Ludovic Ballouard Half Time “Vinyl 33 Tours” Unique Piece for Only Watch 2021

Ludovic Ballouard has created a special edition wristwatch to support the Only Watch 2021 charity event.

The Half Time “Vinyl 33 Tours” has a platinum case with a hand-wound mechanical movement beating inside. Inspired by the music’s healing properties, this one-of-a-kind timepiece features a vinyl record jumping hour dial and stylus-themed retrograde minutes.

Ludovic Ballouard Half Time “Vinyl 33 Tours" Unique Piece for Only Watch 2021

Ludovic Ballouard’s philosophy is to live for the present and his watches reflect this by only displaying the present hour. On his patented jumping hour Half Time, the hour numerals are cut by two counter-rotating disks that only align correctly at 12 o’clock to display the current hour. Retrograde minutes in the bottom half of the dial complete the displays.

Ludovic Ballouard Half Time “Vinyl 33 Tours" Unique Piece for Only Watch 2021

For Only Watch 2021 Ballouard’s unique piece “Vinyl 33 Tours” has transformed the dial into a vinyl record on a turntable: the counter-rotating disks displaying hours become a record while a stylus moves across the record while displaying retrograde minutes.

Technical details

Model name: Half Time “Vinyl 33 Tours” Only Watch

Platinum case
Diameter: 41 mm / Thickness: 11 mm
Water resistance 30 meters
Display case back

Vinyl record themed dial with stylus arm retrograde minutes

Hand-wound manufacture caliber B02

Patented jumping hours with only current hour displayed in form of vinyl record, titanium tone arm retrograde minutes

Hand-stitched alligator strap

Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down Art Deco Watch in Platinum

Master watchmaker Ludovic Ballouard presents an elegant ladies’ version of his iconic Upside Down Complication watch introduced in 2009.

Crafted in platinum in a limited edition of 3 pieces and equipped with the unique jumping hour mechanism, the Upside Down Art Deco watch highlights its feminine characteristics on its beautiful dial that features an inner gold dial set with feathers and diamonds along with the mother of pearl outer dial which houses jumping hours.

Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down Art Deco Watch in Platinum

As the name suggests, the Arabic numerals representing the jumping hours are upside down, except one: the number indicating the current hour. As soon as the hour changes, the next hour figure turns the right way up, as its predecessor turns upside down. This means that there are always 11 upside down numbers and one – the current hour – the right way up.

The right-way-up number is made even easier to spot by a black dot (or index) that appears in front of it. The numbers flip instantly at the end of the 59th minute of each hour. Art Deco Upside Down watch has just one hand, indicating the minutes. The seconds are shown on a rotating disc, which is fully set into the dial at the number 6 position.

Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down Art Deco Watch in Platinum

The dial itself comprises a gold base set with feathers, mother of pearl and diamonds. The complex, mechanical hand wound movement powering this unique complication watch is fully assembled at Ludovic Ballouard’s horology workshop in Geneva. Through the transparent caseback, this movement can be admired.

Technical details

Case: Platinum
Strap: Leather
Buckle: Pin buckle
Setting: dial
Water proofness: 30 m
Diameter of the case: ø 41 mm
Thickness:11 mm
Movement: Manual-winding mechanical
Power reserve: 40 h, 21600 variations / hours
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Jumping hours
Price: 85’000 CHF
Limited edition of 3 pieces


Introduced in 2012 by the independent watchmaker Ludovic Ballouard, HALF TIME is an unusual haute-horlogerie timepiece with a unique, intricate, patented complication; it carries the same philosophy as the UPSIDE DOWN, the award winning timepiece created by the watchmaker himself.

The HALF TIME has a most unusual way of reading the time. Ludovic Ballouard has endowed his new creation with a patented mechanism of rotating disks which move on the same plane as the dial.


All the hour indexes are divided in two; therefore unreadable… all except the one showing the current hour. The rotation of two disks « reconstitutes » each index, allowing time to be read. The watch therefore carries no hour hands. A retrograde hand, set on a half-circle at 6 o’clock indicates the minutes in a classical manner.

