Graff Yellow Diamond Watches

Conjuring the sun’s rays and radiating pure joy, the House of Graff’s has an enduring affinity for yellow diamonds. Laurence Graff has long admired their beauty and championed their setting within magnificent jewels. Now synonymous with the House, Graff has become renowned for its yellow diamonds. With a legacy of cutting and polishing many of the world’s most fabulous yellow jewels, for Baselworld 2019 Graff has created unique timepieces that celebrate these exceptionally rare and beautiful stones.

Featuring the rarest and most valuable shade of yellow diamonds – Fancy Vivid Yellow – a timepiece with an oval dial, above, has been crafted in yellow gold to complement the stones’ golden hue. Chosen for their exceptional colour and rich character, each diamond is hand-selected by a member of the Graff family.

The piece comprises 204 diamonds totalling over 32 carats, all of which have been meticulously colour matched to create a seamless stream of vibrant yellow brilliance. A further timepiece is similar in design but features a round dial with a sensational, vibrant halo of oval yellow diamonds.

With each diamond being entirely unique, Graff’s master craftsmen and designers envisaged each watch setting so that all the stones would sit in perfect harmony, almost invisibly, within beautifully articulated yellow gold bracelets.

A close collaboration between Graff’s London atelier and its Swiss watchmaking team, Graff Luxury Watches, every millimetre of the Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond watches has been carefully considered, creating an impeccable synthesis of haute horology and diamond setting. Even the minute gold pin correctors are adorned with a yellow diamond.

The diamonds upon both bracelets are set at slightly different angles to ensure that the watches constantly catch the light, emphasising their colour and brilliance.

GRAFF GyroGraff Endangered Species Collection

One of the most ambitious projects in the history of Graff Watches, the GyroGraff Endangered Species collection offers a series of five piece unique watches (four for Baselworld 2019) all feature dials set with precious stones and gold, hand-finished using a technique pioneered by Graff and called diamond-marquetry.

The five dials depict either an elephant, a tiger, a panda, a gorilla or a rhino (all five are listed by the World Wildlife Fund as being under threat). The animals are created from a combination of polished metal parts and precious stones, each of which is unique in size, weight and cut. These are individually set into the dial by hand to create the form of each animal.

The process starts with artistic drawings of the dials, with openings for the GyroGraff’s signature double-axis tourbillon and spherical moon phase complications, and with space for a power reserve indicator at 1 o’clock. Skilled craftsmen and highly experienced engineers then work together to create detailed technical drawings that break the dials down into the individual components that will come together to create the final form.

The number of individual dial components depends on the design – the gorilla has the most at 139, the elephant has 135, the tiger 127, and the panda 112.

The dials feature between three and six larger mounts depending on the piece, eachof them unique. Each gold mount then holds a number of white or black gold ‘plaquettes’, or small plates. Each plaquette carries a number that can only be seen under a microscope and that corresponds to the gold part or stone created specifically for it.

The first layer applied to the dial is a background made of sparkling midnight blue aventurine. The animal form is then built up, piece-by-piece, using the mounts, the plaquettes and the decorative elements: diamonds, pieces made of polished rhodium-plated white gold or matte or micro-blasted black gold, and, only in the case of the tiger, cognac sapphires. Some of the pieces are tiny. For example, the polished gold cabochon that becomes the elephant’s eye is a mere 0.9mm in diameter.

The five watches share the same high-end, hand-wound calibre. The GyroGraff’s trio of complications is a watchmaking first, carrying a dizzying double-axis tourbillon, a spherical moon phase and a power reserve indicator.

The three-dimensional white-gold moon phase complication at 10 o’clock is an artistic tour de force in its own right. It is hand-engraved, creating a true-to-life map of the lunar surface’s craters. The black cover representing the shadow of the Earth advances twice a day and completes a full rotation over a period of 29.5 days, poetically relaying the phase of the moon.

The watch has a 65-hour power reserve indicated at 1 o’clock alongside Graff’s diamond-set icon at 12 o’clock.

Each of the five Endangered Species models has a 48mm white-gold case. The case is decorated with invisible mosaic-set baguette-cut diamonds, and each watch comes on a black alligator strap with a diamond-set deployment clasp buckle.

Technical details

Mechanical hand-wound

Hours, minutes, double-axis tourbillon, three-dimensional moon phase, power reserve indicator
Power Reserve 65 hours

Métiers d’art techniques

Diameter: 48mm, Depth: 17.25mm
Material: White gold
Water Resistant: 3 ATM

Alligator strap with deployment clasp buckle

Graff GyroGraff Temple of Heaven and Great Wall of China

Two new expressions of Graff’s artistic, highly complicated GyroGraff celebrate a pair of China’s most historic structures – the Great Wall of China and the Temple of Heaven.

The piece-unique watches continue Graff’s tradition of showcasing some of the world’s most intricate métiers d’art techniques in watches that become as much fine art as complex mechanical timekeepers. The pieces are also the next chapter in a series of Graff watches inspired by Asian landmarks, following on from the GyroGraff Skyline trilogy.

The Great Wall of China can be traced back to the 7th century BC, although the well-known sections of the wall (such as that depicted in the GyroGraff) were built much later during the Ming Dynasty of the 14th to 17th centuries. The wall is the longest building on Earth and was originally erected as a defence against invasion. China’s State Administration of Cultural Relics calculates that the wall stretches 21,000km across the country.

