Gerald Genta Arena Retrograde with Smiling Disney Mickey Mouse

During Geneva Watch Days 2021, iconic Swiss luxury watch brand Gerald Genta unveiled its Arena Retrograde with Smiling Disney Mickey Mouse limited edition watch.

Gerald Genta Arena Retrograde with Smiling Disney Mickey Mouse

Featuring Disney’s most iconic mouse, the design has become a signature offering of the Gerald Genta brand and the models have become highly sought-after collectors’ items. Gerald Genta has been owned by the Bulgari Group since 2000. The limited edition platinum commemorative version of the brand’s 50th anniversary presented in 2019 was followed in 2020 by a new titanium addition to the Arena collection.

Gerald Genta Arena Retrograde with Smiling Disney Mickey Mouse

The famous mouse appears to be leaping onto the rhodium-plated sunray dial. Its left arm indicates the minutes on a 210-degree retrograde sector meanwhile the jumping hour appears at 5 o’clock.

Gerald Genta Arena Retrograde with Smiling Disney Mickey Mouse

This automatic mono-retrograde movement has a 42-hour power reserve, housed in the distinctive historical 41 mm-diameter Gerald Genta Arena round polished stainless steel case.

Gerald Genta Arena Retrograde with Smiling Disney Mickey Mouse

Gerald Genta Arena Retrograde with smiling Disney Mickey Mouse is a limited edition of just 150 pieces.

Gerald Genta Arena Retrograde with Smiling Disney Mickey Mouse

Technical details

Model: Gerald Genta Arena Retrogade with Smiling Disney Mickey Mouse
Reference: 103613

BVL262 mechanical mono-retrograde movement
Jumping hour aperture at 5 o’clock
Retrograde minutes hand on a 210-degree sector
26.20 mm diameter
28,800 vph
42-hour power reserve

Polished steel case
41 mm diameter
Water-resistant to 100 m
LIMITED EDITION OF 150 engraving the caseback
Fast time-corrector at 9 o’clock
100 m water resistance

Rhodium-plated sunburst dial with minute markers and Mickey Mouse
Lacquered minutes hand with Mickey Mouse arm

Red textured padded rubber strap
Gerald Genta folding clasp in polished stainless steel

Gerald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport

Unveiled at the Geneva Watch Days 2020, the Gérald Genta Arena Bi-Retrograde Sport by Bvlgari pays homage to Gérald Genta, a man who is regarded by many as the most notable watch designer of the 20th century. Housed in the famous chunky, round Arena case – truly representative of Gérald Genta revolutionary spirit – the timepiece features a smooth, wide, curved bezel in brushed titanium.

Gerald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport

The 2020 edition enriches and pursues a long story. The last episode took place in 2019 with the release of the 50th Anniversary model, with an Arena bi-retro watch featuring a platinum bezel and case, blue dial and blue strap. Based on an iconic 1969 design, it bears a reimagined Gérald Genta logo, and is conceived of as a tribute to the brilliance of the man and the significance of his brand to the success of Bvlgari’s watchmaking. This introduction marked the return of Gérald Genta.

Gerald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport

This new Gérald Genta Arena timepiece features jumping hours which are displayed through a window at 12 o’clock, while the minutes are tracked on an arc spanning the top half of the black anthracite dial, across which the minute hand travels and snaps back to zero every 60 minutes. The date is set in a smaller arc at 6 o’clock.

Gerald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport

Powered by the BVL 300 caliber with a bidirectional self-winding movement boasting a 42-hour power reserve, the complex mechanism is visible through the scratch resistant sapphire case back.

The Gerald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport watch comes on a matte black alligator strap with a titanium ardillon buckle.

Gerald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport

Technical details

Model: Gerald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport
Reference 103448

Manufacture mechanical movement bi-retro BVL 300 caliber with automatic winding (bidirectional)
Jumping hours, retrograde minutes (210°) and date (180°)
42 hours power reserve, 28’800 VpH (4Hz)
Diameter: 26.20 mm, thickness: 6.10 mm.

Case and dial
43mm brushed titanium case (12 mm thick) and crown
Water-resistant up to 100m
Black and anthracite dial with yellow indexes and hands

Matte black alligator strap with titanium ardillon buckle

Gérald Genta Arena Metasonic

The Arena Metasonic is an exclusive work of Gérald Genta. It is an ultimate evolution of the Arena Grande Sonnerie watch created by the Maestro. It was launched as a wristwatch in 1994 and regularly improved since. The in-house developed Grand Sonnerie complication now sports a revolutionary case. Merging new materials and enhanced construction, Arena Metasonic makes enchanting melodies.

Among Sonnerie (striking) watches, a distinction is made between repetitions – at quarters, at 5 minutes and, most often, at minutes – and Grand Sonneries which generate up to 35,040 déclenchements (triggers) per year.

The Grand Sonneries which strike the hours and quarters in passing are systematically coupled with the minute repeater function which rings the hours, quarters and minutes on demand. We then hear successively the hours on a low gong, the quarters on 2, 3 or 4 gongs, and the minutes on a high gong. At Gérald Genta, Grandes Sonnerie is a specialty that has long been mastered.

Gérald Genta Arena Metasonic watch

All the Gérald Genta Grandes Sonnerie wristwatches are exceptionally complex. With their four hammers and their carillon Westminster chimes with different melodies for each quarter, they represent 15 years of unparalleled prowess and they are all the more remarkable as they are developed on tourbillon movements.

The Grand Sonnerie watches currently produced include around 850 pieces in the manual version, 950 in the automatic version, 1,100 in the version with a perpetual calendar, and it takes nearly a year of work to produce just one. 61 pieces came from Gérald Genta workshops from 1994 to today.

Gérald Genta allows all the extravagances in the dressing of watches. In the same way it maintains its great respect to the traditional watchmaking. Evidenced by the craftsmanship of its movements, which are part of authentic haute horlogerie, with decorations and finishes still largely handmade.

Among the complex horological mechanisms, Sonneries stand apart. While any other mechanical caliber can now be industrialized, and therefore reproducible identically whatever the predefined criteria, a sonnerie necessarily requires manual retouching.

Gérald Genta Arena Metasonic

The watchmaker acts on the length of the gongs or on their attachment point to obtain the desired notes. In this exercise, it is customary to work with the ear at the risk of never achieving the same result, including when it comes to the same person. Gérald Genta has undertaken to solve the problem and his ringtones have been standardized for 4 years now.

In collaboration with an acoustics laboratory, Gérald Genta has developed exclusive software that allows him to measure the sounds produced, in particular by his Grand Sonneries. Three main criteria were retained. First, the craftsmen measure the intensity or strength of the notes in decibels. To be validated, they must have sufficient intensity to be clearly audible but not too high to preserve the harmonic quality.

Then, they control the tuning or the accuracy of the notes in order to invariably obtain a sol for the hours, do, ré, mi and sol for the different combinations of quarters – precisely: mi-ré-do-sol, ré-sol-mi-do + mi-ré-do sol, mi-do-résol + ré-sol-mi-do + mi-ré-do-sol -, one for the minutes, all in octaves 5 or 6 , serious enough to be melodious.

Finally, the rate or regularity in milliseconds is checked at intervals defined between each hour (628 ms), each quarter (427 ms), and each minute (509 ms). The objective is to ensure a harmonious sequence with distinctly perceptible sounds.

