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DeLaneau Intimate Conversation

The DeLaneau Intimate Conversation is a unique timepiece in which love and romance are expressed through the delicate combination of enamelling, engraving and gem setting.

Utmost delicacy is depicted on this dial, to express the timelessness of the feeling of love. And to illustrate it, DeLaneau has hand-picked a fleeting moment in nature by capturing the intimacy between a pair of swallows.

This beautiful wristwatch is the result of numerous tests and considerable reflection, all of which took place before work even began on the actual dial. In order to familiarize herself with the subject, the artisan enameller took regular strolls in the forest and contemplated the sky at various hours of the day, with much of her attention directed towards the light and how it falls on the leaves.

The material itself was also the subject of much reflection, and it was only after several experiments that the artisan enameller decided upon using semi-opaque enamels, finally comfortable with the depth this solution gave to the colours in the sky and the luminosity it afforded.

The result is an evocative composition of a black miniature painting on a base of semi-opaque enamel. Golden powder decorates the tree leaves on the dial, perfectly complementing the gold hand-engraved foliage.

The dial is housed in a 42 mm red gold case set with 185 brilliant-cut diamonds and a diamond-embedded crown. This poetic timepiece also features an automatic movement and an alligator strap equipped with a matching red gold deploying buckle set with 24 diamonds.

DeLaneau Moonlight Dragonfly

DeLaneau, the Swiss luxury watch atelier specialised in manufacturing exclusive ladies’ watches, presents Moonlight Dragonfly, an exquisitely delicate creation that boasts feminine soft colours as well as the two motifs that are united on the dial.

The feminine nature of this creation is conveyed by the moon, which is set with diamonds of various sizes and cuts. Women have always been compared to the moon because they are changeable and multifaceted, constantly in transformation. The woman is also represented by the dragonfly, which symbolizes the power of feelings and the wisdom of transformation, according to its spirit and totem. And, as the life of the dragonfly is short, this glittering insect knows that it has to live its life to the fullest – a beautiful carpe diem message.

The dragonfly had never been depicted on a DeLaneau timepiece before. The brand’s artisan enamellist decided to use a cloisonné with gold filament to portray the delicacy and lightness of the insect’s wings and twinkling body. Such a creation requires extremely meticulous work, and the risk of altering the shape of the animal is present during every step of the process. The magic of this creation is emphasized by its muted colours. Each section of the dragonfly’s body and wings contains three different enamel colours. The delicate balance between harmony, softness and intensity allows this creature of the wind to stand out vividly on the semi-opaque enamel base while keeping its lightness within the surrounding design.

This delicate timepiece portrays a dragonfly realized with a gold cloisonné, resting on a semi-opaque enamel base. The moon in champlevé is decorated with a “snow setting”, allowing this shimmering effect achieved by having set 7 different size diamonds in a random pattern. The vibrant dial is enclosed in a 36 mm red gold case set with 78 diamonds and a diamond encrusted crown. The timepiece features an automatic movement and a fabric strap equipped with a red gold ardillon buckle set with 2 diamonds. The creation totals 2.4 cts.

DeLaneau Scarlett

The DeLaneau Scarlett watch combines delicate artistry with the precision of a tourbillon movement.

The design of the dial was inspired by a Turkish painting, resembling the work of Monet and his Dame en blanc au jardin.

The technique used to bring this design to life is a continuation of the brand’s work with pointillisme d’émail (pointillism in enamel), but the bar was raised still higher when DeLaneau’s enamellists suggested combining this impressionist technique with the art of cloisonné. None of the brand’s previous timepieces had ever combined both practices.

Such a complex creation required a number of stages to complete – and involved just as many technical challenges. First of all, the character in the painting had to be drawn on the base of the dial before the enameller could begin working on the cloisonné. Then came the delicate task of cutting and applying the silver thread.

Finally, intense research on textures was carried out (including the exact firing temperature) to find the right grading size to render the relief of the flowers. Just like Monet’s painting, the story of the dial is filled with mystery.

A combination of pointillisme d’émail and silver cloisonné techniques, the dial of this creation draws you into the world of impressionism à la Monet, with the flower bed composed of hundreds of grains of the same colour, but all in different sizes.

This outstanding creation is protected by a 42 mm white gold case, set with 35 ruby baguettes and 283 diamonds, 2 cabochons and a ruby-encrusted crown. It is equipped with a tourbillon mechanical movement set with 52 baguette-cut diamonds. Alligator strap with a white gold deploying buckle set with 32 diamonds. This timepiece totals 5.83 ct diamonds and 8.2 ct rubies.