The Temple of Heaven in the Chinese capital of Beijing was first completed in 1420, also during the Ming Dynasty, and is frequently recognised as one of China’s most important temples. The watch dial represents the temple’s Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, a triple-gabled building standing 38 metres high. The temple was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1998.

Graff’s artisans have brought these historic structures to life using an intoxicating combination of rare hand-crafted techniques, including hand-engraving, miniature painting and gem-setting. The results are intricate, three-dimensional, almost lifelike pieces of art that take up to 100 hours to create, and that can only fully be appreciated under a loupe.

The dial of the GryoGraff Great Wall of China has four layers, each in relief, starting with a background made of aventurine, creating the look of a starry sky. The second forms the towers and walls, made from a hand-engraved gold mount.

The brick detailing is added by a skilled artist using a special ink that will patinate the gold. The third is the green forest, made of finely-hammered gold, and also miniature painted. The fourth is the paved area of the wall that climbs up the dial, and the top level of the right-hand tower, both of which are invisibly-set with baguette-cut diamonds, all of which are a unique shape and weight.

Likewise, the GryoGraff Temple of Heaven is comprised of four layers in relief, also starting with an aventurine background. The second layer depicts the temple and has several parts. The main part is a three-dimensional gold piece finished with miniature painting. The summit of the building and the frame around the baguette diamond are solid yellow gold. The base of the building features gold-painted detailing. Finally, the three tiers are close-set with rows of baguette-cut diamonds. The third and fourth layers make up the engraved stairs and brick wall, which are miniature painted.

Both watches are powered by a spectacular hand-wound calibre, a spell-binding mechanical creation that features a unique trio of complications – a whirring double axis tourbillon, a three-dimensional moon phase and a power reserve indicator.

The three-dimensional white-gold moon phase complication at 10 o’clock is an artistic tour de force in its own right. It is hand-engraved, creating a true-to-life map of the lunar surface’s craters. The black cover representing the shadow of the Earth advances twice a day and completes a full rotation over a period of 29.5 days, poetically relaying the phase of the moon. The watch has a 65-hour power reserve indicated at 1 o’clock alongside Graff’s diamond-set icon at 12 o’clock.

Both pieces have 48mm rose-gold cases decorated with invisible mosaic-set baguette-cut diamonds, and each watch comes on a black alligator strap with a diamond-set deployment clasp buckle.

Technical details

• GyroGraff Great Wall of China (11.49cts)
• GyroGraff Temple of Heaven (11.44cts)

Mechanical hand-wound

Hours, minutes, double-axis tourbillon, three-dimensional moon phase, power reserve indicator
Power Reserve: 65 hours

Métiers d’art techniques

Diameter: 48mm, Depth: 17.25mm
Material: Rose gold
Water Resistant: 3 ATM

Alligator strap with deployment clasp buckle


Crafted in Geneva, the capital of luxury timepieces, Graff watches are inspired by the unique facetted design of the classic cut of a diamond, timeless yet contemporary. Equipped with a fine Swiss movement, each piece is enriched by diamonds selected by Graff gemologists.

In addition to their unique case shape, Graff watches possess many distinctive features such as a diamond-tipped crown and a facetted transparent sapphire crystal case back. A triangular cut emerald set at twelve o’clock is the mark of all Graff watches.

Laurence Graff,“The King of Diamonds”

For more than 30 years the name Graff has been synonymous with the most fabulous jewels in the world. The world’s rarest and most historic diamonds are Laurence Graff’s passion. Their mystery, history and future continue to enchant this entrepreneur whose life has been nothing short of extraordinary. “Diamonds are my passion. I was born to be amongst diamonds.” It has been said that more important gem quality diamonds, such as The Hope of Africa, The Star of America and The Lesotho Promise, have passed through his hands than any other dealer.

Sourcing significant rough diamonds from the mines is the initial step in creating an exquisite final piece of jewellery. The cutting, polishing and setting of the stones are done in house at various Graff locations worldwide.

Laurence Graff symoblises the global brand he has created with over 30 stores worldwide in some of the most prestigious cities including London, New York, Geneva, Las Vegas, Dubai, Moscow, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Monte Carlo among many others, with new stores opening in Shanghai and St. Petersburg later this year.

Michel Pitteloud, CEO of Graff Luxury Watches

With over thirty years of experience in the watch and jewellery industry, Michel Pitteloud was the perfect choice to lead the creation of Graff Luxury Watches. In 2004, after working for various companies in the jewellery and watch trade, Pitteloud began to work as an independent consultant to luxury brands.

In early 2008 he approached Laurence Graff who asked him to develop a comprehensive watch project; in May of that year the project was complete, and he was named CEO of Graff Luxury Watches S.A. The Graff Luxury Watches line was launched at a press conference in Basel, Switzerland on 25 March 2009, on the eve of Baselworld, the leading watch and jewellery trade show.

Official website:


Graff Minute Repeater

Established since 2008, the watch making division of Graff Diamonds Corporation now presents a hand-wound Minute Repeater wristwatch, also featuring a flying tourbillon. One of the most complicated repeater mechanisms in horology, the minute repeater is triggered by a sliding bolt positioned at 9 o’clock on Graff’s signature faceted bezel, with two hammers striking two gongs to sound the hours, quarter hours and minutes across a spectrum of low to high tones.