Thanks to these measures, which are completely independent of each other, the Grand Gérald Genta ringtones are now of equal quality. The watchmaker’s alterations are always essential but they converge on common criteria, guaranteeing a unique melody. It takes on average a dozen successive checks to obtain the desired result.

Each Grand Sonnerie reacts in its own way, depending on the volume occupied by the movement in the case and the recesses it contains, the materials chosen and their treatment, the strength of the hammers as well as a multitude of details such as the quality of screws, joints and welds. The gongs are now attached to the middle of the case, and no longer to the movement, which has the effect of increasing the sound volume.

The improvements apply both to the automatic grand strike, presented in the Octo collection since 2003, and to the manual grand strike, an Arena dating from 1999 honored with the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva. The latter is characterized by its movement which fully emphasizes the striking mechanism, presented through a large opening on the dial side, to the left of the off-center hour and minute display.

Gérald Genta Arena Metasonic watch movement

On the back, you can admire the tourbillon and follow the evolution of the power reserves, from 48 hours for the movement, to 24 hours for the striking. A security system locks the crown each time it rings so as to avoid accidentally damaging the striking mechanism.

Having reached the pinnacle of mastery of its grand strike mechanism, Gérald Genta wished to offer it a tailor-made case, specifically developed to enhance its musicality. To do this, it has acquired software, developed in collaboration with a French university, capable of analyzing all kinds of materials. It has produced a system of tests which take account of the density, the modulus of elasticity and the loss coefficient, physical parameters which are decisive in the diffusion of sound, which must be as low as possible.

The first parameter to be taken into account, the density must be less than 5. However, among the metals most used in watchmaking, only titanium meets this requirement. Its density is half that of steel, itself half that of white gold. In terms of modulus of elasticity, estimated to be of superior quality when it is below 100 GPa (GigaPascal), white gold and titanium approach the threshold when the steel moves away from it twice.

As for the loss coefficient, measured with precision in the laboratory – from calibrated bars vibrated by laser under vacuum, without contact and freely damped -, it is lower than the desirable maximum of 0.0002 for gray gold and gray titanium but not steel. It is clear that titanium and gold are surprisingly more efficient than steel which is not very dense, but which absorbs sound more than any other material (high loss coefficient).

Gérald Genta has resolved to aim for excellence by creating an alloy according to the objectives of each parameter, the composition of which will remain secret. Patented and called Magsonic®, it won the palm with 2.7 in density, 71 GPa in elasticity and 0.00008 in loss, or respectively 50%, 30% and 60% better compared to the parameters set as objectives.

Thus, it constitutes the stature of the last of the great house ringtones, for its part called Arena Metasonic. Note that the middle is a crucial element in ring tones because the sound tends to diffuse sideways. It is important to choose a suitable material and to refine it as much as possible.

It will be seen that the quality obtained is even better when the watch is worn, with the back resting on the wrist. In addition, Gérald Genta was able to measure the sound intensity (sound pressure index, force and melody) produced by the different materials using specific test boxes. The result is that, here again, the Metasonic outperforms the others, both in strength (overall intensity of the sounds) and in melody (effective intensity of the desired notes: do, ré, mi and sol).

The Metasonic watch benefits from an original case, itself patented for its construction, inspired by the snare drums. The middle is surrounded by a bezel and a back in grade 5 titanium fixed from the outside, via pillars designed for this purpose. Thus, no screw disturbs the diffusion of sound. The result is also a very original creation, in perfect harmony with the spectacular design of the watches signed Gérald Genta.

The construction has been made waterproof because, contrary to popular belief, the sound is not better in a non-waterproof watch. It may even be disturbed when exiting through the bottlenecks formed by the air passages around the winding pushers. Some old pocket watches solved the problem by distributing openings all around, a solution of course unsuitable for wristwatches.

The innovations presented here by Gérald Genta are a contemporary response to raising the level of quality like never before. They are the first to emerge from a particularly ambitious research and development program.

The Arena Metasonic, 46mm in diameter at the middle, 50mm in total, features polished vertical surfaces and satin-finished horizontal surfaces. The watch comes fitted with an ostrich strap. The crown bears the individual watch number and the ringing controls, allowing the switch to grand strike, small strike, minute repeater or silent mode, are easily accessible on the opposite side.

On the move, Gérald Genta inaugurates a decor with a wavy pattern in a nod to the propagation of sound. The jewels are in white sapphire for the sake of harmony with the set which, exceptionally, does not receive the old gold treatment of the Potter finish.

The Arena Metasonic is delivered in a glass safety box, in which it is invisible until the owner activates the biometric button programmed for him.

Gerald Genta Arena Tourbillon Retrograde Hours (2008)

More stature, more straight lines and more contrast – this Arena watch accentuates the masculine side of its nature. It goes on the offensive to revive the look of the characteristic Gérald Genta tourbillon and retrograde hours movement.

A bold brand, an ever-astonishing watch. With its 45 mm diameter (as compared to 41 mm previously) the Arena line’s case with its grooved caseband is one of the largest on the market. It is even more amazing in this extremely luxurious version featuring a platinum structure and a palladium bezel– a precious pairing that subtly makes use of the nuance between the grey and white reflections. Palladium in its pure state gleams with a luminous clarity that Gérald Genta has enjoyed using since being the first to choose this metal to adorn its watch exteriors.

On the multi-layer dial, the retrograde numbers are displayed in polished, rhodium-plated appliques on a circular, brushed, tantalum-coloured arc, while the minutes follow a circle punctuated by transferred white hour-markers. Both the hours and the minutes are ticked off by masculine-looking dagger-shaped skeleton hands. The background features a skilfully openworked satin-brushed grey metal grid which makes a striking contrast with the “old gold” colour of the seconds hand, the decorative screw heads and the Potter-finish movement.

The tourbillon appearing through a generous opening at 6 o’clock is topped with an elongated bridge that has been specifically redesigned along more sporty lines. Overall, the skeleton-type dial built on several levels reflects the high degree of sophistication of the mechanism driving the watch.

The movement, which is developed and built within the Manufacture and comprises some 400 parts, embodies tried and tested expertise. Gérald Genta was indeed among the first brands to make a self-winding tourbillon in 1990. This model is remarkable due to its thinness (5.9 mm), its considerable power reserve (64 hours) and the perfectly integrated retrograde hours.

It boasts all the finishing touches characteristic of Haute Horlogerie, such as circular graining, bevelling, polishing, circular brushing, straightening and hand-drawn sides. At the end of the production process, it is immersed in a galvanic bath that gives it the “old gold” colour, inspired by vintage movements. The famous “Potter finish” developed by Gérald Genta exalts the beauty of the fine workmanship that may be admired through the sapphire crystal caseback.

Gerald Genta Gefica Kilimanjaro Limited Edition

Swiss luxury watch maker Gérald Genta presents a new white-clad Gefica Mount Kilimanjaro, a mysterious new model issued in a strictly limited edition of 100.

Its everlasting snows make a striking contrast with the dry savannah stretches of the Tanzania plateaus. Kilimanjaro is a legendary mountain and an icon of time-honoured traditional arts and magic.