DeLaneau Jazzy Tulips

The DeLaneau Jazzy Tulips timepiece combines inspiration from the great masters, the expertise of the artisan enamellists and the raison d’être of the brand. It required tremendous efforts in research and development in the quest to discover new enamelling techniques.

The technique used for this hand-engraved Grand Feu enamel painting is unique in the watchmaking world. “I was keen to finish my work so that we could be the first ones to come up with such a technique for a dial” admits Béatrice, the artisan enameller behind this pièce unique.

On each tulip, there are no less than three different ways of working with relief: enamel displayed in small, raised points, inspired by the works of Émile Gallé; a matt area reworked by hand; and the frosted appearance, which was achieved using acid, in the style of Camille Fauré. The result is a subtle blend of artistry that expresses the outstanding craftsmanship of DeLaneau.

Like a jazz concert celebrating the arrival of spring, this colourful dial is protected by a 36mm red gold case set with 78 diamonds a diamond encrusted crown. This exquisite timepiece houses an automatic movement. Fabric strap set with an ardillon buckle set with 2 diamonds.

The DeLaneau Jazzy Tulips, pièce unique totals 1.38ct diamonds.

DeLaneau Romantic Time

The DeLaneau Romantic Time unique watch conveys an illusion of suspended time, an exchange between two people without the need for words, symbolized by a bouquet of pink roses.

The design, the choice of colours and the gracefulness of the diamonds strengthen this idea of lightness and serenity. Looking at the dial, one could almost imagine a budding love affair or an adolescent romance. Everything in this timepiece is innocent and tender, just like a bouquet of pink roses given to a loved one to express feelings of affection.

To capture this image, the brand’s artisan enamellist chose the grisaille method on a base of pink enamel. This technique presented the unique challenge of highlighting the contrasts on a very pale-coloured base.

The enamellist felt that she had to force them out of the pink enamel – something that seemed to be in total contradiction with the soul of the creation itself. The result is a delicate balance between the enamel and the fire, which reminds us of a relationship with a loved one – where acceptance and sharing are central to harmony.

This delightful timepiece is housed in a white gold Dôme case set with 297 diamonds and features a diamond-set crown. The timepiece also has an automatic movement and an alligator strap with a white gold deploying buckle set with 24 diamonds.

DeLaneau Guardian Angel Pièce Unique

The DeLaneau Guardian Angel pièce unique celebrates the art of Grand Feu enamelling. This creation majestically showcases the combination of two techniques that are valuable hallmarks of the brand: la peinture miniature sous fondant (miniature painting with flux enamel), a method known as the Geneva technique, and paillonné enamelling.

This creation features a tourbillon mechanical movement, and is set with 52 baguette-cut diamonds and 24 diamonds. Housed in a white gold case set with 39 baguette-cut diamonds and 285 diamonds, it is finished with a diamond-encrusted crown, while the strap is equipped with a white gold deploying buckle set with 32 diamonds.

DELANEAU RONDO ICON (Made to Measure Creations)

DeLaneau, the independent luxury watch brand based in Geneva has been specialised in the manufacturing of artistic and exceptional ladies mechanical watches of high quality. The award winning watch brand now offers an opportunity to the customers to have the timepiece of their dreams created especially for them.

Each made-to-measure timepiece will be crafted according to the imagination of the customer. To begin with, the brand will make the sketches based on the inputs given by the customer. After creating a final drawing, the team at DeLaneau will make research on study on the timepiece to finalise the prefect materials. The research and design process may require several months. After finalising the project, the work on the timepiece will begin.

Rondo Icon, Unique Piece

DeLaneau uses the finest gemstones, cuts and colours to meet the wishes of customer. More than one hundred hours of outstanding craftsmanship render the original timepiece an independent and distinctive work of art, a unique piece.

Rondo Icon, a creation from DeLaneau’s made-to-measure line underlines the key signature of Grand Feu enamelling. Several techniques (miniature painting, Cloisonné, Champlevé, insertions of paillons) are combined with gem setting (302 diamonds) to depict a colourful and timeless icon.

Reflecting the brand’s heritage in jewellery watchmaking, the 42mm red gold case, with diamond-encrusted crown, is set with 36 baguette-cut diamonds and 288 brilliant-cut diamonds. This magnificent timepiece also features an automatic movement, an alligator strap equipped with red gold deploying buckle set with 56 diamonds. It totals approximately 6.55ct.

