STROM Nethuns II Colorum

Luxury Swiss watch brand STROM presents Nethuns II Colorum, a handcrafted and numbered precision diving timepiece meeting international water-resistance and safety norms.

Its unique design is based on a sculpted additional outer case fitted over a perfectly watertight container. The inner case holds the Swiss self-winding movement.

A sturdy screw-locked crown at 9 o’clock serves to adjust an inner diving bezel, offering a particularly sophisticated solution that prevents any inadvertent handling.

Water resistant to 200m (20 bar / 666 ft), the Nethuns II Colorum watch is available in four colors, either in a silver- or bronze-case. Retail price is CHF 7’999.-.

Technical details

Mechanical self-winding, Swiss made

Hours, minutes, seconds, rotating inner bezel operated by the screw-locked crown at 9 o’clock

925 solid silver OR bronze (CuSn8 with stainless steel inner case, 48 x 54 mm (without the lugs)
Domed glare-resistant sapphire crystal and anti-allergenic titanium curved back
Water-resistant to 200 metres (20 bar/666 ft)

Dial and Bezel
In the colours orange, red, blue and turquoise withwhite luminescent hour-markers

Rubber in the matching colours orange, red, blue and turquoise, with pin buckle in silver or bronze

Retail price in Swiss francs: CHF 7,999


Based in Biel, the Strom Prestige Swiss Timepieces Company was established by Daniel Strom in 2001.

Initially, the young family business used its knowhow to serve the needs of other brands through private label developments. In 2004, Daniel Strom presented Cruizer, his first watch collection.

A motorbike enthusiast, for this first opus, Daniel Strom was inspired by the world of motorsports, which feature materials previously unused in watchmaking, such as carbon. His passion for unexpected material did not stop there.

It was against this background that in 2010 he presented the Agonium. An interaction between watchmaking and silver-smithing, this new watch became a sculpture, a veritable work of art on the wrist. It took no less than five years for this new collection to become exactly the stuff of Strom’s dreams: a symbol of our limitations, embodied by skulls etched into the material with rare virtuosity.

Angels, dragons and other myths laden with symbolism subsequently come to life in such inalterable materials as gold or platinum, except in some instances where these sculptures are made from materials doomed to oxidise or even rust, as a means of reminding us of the ephemeral nature of existence – and inviting us to live every moment to the full.

The next few years saw the appearance of rings, cufflinks, necklaces, belt buckles and glasses, all different interpretations of the Agonium universe – produced using traditional methods in Switzerland, like all Strom timepieces. In 2017, the brand presented the In Memoriam HR Giger watch – the final project by the late Academy Award-winning Swiss artist, HR Giger, to whom we owe the monster in Ridley Scott’s 1979 film, Alien.

In this sixth opus in the Agonium collection, the famous elongated skulls of the biomechanoid creature created by this master of the incredible meet the world of the watchmaker philosopher, as a way of stimulating the imagination just a little more.

Today, the brand continues to leverage the watch as a vast area of expression, an object of time that reflects a certain art de vivre, a philosophy, a reflection of our intimate questioning. Each piece can be personalised to suit the wishes of its lucky owner.

His entire family works together in the creative process, including Rosanna and Alexia, Daniel’s wife and daughter, who work behind the scenes, while Loris, his son, breathes new life into the Cruizer collection.

Contact details
Strom Prestige Swiss Timepieces Ag
Jakob-Stämpfli-Strasse 10
CH – 2502 Biel

Strom Agonium “In Memoriam HR Giger” Limited Edition by Daniel Strom

Swiss watch brand Strom has recently unveiled the “In Memorian HR Giger” watch, one of the final projects on which the artist worked before his death in 2014. This exclusive mechanical timepiece crafted by master watch maker Daniel Strom features HR Giger’s legendary biomechanoid creature.

Acclaimed for his “fantastic-realism” works, HR Giger shot to fame with his creation of the monster in Ridley Scott’s 1979 film, Alien, for which he received an Oscar in the “Best Visual Effects” category the following year.

Deeply saddened by the death of this man, who had also become his friend, Daniel Strom waited three years before presenting the watch that they had created together, named “In Memoriam HR Giger” in tribute to him. For the official launch, he has chosen the HR Giger Museum in Gruyères, which features a sculpture of the biomechanoid creature emblematic of HR Giger’s work proudly displayed at the entrance.