Gérald Genta has now drawn inspiration from this stunning landmark in creating an eminently contemporary Gefica with a white dial and strap, evoking the glaciers and snow patches scattered across the sides of the “roof of Africa”. Its towering peak affords panoramic views of ochre coloured dry grasslands spread out around it like a bronze disc. The unique character of this special edition reveals the majestic and untamed nature of an exceptional timepiece made of ice and fire.
At its birth in 1988, the Gefica was entirely sculpted from bronze, a primitive material unknown in watchmaking. Chosen for its natural matt appearance, bronze also features the property of acquiring a unique patina over time and of enjoying a life of its own on the wrist of the watch owner. This charm is as potent as ever in the new Gefica launched in 2007 and distinguished by beaded titanium rings surrounding the case middle and the crown.
Its flared case, extending from 42.5 mm in diameter on the wrist to 46.5 mm on the surface, is suited to a wide range of wearers. Its dial dips towards the centre via a concave outer ring with a curved central seconds hand gliding over it.
At the heart of this complex structure lie a favourite Genta combination of functions: jumping hours along with retrograde minutes and date. These complications are driven by the self-winding Biretro movement in this horological creation enhanced by the concentric circular graining and Potter finish (old gold colour) that can be admired through the sapphire crystal case-back.

Gérald Genta Octo Retro Joaillerie Watch

The Octo Retro Joaillerie watch presents the icon Gérald Genta movement performing in an original choreography. For the very first time, the hours jump in a window positioned at 11 o’clock and the retrograding minutes move to and fro across a 180° arc of a circle arranged around the bezel. The ballet of time in complete harmony with the radiating motif adorning the watch dial.

Dial and bezel merge beneath a slinky, tapering motif. The scale-covered lines feature the shimmering glow of translucent enamel, lighting up the diamond-pavé paths. The striking contrast exudes the very essence of Gérald Genta, a dating brand that loves to explore contemporary design horizons and to use unexpected combinations of shapes, colours and materials.

Exclusive Gérald Genta model, entirely hand-decorated self-winding movement, jumping hours and retrograde minutes. 45-hour power-reserve. White gold case (Ø 39 mm) with engraved and black-enamelled bezel set with 22 diamonds (0.066 cts). Black enamelled dial set with 177 diamonds (0.533 cts). Beaded crown with onyx cabochon, open case-back secured with pentagonal screws. Exclusive Gérald Genta strap in white alligator leather with folding clasp. Water-resistant to 10 atm.

The Octo Retro Joaillerie majestically bears the unmistakable hallmark of Gérald Genta. The exclusive self-winding complication movement with jumping hours and retrograde minutes is housed within an opulent Octo case measuring 39 mm in diameter. Clothed in enamel and diamonds while retaining its peerlessly original character, it looks every inch the nonconformist star.

This stunning creation comes in red gold adorned with a motif composed of green enamel and black diamonds. A white gold variation features black enamel and white diamonds. Both are fitted with crocodile leather straps that extend the theme of scales. These fascinating Gérald Genta creations are clearly destined for women of strong character.

Exclusive Gérald Genta model, entirely hand-decorated self-winding movement, jumping hours and retrograde minutes. 45-hour power-reserve. Red gold case (Ø 39 mm) with engraved and green-enamelled bezel set with 22 diamonds (0.066 cts). Green-enamelled dial set with 177 diamonds (0.533 cts). Beaded crown with onyx cabochon, open case-back secured with pentagonal screws. Exclusive Gérald Genta strap in green alligator leather with folding clasp. Water-resistant to 10 atm.

Technical details
References: ORJ.X.50.999.CE.BD.S81 & ORJ.X.60.999.CD.BD.S80

Calibre number: GG 1002
Power-Reserve: 45 hours
Mechanism: Jumping hours + Retrograde minute
Height: 5.28 mm
Diameter: 26.20 mm
Vibrations: 28’800 A/h.
Balance: 3-arms Cuproberyllium ring Spiral
Balance-spring: Flat
Escapement: Lever
Jewelling: 26 jewels
Special finishing on movement: Concentric “perlage” and KC2900 color

White gold or Red gold 5N18
Diameter: 39,00 mm
Thickness: 11,70 mm
Distance between lugs: 28,00 mm
Water Resistance: 10ATM

Material :White gold setted 177 diamonds 0.533 carats TW VS to VVS – Black enamel (white gold case) or Red gold 5N18 setted 177 black diamonds 0.533 carats – Green enamel (red gold 5N case)

White gold setted 22 diamonds 0.066 carats TW VS to VVS or Red gold 5N18 setted 22 black diamonds 0.066 carats

White alligator (white gold case) or Green alligator (red gold 5N case)

Gérald Genta Octo Blue Note

This Octo Blue Note is the first Octo Biretro model to be issued in a special boutique edition. To mark the occasion, it beats to the tune of red gold, echoing the colour of wind instruments, along with a particularly jazzy blue note. Ready to swing!

The Octo Blue Note that Gérald Genta has designed to appeal to customers of its exclusive boutiques radiates vibrant originality. A subtle blue octagon shape surrounding the jumping hour sets the crowning touch to a dial that is cleverly partitioned against a black lacquered background. The retrograde minutes are counted off by an openworked dauphine hand moving along a compartmentalised track, while the retrograde date is shown by the tip of a solid dauphine hand on a continuous path. The colours and architectural design of this model lend an elegant cadence to this harmonious blues-style musical score.

The creation is housed within Octo cases measuring 39 or 42.5 millimetres in diameter, entirely crafted in solid red gold. An onyx cabochon adorns the model’s signature beaded crown. Through the sapphire crystal case-back, one can admire the self-winding “Potter finish” movement featuring an “old gold” shade reminiscent of olden-day movements. A “blue note” alligator leather strap further reinforces the jazzy personality of this special edition.

The distinguished Octo Blue Note is reserved for the four boutiques that Gérald Genta has opened since 2007. Be sure to visit one in Geneva, Paris, Hong Kong or Shanghai in order to discover this first model of its kind, issued in a limited edition of 25 in the small size and 25 in the larger size.

Gérald Genta Mickey Tokyo Resort Watch

Mickey, who made his first appearance for the first time in 1928, is celebrating its 80th anniversary around the world. In Tokyo, Gérald Genta is making him the hero of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Disney Resort.

On its dark grey dial rimmed by a black lacquered flange, Mickey overturns the traditional time and date display mode. In the foreground, he leaps up to hang the Tokyo Disney Resort anniversary diamond in its favourite place, namely where the figure 25 usually appears on the retrograde minute semi-circle. In doing so, the playful mouse causes the jumping hour to shift to the left.

Moreover, his flight of fancy also shakes up the retrograde date display which is appearing for the first time in the Gérald Genta Fantasy collection dedicated to Walt Disney. The function is handled by a second Mickey standing in the lower part of the dial and proudly pointing with his articulated hand to the days marked off on a curve that slackens off at its peak.
The Mickey Tokyo Resort watch is powered by a self-winding Haute Horlogerie movement equipped with a solid gold oscillating weight. The hand-decorated mechanism features the distinctive Gérald Genta “antique gold” colour known as the Potter finish. It can be admired through the back of a particularly light case with a fluted middle. Crafted from titanium, it is teamed with a sporty rubber strap.
A certificate of authenticity confirms the official nature of this edition commemorating the 80th anniversary of Mickey’s film career and the 25th anniversary of the Tokyo Disney Resort. The limited run of 80 is bound to be eagerly sought after throughout Japan.