Crafted in Geneva, this exceptional timepiece is available in both non diamond and diamond-set versions, all featuring a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, mother-of-pearl bridges, a black crocodile strap and an open-work dial in grey or blue smoked acrylic. Bezel options include 18k rose or white gold, and the diamond setting includes 256 individual gemstones – a total of 20.07 carats – cut and hand-set by Graff’s unrivalled gem-setters.

Launched exclusively at Baselworld, The Graff Minute Repeater is the latest addition to the MasterGraff watch collection, and a new benchmark in Graff’s horological expertise.

Technical details
Movement: Hand-wound minute repeater movement; Flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock
Open-work dial
90-hour power reserve
Case: 47mm – height 14.50mm
Water resistant to 5bar
Patented deployant buckle
Total stones on diamond version: 256 (20.07cts)

Graff Princess Butterfly Secret Watch

The Graff Princess Butterfly is a breathtaking showcase of fine craftsmanship – an intricately sculptured butterfly silhouette created after Graff’s master craftsman studied each curve and contour of a butterfly’s unique form.

A true masterpiece combines the beauty of diamonds and gemstones with the very best in technical innovation. Behind the Princess Butterfly’s show-stopping exterior is a jewelled timepiece, made even more precious and complex by an invisible setting – uniting beauty and construction in an achievement reminiscent of the natural butterfly’s wings.

The invisible setting remains one of the most complex techniques in jewellery craftsmanship and is created only by the precise skill and extensive knowledge of Graff’s master craftsmen. Allowing the beauty and complexity of the butterfly form to stand out uninterrupted, the invisible setting allows an unbroken surface of gemstones to float above the structure below.

First invented during the 1930s, the secret to the invisible setting are small grooves cut in the underside of each diamond or gemstone allowing them to slide onto a grid hidden beneath the stones. To achieve a finish of pure colour the chosen stones must be perfectly colour-matched, before being cut to fit tightly against one another as if made exactly for the delicate curvature of the butterfly wings.

Each Princess Butterfly watch case is set in white gold with 66 baguette diamonds. The butterfly wings are available in four different variations; Full diamond, ruby, sapphire and diamonds with sapphire detail.

Graff MasterGraff Floral Tourbillon

The rich and romantic language of flowers has long inspired the design of Graff jewellery. It naturally follows that this most classic of decorative details is equally appropriate in timekeeping, as Graff’s new Floral Tourbillon collection of watches elegantly demonstrates.

Great consideration has gone into not only the watches’ flora-inspired forms, but their feel, finish and equilibrium, requiring continuous dialogue and collaboration between the London atelier and the artisans in Geneva.

The result is a beautifully designed watch, adorned with flowers that rotate on themselves and featuring softly rounded hands. The enamel flowers are created using an ancient yet extremely challenging process, resulting in a colour that is exclusive to each individual watch.

Once the colours have been perfected by the artist a dial can take up to fifty hours to complete. The same maker is also responsible for hand-cutting each one of the flowers from white gold, before hand treating and painting every petal.

Technical details

Hours, minutes, tourbillon
Flowers animated at 8, 9 and 12 o’clock

Tourbillon at 5 o’clock, manual winding
68h power reserve

38mm White Gold

Tahitian, blue or orange Mother of Pearl with white gold “hand-cut” flowers, high fire enamel and paint finish

Graff MasterGraff Structural Skeleton Automatic

A light and aesthetically pure design featuring a prominently displayed flying tourbillon, the new MasterGraff Structural Skeleton Automatic firmly establishes Graff’s growing international reputation for making intricate, elegant watches with astonishing complexity of movement.

Entirely crafted in Geneva, Switzerland, it features a skeletonised dial, sapphire glass bridges, open worked hands and a small offset rotor to allow the inner workings of the watch to be seen from all angles.

Elegant roman numerals on the inside of the dial add a further layer of intricate detail, as does the diamond-inspired frame. The exclusive 46mm timepiece is available in 18k rose or white gold and titanium DLC (diamond like carbon), all featuring a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock with a 72 hours power reserve.

Technical details
Movement: Automatic – height 9.35mm
Functions: Hours, minutes, flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock
Dial: Skeleton
Power Reserve: 72 hours
Case: 46mm – height 13mm
Case Material: Rose or white gold and titanium DLC
Water resistant to 5 bar
Strap: Black full grain alligator strap

Graff Luxury Watches – The Graff Vendôme

Graff has created a timepiece to mark the opening of its new flagship store on Place Vendôme, its first location in the French capital.

Inspired by the architectural beauty of this renowned landmark, the Graff Vendôme is available in two different models for both ladies and gentlemen. The timepiece for men incorporates a 40mm case, automatic movement and second indicator positioned at 6 o’clock. The ladies variation features a beautifully feminine 30mm case paired with a quartz movement.

Further design features include the crown, which draws influence from the distinctive scallop pattern at the top of Colonne Vendôme, while each hour marker mimics the curved lines of the boutique entrances lining this iconic landmark of luxury.

The watch is available in white or rose gold with a blue, black or brown dial, or alternatively set with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies around the case.

On the reverse of the case, 17 Place Vendôme is engraved in homage to Graff’s new address, which is adjacent to the recently renovated Ritz Paris. Designed by renowned architect Peter Marino, the store has a design aesthetic unique to Paris encompassing the finest bespoke fixtures, fittings and custom designed furnishings.

The colour palette is feminine and verdant, from French limestone and grey dival damier floors creating a terrace effect, to floor-to-ceiling arched mirrors drawing in light and reflecting the green hues of the interior.