Alongside the artist’s widow, Carmen Giger, the Bienne-based watchmaker unveiled this exceptional watch, of which just 99 pieces have been produced. Sculpted in the silver case, the elongated skulls of the Cyborg creature extend from the lugs, while its body parts are etched into the case middle.

The entirely hand-worked, in silver casted dial was inspired by another of HR Giger’s works, and one of his best-known: the “ELP II” canvas (work no. 217) painted with an airbrush in a single night. This art work was stolen in 2005 and never returned to its rightful owner, despite the presence of tangible clues.

For Daniel Strom, with its lively, sensual mouth, the skull in the painting symbolises the ephemeral nature of existence – a subject already explored in one of the preceding creations in his Agonium collection, of which the “In Memoriam HR Giger” is the sixth opus.

In the presence of the journalists attending the event, Daniel Strom also mentioned the fundraising started to finance the development of his family brand founded in 2001, up until now entirely self-funded. After the first phase which enabled him to collect more than CHF 700,000 from clients and friends in just a few months, he is opening his share capital to the public to achieve his CHF 2 million target.

To enable fans of the brand and other aficionados of Swiss watchmaking who may not have the means required to contribute to the development of the Maison, various blocks of shares are offered from as little as CHF 1,000. Developments planned at the end of this crowd-funding venture focus on distribution in particular – as much through the traditional network as through the implementation of new concepts – as well as on the production and visibility of the brand.

Strom Agonium Nethuns II Diving Watch

Daniel Strom, Switzerland based independent watchmaker and designer, presents a new diving watch from his Agonium collection. Rated for a water resistance up to 200 meters and named after the Etruscan ocean god, the Nethuns II diving watch evokes both the retro-futurist world of Jules Vernes and the underwater kingdom.

Hand-finished, individually numbered Nethuns II is an authentic diving instrument meeting international water-resistance and safety norms. Its unique construction is based on a sculpted additional outer case fitted over a perfectly watertight case. A sturdy screw-locked crown at 9 o’clock serves to adjust an inner diving bezel, offering a particularly sophisticated solution that prevents any inadvertent handling.

NETHUNS II like every watch in the collection AGONIUM, comprises two cases. The robust and hermetic inner case houses the movement. The outer case brings the artistic dimension and gives free rein to the sculptor’s talent. Each one is fashioned by hand, never two the same, with limited editions in each alloy.

A watchmaker, designer and philosopher, Daniel Strom has constantly questioned the past to enlighten the future. Considering time not as a simple measurement, but as a vital energy, he infuses his creations with a symbolic dimension, consistently highlighting the human condition faced with the eternal nature of life.

Technical details
Mechanical self-winding, Swiss made

Hours, minutes, seconds, rotating inner bezel operated by the screw-locked crown at 9 o’clock.

925 solid silver, bronze (CuSn8), palladium or platinum with steel inner case, 48 x 54 mm (without the lugs)
Domed glare-resistant sapphire crystal and anti-allergenic titanium curved back
Water-resistant to 200 metres (20 bar/666 ft)

Black with white luminescent hour-markers

Black or brown leather or rubber, with pin buckle in 925 solid silver, gold, palladium or platinum

Retail price in Swiss francs: CHF 9,999

STROM Memento Mori, Carpe Diem Skeleton Watch

Memento Mori, Carpe Diem: This exceptional mechanical timepiece created by Swiss watch brand STROM reminds us that we are mortals. Dressed in precious 18 carat gold case, this timepiece houses a historical mechanical hand wound movement that dates back to 1950s.

In this limited edition model, the mechanical hand-wound movement is entirely skeletonised by hand. The original bridges and wheels have been replaced by skulls and bones, all carved by hand, to form a striking composition. They are further exalted by a traditional guilloché on the dial side, produced with rose engine lathes that are over150 years old.

Their mysterious dance continues on the movement side. Nine-piece limited series for each execution, in red gold or in white gold. The hand-crafted case in 18k white gold or 18k red gold, is carved with skulls and bones.

