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Hyetis Crossbow – First Connectable Smart Watch from Switzerland

Swiss luxury watch brand HYETIS has announced their first masterpiece creation – CROSSBOW – first connectable Smart watch designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

Incorporating most modern technologies with traditional watch making methods, this highly innovative wrist watch offers functionally, beauty and robustness of a Swiss made automatic watch with additional functions like Wi-Fi, Blue tooth, and NFC connectivity and Apps.

This timepiece is equipped with high resolution camera and also offers additional functions such as altimeter, light meter, microphone, thermometer, barometer …etc.

In this decade we witnessed the emergence of social networks, open source operating systems like android and mobile/computer Apps. The other most important think about this era is the growing demand of traditional luxury watches, especially Swiss made, making the way to boost up the centuries old Swiss watch making industry.

The sudden surge in the horology industry ensured three most important things – Increase in the sales of established watch brands, emergence of young and independent watch brands and lastly, the revival of some precious watch brands.

Hyetis™ comes in the category of young Swiss watch brands,who like to experiment with modern technology without forgetting the traditions of Swiss watch making. The brand is based in Geneva, the center of traditional of Swiss watch-making expertise and innovations.

Established by a small team of passionate professionals, Hyetis™ is the first and the only smart watch brand designed in Geneva, and manufactured Switzerland. Hyetis™  brand name is inspired by the Greek word “leader” and whose motto is ” One for all, all for one” symbolizing the idea of what is leadership in the eyes of the young brand. It is also a direct reminder of Hyetis™ Swiss roots, as it is also the motto of the Swiss Confederation.

The headquarters of the young start up lies at the heart of Geneva, in a quiet and serene place, conducive to the development of new ideas. It is in this secret and all that Swiss discretion that had been brewing for months with the utmost seriousness, the emergence of a new and innovative watch making proposal. A few steps from all technology partners, Hyetis™ has an easy access to the technology needed for the completion of the project.

In an economy where new projects tend to take time in funding, Hyetis™ has chosen the subscription and the “crowd funding” for launch.

To date, the market for smart watches is an emerging niche and it is for this reason that increased responsiveness is essential. Hyetis™ products are destined to all and want to be high quality but competitive and accessible to the greatest number. This means that a new distribution model on social networks and internet has been designed. So these are the fans and customers who will make the success of Hyetis™ products.

The concept
In watch-making culture, a watch is a technical precision device, whose primary mission is to count and tell the elapsed time. The notion of aesthetics certainly taken over a long time ago, yet it is this primitive task that differentiates a watch from an ornamental band or a computer.

It appeared as obvious to Hyetis™ in the design of its first smart timepiece that this first mission should be guaranteed whatever the circumstances. It is for this reason that the model CROSSBOW has a Swiss-made automatic movement. The “smart” part of the watch is well separated at its energy supply, while offering the opportunity to interact with the mechanical functions of the watch.


The first model, CROSSBOW has long been the symbol of Swiss products, and then it is a precision tool that in the symbolic legend of William Tell allowed Switzerland to exist. The CROSSBOW watch mission is to honour the Swiss watch-making reputation on then ascent niche market of connected smart watches. At first glance, the design of the box of the CROSSBOW, you will think to a little wrist crossbow.

The CROSSBOW is adorned with a titanium grade 5 case, with a diameter of46mm, the bull head design is a tribute to the 70s watches, which is characterized by the positioning of the push pieces and the crown at 12 o’clock. The front has a tactile sapphire glass, a circular touch sensitive bezel and a high resolution colour display in place of the dial.

The perfect sealing ensures the watch a water resistance up to 250 meters, this making it suitable for sports and adventurous activities. Connectivity is supported via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC and will pair the CROSSBOW with smart phones running IOS/Android/ Windows.

Instead of traditional buttons, these are replaced by environmental sensors, e.g .altimeter, light meter, microphone, thermometer, barometer, etc…. A high resolution camera takes the place of the traditional crown at 12 o’clock, which finds itself positioned at 6 o’clock.

The two rechargeable batteries are located in the metal inserts of the NATO type interchangeable strap. This strap incorporates biometric sensors to provide information about owners’ physical condition in real time.

The HY01-A special caliber of CROSSBOW is based on an automatic 3 hands movement 100% Swiss-made reputed for its precision and reliability.

Hyetis™ Apps
Configuring the CROSSBOW watch is easy via an App for Smartphone or software (included in the Hyetis™ package) installed on PC/ Linux/ MacOS or via the online configurator on customer’s HYETYS™ account. Although the watch will be delivered with a very complete suite of Apps, later in December an SDK for developing apps for the CROSSBOW will be provided to developers.

A special series of CROSSBOW watches in collector’s edition limited to 500 copies for the entire world will be available soon. These preproduction models with an exclusive design and finish will be available directly on Hyetis™ website at a special early bird price (around 1200. – USD). Delivery is scheduled for the end of 2013. In the second phase Hyetis™ will offer for pre-order the regular production models. However customization options will be available on  the online configurator on the Hyetis™ website.