Gérald Genta Gefica Blue Note

The second watch produced exclusively for the Gérald Genta boutiques in Geneva, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai adopts the “blue note” introduced in the first. The fascinating blue shade of the dial and the alligator leather strap adds a decidedly hip touch to the bronze and titanium construction.

At its birth in 1988, the Gefica was entirely sculpted from bronze, a primitive material unknown in watchmaking. Chosen for its natural matt appearance, bronze also features the property of acquiring a unique patina over time and of enjoying a life of its own on the wrist of the watch owner.

This charm is as potent as ever in the new Gefica launched in 2007 and distinguished by beaded titanium rings surrounding the case middle and the crown. Its flared case, extending from 42.5 mm in diameter on the wrist to 46.5 mm on the surface, is suited to a wide range of wearers.

Its dial dips towards the centre via a concave outer ring with a curved central seconds hand gliding over it. At the heart of this complex structure lie a favourite Genta combination of functions: jumping hours along with retrograde minutes and date.

These complications are driven by the self-winding Biretro movement in this horological creation enhanced by the concentric circular graining and Potter finish (old gold colour) that can be admired through the sapphire crystal case-back.

Gérald Genta Octo Minute Repeater

The brand acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of striking watches has developed a new movement driving an exceptional Minute Repeater model, the first in the world to be associated with jumping hour and retrograde minute functions, in a collection issued exclusively in limited editions of one.

It’s been more than 30 years since Gérald Genta revived the popularity of striking watches, the incredibly complex mechanical models that tell the time through music. Formerly intended for nocturnal use in a world without electricity, they testify to a genius that continues to fascinate connoisseurs of contemporary watchmaking art. On request, a minute repeater model strikes the hours, quarters and minutes – each hour on a low-pitched note, each quarter on alternating low and high-pitched notes, and each minute on a high-pitched note. Gérald Genta watches chime the Gs and Cs at an optimally musical cadence. At 11:59, the 31 notes required ring out in about 15 seconds, a period that is neither too lengthy nor too rushed and creates a tune that is both melodiously and clearly audible.

The Octo Minute Repeater features baroque-inspired ornamental dials adorned with multiple geometrical motifs. Red or black lacquered, engraved in white or red gold, they form typically sophisticated Gérald Genta compositions each of which is produced in a limited edition of one. The jumping hour appears through an aperture cut-out in the traditional 9 o’clock position, while the retrograde minutes move across a 180° semi-circle exactly opposite. The brand’s signature read-off style is thus both instinctive and easy.

The Octo cases reserved for this exceptional edition are crafted in red or white gold with polished middles and satin-brushed bezels. On the surfaces, polished studs punctuate the sweeping run of the retrograde minutes. On the other side, a key of G sign discreetly signals the minute repeater pusher that replaces the conventional sliding bolt in order to ensure the case is perfectly water resistant, and also matches the beaded winding crown. Onyx and hawk’s eye cabochons subtly distinguish one from the other.

The self-winding movement constitutes a new feat from the Manufacture Gérald Genta. It is to date the only calibre to combine minute repeater, jumping hour and retrograde minutes, and its construction is remarkably slender. The central minute repeater calibre is the thinnest in the world (3.12 mm thick) and complete with the oscillating weight and the jumping hour-retrograde minute plate measures a mere 7.38 mm in all. Thanks to this major technical accomplishment, the watch itself features an extremely moderate size. Its undeniable elegance is further enhanced by the pleasure of hearing it chime with a delightfully resonant tone stemming from over five years of pioneering acoustic research conducted by the brand.

The innovative Grand Complication is sublimated by a hand-engraved personalised decorative pattern reflecting the style of the dials and extending over the bridges featuring twelve segments evoking the twelve hours. This refined touch complements the traditional fine watchmaking finishes such as bevelling, polishing, circular satin brushing and hand-drawn flanks, as well as the concentric circular graining and the “Potter finish” old gold colour typical of Gérald Genta movements. This work of art may be admired through a sapphire crystal case-back, complete with its solid gold oscillating weight exquisitely open-worked around a signature G motif.

Gérald Genta Octo Black Limited

In keeping with the current trend for styling pared down to essentials, Gérald Genta has coated the entire surface of the Octo Biretro in black lacquer. This apparent simplicity highlights the architectural eccentricity of an iconic collection, and represents an exception for the brand, which has chosen to produce it in four strictly limited series.

The Octo collection is a benchmark in the Gérald Genta universe. The cleverly structured octagonal shape exemplifies a design that was and has remained resolutely avant-garde. Year after year, it stays one step ahead of the crowd and on the cutting edge of trends. Appearing here with a black-lacquered dial, the Biretro model presents a deceptively unassuming appearance. This monochrome approach accentuates the daring lines and dimensions of the case, along with the sophisticated structure of the hour, minute and date displays.

This version provides a whole new vision of the Octo line’s signature finely partitioned dial, along with the intensity of the lacquer applied in successive layers to the various cavities before being hand polished to achieve a perfectly smooth surface. The Octo Black Limited models are both inimitably elegant and delightfully eccentric, with an ultra-modern masculine-feminine appearance.

At Gérald Genta, the Biretro movement created in 1996 is in itself a flagship calibre symbolising the brand’s inventive approach to complications. The jumping-hour window is cleverly associated with the overlapping pointer-type retrograde minute and date indications. At the heart of the Octo, the date displayed on the arc of a circle at 6 o’clock forms a stylised figure eight with the central octagon, surrounded by the staggered partitioned tracks of the minute numerals.

These sophisticated and yet easily legible geometrical displays are driven by a self-winding calibre decorated according to high-end traditions and featuring distinctive Gérald Genta touches such as concentric circular graining and the exclusive old gold “Potter finish “. This fine craftsmanship may be admired through a sapphire case-back secured by eight pentagonal screws.

The Octo Black Limited  introduced in 2009 come in four limited series with white or red gold cases in X (39 mm-diameter) or Y (42.5 mm-diameter) sizes. The complete edition comprises 15 of each X model, 35 of each Y model in white gold and 60 of the same in red gold. All versions are fitted with a naturally b lack alligator leather strap.

Gérald Genta Octo Tourbillon Sunray

As an archetype of the modern approach to watchmaking introduced by Gérald Genta, the Octo (for octagonal) case continues to draw on its good fortune in being born under the sign of the figure 8, regarded as a lucky number in China. Its design celebrates an architectural design placing function in the service of aesthetics by giving pride of place to geometrical shapes, pared-down surfaces and visible frame structures. On this gleaming “solar” model, the additional studs powerfully reinforce the functional nature of the bezel.

The Octo Tourbillon Sunray celebrates the return of yellow gold for Gérald Genta. Its case glows with the radiance of the brilliant-polished middle. It wears a singularly contrasting bezel in satin-brushed gold incrusted with gold studs like a halo. Looking down from its zenith, the “sun watch” focuses the piercing gaze of its hawk’s eye set at the heart of the beaded crown.