The disks, placed on the same plane as the dial, cannot be distinguished by the naked eye, thus giving the illusion of a unique, plane, unmoving surface… although it is really in perpetual movement.


As with the UPSIDE DOWN, the rotation of these disks is instantaneous, rendering the magical moment when the movement reconstitutes each mysterious cipher into a most readable Roman figure quite stunning.

Technical details


Calibre B02: Patented “Half Time” complication developed by Ludovic Ballouard. Manual winding.
Power reserve: Approximately 30 hours.
Balance frequency: 21,600 bph/3hz.
Number of jewels: 53.
Number of components: >300 (movement only).
Diameter: 35mm/15.5 lignes.

Case, dial & strap
Case and hand-engraved crown in 950 platinum
Dimensions: 41mm x 11mm.
Lugs: Milled from solid platinum case.
Water resistance: 30 metres/ 3ATM.
Dial & Hands: Titanium dial & polished steel hands.
Strap & Buckle: Black hand-stitched alligator with patented hand engraved 950 platinum buck

Ludovic Ballouard “Upside Down” Complication Watch in Platinum

After many years working with some of the world’s greatest watchmakers – most recently with François-Paul Journe on his magnum opus Grande Sonnerie – in 2009 Ludovic Ballouard decided to become independent to develop his own horological creations. His innovative “Upside Down” heralds a completely new way to indicate the time by astonishingly rotating individual hour numbers on cue.

Ludovic Ballouard “Upside Down” Complication

While the idea of indicating the time by having the correct hour right side up, while the other 11 displayed numbers are upside down looks relatively simple, the fact that it had never been done before is a testimony to the technical difficulty of realising the complication.

When the minute hand precisely reaches the 12 o’clock position, the past hour number instantaneously turns 180 degrees upside down. Simultaneously the new hour turns right side up. The rotation of these two tiny hour disks is faster than the eye can follow, and by using Maltese crosses to control the rotation mechanisms, time-keeping precision is not affected.

Ludovic Ballouard "Upside Down" Complication WatchTechnically, the easier route would have been to place the “Upside Down” mechanism underneath the dial; however, Ludovic Ballouard believes that the owner would appreciate seeing the complexity of the complication and watching the discs rotate, so he placed the mechanism on the back. No easy task as it necessitated drilling 12 minute holes through the movement plate for the 12 tiny pinions that control the hour discs.

The platinum case is a meticulously thought-out work of art in itself. Rather than the straightforward vertical sides or slightly outward curves commonly found in timepieces, the case sides of the “Upside Down” curve slightly inwards. This design not only protects against scratches, but also offers a tactile pleasure when running a finger lightly over the unexpected line.

Ludovic Ballouard "Upside Down" Complication Watch

The platinum crown – another unusual feature of the “Upside Down” as the majority of platinum watches have white gold crowns for ease of manufacture – is protected by sleek buttresses on either side.

Technical details

Model: Ludovic Ballouard “Upside Down” Complication Watch in Platinum

Manual winding mechanical movement with unique (patented)
“Upside Down” time indication and small second at 6 o’clock.

Calibre B01 / Patented “Upside Down” complication developed by Ludovic Ballouard
Manual winding
Power reserve : Approximately 40 hours
Balance frequency : 21,600 bph/3hz.
Number of jewels : 51
Number of components : 228 (movement only)
Diameter : 35mm/15.5 lignes

Hours indicated by the correct hour being right-side up, whereas all other numbers are upside down.
Minutes indicated by central blued steel hand.
Small seconds at 6 o’clock.

Case and hand engraved crown in 950 platinum
Dimensions: 41mm x 11mm
Lugs: milled from solid platinum with case
Water resistance: 30 metres/3ATM

Dial & Hands
Titanium Dial & blued steel hands

Strap & Buckle
Black hand-stitched alligator with patented hand engraved 950 platinum buckle.
Travel pouch hand stitched from the same leather as the strap.