Technical details
Mechanical hand-wound, 1950s movement entirely skeletonised by hand
Rhodium-plated and gold-toned finish

Hours, minutes, seconds

18k red gold or 18k white gold, with hand-carved skulls and bones
Cambered anti-reflective sapphire crystal

Rhodium-plated or gold-toned, hand-guilloché on 150-year-old lathes
Blackened steel hands
Small seconds at 6 o’clock

Black Hornback alligator with hand-crafted 18k gold buckle

CHF 37,999/USD 39,999/ €31,555

STROM Memento Mori, Carpe Diem – One Hand Watch

With this timepiece, Swiss watch maker STROM reminds us about the hour of that final journey. The Memento Mori, Carpe Diem – One Hand invites us to live to the full the time we have left, shown on a single hand. Minutes and seconds are forgotten, only the present moment – or rather the present hour –counts. Giving form to this philosophical, and rather hedonistic, reflection is a hand-crafted watch.

The skull-embellished case has been made by hand, while the guilloché on the dial is produced using rose engine lathes that are 150 years old. This exceptional mechanical timepiece will be produced in 99-piecelimited series for each dial execution – black or bone white.

Technical details
Mechanical automatic


Hand-crafted sterling silver
Cambered anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to 50 metres

Silver, hand-guilloché on 150-year-old lathes, black or bone white
Hand-crafted 18k gold hour hand

Black Hornback alligator with hand-crafted sterling silver buckle

Retail price
CHF 14,999/ USD15,999/ €12,999


Master watchmaker Daniel Strom once again displays his unconventional yet artistic approach to the art of Horology by unveiling a new addition to his popular Agonium Collection.

Based in Switzerland Daniel storm now interprets Momento Mori, the first model in the Agonium collection and unveils a new masterpiece. The MEMENTO MORI, CARPE NOCTEM with its solid steel case adorned with skulls definitely offers provocative and disturbing display, the truth about mortality. Behind its curves, incisions and cut-outs lies the same attention to detail. And behind the blood-red almost hypnotic appearance lies the ancestral Japanese art of Urushi.

Strom chooses Memento Mori, the first model in the Agonium collection, for this new interpretation. Carpe Diem thus becomes Carpe Noctem – “Remember that you will die. Seize the night”. The bone dial has given way to the red Urushi dial flirting with a shadowy shade of black.

This intense vermilion hue is achieved by cinnabar pigments colouring this unique lacquer, formerly favoured for its durability and long-term stability but which quickly distinguished itself as an ornamental element. The watchmaker gives it pride of place by applying it to the dial, vividly echoed by the rubies encrusted in the eyes of the skulls taking their place on the crown and lugs, as well as the overstitching on the bright red strap. For a full three weeks, the master lacquer artist applies around twenty successive ultra-fine layers to make it sturdy, fascinating and unique.

This time-honoured art further enhances a timepiece that definitely never chooses the easy path. To begin with, the Philosopher adds his grain of salt by evoking our finite nature and invites us to enjoy life by adorning his timepiece with a highly symbolic face featuring skulls.

The theme pervades the entire watch, from the case middle right the way through to the buckle, radiating self-evident provocation. Then comes the turn of the Watchmaker, with a solid silver case embodying a perfect match between horology and the silversmith’s art.

The fascinating relief effects of the case middle sculpted by a master artisan house the ETA 2824 calibre. Finally, the Designer intervenes in the process. While remaining true to the original identity codes of the collection, he takes Memento Mori to the next level by associating traditional Swiss watchmaking with this Japanese art dating back over 10,000 years BC. It is quite clearly the respective contributions of these personalities that bring this daring vision to such singularly vibrant life.

Technical details
Mechanical self-winding, ETA Calibre 2824

Hours, minutes and seconds

Black rhodium-coated solid 925 silver
Stainless steel inner case
Cambered glareproofed sapphire crystal
Skulls on crown and lugs set with ruby eyes
Water-resistant to 50m/5 ATM

Hand-painted red Urushi lacquer creating a unique effect
Roman numerals
Polished steel hands

Black Hornback alligator leather with “skull” pin buckle in solid 925 silver, red over stitching, “skull” buckle in black rhodium-coated solid 925 silver, set with 2 rubies.