DeLaneau RONDO Translucent Champagne – Winner of Grand Prix D’horlogerie De Geneve 2013 (Ladies’ Timepiece Prize Category)

Swiss luxury watch brand DeLaneau has announced that its RONDO Translucent Champagne timepiece has won the Grand Prix D’horlogerie De Geneve 2013 ladies’ timepiece prize.

DeLaneau’s translucent enamel timepieces, as the name suggests combine the strength of a single colour with the power of light to produce an appearance of remarkable and understated beauty.

The definition of a ‘translucent’ object is one which will allow light to pass through it, but will not reveal a clear image. Translucency can, of course, be seen at its finest in nature – perhaps in a limpid pool, a block of melting ice or a delicate leaf, lit from behind by the sun. Like many of DeLaneau’s watches, Translucent enamel has been very much inspired by nature and is designed to come alive with light.

Before the enamel is applied, the dial is decorated with an underlying guilloche pattern created by master engravers. After this, the dial is in-house Grand Feu enameled and in a painstaking process which ensures absolute uniformity of colour and depth but which still allows the pattern to refract light to create a unique effect.

Once the required finish is achieved, the now exceptionally delicate dial is laser-drilled at the 12 o’clock position to enable the setting of a single, flat, precious stone. This serves as the DeLaneau signature on a dial which is otherwise unadorned in order that the true beauty of its semi-transparency can be seen to the best effect.

Ethereally elegant, the RONDO Translucent Champagne (Pièce unique) timepiece arrests attention with a sole diamond drop falling into a vast sea of translucent Grand Feu enamel on a Guilloché dial. Embraced by a 36mm red gold case set with 272 diamonds, with a diamond-embedded crown, this hand guilloche dial is enamelled in Atelier by DeLaneau’s own master enamellers.

A navette-cut diamond, at 12, appears as the unique brand signature. This masterpiece is equipped with an automatic movement. Lizard strap equipped with a red gold tongue buckle set with 24 diamonds. This creation totals approximately 3.72 carats.

DeLaneau Flower Fields Collection

As addition to its ORIGIN collection, Swiss luxury watch brand DeLaneau announces the launch of their latest creation of unique timepieces inspred from the radiant flower fields. The new Flower Fields creations from DeLaneau underlines the brand’s key signature of Grand Feu enamelling.

Precious gemstones compliment its heritage in jewellery watchmaking. Timepieces from this collection, which are made exclusively and in limited numbers are inspired by nature’s multifaceted beauty. Every watch tells its own profound story.  The Flower Fields creation is exemplary for the brand’s philosophy and achievements.

ATAME TULIP FIELD (Pièce unique)
Over 100 hours of research and Grand Feu enamel work embraced by white gold case set with 30 baguette-cut diamonds, 291 round diamonds and 4 diamond cabochons. Crown set with diamond. Alligator strap with white gold double tongue buckle set with 36 diamonds.

ATAME POPPY FIELD (Pièce unique)
Over 100 hours of research and Grand Feu enamel work adorned with red gold case set with 144 diamonds and 4 diamond cabochons. Crown set with diamond. Nubuck strap with red gold double tongue buckle set with 36 diamonds.

RONDO TULIP FIELD (Pièce unique)
Over 100 hours of research and Grand Feu enamel work complimented with white gold case set with 196 diamonds. Crown set with diamond. Alligator strap with white gold tongue buckle set with 24 diamonds.

DeLaneau Tourbillon Collection (2012) – Tourbillon Dôme Full Moon, Tourbillon Dôme Blue Night, Tourbillon Dôme Red Stars, Tourbillon Dôme Cacatuas, Tourbillon Dôme Parrots, Tourbillon Dôme Feline & Tourbillon Dôme Guardian

A decade ago, DeLaneau decided to break entirely new horological ground by making the first ever tourbillon wristwatch designed specifically for women. Working with the legendary creator of haute horlogerie complications, Christophe Claret, DeLaneau devised and created a small series of hand-wound, tourbillon watches with cases and dials enhanced by the delicate gem setting and enameling techniques for which the brand has become renowned.

Launched in 2012, to mark the 10th anniversary of that first women’s tourbillon wristwatch, this new tourbillon line offers truly remarkable and exceptional collection of seven one-off creations based around its celebrated, rectangular-cased Dôme model.

Tourbillon Dôme Feline

Each unique piece in some way celebrates nature – and the skills of DeLaneau’s master enamellers, engravers and gem setters. The two models Tourbillon Dôme Full Moon and Tourbillon Dôme Blue Night (which have cases set with either diamonds or sapphires) depict the rich indigo of a star-studded night sky in a combination of exquisite Grand Feu enamel with gold and silver paillons for the moon and stars; the”Tourbillon Dôme Red Stars” version, meanwhile, features a beautifully engraved sunray pattern enhanced with stars formed from 11 rubies.