The dial composed of two superimposed gold plates affords the sight of an unexpected solar eclipse. Above the black-lacquered base with its minute track hovers an ingeniously cloisonné-worked depiction of the daystar. The luminosity of yellow gold bursts forth from the shade of the black lacquer on four depth-engraved triangles, on the raised retrograde hour numerals, and on the dauphine-shaped hands. Revealed through an octagonal opening at 6 o’clock, the tourbillon is distinguished by a sapphire bridge that makes it seem to be of the flying kind. An anti ultraviolet-ray treatment slows down the drying of oils and thereby prolongs the longevity of the legendary mechanism.

The tourbillon is a long-established speciality for Gérald Genta, which was one of the first brands to produce a self-winding tourbillon mechanism in 1990. The one powering the Octo Tourbillon Sunray comprises a perfectly integrated retrograde hour display and boasts a substantial 64-hour power reserve. It is also remarkable in terms of its slender construction (5.9 mm thick).

Developed and crafted within the Manufacture, the movement is enriched by signature fine watchmaking finishes such as circular graining, bevelling, polishing, circular satin brushing or hand-drawn flanks. In an ultimate touch of class, it is clothed in the classic Gérald Genta “old gold”, the “Potter finish” created by the brand in tribute to the colour of antique movements.

The Octo Tourbillon in yellow gold comes on a deep black creased crocodile leather strap. Prospective owners may choose the pink gold version or the “tri-composite” model with a platinum case middle, tantalum bezel and white gold studs. The latter is further enlivened by a black and red lacquered white gold dial and matching red strap.

Technical details

Automatic tourbillon, GG 9051, 21,600 vib/h, 54 rubies, sapphire tourbillon bridge, UV-treated, 64-hour power reserve

Retrograde hour on 240° sector at 12 o’clock, centre minute

18K yellow gold
Octagonal, 42.5 mm
Satin-finished bezel encrusted with gold countersunk nails
Crown circular-grained with falcon’s-eye cabochon
Antireflective sapphire crystal front and back
Water-resistant to 100 m

18K yellow gold, black lacquer and embossed numerals
Centre minute-track
Tourbillon at 6 o’clock

Black pleated crocodile

Other versions
18K pink gold or tri-composite case with platinum middle, tantalum bezel with gold countersunk nails, black and red-lacquered white gold dial, and red pleated crocodile strap

Gérald Genta Arena Spice Watch

Born into the Arena line famed for its sophisticated mechanisms and contemporary elegance, the Arena Spice features a generous 41 mm-diameter steel case framing a stunningly original mother-of-pearl and brushed sapphire dial rimmed with sparkling diamonds. Together with the black rubber outer bezel and strap, this combination is typical of the Gérald Genta fascination with materials and original associations.

Most importantly of all, however, the classic Gérald Genta technical combination of jumping hours and retrograde minutes has been used to spectacular effect by placing a representation of Itten’s circle below the dial. In his major book on colour theory, Elements of Colour, Johannes Itten said that “colours are the children of light and light is their mother.

Light, that first phenomenon of the world, reveals to us the spirit and living soul of the world through colours”. In applying this principle based on wrapping the colour spectrum onto a circle to create twelve secondary colours from the primary triad, Gérald Genta offers a watchmaking anthem to light and life.

On the unprecedented Arena Spice watch, as each jumping hour moves into the aperture at 6 o’clock, it is accompanied by its own specific shade, giving this watch a life of its own that subtly plays on the whole spectrum of human emotions.

Women enjoy changing outfit to suit their mood and the time of day. Now the Arena Spice gives them a chance to revel in changes of colour simply by observing the steady advance of the hours and by experiencing each and every nuance of a given day… or night.

Speaking of which, the numerals and the pattern of dots on the central dial zone are luminescent, which makes them sparkle like a brilliant star when the lights are low.

Adding to the visual interest, the two upcoming hours appear faintly through brushed sapphire crystal apertures that enable them to store up enough light to ensure the luminescence. Meanwhile, a central seconds hand sweeps steadily around the dial, while the retrograde minute hand is designed with holes to match the progressive size of the dots, contributing to an intriguing almost three dimensional effect.

Arena Spice : RSP.X.10.156.CA.BD.SR1
Mechanical self-winding movement GG 7510, 42-hour power reserve, 28,800 vph
41 mm-diameter case with luminescent dots and hour numerals on a mother-of-pearl and brushed sapphire crystal dial displaying one colour for each hour.

Gérald Genta Octo Mosaïc GMT Perpetual Calendar

Gérald Genta, a major exponent of contemporary Haute Horlogerie, is accustomed to clothing its exclusively complicated movements with daring compositions playing freely on shapes, colours and materials. The exquisitely orchestrated horological mechanisms find a variety of singular expressions through the various world cultures that the brand delights in interpreting. For the Octo Mosaïc, it has drawn inspiration from the Middle East, where artists glorify the decorative arts characterised by an abundance of geometrical motifs and arabesques.

The GMT perpetual calendar is concealed beneath a white gold rosette composed of engine-turned elements. The interwoven lines evoke the tightly arranged gridwork effect of the moucharabiehs often found in Islamic architecture.

All the indications – the hours on the bezel, the second time zone at 12 o’clock, the date and the leap-year cycle at 6 o’clock, the magnified date and month displays at 9 and 3 o’clock respectively – feature the characteristic curves and upstrokes of Arabic calligraphy. A green-lacquered dial base reinforces the identity of the watch, a generously sized Octo model housed in a white gold case and fitted with an alligator leather strap.

As a complement to this glowing tribute to the refinement of Arabic civilisation, Gérald Genta also provides a thoughtful additional touch intended for followers of a religion that can be practised in any place. When it is time for ritual prayers, anyone with an Octo Mosaïc can easily find the direction of Mecca, since the timepiece comes with a high-quality compass and accompanying read-off instructions. Taking this sensitive approach to personal beliefs to its ultimate conclusion, the titanium orientation instrument is so light that it poses no problem for someone dressed in traditional garments.

The set is housed in a luxurious presentation box, naturally equipped with a system that maintains the perpetual calendar in operation even when the watch is not on the wrist. Exclusive by nature like all Gérald Genta creations, it will find a home with one hundred privileged future owners and is to be issued at a rate of around 30 watches each year.

Gerald Genta Octo Place de l’Etoile

This stunning Gerald Genta timepiece pays a glowing tribute to Paris and its famous Place de l’Etoile surrounding the Arc de Triomphe, from which twelve prestigious avenues radiate in a rigorously symmetrical pattern. Among them is the Champs Elysées, which one can easily imagine at the centre of this perspective symbolised by Gérald Genta.
Octo Place de l’Etoile is a brilliantly daring jewellery watch blending shapes, colours and materials in the brand’s distinctively avant-garde spirit. The avenues fan out in a vanishing perspective towards the jumping hour aperture, deliberately placed at 11 o’clock in this model. They alternate between diamond-set (totalling 199 gems in all) and enamel-coated motifs that extend over onto the bezel. The construction evokes the historical cobbled streets of Paris. The unexpected use of the colour mauve imbues this creation with a strange sense of solemnity.
The design offers an unusual twist on the celebrated self-winding movement in the Gérald Genta collection. In addition to the jumping hour display set at an unprecedented angle, the retrograde minutes are inscribed over a 180° arc on the bezel. A clever way of endowing the design with exceptional amplitude.
Octo Place de l’Etoile combines jewellery and watchmaking innovations within a generously sized octagonal case (measuring 39 mm in diameter) crafted in red gold. Meanwhile, the bracelet lends an original touch not only because of its mauve colour matching the dial, but also through the texture of Aqualino, a watersnake leather graced with scales reminiscent of paving stones.