The walls are luxuriously paneled in bespoke pale green gaufraged velvet featuring the Graff Icon – this technique of embossing an elaborate pattern by hand into plush fabrics is a classic French style dating back to 17th Century Paris.

The opulent interior features pale brass showcases on top of Constantin Brancusi inspired minimalist bases, reflecting a garden pedestal continuing the plethora of flora references, and elevating the magnificent diamonds, exquisite jewels and innovative timepieces within.

To the rear of the store, original hand-painted marble pillars have been sensitively restored, preserving the obsolete technique and beautiful finish. Highly polished Zebrano wood display desks with a light gold detailed surround and legs provide an intimate and sumptuous viewing experience for Graff clients, to experience exemplary craftsmanship, distinctive design and exquisite jewels.

Technical details

Men’s Watch
Movement: Mechanical self-winding
Power reserve: 42 hours
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds
Case: 40mm in white or rose gold
Strap: Alligator leather

Ladies Watch
Movement: Quartz
Functions: Hours and minutes
Case: 30mm in white or rose gold
Strap: Alligator leather

Graff Luxury Watches – The Princess Butterfly

With its diverse form and natural beauty, the delicate butterfly is a captivating creature and an enduring influence for Graff Diamonds, inspiring the design team in the creation of the Princess Butterfly watch.

For the first time this timeless motif is represented in a striking literal translation, featuring a highly-sculptural butterfly depicted by an outline of tapered baguette gemstones, which define the pavé wings and conceal a hidden timepiece.

From all white or yellow diamonds to a dégradé of sapphires, the intricate markings of the wings are illuminated with the finest gemstones, creating a work of art to be gracefully worn on the wrist.

The watch incorporates a highly innovative, jewelled mechanism which is pushed to reveal the secret 17mm watch dial set with mother of pearl. The creation of a transformable jewellery watch requires careful consideration to ensure a flawless ease of transformation, from jewelled bracelet to secret watch with discrete settings and invisible mechanisms.

Graff’s master craftsmen spent many months testing the design, involving advanced 3D technology to realise the butterfly wings, mapping each curve and contour to reflect accurate movement and shape of the butterfly while ensuring the composition and construction were perfected.

A coordinating satin watch strap complete the timepiece, however it is the bracelet of the all diamond Princess Butterfly variation, which exemplifies the attention to detail of Graff’s design team.

The bracelet of this evolution comprises four alternating flowing and interwoven lines of pavé baguette and brilliant round diamonds. Graff’s craftsmen have exquisitely cradled each diamond within a minimal setting to enable the light to amplify the brilliance of each stone.

Graff Luxury Watches – The Celestial

Inspired by the Constellation jewellery collection, Graff presents the Celestial, developing a signature setting of the House into a striking and sculptural statement timepiece.

The stunning diamond timepiece recallsthe drama and illumination of a night sky filled with electrifying stars. The bracelet of the watch incorporates a myriad of fancy shaped diamonds, articulated at different angles representing a night sky glimmering with fire and brilliance.

On occasion, individual diamonds are highlighted by a pavé halo of diamonds, accentuating the natural light within. This galaxy of diamonds leads the eye to a pavé diamond dial, with alternating halos of diamond sizes and cuts.

Incorporating over 29 carats of scintillating diamonds, the Celestial fuses Graff’s exceptional design expertise with exemplary diamond craftsmanship.

Graff Luxury Watches – Gyrograff World

Graff Luxury Watches presents GyroGraff World, a new and highly innovative evolution of its successful GyroGraff timepiece of the MasterGraff collection.

Only five pieces have been made, each an intricate work of art, displaying a different view of the Earth’s continents captured from the perspective of space.The dial design is beautifully complemented by a highly complex movement exclusive to Graff Luxury Watches – incorporating an innovative three-dimensional moon phase indicator, which charts the daily progression of the moon and is visible through the front and back of the dial. A double-axis tourbillon sits at 5 o’clock, while a 72-hour power reserve indicator is positioned at 11 o’clock.

The creation of each dial is a highly complex process. Crafted from white gold, a laser is used to carve out each land mass in relation to the oceans that surround it – ensuring complete accuracy.

The piece is then hand-engraved using an ancient technique rarely incorporated into watchmaking. In the hands of a master craftsman, a chisel and chaser hammer are used to add the intricate nuances of each continent – a process that takes hundreds of hours.

Colour is applied in the form of enamel, which is made by mixing metal oxides and dyes, which are then ground to a dust-like powder. This powder is then hand-painted on to the surface of the dial by hand with a fine brush, with layer upon layer added to create depth and intensity of colour.

Between each layer of powder application, the dial undergoes the process of ‘grand feu’ or ‘great fire’, in which it is exposed to heat between 800 and 900˚C – which reveals the vibrant contrasting hues of land and sea. The final stage is the addition of a varnish, applied by hand, which adds texture and distinction to each continent and brings the masterpiece to life.

Technical details
Movement: Mechanical, hand-winding
Power reserve: 72 hours
Functions: Hours and minutes, double axis tourbillon, moon phase and power reserve indicator
Case: 48mm
Strap: Alligator leather

Graff Luxury Watches – Swan Secret Watch

A bird of extraordinary beauty and presence, with the ability to glide across water and take flight, the Swan is celebrated for symbolising everlasting love. Graff Diamonds has drawn on this grace in the design and creation of the Swan secret watch.