Tourbillon Dôme Blue Night

Two other models show different pairs of birds, their exotic plumage brilliantly captured in multiple layers of Grand Feu enamel and complemented by a case set with diamonds and pink sapphires (in Tourbillon Dôme Cacatuas version) or diamonds and emeralds (Tourbillon Dôme Parrots).

Tourbillon Dôme Cacatuas

The two remaining designs evoke the majesty of the jungle, with miniatures which respectively depict a hunting leopard and a resting panther. Again, both images are meticulously painted in Grand Feu enamel and enhanced with gem setting of the highest level. The Tourbillon Dôme Feline (leopard) model has a red gold case set with 39 chocolate baguette diamonds and 224 diamonds plus a chocolate diamond set into the crown.

The Tourbillon Dôme Guardian (panther), meanwhile, features a white gold case set with 39 black diamonds and 224 diamonds plus a black diamond set into the crown.

Tourbillon Dôme Guardian

As well as being truly remarkable works of art, these tourbillon editions also represent an exceptional horological achievement because they are the first watches ever to feature movement plates which are set with precious stones.

Each plate is adorned with 80 stones, comprising a combination of baguette diamonds with either further diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires. The setting of each plate takes many hours and requires the use of only the finest and most accurately cut stones, all of which must be of a uniform shape in order to fit perfectly into the mechanism of the watch and ensure its mechanical integrity.

DeLaneau Cerisier Collection (Four Seasons Theme )

This year, Swiss luxury watch brand DeLaneau unveils new ladies’ models under new concept “Four Seasons theme “that demonstrate its renowned mastery of the techniques of enamelling and gem setting to the highest degree.

The changing seasons are among nature‘s greatest wonders. We all have our favourite seasons – for some, the finest time of year is the vibrant spring when new life emerges from the earth; others adore the heat of summer, heavy with the scent of flowers, while many find beauty in the autumn or the steely colours of early winter.

Whichever season appeals, DeLaneau has created a wristwatch to evoke it. Drawing on the ancient and mythical cherry blossom tree Cerisier, DeLaneau‘s artists have captured each of the four seasons in Champleve enamel.
The dial representing winter, for example, is painted in black and white, or ‚en grisaille,‘ while the look of spring, summer or autumn is achieved by creating and implementing DeLaneau‘s own colour palette of different enamelled tones to express the shades of each individual season.
Cerisier Collection is the first one in the new Four Seasons theme by DeLaneau. Each watch is created, handcrafted and signed by in-house artisans.

It demonstrates the remarkable multiplicity of talents which exist in the DeLaneau atelier and is created with love and passion from the initial design idea and its preliminary sketches to the setting of the final stone, the last firing of enamel and the ultimate mark of the engraver‘s tool.

DeLaneau “Atame” Ladies Automatic Watch

DeLaneau is a Swiss luxury watch brand renowned for its ultra luxury mechanical timepieces dedicated to women. Its popular watch models such as Amazone or Dôme, have contributed to the impeccable reputation of DeLaneau. Now the women oriented luxury watch brand presents a new watch model: Atame, which comes in smaller case yet pecked with all that respects – in all points – the DeLaneau codes: pure and simple lines of the watch case, clear inspiration of the streamlined aesthetic of the Art Deco period, strong ties with the world of arts. With Atame, the sapphire glass is curved and two original links bind the glass, case and strap together.

Indeed, nested in a rectangular case, one of the particularity of Atame is the original links between the case and suede leather strap. Instead of the usual logs at the four corner of the case, Atame adopts four links – two on the top and two on the bottom – in the center of the watch case. These links actually start on the sapphire crystal glass to end on the strap. It enhances the rectangular shape of the case as well as emphasizes the idea of ties that Atame holds dear. Furthermore, the bejeweled arches that evolve on the top of both straps also re enforce the concept of links, Atame meaning «tie me» in Spanish.

Atame can be dressed in many ways. For example,the model in red and black,bares a black onyx dial as well as a case set with diamonds and baguette rubies topped by a vivid red suede strap. It can adorn subtle tones as with the Clémathyte also illustrated here. The dial is a delicate floral miniature painting that took several painstaking hours to achieve – over 40 hours to manufacture such a piece – thanks to the incomparable talent of DeLaneauʼs enameller. Atame also adopt a vast color palette as well as mother of pearl dial or even a full diamond pavé face.
Technical details

  • Case: 18K white gold or pink gold brilliant-cut or baguette-cut diamonds or other precious stones
  • Dial: high-fire enamel dials or miniature painting dials or mother-of-pearl dials
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Power reserve: 40-hour
  • Size: Diameter 33 x 23 mm
  • Strap: Hand-made satin and crocodile strap


DeLaneau 1608 Magnolias

No, it’s not the birth date of a historic horological figure, as is often the case in the watch industry, or even a street number. 1608 is the number of times DeLaneau’s new mechanical digital readout watch “jumps” every single day.