Some may nonetheless prefer the all black-and-white version – white gold case, white diamond and black enamel motif, black crocodile leather strap – which was the first to honour Paris. That was back in 2007 when Gérald Genta inaugurated its flagship boutique in the French capital’s Rue de la Paix.

Gerald Genta Octo Ultimate Fantasy Mickey Mouse Tourbillon

The Mickey character created by Walt Disney in 1928 has been accompanying Gérald Genta in its flights of fancy since the 1980s. Having first appeared on various purely playful quartz watches, before moving upscale within the prestigious world of mechanical horology, he now celebrates his 80th birthday by reaching the very pinnacle of the watchmaking art.

At Gérald Genta, which enjoys adopting a provocative approach to watchmaking, fantasy deserves to take pride of place and the brand is now granting its pal Mickey a prime spot at the centre of one of the most precious creations ever produced in his honour. Thus enthroned on the tourbillon, he enjoys a perfect view of the retrograde hour display.

For the past couple of decades, Gérald Genta has been one of the rare watch manufacturers to have its own tourbillon. It was also one of the first to produce a self-winding model in 1990.

In the Octo Ultimate Fantasy, the tourbillon was suspended from a sapphire bridge that is hidden from sight so as to create the illusion of a flying tourbillon. This arrangement renders it even more exquisitely beautiful while not increasing its vulnerability, and its longevity is ensured by an anti-UV coating. The slender movement (a mere 5.90 mm thin) is endowed with a 64-hour power reserve and the brand signature retrograde hour display is perfectly integrated.

This tourbillon movement, entirely made within the Manufacture Gérald Genta, is graced with an array of high-end hand-crafted finishes: bevelling, circular graining, polishing, truing and drawing. The parts are treated to an exquisitely soft patinated or vintage gold colour, a gorgeous and exclusive Gérald Genta touch referred to as a “Potter” finish in tribute to the traditional watchmaking values that Gérald Genta consistently upholds. The solid gold oscillating weight is distinguished by its original raised “Mickey’s head” motif.

While it makes a nod to the octagonal case that first welcomed Mickey, the Ultimate Fantasy complication model radiates a strikingly modern aura within the current Octo collection. The skilfully structured platinum case is topped by a tantalum bezel and opts for a combination of materials such as Gérald Genta often favours, complete with a red creased crocodile leather strap.

The white gold split-level dial features a red, black and white decor and an ultimate subtle touch in the shape of a retrograde hour display designed to ensure it never spoils the view of the tourbillon. The boldly precious Octo Ultimate Fantasy unites two legends – Mickey Mouse and the tourbillon – in an exceptional limited edition of 25 watches.

Technical details
Reference OTF.Y.76.340.CR.BD

Calibre number GG9051 GG9051
Power-Reserve: 64 hours
Mechanism: Tourbillon +Retrograde hours
Introduced: 2008
Rotor: 22K gold Mickey face
Height: 5.90 mm
Diameter: 29.00 mm
Vibrations: 21’600 vph
Balance: 2-arms with screws
Balance-spring: Flat
Escapement: In line lever Tourbillon
Jewelling: 54 jewels
Special finishing on movement: Circular-graining and specialcolour

Case, dial and strap
Case: Platinum 950 (polished)
Diameter: 42,50 mm
Thickness:11,95 mm
Distance between lugs: 31,00 mm
Dial material: White gold.
Bezel: Tantalus (satin-brushed)
Bracelet: Folded alligator
Water-resistance: 10 atm

Gérald Genta Arena White Spice

The Arena Spice White watch glorifies immaculate whiteness and the geometrical purity of circles, it beats to the tune of material mixes, particularly the rubber and diamond association that Gérald Genta introduced to the world of Haute Horlogerie 15 years ago – and it is flavoured by a parade of colourful touches.

Here comes the brand-new Arena Spice inspired by the fashion designers of André Courrèges and Paco Rabanne, and by the emblematic design of the 1970s. The extravagant style of the era is now wonderfully revived in the bold, bright world of Gérald Genta.

First launched in 2007 with modern women in mind, the Arena Spice watch epitomises luxury in an elegantly relaxed manner. The generously sized (41 mm-diameter) case is topped by a half-precious, half-casual bezel adorned with diamonds nestling within a rubber ring. The same natural material makes the strap delightfully supple, switching this year from black to white for this mischievously youthful creation.

The subtle dial features thus appear in an astonishing new light. Black provides a discreet backdrop to underscore the outline of the white numerals shining in the darkness. The white mother-of-pearl centre enlivened by luminescent dots exalts its exquisite femininity. Meanwhile, the colours changing from hour to hour on a chromatic circle inspired by the work of Swiss painter Johannes Itten appear to literally leap out of the dial.

The play of lights and colours highlights the jumping hour and retrograde minute displays, a trademark feature of Gérald Genta complication models. The colourful hours turn steadily and show up in threes, indicated by open-worked dots.

While the exact time appears in the spotlight, the other two are veiled by frosted sapphire windows. The minutes are displayed across a semi-circle by means of a hand with holes to match the dots on the dial, setting the final touch of perfection to the exquisitely harmonious overall effect.

The Arena White Spice is a feminine watch bearing the inimitable Gérald Genta signature. Like all the other creations by the brand, it is a complication watch with a daring charm that enhances its distinctive appeal.

Gerald Genta Arena Tourbillon Snow White

For the first time in its history, Gérald Genta is whirling women into the spinning “tourbillon” dance of time. The legendary mechanism performs its fascinating revolution at the heart of a dazzling “milky way”, representing the ultimate in elegance and refinement.

The Arena watch with retrograde hours and tourbillon by Gérald Genta is transformed into a feminine icon interpreted with exquisite delicacy. As the gaze is drawn inwards, the movement reveals its tender “old gold” colour, an exclusive feature that the brand refers to as a Potter finish. Above it sits an openworked plate adorned with screws and leaving ample space for the tourbillon and the seconds display.

The dominant grey metal, circular brushed on the surface of the grid and polished on the modernised tourbillon bridge, is accented with some warm old gold touches on the screw heads and the seconds circle. The delicate dial composition is complemented by a snow-white retrograde hour arc of a circle and a minute circle.

They respectively feature stamped hour-markers and applied rhodium-plated polished numerals. In a final subtle touch, the hands are skeletonised to preserve the architectural harmony distinguishing the face of the Arena Tourbillon Snow White.

The creation appears bathed in the light radiating from its particularly luxurious exterior. Gérald Genta has used the most precious metals in order to create the kind of original combination for which it is renowned. The brand has treated the Arena Tourbillon Snow White to a platinum case and diamond-set palladium bezel, while the naturally white strap is in genuine crocodile leather.

The masterpiece housed within the Arena Tourbillon Snow White deserved an equally stunning showcase. The self-winding tourbillon movement is technically remarkable in terms of its slenderness (5.90 mm thick), its large power reserve (64 hours) and the perfect integration of its retrograde hour display. Already ranked high on the scale of complications in which Gérald Genta watchmakers are acknowledged specialists, it takes on truly exceptional value at the hands of the craftsmen who perform the finishing. Circular graining, bevelling, polishing, circular satin polishing, straightening, drawn-out flanks: everything is hand-crafted in keeping with the noblest traditions. That which is hidden is fully worthy of what is visible, just as one would expect from the degree of authentic Haute Horlogerie that is attracting more and more women these days.

