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HD3 Complication Vulcania Bi-axial Tourbillon Black Pearl Exclusive Edition

For this new watch, Fabrice Gonet, one of the three associate designers from HD3 Complication, took inspiration from the wonderful era of pirates and buccaneers, to which he added the retro-futuristic steampunk style so uniquely characteristic of Vulcania. The design of the Black Pearl watch case is straight out of the world of pirates: there is a hatch on the 9 o’clock side of the case which looks like a cannon hatch of a naval man o’war from former times.

The hatch opens to give a panoramic view of the tourbillon from the side, and also reveals a plate on which can be engraved the name of the owner and ‘captain’ of the timepiece. The hatch is decorated with a small plate in titanium PVD showing the famous skull-and-crossbones flag of the pirate Jack Rackham.

The sapphire glass back is engraved with a compass rose designed especially for the watch. The design of the crown is reminiscent of a frigate’s tiller. HD3 is an original concept, a trinity of three talented artists Jorg Hysek, Valerie Ursenbacher and Fabrice Gonet working together in total harmony for many years, evolves continuously and never ceases to strive for new heights of excellence.

The subtle bond between fine watch making and high tech gives a new direction to 21st century watches, marvels of design and resolutely oriented towards the future. The HD3 initials, which sound like some chemical element, in fact represent the perfect match between form and function.

The bi-axial tourbillon at the heart of this timepiece presents a unique display specially developed by Fabrice Gonet. In a salute to the early days of naval exploration, the hours are shown on a wheel, the minutes on a disk and the power reserve indicator takes the form of a sextant.

Exclusive Series of 11 pieces in Titanium and PVD.

Technical details

Power reserve: 80h
Rotation 1st axis: 1 min
Rotation 2nd axis: 30 sec
Frequency: 21’600 A/h
Bottom plate: black anodized aluminium with black bushing on additional bridge.
Numerals: blood-red luminova.
Tourbillon frame finish: black gold finish.
Movement finish: black gold finish.
Glass: anti-reflection sapphire.
Water-resistant to 50m
Bracelets: 1 rubber, 1 black alligator leather, 1 black vintage leather with red stitching

HD3 Complication: Capture-2 by Valerie Uresnbacher

When Valerie Uresnbacher designed Capture in 2005 she drew her inspiration principally from the world of vintage and modern automobiles. Capture 2 is HD3 complication’s new model. The aesthetics of the design are quite different, but the spirit of the watch remains unchanged.

Valerie has created a timepiece, which is both technical and masculine character, by choosing a prestigious chronograph tourbillon movement which suits this new model perfectly. Only 11 pieces per version are available.

By using sapphire glass she made the tourbillon visible in the watch face to show off its beauty, and installed the seconds minutes counters above the glass with the power reserve indicator below, so as to give more depth to the dial. The power reserve hand is placed beneath the bridge of the chronograph, thus leaving sufficient room for the minutes counter.

Despite the high moments of inertia of the balance wheel, there is a 5 day power reserve (120 Hours) with a 32 degree sweep indicator in the 9’o clock position. Lastly Valerie had the idea of placing a disk showing the seconds digit on the tourbillon frame with an extra seconds indicator. This movement is a single “triple action” push button chronograph. It owes its originality to the fact that the chronograph mechanism is visible through the dial, making the chrono information easier to see, while at the same time respecting watch making traditions, since the chronograph is built around the personalized column wheel and placed in the 12’o clock position.

The other distinctive feature of this chronograph is that it is powered directly by the tourbillon frame with which the movement is equipped, and its single push button in the 2’o clock position. These movement components are manufactured and decorated in the best traditions and to the highest standards of Swiss fine watch making. Valerie designed each part of the movement, giving an overall sense of aesthetic harmony to the piece.

The case is a technical masterpiece. The four clasps which fix the bezel and the back to the case middle are perfectly integrated into the overall case design. As with all hd3 complication watches, this new capture 2 is ergonomically designed, and despite its robust character fits perfectly on all wrists. These watches are among the most prestigious in terms of quality and finish.

