanium bezel. Setting a vibrant finishing touch is an original strap on which perforated blue calfskin leather allows a sizzling view of orange fabric overlaying a comfortable rubber inner.