Incorporating 6.22 carats of the finest diamonds, a stunning three-dimensional Swan delicately rests on the wearer’s wrist, with enchanting effect. Graff’s design team used cutting-edge design technology, paying careful consideration to the balance and proportion of the swan silhouette, to transform an artistic drawing into a three dimensional creation.

Once the design was perfected the collaboration with Graff’s Master Craftsmen began, working with the designers to perfect the design and navigate the technical requirements of a secret watch with the skill and mastery of exemplary diamond setting.

The refined swan lowers her regal head serenely, accentuating the pavé diamond detailing along her neck and the movement of the design. Following the diamond detailing, the eye is drawn to distinct rows of alternating diamond cuts, curved and sculpted to create the illusion of a feathered wing.

Nestled among the layers of diamond feathers rests a pear shape diamond which seamlessly slides to reveal a hidden timepiece beneath. A luminescent pear shape mother of pearl dial completes the quartz watch, magnificently contrasting with the scintillating diamonds. Set on a satin strap the clasp of further pavé diamond feathers continue the attention to detail throughout the timepiece.

Graff Luxury Watches – The Graff Snowfall

The Graff Snowfall is a striking ladies diamond jewellery watch inspired by the delicate appearance of snow as it falls from the sky featuring 278 diamonds.

The strong lines and sculptural forms of individual snowfalls are beautifully represented within an intricate lattice design. The development of the Graff Snowfall was the perfect juxtaposition of cutting edge technology with highly-skilled craftsmanship.

To begin the exquisite hand-painted gouache created by Graff’s design team was scanned into a specialised computer programme. It was then analysed and divided up into individual sections and parts to ensure the perfect combination of high precision and extreme fluidity within the watch strap.

A technologically-advanced 3D printer within Graff’s workshop was used to bring the design to life in liquid resin incorporating hundreds of tiny individual resin collets and joints.

These components were then brought together to create an exact resin model of the watch design, which was rigorously evaluated and tested. Once the team were happy with the resin model, each element of the watch was crafted by hand by Master Craftsmen in white gold linking each collet with a highly flexible joint and setting each diamond in place.

The watch also features a minimalist rectangular dial with a case measuring just 6.17mm, which enhances the fluidity of the piece – and a delicate pink, striking black or Tahitian mother of pearl dial – perfectly complementing each beautifully white, shimmering diamond.

Graff Luxury Watches – The Peacock Watch

Steeped in myth and legend, the peacock is a symbol of nobility, immortality and pride. For over 300 years, this exotic and flamboyant creature has been embraced by cultures across all corners of the world. Celebrated for the mesmerising spectrum of colours radiating from its long and dramatic fan of tail feathers, the peacock is a stunning example of one of nature’s miracles.

The iridescent plumage forms a distinctive pattern, widely regarded as layers of eyes, and a symbol of holiness and knowledge.

Graff’s design team has drawn on the natural geometry of the peacock feather and in particular the ‘eyespot’ that features at its centre to create the Peacock watch.

Rather than representing the feather in a naturalistic way, the design represents a contemporary view, with added synthesis as though it is being viewed through a kaleidoscope.

A perfect circle of tapered baguette diamonds with graduating mother of pearl, radiate to form a scintillating dial reminiscent of the ‘eyespot’ within the distinctive pattern.

Framing the ex-centred dial is a burst of alternating brilliant round diamonds with further tapered baguettes, graduating in size to emulate the theatrical vision of a peacock in full display.

The individual rows of baguette diamonds are completed by further bespoke-cut diamonds, each discreetly angled to form a seamless oval silhouette. The ladies time piece is completed by an elegant satin strap and powered by a quartz movement.

Graff Luxury Watches – The GraffStar Icon Ceramic

The GraffStar Icon Ceramic is the first ladies automatic timepiece developed and launched by Graff Luxury Watches.

Featuring a grand date complication and a dual time with day and night indicator, these technical elements highlight Graff’s horological expertise and passion to drive the innovation of mechanical watches. The GraffStar Icon Ceramic is a seamless combination of technical finesse and a luxuriously stylish aesthetic.

The 38mm faceted case, incorporating Graff’s signature bezel design, encases a rose gold dial which beautifully contrasts with the iridescent ceramic. The rose gold lugs of the timepiece are exquisitely complemented by scintillating pavé diamonds.

The GraffStar Icon Ceramic joins a collection of men’s GraffStar dress watches from the House. This evolution is the first ladies design to incorporate ceramic and be finished in a white colourway which is continued through to the white alligator strap.

Perhaps the most distinctive element of the watch is the Graff Icon motif, depicted by a lattice work of pavé diamonds tracing the silhouette in rose gold elegantly applied over a lustrous mother-of-pearl dial. Incorporating 519 of the finest diamonds, the GraffStar Icon Ceramic combines exemplary diamond design with exceptional horological advancement.

Technical details
Movement: Automatic
Functions: Hours and minutes, day and night indicator, grand date and dual time functionality
Case: 38mm, white ceramic
Dial: Diamond, mother of pearl, rose gold
Diamonds: 519 diamonds
Strap: White alligator strap

Graff Luxury Watches Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar

Graff Luxury Watches presents MasterGraff Perpetual Calendar, a new complication timepiece which pushes the boundaries of horological innovation and design expertise.