Reference & Price
C09-01.AR.U – CHF 13,999.00

Daniel Strom interprets his philosophy through a range of trendy, mystical accessories and timepieces. The Bienne-based watchmaker also offers a range of provocative and evocative objects comprising pendants, belt buckles and a Michaeli ring. These Stylish accessories indeed, but above all reflect the spirit of the Agonium collection.

STROM – “Angelus” by Daniel Strom

Following on from dragons and skulls, the third work in the collection by Daniel Strom is somewhat more restrained – or at least its form is less provocative – with angels adorning the sculpted case. The sculptor works with materials and enhances their nobility. Plated onto an original mould, gold, silver, platinum and palladium are crafted by the expert strokes of the goldsmith, giving rise to unique pieces.

The case of the “Angelus” is embellished with a wealth of details, curves, incisions and finishes. Feathers twirl around the crown – a symbol reflected on the lugs. The two sides of the case feature two reclining angels and a crouching messenger, wings spread out as if ready to fly.

Behind the anti-reflective, domed sapphire crystal, the white or dark mother-of-pearl dial plays with contrasts with the Roman numerals and golden, polished hands. Like the Memento Mori or Draco, three hands count the hours, minutes and seconds. At the heart of the timepiece, a second case surrounds the automatic ETA 2824 movement. Price range is CHF 9,999 to 59,999 depending upon the precious metals used.

Technical details
Mechanical self-winding Calibre ETA 2824

Hours, minutes and seconds

925 solid silver, 18K gold, palladium or platinum
Stainless steel inner case
Anti-reflective, domed sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to 50m / 5 ATM

White or dark mother-of-pearl
Gold-toned or white polished steel hands

Brown, blue, black or white alligator leather with 925 solid silver, 18K gold, palladium or platinum “Angelus” pin buckle

Models and Price details
925 solid silver model; 88-piece limited edition: CHF 9,999
925 solid silver model, with angels and crown in 18K red gold; 88-piece limited edition: CHF 10,999
Palladium model; 44-piece limited edition: CHF 19,999
Red gold model (18K); 44-piece limited edition: CHF 27,555
Platinum model    ; 12-piece limited edition: CHF 59,999
* Depending on current metal prices

STROM Draco (AGONIUM Collection)

Launched in 2012, DRACO, the second timepiece in the AGONIUM collection, pays tribute to a legend – the dragon. Noble gold, silver, platinum and palladium lend their force and their qualities, allowing themselves to be wrought by the artist’s talent. First skulls, then dragons and soon angels embody the myths which this watchmaker most values.

The sculptural case protects the more delicate one that surrounds the movement, an ETA 2824 calibre. The “bone white” or black dial with a craquelure effect completes the picture, protected by a curved anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Time flows from twelve Arabic numerals, swept by polished hands.

Technical details
Automatic, ETA 2824 calibre

Hours, minutes and seconds

Solid sterling silver, 18K gold, palladium or platinum, finished by hand
Inner case in stainless steel
Curved anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Crown in the shape of a royal crown
Water-resistant to 50 m / 5 ATM

“Bone white” or black
Arabic numerals
Gold-toned, white or black polished steel hands

Black Hornback alligator with dragon buckle in solid sterling silver, gold, palladium or platinum

ArtyA – Daniel Strom Agonium Deconstructed Limited Edition

When Yvan Arpa’s Quest for new ideas meets the creative talents of a Swiss master watch maker like Daniel Strom, the result will be definitely an artistic yet unusual timepiece. This time, the new ArtyA timepiece will be featuring a Gothic theme inspired from another watch collection “Memento Mori, Carpe Diem” by Daniel Strom.

Swiss luxury watch brand ArtyA and famous watch maker Daniel Strom jointly developing a limited edition set of watches combining their unique artistic visions. Each of the 88 pieces of this collection will be absolutely unique featuring a hand-painted case and dial, as well the organic destruction of lightning.

These “Agonium Deconstructed” watches represent an aesthetic hybrid between the two brands. The base watch is the Daniel Strom Agonium “Memento Mori, Carpe Diem” watch collection. Meaning: “remember you will die, so seize the day”. The base watch features a steel tonneau case decorated with hand-engraved gothic skulls. Five large skulls are present at each corner of the watch, with an additional skull serving as the crown. Between them are series of smaller skulls that complete the Gothic theme.

