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Industrial North Design Watches – Models with Technical Specifications, Price, Brand Details, History, News and Archives

Industrial North Design Watches

Industrial North Design is a young British studio which is specialised in the manufacturing of limited edition timepieces. Their luxury timepieces collection is influenced by elegant natural structures contrasted with the heritage of northern England, home of the industrial revolution.

The brand uses precision industrial manufacturing processes, artisan engineers and cutting edge technologies. This working industrial design studio undertakes bespoke projects as well as adding new interesting designs.

Current watch collection includes two limited edition models – the Britannic & the Vanguard.

The Britannic
The striking Fibonacci spiral is etched into the face of this limited edition automatic timepiece. The design has a striking bold look designed around modern precision engineering processes.

The 316L stainless steel body is constructed using 10BA thread screws, a gentle acknowledgement of the obsolete ‘British association’ imperial engineering threads. Limited edition of 15 pieces. Price £2,600.00

The Vanguard
This automatic timepiece bears the inscription ‘COME INTO THE FACTORIES’, a British ministry of information slogan from the 1940’s.

Bold industrial influences taken from Britain’s great engineering heritage and achieved through CNC wire erosion and Photochemical etching. These painstaking manufacturing methods allow a dimensional accuracy of 0.002mm. Limited edition of 15 pieces. Price £2,600.00

All Industrial North Design watches are manufactured on demand, commissioned and hand-crafted for each individual client.

Contact details
Industrial North Design
Hollings House
216 Leeds Road
LS25 7EH