Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 6

The House of Harry Winston unveils the sixth chapter of Histoire de Tourbillon. The sixth edition of this high complication collection will be equipped with HW4701 caliber, the most complex in the Histoire de Tourbillon series. A genuine first in the history of horology, it combines two independent hour indications: one regulated by a tri-axial tourbillon and the other by a karussel. Both karrusel and tourbillon operate in a similar manner and feature the same exceptional precision-rating qualities. The impressive white gold case is designed to fit the contours and accompany the technical constraints of a movement distinguished by its unique complexity and construction.

The Histoire de Tourbillon 6 movement is composed of two independent parts, like two heads on a single body. Hours and minutes are displayed on one side, regulated by the tri-axial tourbillon. They are recognizable by their color coding – orange against a gray background – and housed within a rounded protrusion on the case. The right side of the watch is distinguished by its blue hands and markings against a black backdrop. It features a dial with hands that can be started, stopped and reset at will. A blue ceramic pusher at 2 o’clock allows this superlative creation to display the elapsed hours and minutes like a chronograph. This unique and versatile function also drives a dual-time display that may be adjusted as desired via the 3 o’clock crown.

The incredible technical sophistication of the tri-axial tourbillon is supremely exclusive. The first cage carries the balance wheel and performs one turn every 45 seconds. It rotates inside a second cage, which spins in 75 seconds along its vertical axis. This ensemble is set in motion inside a third, spherical cage, which completes its own revolution in 300 seconds. The latter is the cage featuring the orange seconds hand,visible beneath a sapphire crystal dome that offers a fascinating view of the three dimensional ballet of time. Meanwhile, the karussel performs a 30-second rotation.

The varying rotation angles and speeds of the tourbillon and karussel play a decisive role in chronometric performance, which is the watch’s accuracy. Together they counteract the detrimental effects of gravity. Precision is further enhanced by the fast rotating twin barrels, boasting an exceptionally regular torque.

A few figures highlight the incomparable complexity of this timepiece. Caliber HW4701 is made up of 683 parts. Its tri-axial tourbillon alone requires 141 parts and weighs a mere 1.85 grams. This voluminous graphic structure is visible beneath four sapphire crystals, all distinguished by convex and complex shapes.

The complication that makes the Histoire de Tourbillon 6 unique is a subtle and inconspicuous one. If need be, the karrusel positioned at 1 o’clock can remain idle. When started, it acts as the regulator for the independent part of the HW4701 movement, occupying the right side. It is stopped by default, but starts running when the pusher, located on the case band is pressed. The specific construction of the karussel means that its balance wheel and its cage are simultaneously linked to the movement’s energy source. Even when halted, they are under constant tension and when released, instantly accelerate to cruising speed. This extremely rare karussel, with a 30-second rotation, operates at high speed in order to occupy a maximized number of positions in space.

With this regulator, time displays can be personalized. The movement on the right side is akin to a monopusher chronograph and replicates that function. Its hands, however, are adjustable via a crown at 3 o’clock. Therefore, they can provide a dual-time display that is accurate to the nearest minute. This rare capability is ideal for offset time zones such as India (UTC +5:30), Caracas (UTC – 4:30) or Katmandu (UTC + 5:45).

Despite its exceptional dimensions, 64 mm from crown to crown, Histoire de Tourbillon 6 has a comfortable fit. The mainplate and bridges, forming the structure of the movement, are made of titanium, a metal chosen for its light weight. The case is fitted with ergonomic lugs. Aligned with the large hand-sewn alligator strap, they seamlessly follow the curves of the wrist.

The case is crafted using a white gold alloy with a high palladium content, giving it an attractive glow and radiating a matte sheen that expertly matches the distinctive look of the movement’s surface. It is entirely hand-beveled and sandblasted to give it a granular texture before undergoing an NAC galvanic treatment, which coats it with a black metal layer. The rendering is both sophisticated and striking, and entirely in harmony with the technical nature of the timepiece.

The exclusive nature of Histoire de Tourbillon 6 is amplified by its limited production, a result of the exceptional complexity of Caliber HW4701. As in the previous chapters of the Histoire de Tourbillon by Harry Winston, only 20 will be made.

Technical details
Model: Histoire de Tourbillon 6

Patented movement
Caliber HW4701
Tri-axial tourbillon
Display of the hours, minutes, seconds and power reserve
Hours and minutes counter with zero-reset function equipped with carriage stop. Movement operating indicator and power reserve indicator (Power Reserve gauge)
Diameter: 40.90 mm x 45.08 mm
Height: 17.30 mm

Number of components & Weight
Complete movement: 683 components
Tourbillon: 141 components
Karussel: 100 components
Tourbillon weight: 1.85 g
Karussel weight: 0.697 g
Number of jewels: 90

Power reserve
Tri-axial tourbillon: up to 80 hours
Karussel: up to 70 hours

Barrels: Two sets of twin fast-rotating series-coupled co-axial barrels equipped with slipping spring in order to avoid excess tension
Balance wheel: Variable-inertia type equipped with gold adjusting screws
Frequency: 21,600 vibrations/hour (3Hz) for each balance wheel
Balance spring: Phillips terminal curve and Geneva-type stud for each balance wheel
Mainplate: Titanium, shot-peened and chamfered, PVD-coated

Titanium bridges, shot-peened and chamfered, PVD-coated
Screws with S-type slotted mirror-polished heads, shot-peened and chamfered

