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Huguenot Watches

Huguenot watch brand was founded by Serge Beureux in 2010 in coincide with 400th anniversary of King Henry IV (1553-1610). Huguenot made its debut at Baselworld 2010.

During the time before the centralised manufacture of watches at a single industrial site, these exquisite time-keepers were assembled by being passed from the hand of one expert to another. Each individual brought his own skill and expertise, thus adding value. The style of production represented by the Huguenot brand is one that perpetuates a highly personalised form of manufacture –meshing a web of individual talents in the most carefully crafted components. Precious webs of talent that can be compared with the talent of the king’s craftsmen who made the French court shine with their genius.

Serge Beureux is an independent entrepreneur armed with extensive experience accumulated at the heart of a large company. He is filled with an energy and a will strong enough to move mountains, and has paid homage to this particular chapter of cultural history by creating a fashionable and respectable watch-making business, built on the philosophy of ‘’I am’’ rather than ‘’I seem’’. The designer Eddy Burger understood how to capture and restore these values of the individual: straight, uncomplicated lines, imbued with a classic elegance, set these time-pieces apart and ensure their clarity and finesse.

The name Huguenot first appeared in the years of 1520-1525. Generally, it is assumed that it originates from the German word ‘Eidgenossen’ which means ‘confederate’.The brand name Huguenot has an important historical connection to Swiss traditional watch industry.

With religious wars being waged in the 16th and 17th centuries, Europe witnessed much disruption. These geopolitical turbulence caused waves of people moving along the roads and in the countryside. In the 1680s Geneva saw the number of its inhabitants triple. Having had a population of 16 000, this increased with the arrival of over 30 000 Huguenots coming from France. Amongst these people where many watch-makers who had lost everything, but who had brought with them their most precious trait, their know-how. Thus was born the art of watch-making in Geneva. Later a first corporate agreement was to be created under the name of ‘Order and Regulations of the Guild of Horologers’.
Official website: www.huguenot.ch