Technical details
Reference: ATR.X.75.918.CD.BD and ATR.X.75.918.CD.BD.S02

Calibre number :GG9053
Power-Reserve: 64 hours
Mechanism: Tourbillon +Retrograde hours
Introduced: 2008
Height: 5.90 mm
Diameter: 29.00 mm
Vibrations: 21’600 A/h.
Balance: 2-arms with screws
Balance-spring :Flat
Escapement: In line lever Tourbillon
Jewelling: 54 jewels
Special finishing on movement: Spéciale Concentric “perlage” and special color

Case, dial and strap
Case: Platinium 950 (polished + fluted)
Diameter: 41,00 mm
Thickness: 13,15 mm
Distance between lugs: 20,00 mm
Dial material: Brass white laquered
Bezel: Palladium 950 (satin-brushed);Palladium 950 setted 102 diamonds 2.93 carats TW VS to VVS
Bracelet: Alligator
Water-resistant :10 atm

Gerald Genta Theodora Foundation One of a Kind Watch (2007)

In 2007, Gérald Genta created a one-of-a-kind watch to be auctioned on behalf of the Theodora Foundation which brings a little pleasure into hospital wards around Switzerland.

While acquiring and consolidating its avant-garde image through watch collections that are loved and appreciated by trendsetters, collectors and connoisseurs, Gérald Genta has also continued to cultivate a particularly playful expression of its expertise through its Fantasy Line.

Depicting various Disney characters on colourful dials feature unique the brand’s unique combination of jumping hour and retrograde minute displays, these delightful watches are an opportunity for adults to remember the child that lingers inside every human soul. It was thus entirely natural for Gérald Genta to be drawn to the work of the Theodora Foundation and to draw inspiration from it for a unique watch.

Founded in 1993, the Theodora Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation devoted to brightening sick children’s time in hospital by financing and organising bedside visits by professional clowns who offer them “magical moments of fun, music, stories and laughter”.

As the founders André and Jan Poulie explain, training by leading nursing schools, specialised doctors and artistic directors enables the artists to visit children in paediatric departments, and especially those on long-term stays.

Embodying a truly border-less concept inspired by Michael Christensen (alias Dr. Stubs) of the New York’s Babies and Children’s hospital, the activities of the Theodora Foundation now span nine countries and cater to the needs of hundreds of thousands of children each year.

Its split-level white-lacquered dial features a playfully intricate ring motif graced with 13 different colours reflecting the Theodora Foundation logo. Each colour is individually applied and then successively dried in the oven, making 13 separate firings.

This fascinating geometrical and chromatic work of art is highlighted by a sparkling row of brilliant-cut diamonds circling the bezel. Powered by a self-winding movement with central hour and minute hands echoing the ring pattern, a 42-hour power reserve and the brand’s trademark 30-second retrograde seconds display complete with dedicated red pointer, it offers a technically sophisticated horological interpretation of a timeless design theme.

This model embodies the perfect Gérald Genta mix of serious watchmaking and inventively fun designs, completely in tune with the philosophy of the Theodora Foundation which is totally serious about bringing a touch of fun into the lives of children who so desperately need it.

The Théodora Foundation was born in Switzerland, in 1993, at the initiative of André and Jan Poulie. It is thus named in tribute to their mother, Théodora, who managed to brighten André’s daily life as a child during an extended hospital stay. The mission of its Dream doctors is to care for sick children through laughter.

They currently operate in over 40 establishments around Switzerland and the concept has been taken up in eight other countries. In all, around 30 specifically trained professional artists pay regular visits to 95 hospitals or specialised institutions and adapt their clown shows to the situation of each child they meet, around 220,000 times a year.

Gérald Genta, an Haute Horlogerie brand well versed in the use of humour, was naturally inclined to support the Théodora Foundation. For the second year running, it is donated a one-of-a-kind watch to the auction on its behalf. This self-winding ladies’ watch displays the hours and the minutes by central hands, and the seconds on one of the brand’s typical retrograde counters, appearing at 6 o’clock.

The particularly entertaining dial features a richly colourful and complex composition set against a white lacquered background. The thirteen individually rings appear on various levels and are individually coloured using a sophisticated technique. This enchanting decorative effect is further magnified by a circle of diamonds set on the bezel of the white gold case

Gerald Genta – Arena Biretro and Arena Chrono Quattro Retro

The sporty Biretro and Chrono Quattro Retro take on an extremely chic appearance in their new red gold attire.

Within the Arena collection, the steel used on the original models has since given way to innovative metals. The Arena Biretro and Arena Chrono Quattro Retro models, measuring an impressive 45 millimetres in diameter, have been showing up in a new outfit each year since 2005.

Each version radiates its own inimitable aura of casual charm: an ultra-light titanium case, or a luxurious typical Gérald Genta mix of materials: gold for the case with its fluted middle, and tantalum for the bezel. In this new version, the white gold turns red, lending the watch a delightfully warm and eccentric charm. The accentuated contrast is reflected on the dials enlivened by the brand’s signature complications.

The Arena Biretro sends luminescent hours jumping past a window at 12 o’clock. In order to be charged with all the light they need, they appear three hours ahead of time beneath an orange-coloured sapphire crystal. The astonishing retrograde minute hand moves over the arc of a circle featuring applied gold numerals, while the identical date display counts off the days against an engine-turned background. All these indications are arranged within an asymmetrical design featuring a sophisticated play on shapes and colours.

The Arena Chrono Quattro Retro models, embodying the quintessence of the grand art of complications according to Gérald Genta, are the first watches to combine a jumping hour with four retrograde functions: minutes at 12 o’clock, bidirectional date display at 6 o’clock, 12-hour and 30-minute counters at 9 and 3 o’clock respectively.

The functions all operate on a sophisticated multi-layered dial that appears in silvery grey, anthracite and black versions enhanced with red gold accents to match the case. The bright red hands stand out boldly against this understated background, reinforcing the unmistakably powerful character of the Gérald Genta brand.

Gerald Genta Arena Perpetual Calendar GMT

With its fluted case middle and protected crown, the round Arena line from Gérald Genta is ready for all kinds of adventures. Since 2004, a dual time-zone display and a perpetual calendar share the stage while forming a sophisticated rosette design. The second time-zone and calendar counters are distinguished by their shared preference for distinguishing between an even-number circle and an odd-number circle. Meanwhile, the days and months are displayed on rotating discs placed on either side.

The new version of the Arena QP GMT features a titanium case topped with a platinum bezel. Light metal and heavy metal form a contrasting matt and brilliant composition that is particularly pleasant to wear. The signature red and black Gérald Genta colours are highlighted on the alligator leather straps and dials designed in a mechanical spirit clearly inspired by the automobile world.

The construction of the multi-layer dial is particularly sophisticated, featuring a perforated base that provides glimpses of the Potter-finished movement. The distinction between the GMT and perpetual calendar displays is accentuated by the use of colours. Harmony reigns through the dagger-shaped hands used for the local hours and minutes as well as for the dual time zone and date. The 2,4,8 and 10 numerals are applied and polished, as are the rims of the day and month counters, echoing the shiny brilliance of the bezel.