The MasterGraff Perpetual Calendar is equipped with the Graff Calibre 7 – a new and exclusive proprietary movement with a depth of just 7.72mm.

Featuring the highly complex Perpetual Calendar complication, the intricate openwork dial enables the wearer to view the day, date and month, which appear in a fluid horizontal line. The two discs indicating the days and months are crafted using a highly complex scientific electroforming process, which creates the matter for the discs – resulting in a mesmerising skeletonised effect.

A specially formulated resin positioned around and above the date has been treated to give it a translucent appearance, which shrouds the inner workings of the timepiece with an enthralling effect. A dial indicating leap years also features and if the timepiece remains wound, it is not necessary for the date to be adjusted until 2100.

The tourbillon cage which completes one revolution in precisely 60 seconds is a new design for Graff and has three Icon-inspired spokes, with the inverted Icon motif on one tip indicating the second hand. A true feat of engineering and technical prowess, a 22 carat gold, offset rotor with a depth of just 2.4mm has been skillfully integrated into the calibre and can be clearly viewed on the reverse of the watch.

The MasterGraff Perpetual Calendar also incorporates features synonymous with Graff’s DNA including a striking faceted bezel, an Icon perfectly positioned at 12o’clock and a diamond set crown.

Technical details

Movement: Automatic

Power reserve: 42 hours

Functions: Day, date, month, leap year indicator

Case: 46mm platinum

Dial: Skeleton

Strap: Alligator leather

Graff Luxury Watches – Diamond Mastergraff Grand Date Dual Time Tourbillon

The Diamond MasterGraff Grand Date Dual Time Tourbillon combines three magnificent complications – a flying tourbillon, dual time function and grand date which feature an instantaneous date change at midnight.

Exclusive to Graff Luxury Watches the Graff Calibre 5 incorporated into this piece took an expert team over 2,000 hours to develop. Each component is perfectly complemented by a diamond bezel featuring Graff’s signature invisible mosaic setting and diamond detailing on the face and lugs, offset by a white or rose gold surround. Graff’s signature setting technique, which replicates the facets of a perfectly cut diamond took over a year for Master Craftsmen to develop, requiring the finest expertise in diamond sourcing, design and setting – for which the House of Graff is renowned. Showcasing Graff’s meticulous attention to detail an emerald Graff Icon is perfectly positioned at 12 o’clock, and to the reverse of the watch a transparent sapphire case back ensures the Graff Icon motif on the movement can be viewed by the wearer.

Technical details
Movement: Manual
Functions: Hours, minutes, flying tourbillon, instantaneous grand date and dual time
Case: 43mm white gold / 43mm rose gold
Dial: Diamond with gold indexes
Diamonds : 329 diamonds, 13.70cts
Emerald: 1 emerald, 0.04cts
Power Reserve: 60 hours
Strap: Black crocodile

Graff Luxury Watches – The Graff Classic Butterfly Watch 2014

The outline of a butterfly has been depicted artistically throughout many different cultures over the course of history.  One of the earliest references dates back to the Egyptian era when the image of a butterfly was frequently carved into architectural structures, used in art and incorporated into intricate jewellery pieces.

The butterfly was first incorporated into Graff Diamonds’ jewellery as part of its enchanting Classic Butterfly Collection.  Now, perfectly fusing the timelessness of a diamond with Swiss watchmaking expertise is Graff’s latest horological evolution, the  Graff Classic Butterfly watch.

A beautifully feminine arrangement of four pear shape diamonds trace the outline of an exquisite butterfly gently resting upon the 26mm watch face.

Set on a simple yet elegant black satin strap, the Graff Classic Butterfly watch is available in two striking designs with the butterfly motif positioned at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock respectively.

Limited to just 300 pieces, it is also available in vibrant gemstone versions featuring the finest sapphires, rubies and emeralds and all diamond versions.

Technical details
Movement: Quartz
Functions: Hours and minutes
Case: White gold set with 41 diamonds
Dial: Black onyx with 1 triangle cut gemstone or fully set with diamonds
Buckle: White gold set with 21 diamonds
Bracelet : Black Satin

Graff Luxury Watches Diamond Mastergraff Ultra Flat Tourbillon

Incorporating a total of 288 diamonds (10.80cts) and featuring the Graff Calibre 4 movement, the Diamond MasterGraff Ultra Flat Tourbillon is a complex achievement in high horology combined with Graff’s diamond expertise.

Evoking the facets of a brilliant cut diamond, its case is set with 128 stones (5.90cts) each one meticulously positioned into Graff’s diamond mosaic setting. An innovative design, invisibly set trilliant and triangle cut diamonds, carefully arranged and angled to replicate Graff’s signature bezel design.

Exceptionally technical it took Graff’s Master Craftsmen over a year to develop this patented setting. A glittering, radiating pattern of 160 baguette-cut diamonds (4.90cts) feature on the dial, with a triangular emerald jewel marking 12 o’clock – framed by diamond set lugs and a diamond-tipped crown.

Beneath the dial lies the Graff Calibre 4, a movement exclusive to Graff Luxury Watches. Incorporating a complex minute ball bearing system it enables the tourbillon to operate under a minimal thickness of just 3.5mm.