In the same spirit DeLaneau has always presented its timepieces, bringing true watchmaking to the women of today, the brand is now taking this sophisticated, time-honored complicated movement and re-interpreting it to make reading the time simple with an oversize digital readout. This year the Magnolias theme gives a new opportunity to the 1608 to express itself.

The 1608 comes with a choice of 12 hour display, all done with the use of three separate display disks, and the 1608 can be displayed in three cases: Amazone, Rectangular or Square Dôme. It is available in white and red gold in a wide variety of precious metals, stone settings, finishing and decors.

Whatever a client desires, it can be accomplished by the artisans who work with DeLaneau. All the artisans are based in and around Geneva, so the complicated production of DeLaneau’s stunning timepieces is like a symphony, with Wendt-Thévenaz as its conductor working in harmony with the movement designers and manufacturers, the stone setters, the finishers, the enamel artists, the miniature painters.

The 1608 is a combination of classicism and modernity, a perfect symbol for DeLaneau, which uses traditional watchmaking and jewelry craftsmanship to create works of art in timepieces specifically for women

1. Magnolia sertie de saphirs et grenats vanadiu- XRD 220 WG Magnolia sur nacre grise:

Technical details
18 cts white gold set with 97 diamond baguettes, 11.35 cts and 213 diamonds, 0.98 cts
Diamonds set crown, 0.10 cts
Diameter: 42 mm
Waterproof: 30 meters

Grey Mother-of-Pearl;18 cts white gold enamelled Magnolia decor set with 208 sapphires, 0.96 cts and 342 vanadium grenats, 1.34 cts and 1 ruby pistil

DEL1608, FP 1150 automatic movement with additional module DE02
Autonomy: 54 hours

Satin fabric, inside lining with crocodile leather, 18 cts white gold deploying buckle set with 60 diamonds, 0.63 cts

*Diamonds are round brilliant cut Top Wesselton VVS1 and diamond baguettes are D-IF.

2.Rectangular Dôme “1608” Magnolia-RDOD220 WG Magnolia peint et serti sur nacre grise:

Technical details
18 cts white gold set with 98 diamond baguettes, 13.07 cts and 280 diamonds, 4.67 cts
Diamond set crown and cabochons, 0.42 cts
Dimensions: 40 mm x 36 mm
Waterproof: 30 meters

Grey Mother-of-Pearl;18 cts white gold enamelled Magnolia decor set with 172 diamonds, 0.468 cts

DEL1608, FP 1150 automatic movement with additional module DE02;
Autonomy: 54 hours

Satin fabric, inside lining with crocodile leather, white gold deploying buckle set with 32 diamonds, 0.19 cts

*Diamonds are round brilliant cut Top Wesselton VVS1 and diamond baguettes are D-IF

3. Amazone “1608” Magnolia-XRD104 WG 1608 Magnolia émail sur nacre blanche

Technical details
18 cts white gold set with 639 diamonds, 3.78 cts
Diamond set crown, 0.10 cts;
Diameter: 42 mm
Waterproof: 30 meters

White Mother-of-Pearl;18 cts white gold enamelled Magnolia decor set with 1 ruby pistil

DEL1608, FP 1150 automatic movement with additional module DE02
Autonomy: 54 hours

Gros grain fabric, inside lining with crocodile leather, white gold deploying buckle set with 60 diamonds, 0.63 cts

*Diamonds are round brilliant cut Top Wesselton VVS1

DELANEAU Three Time Zones Chronographe

This exceptional feminine timepiece produced by Swiss watch brand DELANEAU displays the time in three time zones on three independent dials. Main movement is automatic, and it offers Chronograph and date functions. Two quartz movements are used to display secondary time zones.  This timepiece was produced in yellow gold, white gold and steel versions.

Technical details
Automatic main movement, quartz secondary movements

Hours, minutes, seconds
Three time zones, chronograph, date

750 (18K) yellow gold
Facetted sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to 30 m

Date window

Black crocodile

Other Version
750 (18K) white gold or steel
Rhodium-plated or onyx dial
Different coloured straps