On the reverse side, the self-winding movement visible through a sapphire case-back is equipped with a solid gold rotor and graced with exclusive Gérald Genta finishing. The old-gold “Potter” colour and concentric circular graining create a modernised vintage look radiating an air of non-conformist understatement.

Technical details

Model: Arena Perpetual Calendar GMT
Reference: AQG.Y

Calibre number GG7044
Power Reserve: 45 hours
Mechanism: Perpetual calendar + GMT
Introduced in: 2008
Height: 4.98 mm
Diameter: 30.00 mm
Vibrations: 28’800 A/h.
Balance: 3-arm Cuproberyllium ring
Balance-spring: Flat
Escapement: Lever
27 jewels
Special finishing on movement: Circular-graining and special colour

Case, dial and strap
Titanium case
Diameter: 45,00 mm
Thickness: 13,90 mm 13,90 mm
Distance between lugs: 22,00 mm 22,00 mm
Dial: Brass
Bezel: Platinum 950 (Titanium case)
Wristband: Alligator; Deployment buckle in titanium
Water-resistant 10 atm

Gerald Genta Octo Tourbillon Retrograde Hours « Black Spirit »

The Octo Black Spirit watch from Gerald Genta houses a tourbillon movement surrounded by a dazzling array of precious stones. The daring exterior crafted in platinum with a tantalum bezel further accentuates the powerful personality of the watch, perfectly symbolising the aura of exclusivity which is an unmistakable brand’s signature.

The self winding movement features 54 jewels, sapphire tourbillon bridge and delivers 64 hours power reserve.

Technical details

Self-winding tourbillon, GG 99051, 54 jewels, 21’600 vph
Sapphire tourbillon bridge
64-hour power reserve
Concentric circular graining and special “Black Gold” colour

Retrograde 240° hour display at 12 o’clock, central minute hand

Octagonal, 42.5 mm
Tantalum bezel with hour indication
Screw-locked beaded crown with falcon’s eye cabochon
Sapphire crystal, with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
Sapphire case-back with anti-reflective treatment
Water-resistant to 100 m

Satin-brushed and polished 750 (18K) white gold
22 black sapphire baguette-cut (1 ct), 14 jewels baguette-cut (0.51 ct)

Wrinkled alligator leather, hand-sewn, folding clasp

Other versions
Case, bezel and dial in 5N red gold

Gérald Genta Gefica Safari

In 1988, Gérald Genta presented the first Gefica, born from a discussion between friends during a Big Five gaming hunt in Africa. From the merging of the first two letters of their surnames – Geoffroy, Fissore and Canali – came a name: GEFICA. Initially intended to be a hunter’s watch, the revolutionary use of bronze for its exterior was driven by a concern for invisibility, because this non-shiny material avoided any risk of the sun glinting off it at an inopportune moment. In 2007, the Gérald Genta brand revived the model in a resolutely 21st century spirit.

Right from the outset, the brand has distinguished itself through its provocative and innovative approach to the use of materials. It was the first Haute Horlogerie brand to introduce materials such as carbon fibre, rubber, tantalum, bronze, wood and liquid ceramics into Haute Horlogerie models while combining them with precious counterparts. It has thereby acquired a legitimacy that is now firmly established, in an era where breaking with classic traditions seems an obvious choice. Thanks to this legitimate expertise in working with unusual materials that the Gérald Genta engineers have mastered for almost 20 years, the new Gefica Safari is crafted in bronze and combined with titanium, giving it a truly unique character. Thanks to the inherent properties of these materials, such an object evolves over the years as the bronze gradually acquires a patina and the harmony between materials is embellished with the passing of time.

This spectacular model with its complex architecture evokes the volcanic topography of Africa, the geometry of the Primitive Arts of this continent, and their aesthetic influence on the Art Deco movement of the early 20th century. Its statuesque shapes instantly propel us into a world of raw sensations, while radiating an aesthetic blend of reminiscences and contemporary character. The world of the early hunters is thus transposed and sublimated within the urban jungle of contemporary mankind.

Right from the start, the eye is drawn to the two-tone bronze and titanium case, gliding over its flaring shape before encountering the contrast between the raised convex sapphire crystal and the hollowed concave dial. From the edge of the bezel shaped like the rim of a volcano crater, the gaze follows the dome and plunges down the rounded slopes of the dial, admiring the sweep of the curved red seconds hand, before coming to rest on a back marked by horizontal grooves. Shapes, materials and colours unite to immerse us in the aesthetic and sensual world of African art and its multiple influences. The twin rows of titanium beads on the case middle and the crown, echo the body painting on bronze-coloured skin and the geometrical shapes represented in tribal Art; whilst the natural hues recall nature and the colours of the African Mother Earth. The graphic design of the numerals indicating the time also reflects the Art Deco world that was so strongly inspired by the same source.

For over ten years, the Gérald Genta brand has been refining, developing, enhancing the reliability and successfully marketing this original combination of complications featuring the so-called “incremental” hour display and “reinitialisation” minute indication. It is to date the only contemporary Haute Horlogerie brand to have earned genuine legitimacy in the construction of this type of mechanism in wristwatches through the experience it has acquired. Over the years, various issues such as shock-resistance, the precision of the instant minute and date jumps have had to be resolved, and safety systems relating to winding and time-setting have also been developed in order to ensure the reliability of the mechanism. Gérald Genta has filed three patents exclusively linked to this mechanism, which in terms of the technical difficulties involved in the various horological complications is fairly close to those implied by the making of a perpetual calendar.

The Manufacture-made self-winding movement, which is the engine driving this model, is equipped with the jumping hour, retrograde minute and date complication module entirely developed, built and assembled in the workshops of the Manufacture Gérald Genta, in the Vallée de Joux. In keeping with its approach to Haute Horlogerie, this calibre is entirely decorated with circular-graining performed on a movement featuring “Potter” finishing. The 18-carat gold oscillating weight is also entirely circular-grained and engraved with the “Gérald Genta” brand name.

Since the launch of its first models featuring this type of display, the aesthetic lines through which it is conveyed have never betrayed the sophisticated technical substance of each of its movements, nor the contemporary design of the collections. The launch of the Gefica Safari represents an additional step towards confirming Gérald Genta’s status as a Manufacture producing exceptional watch models, consistently equipped with mechanical complications protected by sophisticated exteriors and endowed with the potential to arouse emotions that is inherent in prestige objects.

Technical details

Automatic, GG 1004 calibre on a GP3100 personalised base, 28,800 vib/h, 27 rubies, and additional Gérald Genta bi-retrograde plate
Potter finishing with concentric circular graining
18K gold rotor with concentric circular graining and engraved logo
45-hour power reserve

Jumping hours, retrograde minutes, central seconds, retrograde date

Sand-blasted bronze and titanium
Anti-reflective sapphire crystal front and back
Water-resistant to 100 m

Galvanised bronze/silvered or bronze/black
Central decor in relief
Jumping hours window at 12 o’clock, retrograde minutes between 9 and 3
o’clock, retrograde date between 5 and 7 o’clock

Hand-sewn alligator with titanium triple folding clasp