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GRECO Asteroid

Stéphane GRECO, the creative head of GRECO Watches, presents a one-of-a-kind and absolutely unique Asteroid timepiece.

The mechanism of the Asteroid timepiece is fitted intimately into the ferrous heart of a meteorite: A fragment of the Campo del cielo «Field of heaven», a meteorite discovered in Argentina in 1576.

A veritable alliance between timeless material and advanced technology, this hybrid creation with its roots in outer space may literally be considered celestial, following the Native American oral tradition that iron on Earth has descended from the Heavens.

The Asteroid timepiece stops time and holds it in a surrealistic dimension, where modern high-precision and antediluvian matter clash in their own big bang, giving on-going birth to an extra-terrestrial jewel of sophistication and wonder.

Technical characteristics
Casing: Meteorite
Movement: ETA 7001, skeleton, hand-engraved fluorescent cogwheels in ruthénié anthracite
Form: Irregular
Crown: White gold 30g
Bracelet: Anthracite buffalo
Clasp: Barbed of Gibeon meteorite

GRECO Genève Les Temps Modernes – Hexagonal Nut-design Watch

Swiss watch brand GRECO Genève unveils its collection Les Temps Modernes, an iconic Hexagonal Nut-design watch.

The simple machine nut –an indispensable reference in industrial design –is lodged deep within the collective unconscious of the world. Today, this design element steps up from its functional origins to affirm a new mechanical identity: chronometric precision and excellence in Swiss watchmaking.

In watchmaking, where aesthetic values go often hand-in-hand with their functional counterparts, some of the most legendary designs are the direct descendants of functionality.

At the other end of the spectrum, GRECO Genève’s approach has been to metamorphose a quintessentially functional object into a luxury item: trendy, urban and totally contemporary. Today two editions of the Hexagonal Nut-design watch are being launched, heralds of the collection Les Temps Modernes: the LTM-18t and the LTM-04t.

These timepieces, bold in character, are recognizable even from a distance as the signature of GRECO Genève. They unite state-of-the-art technique, the most modern materials and unrivalled savoir faire. They embody excellence.

For this watch, GRECO Genève has fitted an authentic Swiss movement into a waterproof case in the form of a machine nut, including screw threads.

Technical details

Model: Hexagonal Nut-design watch, Collection Les Temps Modernes
Reference LTM -04t
Limited edition of 50 timepieces

Caliber Manufacture ETA 2892, Swiss-made self-winding mechanical movement with date indication Hand-decorated rotor aesthetics (oscillation mass) personalized by GRECO Genève, coated with anthracite ruthenium
Offset date aperture positioned at 4 o’clock
40 hours of power reserve

Machined from grade 5 titanium, fully respecting the exact proportions and dimensions of an industrial machine nut
Even the screw threads have been faithfully reproduced
Polished and brushed titanium, alternating burnished and mat textures
Dimensions: 43 mm from flat to flat –49.6 mm from corner to corner –13 mm thick.
Crown in the form of a miniature machine nut, easy grip for initial manual winding or readjustment of the hour and date
Water resistance guaranteed to 3 atmospheres (30meters
Extremely resistant sapphire crystal and sapphire back

Rhodium-plated brass base with detailed precision engraving
Engraved and black lacquered cogwheel-motifs
Hands: flat rhodium-plated open-ended wrenches
Logo Les Temps Modernes: « GRECO Genève»

Black silicon strap with a textural design unique to GRECO Genève, evoking the tire-tread of a large, luxurious 4×4
Width between the horns: 20 mm
Polished and mat folding clasp in grade 5 titanium, with double push-security system

Packaging celebrating the iconic aesthetics of the industrial machine nut

GRECO Genève Watches

Established by Stéphane GRECO, founder of Rhodior Geneva, this young watch brand produces luxury Swiss watches made for both men and women.

Connoisseurs of luxury watch seek beauty, distinction, mechanical excellence and a philosophy which reflects their values. GRECO Watches fulfill the dreams and expectations of modern men and women of taste.

Their totally new design enlivens the spirit and embodies our world of tomorrow. At the same time, the movements and mechanism carry forward the high standards of quality Swiss watchmaking. Stéphane GRECO utilises unusual and surprising materials for his creations. Drawing on his own unlimited fantasy, extensive « savoir-faire » and fine Swiss watchmaking tradition, he has created new fabrication processes for these exceptional and exclusive watches.

Both men and women’s watches are in the form of a perfect square. Every timepiece is unique, and each watch’s movement is visible – and beautifully crafted. Clients may request personal design choices for their watch face, which after mutual discussion will be developed with infinite care and attention.

GRECO watches are made by Rhodior SA in Geneva, a company which provides the finishing touches to some of Switzerland’s most prestigious brands of luxury watches.

Stéphane Greco, chemist and founder

Having revolutionized chemical and electrolytic treatments by inventing and mastering entirely new processes, Stéphane Greco is recognized as an artist for being able to apply spectacular finishes to individual components.

The founder of GRECO Genève is also an impassioned entrepreneur. His eponymous brand is the fruit of 23 years of excellence and expertise, acquired at the service of some of the brightest jewels in the crown of Swiss watchmaking.

A filigree revealing its founder’s incorrigible attraction to mechanical sports and other adventures laced with adrenaline is finely worked into the design and concept of GRECO Genève’s timepieces.

Featured Timepieces

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