Frequency: 21,600A/h
Power Reserve: 120 hours
Lignes: 13″‘
Angle of lift: 54 degree
Jewels: 33 rubies
1 push button: 2’o clock position
Total diameter of movement: 30.40mm
Special editions limited to 11 pieces: Titanium and white gold/ Pink gold 4N and black PVD

HD3 Complication Rapture 2

The Raptor Tourbillon, designed by Fabrice Gonet is an exceptional piece, a subtle blend of fine watch making and avant-garde technology. With Gentle pressure on its two push buttons, the upper case disarms and opens slightly to reveal the digital movement. Created especially for fine watchmaking connoisseurs, this model was exhibited for the first time in Geneva in 2005.

With production limited to 33 pieces per version, only exclusive elite was able to acquires one of these timepieces, which will later undoubtedly be seen at auctions reserved for the great collectors around the world. After such a success it was logical for HD3 complication to decide to create the Raptor Chronograph, taking once again the same design features of this unusual time pieces.

Made for demanding and sports oriented customers, this new watch naturally retains all the aesthetic subtlety that made the model famous. The movements developed by hd3 complication is am automatic mechanical chronograph with hours/minutes/small seconds hands, a 60 seconds chrono and counters for 30 minutes and 4 hours.

Of particular interest with this calibre is the special regatta 15 minutes countdown function on a disk, which most aesthetically recalls the world of racing of yachting regattas. This nautical reference is also reflected in the shape of hands on the counters, inspired by marine turbines. In the endless quest for beauty, the components of the movement are made visible through the open work design, and the upper bridge which holds the regatta disk, is charmed by hand in the best traditions of the fine watch making.

The dual material case gives an aura of lightness to the piece, and also numerous options for the finish. With its ergonomic design, this robust sports model fits perfectly on the wrist and reflects the harmony to be found in the world of sports especially racing. The uniquely shaped hands are tipped with red luminova, making them visible at night.

In an aesthetic allusion to yachting regattas the HD3 complication logo has a unique cut out design suggesting lightness. The same approach was adopted for the minutes and hours hands, something connoisseurs appreciate. The rubber strap matches the style of the watch perfectly, it is also ideally suited to the sports world positioning of this model.



Regatta automatic mechanical chronograph movement in Titanium
Counters with two push buttons, in the 2’o clock (stop-start) and 4’o clock (back to zero) positions
Lighnes: 13 1/4″
Frequency 28,800A/h
Jewels: 27 rubies
Frame diameter: 30mm

Water resistant: 50m

Available versions
Rose gold, Rose gold titanium /white gold titanium, Rose gold black titanium/white gold black titanium.

HD3 Complication Idalgo XT1 by Jorg Hysek

Idalgo XT1 is the lightweight version of the Idalgo XT2, the third model created for the HD3 Complication brand and personally designed by Jorg Hysek.

Following the XT2, the Idalgo XT1 is proposed as a most exceptional timepiece in response to the desires of fine watchmaking connoisseurs. Idalgo, the third piece created under the HD3 Complication brand, is the piece designed by Jorg Hysek himself.

This exceptional watch marks the completion of the first Haute Horologie Triolgy as originally envisaged by the three founding designers of HD3 Complication. With the introduction of the brand’s own movement, completed after more than 2000 hours of work by skilled and totally committed craftsmen, Idalgo symbolises the beginning of a new era.

Technical details

Automatic XT1 Calibre, developed by HD3, with a jumping hour aperture,180 degree retrograde 60 minute hand, 360 degree second hand and date display, special design date display at 9 o’clock
Frequency: 28800A/h
Power reserve: 42hours
Number of jewels: 21 rubies
Special rotor

Material: In Rose Gold, Titanium with Rose gold, Titanium with white gold
Side plate in titanium fastened by 2 special HD3 screws
Length: 39mm width: 37mm
Water resistance to 50m
Ergonomic profile which adapts to different wrists
Engraved with limited edition number

Translucent sapphire dial with applied chapters in gold
Hands in gold, finished by hand

Hand sewn fine leather strap
Clasp with lateral adjustment

HD3 Complication: BI AXIAL by Fabrice Gonet (2007)

Bi-Axial is the second HD3 timepiece designed by Fabrice Gonet, an unbelievable watch, in titanium and platinum, directly inspired by the world of Jules Verne. This exceptional watch, first presented in 2007, is reminiscent of the novelist’s imaginary machines, but with just a touch of today’s world.