Technical details
Movement: Hand wound Graff Calibre 4
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds with flying tourbillon
Case: 43mm rose gold set with 128 diamonds, 5.90cts or platinum
Dial: Fully set with 160 diamonds, 4.90cts and 1 triangle cut emerald
Water Resistance: 3 ATM
Strap: Black crocodile
Total Diamonds: 288 diamonds, 10.80cts

Graff Luxury Watches – FLORALGRAFF

Graff’s latest floral evolution takes the form of the FloralGraff, an exquisitely feminine ladies watch. A beautifully simple, mosaic inspired design forms the outline of each blossoming petal, represented by a delicate trail of pavé diamonds paired with a striking arrangement of 8-perfectly shaped and polished cabochon sapphires, emeralds or rubies (6.40cts).

An ornate mother of pearl dial, inlaid with a radial motif and decorated with further gemstones completes the piece, while an exquisite diamond-set buckle fastens the FloralGraff to the wearer’s wrist.

Technical details
Movement: Quartz
Functions: Hours and minutes
Diamonds: 120 Diamonds
Gemstones: 17 Sapphires (3.28cts) / 17 Emeralds (2.76cts)/ 17 Rubies (3.18cts)
Strap: Blue satin strap / Black satin strap


Graff, the world renowned diamond and luxury jewellery group announces its entry into the ever increasing dive watch market with a sparkling timepiece designed for elite clientele who like deep ocean adventures.

The ScubaGraff from Graff Luxury Watches embodies the signature features of Graff timepieces, making it instantly recognisable and representative of time-honoured craftsmanship and traditional techniques. Each watch is crafted in Geneva, the international capital of luxury timepieces -enriched with distinctive characteristics in keeping with its underwater vocation.

True to Graff Diamonds’ fine jewellery origins its iconic design incorporates a uniquely facetted case inspired by the timeless yet contemporary classic cut of a single brilliant-cut diamond, accompanied by a triangular-cut emerald set at 12 o’clock and a diamond-tipped crown.


The ScubaGraff incorporates a mechanical self-winding Graff Calibre 2 movement designed exclusively, developed and built in Switzerland for Graff – and displays a comfortable 50-hour power reserve. The reverse ofthe timepiece features a hand-engraved octopus motif that is also reflected on the elaborate folding clasp of the strap.

Its contrasting chocolate DLC case is distinguished by raised applied rose gold numerals, which further highlight its gleaming facets.

The aesthetic charm of this piece does not detract from the sporting nature of a model designed to do far more than just look good on the wrist. Its hands and hour markers are enhanced with luminor ensuring optimal readability, while a decompression valve on the case side and 30-minute countdown indicator enable divers to monitor their remaining dive time and oxygen level.

Guaranteed water-resistant to 300 meters, ScubaGraff is ready for all manner of underwater adventures – this timepiece is a diver’s dream designed to convince any devotee of fine watchmaking to take the plunge.

Technical details
Movement: Self-winding Graff Calibre 2
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds with 30 minute countdown indicator for diving
Case: Chocolate DLC with Rose Gold
Case: Back Octopus Motif
Dial: Chocolate Brown with Sunray Dial
Power Reserve: 50 hours
Water Resistance: 30 ATM/300 meters/1000 feet
Buckle: Chocolate DLC and Rose Gold
Strap: Brown Crocodile and Rubber

Graff Luxury Watches – MasterGraff Grand Date Dual Time Tourbillon

Graff Luxury Watches unveils a world premier; the MasterGraff Grand Date Dual Time Tourbillon, incorporating three magnificent complications for the first time; a flying tourbillon, dual time function and grand date.

Named the Graff Calibre 5, this movement, exclusive to Graff Luxury Watches, took an expert team over 2,000 hours to develop. In addition to its most advanced horological functions which include an instantaneous date change at midnight, the MasterGraff Grand Date Dual Time Tourbillon boasts a unique design. The 43 mm rose gold case has a total thickness of just 9.50mm.

Each MasterGraff Grand Date Dual Time Tourbillon requires over 290 hours of work. Showcasing Graff’s meticulous attention to detail a diamond Graff Icon is perfectly positioned at 12 o’clock, while to the reverse of the watch a transparent sapphire case back ensures the Graff Icon motif on the movement can be viewed by the wearer.

Technical details
Model: MasterGraff Grand Date Dual Time Tourbillon
Movement   Manual
Functions: Hours, minutes, flying tourbillon, instantaneous grand date and dual time
Case: 43mm rose gold
Dial: Black dial with gold indexes
Power Reserve: 60 hours
Strap: Black crocodile

Graff Diamond GyroGraff Limited Edition

This haute jewellery timepiece from Graff boasts a gyroscopic moon phase and a double-axis tourbillon. The bezel is embellished with a mosaic of diamonds in a stunning and patented invisible setting, the work of the jeweller’s master craftsmen using a technique which took one year to perfect. This sculptural composition is formed by three rows of diamonds, with two triangular diamonds surrounding a hexagonal diamond. A triangular emerald lends the ultimate prestige to the guilloché dial, while another diamond adorns the crown at 2 o’clock. The Diamond GyroGraff is proposed in two iterations, in pink gold or in white gold, each a limited series of 20.

The mechanical hand wound movement offers a power reserve up to 60 hours and its indication is displayed by a retrograde power-reserve indicator at 11 o’clock. The black or white guilloche dial features a double-axis tourbillon at 5 o’clock and the gyroscopic moon phase at 8 o’clock.

