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CONTEMPUS Dua collection

The new Dua collection from young watch brand CONTEMPUS draws inspiration from the history and development of architecture as well as in shapes of contemporary designer trends. These watches bring the most notable points of architectural and design progress from ancient times to the present day, in a minimalist fashion.

The new collection offers two models in different size variations — 36 and 42 mm. Both models are running on a Japanese-made movement that’s nestled in a slim, lightweight steel case and completed with high-grade suede straps.

Amfiteatro is a ladies’ timepiece with a concave dial in a bright, colorful design palette that’s inspired by ancient tribunes and amphitheaters. Kupolo is a reference to the contemporary design trends and shapes — as well as the domes and height of modern architectural decisions — designed in a more considerate colorway and with a convex uplifted dial.

To raise funds for initial mass production of their new collection, CONTEMPUS has created a Kickstarter online crowd-funding campaign offering a special package for backers to acquire the watches of his or her choice in discounted price starting from 79 Euros/89 US dollars.

Please visit the CONTEMPUS Kickstarter page for more details.

Technical details

Material: 316L Stainless Steel
Diameter: Kupolo – 42 mm | Amfiteatro – 36 mm
Thickness: Kupolo – 9 mm | Amfiteatro – 7 mm
Crystal: Mineral Glass
Water Resistant: 5 ATM

Miyota Quartz Movement GL26 Slim

Material: Suede
Width: Kupolo – 20 mm | Amfiteatro -16 mm

Total Weight
50 gram (Kupolo) / 35 gram (Amfiteatro)