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HYGGE Watches – Models with Technical Specifications, Price, Brand Details, History, News and Archives

HYGGE Watches

HYGGE Watches are inspired from minimalistic Scandinavian designs and assembled using state of the art Japanese Technology. This watch brand was formed from the collaboration between the company P.O.S. and talented designers from around the world. In the Danish culture, Hygge is a fundamental aspect expressing a lifestyle where cozy, warm and friendly feelings are cherished.

Hygge watch brand’s catchphrase, “Designer’s and More”, conveys a commitment to the designer’s vision, the retailer’s business, and the satisfaction of the end user in equal measure. Based on this conviction, the watch parts company, Yukosha, was re-established as P.O.S. in 1987. Since its establishment the company has introduced many Scandinavian brands in Japan. Recently, the company launched HYGGE, its own watch brand created in the best tradition of Scandinavian design.

Timmy Hansen, the Swedish rising rallycross driver is the current brand ambassador of Hygge watches.

HYGGE Watches – Designers
Mats Lönngren: Finnish concept designer currently based in Helsinki and working at the agency Pentagon Design, Mats Lönngren graduated in 2010 with a Master of Arts degree from the Industrial and Strategic Design program at Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. As an industrial designer, his distinguishing competences are his ability to contribute to a wide range of design problems, which require both a conceptual and pragmatic approach to design.

With a strong background both in product and conceptual design, Mats Lönngren has worked with several organizations, including Nokia, KONE and SNCF, and is now committing his design creativity to writing a new chapter of Hygge and watch design.

Major W. M. Tse: Hong Kong born English designer, Major W. M. Tse graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1984 with a degree in Product Design. In the early days of his career, this innovative designer talent was quickly recognized by several award, including the 1st prize in the Hong Kong watch & clock design competition (1989,1990 & 1991).

He was also granted Member of the Chartered Society of Designers (UK) in 1989 and International Member of the Industrial Designers Society of America、USA in 1991. Since then, he has been designing watches for partners all over the world. For his recent collaboration with P.O.S. Co., Ltd, Major W. M. Tse has offered all his talents to give a unique minimalism Scandinavian design to the HYGGE watches.

Hygge Watch Collections

  • 2089 Series
  • 2311 Series
  • 2312 Chronograph Series
  • 2204 Chronograph Series
  • 3012 Series

2312/2311/2089 Series

2312 Chronograph Series

The 2312 series is designed by Major W. M. Tse. This collection is equipped with a Japanese chronograph 6 hands movement with date function.2312 models are available in black/silver stainless steel case.It has a water resistance up to 10 ATM. The 2311 series is also designed by Major W. M. Tse. 2311 models come in a round stainless steel case in silver or black IP finish and the dials are available in silver or black versions.It has  a water resistance of 5 ATM.

2311 Series

This line is powered with 3 hands Calendar Japanese movement and the 2089 series, also designed by Major W. M. Tse feature 3 hands movement without date indication.This model comes in a square stainless steel case and available in silver or black dial versions. water resistance is 3 ATM.

2089 Series

3012 Series

The 3012 series is the first line from the brand that integrally designed in Scandinavia by the award-winning Finnish design Agency Pentagon Design. This model features a “frameless” design where the case is reduced to its minimum to leave only the time indicators visible from the front view. Combined with P.O.S. long watch-making experience and knowledge, Pentagon Design offers a very unique interpretation of minimalistic design based on simplicity, clarity and quality.

The HYGGE 3012 Series was launched in 2012 in Tokyo and this model is nominated for the prestigious German Design Award 2014.

2204 Chronograph Series

This line proudly carries very expression of Hygge, a minimalist Scandinavian Design and quality chronograph watches. Featured by his diamond-pattern case side, Major Tse offered all his talents with a direct inspiration from the Danish architectural and industrial design and a rare sense of the details. Design and quality, the know-how of Hygge is emphasized by its unique dial: a mixture of design originality (Left half with holes) and quality (double-layer dial).

Preserving the essence of Scandinavian modern design, this chronograph series is nonetheless a tribute to the brand and its past collections with the minimal use of colours and a yellow touch. The 2204 watches come in 5 models with different band materials, case and dial’s colours.

Contact details

Asian office
P.O.S. CO., Ltd.
1-4-3 Kitano
Tokorozawa, Saitama,
359-1152 Japan

Scandinavian office
J Parker Scandinavia AB
Lugna g. 42B
21160 Malmo Sweden

Website: http://hygge-watches.com/