Yvan Arpa and the ArtyA team apply their artistic style and unique lightning disfiguring process to the steel case. Strong bolts of lightning from a Tesla coil rearrange the metal on the case literally deconstructing it organically. Each of the limited edition pieces will present a unique look.

Strom and ArtyA also offer a new motto to the collection: “Quod tu es, ego fui, quod ego sum, tu eris”

This powerful statement is borrowed from the tombstone of a famous Roman legionary and translates into “I was what you are, and what I am you shall be.” The insightful quote offers a stark message about how before death, we are all equal. Colorfully painted and decorated like Mexican Day of the Dead art, the watches celebrate life, reminding you to live for the present and not worry about death – a reminder you can wear.

Painted by hand, the skull-faced dials on each of the Agonium Deconstructed watches are created by ArtyA’s Dominique Arpa-Cirpka using special techniques involving home made paint, gold leaf and secret pigments. The dials feature scythe-like hands in line with the Gothic theme. The watchcases are also painted with fluorescent colors, matched with fluorescent stitching on some of the toad skin straps. Inside the watches are Swiss automatic movements, while the cases have sapphire crystals and are water resistant to 50 meters. ArtyA and Daniel Strom will produce 88 “pièces uniques” for the Agonium Deconstructed limited edition set. Price will be 11,900 Swiss Franks.

Technical details
Mechanical automatic movement caliber 2824
Entirely manufactured in Switzerland
Power reserve: 42 hours

316 steel tonneau case engraved, mutilated, tortured, “lightning-struck”, according to model can be fluorescent at night. Depending on the mood of the moment, the cases in the lightning-struck “Coup de foudre” collection undergo thermal combustion, modelling, engraving and other operations performed by hand in the Artya ateliers. Water resistance: 50 meters

Unique, hand-decorated according to 17 exclusive artistic processes that are unique in the watch industry
Hands: Scythe-like

“Crazy frog” tanned cane toad
Buckle: Handmade with skull in steel

24 months

Limited edition
Quantity: 88 pieces

11,900 Swiss Franks

STROM AGONIUM Collection: “Memento Mori – Carpe Diem”

STROM Prestige Swiss Timepieces AG is founded by Daniel Strom ,the son of master watch maker Armin Strom. The brand now launches a new collection of exclusive timepieces called AGONIUM Collection.

The model “Memento Mori – Carpe Diem” from AGONIUM Collection is a watch which is unique in its kind: This is not a conventional timepiece: it not only shows time but it also, and above all, lets you live.

Technical details

  • Case: Handmade (casting) silver 925, gold, palladium or platinum
  • Container: Stainless steel with double curved sapphire crystal, antireflex coating, water resistance 50m
  • Movement: Mechanical automatic movement caliber 2824
  • Dial: black or bone-white
  • Hands: Polished steel-hands white or black
  • Strap: Alligator Hornback black
  • Buckle: Handmade with skull in silver 925, gold, palladium or platinum

Models and price list

  • Ref. C09-01.AG.10: Case in silver 925, dial bone-white, Limited to 88 pieces PP: 6’666.00 Euro
  • Ref. C09-01.AG.90: Black dial version, Limited to 88 pieces PP: 6’666.00 Euro
  • Ref. C09-01.PD.10: Case in palladium, dial bone-white , Limited to 12 pieces PP: 13’777.00 Euro
  • Ref. C09-01.PD.90: Black dial version,,Limited to 12 pieces PP: 13’777.00 Euro
  • Ref. C09-01.PD.xx.D: Case in Palladium with diamonds on each skull quality TW, vvs, on both sides of the case 40 diamonds, size 1.10, 0,24 ct, on the lugs 8 diamonds, size 1.70, 0,14 ct, on the crown 2 diamonds, size 1.90, 0,05 ct, total 0.43 ct
  • Both dial variations: PP: 17’999.00 Euro

Versions in gold: actual price (depends on the daily quotation) PP: 19’999.00 Euro
Versions in platinum: actual price (depends on the daily quotation) PP: 46’666.00 Euro