Technical details
Mechanical hand-wound, 60-hour power reserve

Hours, minutes, double-axis tourbillon, gyroscopic moon phase, power-reserve indicator

White gold or pink gold, 48 mm
Set with 72 diamonds (8.03 carats)
Water-resistant to 30 metres (3 bar / 100 ft)

Black or white guilloché
Double-axis tourbillon at 5 o’clock
Gyroscopic moon phase at 8 o’clock
Retrograde power-reserve indicator at 11 o’clock

Black alligator with Graff exclusive folding clasp

Graff Luxury Watches : The Galaxy Ladies Watch

Graff Diamonds unveils the Graff Galaxy Ladies Watch, a magnificent fusion of design, craftsmanship and Swiss watch making.

Reflecting the design of a stunning Graff jewellery collection, this delicate Ladies watch features a Swiss-made timepiece nestled within an intricate and highly fluid bracelet of scintillating Graff diamonds.

Over 70 diamonds have been individually selected and hand set at the Graff workshops in London, each stone carefully positioned and set at slightly different elevations, reminiscent of the stars in the sky and creating an effect of shimmering movement and life.

The platinum setting of the bracelet links one diamond to the next, echoing the linear design of the constellations in the infinite galaxy, and allowing the purity and brilliance of the incredible diamonds to shine through.Over 30 carats of diamonds on the wrist, the Graff Galaxy Ladies Watch, as timeless as the stars themselves…

Graff Luxury Watches – New Ladies GraffStar

Graff Luxury Watches introduces the new Ladies GraffStar, creating a bold statement of luxury and sophistication with a new larger watch size of 43mm.

With a self-winding movement and balance weight designed exclusively for Graff Luxury Watches, the GraffStar features a stunning bezel set with a mosaic design of trilliant* and triangle cut diamonds evocative of the perfectly cut facets of a Graff diamond.The diamond mosaic continues on the sides of the bezel and lugs, with the top of the lugs remaining in white gold to give the illusion of prongs which hold a diamond in place.

The face displays a beautiful embossed star pattern with a baguette diamond set at each hour and the signature emerald triangle set at 12 o’clock which brings a flash of vibrant colour. A white croco strap and fully pavéd white gold deploying buckle complete this beautiful timepiece, which features over 18 carats of diamonds in total.

* A trilliant cut is a type of gemstone cut, which is triangular, as the name suggests. It is sometimes called trillion, or trillian. The cut comes in two different variations, with curved and uncurved sides. In addition to side variations, the top surface of the cut also varies.

Graff Luxury Watches MasterGraff Tourbillon

Graff Luxury Watches presents the MasterGraff Tourbillon, the pinnacle of the Men’s watch collection hand-crafted and set with over 35 carats of Graff diamonds.

Available in a limited edition of 5 watches, the MasterGraff Tourbillon 47mm is the epitome of true luxury, continuing the Graff Luxury Watches design aesthetic of a faceted bezel to create a stunning illusion of the watch becoming a single magnificent Graff diamond. In the case of the MasterGraff Tourbillon, this luxurious design reaches new heights, displaying a bezel set with 24 diamonds of the finest quality that have been individually selected and cut by Graff diamond cutters in order to fit each facet of the bezel perfectly.

The incredible array of diamonds continues from the bezel to the face, with a sparkling mosaic of invisibly set trapeze and baguette diamonds, the Graff Luxury Watches signature emerald triangle set at 12 o’clock and 7 o’clock and further baguette cut emeralds circling the dial itself. A hidden indulgence of the MasterGraff Tourbillon is the balance weight, bridge and rotor, all of which are also beautifully decorated with baguette diamonds.

This MasterGraff features a tourbillon and self-winding movement made exclusively for Graff and a dial protected by sapphire crystal. A black croco strap and white gold buckle pavéd with 30 diamonds complete the watch, creating a striking balance of luxury and functionality.

Graff Luxury Watches MasterGraff Tourbillon

Designed to the exclusive specifications of Laurence Graff, the MasterGraff Tourbillon is a delicate and intricate mix of aesthetic features: a tourbillon carriage secured to a sapphire plate provides elegant transparency, whilst the movement’s bridges, bars and oscillating weight display precise faceting, reminiscent of beautifully cut Graff diamonds.

MasterGraff is available in several limited editions: thirty models in both 18kt white or pink gold; twenty models in white gold set with 217 diamonds totalling 16.50 carats; and five models in platinum, set with 24 large diamonds totalling 28.80 carats.

MasterGraff Tourbillon white gold
MasterGraff Tourbillon Techno time
MasterGraff Tourbillon Diamonds
MasterGraff Tourbillon Black DLC

The MasterGraff tourbillon may also be set with selections, or combinations, of rubies, emeralds and sapphires. The MasterGraff sport edition is available in two models, both of black DLC: one with a self-winding movement and one with a hand-wound movement. Each model is limited to 30 pieces.

Graff Luxury Watches – The GraffStar Collection

A distinctive dress watch for ladies and men displaying elegant decorative work refined by patient craftsmanship. The GraffStar’s self-winding mechanical movement provides the hours, minutes and seconds on a discreet white or black dial face enhanced with a star pattern in relief.

GraffStar Rose Gold
GraffStar diamond with white face
GraffStar diamond with black face
GraffStar ladies diamond
GraffStar ladies white gold

GraffStar comes in either 18kt white or pink gold and a special 18kt white gold edition enhanced with diamonds in invisible settings, a version set with either rubies, emeralds or sapphires is also available. All models come equipped with a croco or satin strap in a choice of colours fitted with the exclusive Graff deployment buckle.