Its movement, a bi axial tourbillon unique to HD3, is simply revolutionary: the hours are shown on a wheel through a lateral porthole (9h) and the minutes on a disc like a ship’s Chad burn telegraph (360 Degree). Limited edition of 11 pieces.

HD3 Complication Three Minds

Having first each designed their own models (Capture by Valerie, Raptor by Fabrice and Idalgo by Jorg), the Hd3 complication team members have joined forces to imagine and invent “Three Minds”. Brainchild of these founts of creative and artistic talent, this ultimate creation symbolizes the designers’ shared passion for the superlative.

The three minds movement is unique to hd3 complication. It adds a new dimension to time, reflecting an original, innovative watch making culture. Its automatic movement, a fine watch making work of art, is central to the aesthetic design of this new age timepiece.

Its innovative display uses three rotating discs (hours-minutes-seconds). Hd3 complication has developed a special rotor for the three minds model, showing the automatic movement in a very different light.

The bodywork of the three minds was designed with the same concern for technical and aesthetic perfection as for its fine watch making “motor” thus matching the avant-garde outlook which is very essence of creativity at hd3 complication. The folding clasp was also specially developed by hd3 complication.

Limited editions
33 pieces rose gold, brown PVD
33 pieces, titanium and white gold, blue luminova numbers
33 pieces, titanium PVD and white gold, luminova numbers
33 pieces, rose gold, black PVD, luminova numbers

HD3 Complication: CAPTURE by Valerie Ursenbacher, RAPTURE by Fabrice Gonnet and IDALGO XT 2 by Jorg Hysek

HD3 Complication is a Swiss luxury watch brand co-founded by  Jorg Hysek, Valérie Ursenbacher and Fabrice Gonet. Established in 2004, HD3 proudly reflects three talented designers’ shared passion for truly exceptional creative watchmaking.

HD3 CAPTURE by Valerie Ursenbacher (2005)

The capture model is reflecting the technical passion and feminine sensitivity of its creator, Valerie Ursenbacher. It is a blend of old and the new, while the name evokes the particularity of the piece itself, the mirror reflected in the rear window.

Presented in 2005, Capture has different versions: white gold 18 ct, rose gold 18 ct, versions with diamonds and platinum (red, blue and black).The tourbillon movement, HD3 VU001, has been completely restudied aesthetically, and merged with the dial in a subtle image of transparency. Limited edition of 33 pieces per version (3 models 11 pieces for each platinum version, red blue and black)

HD3 RAPTURE by Fabrice Gonnet (2005)

The Rapture model represents the subtle wedding between the haute Horologerie and the high technology. It gives a new orientation to the horological creation of the 21’st century. Designed by Fabrice Gonnet, Raptro is the second tourbillon model created by HD3, and presented in 2005.

With a simple push on the two buttons, the superior case opens lightly, in order to discover the digital display, entirely developed in Switzerland, with its big date, in addition to the stop watch and second time zone. The case has different versions: white gold with titanium, rose gold with titanium and version with diamonds. Limited edition of 33 pieces per version.

HD3 IDALGO XT 2 by Jorg Hysek (2006)

Idalgo is the third model created under the HD3 complication brand name. Jorg Hysek signed this masterpiece in 2006, thus completing the first trilogy of timepieces imagined by truly exceptional designers. Idalgo looks like a watch with two movements; in fact there is just one.

It is the first to be developed by BNB concept, with a double rotor and fine adjustment, in gold, and visible o n the face of the watch. The display is innovative: jumping hour aperture, 180 degree retrograde minutes hand, 360 degree second hand, large date display and a 2’nd time zone.