Inner carriage containing the balance wheel and escapement pinion with 45-second rotation cycle
Intermediate carriage with 75-second rotation cycle
Outer carriage with 300-second rotation cycle

Carriage rotation in 30 seconds

Excentered polished rhodium-plated orange SLN Hours and Minutes in a counter at 10 o’clock
Seconds indicator on the tri-axial tourbillon carriage at 8 o’clock
Polished rhodium-plated orange SLN of the Hours and Minutes’ power-reserve at 12 o’clock
Open-worked chronograph hours and minutes in untreated Avional at 3 o’clock
Chronograph operating indicator at 2 o’clock
Polished rhodium-plated blue SLN chronograph power reserve
5 o’clock Chronograph karussel at 1 o’clock

18K white gold, polished, satin-brushed and shot-peened
Blue ceramic pusher
Diameter: 55 mm x 49 mm (edges of the bezel)
Height: 21.80 mm
Shaped sapphire crystal for the 3 o’clock zone with antireflective treatment on both sides
Shaped crystal for the 10 o’clock hours and minutes zone with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
Domed sapphire crystal on the tourbillon with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
Case back: Open; Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
Water resistance: 3 bars
Crown: 18K white gold and rubber

Hand-sewn black alligator leather
Buckle: 18K white gold double ardillon buckle

Limited edition of 20

Blancpain L-evolution Collection Tourbillon Carrousel, Platinum Case with Anthracite Dial (Ref. 92322-34B39-55B)

In this new timepiece, Blancpain reunites once again a tourbillon with a carrousel in a new form. The subtle alliance between two timekeeping regulators gave birth to the caliber 2322V2.

Paired with a bezel sculpted into an innovative form, one which is both aggressive and sporty, the case houses both a flying tourbillon and flying carrousel. The dial, designed with multiple levels, reveals all of the complexity of the open worked movement.

The distinctive bezel, the form of the applied numerals together with the asymmetric form of the bridges and base plate, give the timepiece a unique place in the within the Blancpain collection. This latest design has been finely crafted with a frosted finish as well as a NAC coating (a galvanic process that bestows a dark color on the bridges and base plate). The forms of two cages, that of the tourbillon and that of the carrousel, have been subtly reimagined and reshaped.

The open worked movement, constructed on multiple levels, creates a sense of dynamism through its the depth. The movement’s screws have hexagonal shapes which adds a further dynamic touch to the ensemble. All of these design elements represent “firsts” for Blancpain.

Blancpain L-evolution Collection Tourbillon Carrousel, Platinum Case with Anthracite Dial

The tourbillon is comprised of a rotating cage which carries with it the escapement and the balance wheel. The escape wheel’s pinion rotates as it turns around the exterior of the fixed seconds wheel. This rotation is the means by which the required energy is transmitted to the escapement and balance. The cage rotates once every minute which serves to cancel out rate variations in the vertical position.

Blancpain L-evolution Collection Tourbillon Carrousel, Platinum Case with Anthracite Dial

The core idea of the carrousel, invented originally by Bonniksen in 1892, is similar to that of a classic tourbillon even though the cage is not rotated around a fixed seconds wheel, but instead is powered by a small gear. Two gear trains are utilized, one to rotate the cage and another to deliver power to the balance wheel and the escapement.

The lyre placed upon the carrousel’s cage represents the initials of the marque and has been realized by a laser cutting process. This is the first time that this particularly delicate work has been done on a component of such a small size.

Blancpain L-evolution Collection Tourbillon Carrousel, Platinum Case with Anthracite Dial

Both the tourbillon and the carrousel are individually powered, each by its own barrel, which allows for a harmonious vertical placement of the two within the movement. Clever technical innovations were required to achieve simultaneous winding of the barrels of the tourbillon and the carrousel through a single crown, termed the winding crown, which encircles the entire movement.

Blancpain L-evolution Collection Tourbillon Carrousel, Platinum Case with Anthracite Dial

The movement of the Tourbillon Carrousel is equipped with two differentials, one designed to combine the information from the two complications in order to average the two running rates and the second to produce the power reserve indication shown at the back of the watch.

The case is in platinum with a diameter of 47.40 mm and is fitted with an integrated black alligator strap. The Blancpain L-evolution Tourbillon Carrousel will be limited to but 50 examples.

Ulysse Nardin Blue Cruiser

Swiss luxury watch maker Ulysse Nardin launches Blue Cruiser, a sporty blue version of its iconic Freak Cruiser Timepiece. Equipped with the state of the art Carrousel-Tourbillon and the Dual Ulysse escapement in silicon, this brand new horology marvel highlights its bezel, rotating lower bridge and upper bridges in deep aquatic colours.

Stripped of its dial and hands, the Blue Cruiser, like the iconic Freak Cruiser, is designed so that movement revolves on itself. The rotating lower bridge indicates the hours, while the upper bridge, in the form of a skeletonised ship’s anchor- bearing the gear train, the balance spring and the exclusive Dual Ulysse silicon escapement – shows the minutes.

Christened the Flying Carrousel Tourbillon, this system is entirely free floating, as it no longer includes the centre pin which in previous incarnations was stowed with the sapphire crystal to support the entire structure.

Stripped of crown and push-pieces, the Blue Cruiser model is set to operate using the rotating bezel, in both directions. The winding barrel of this hand wound movement designed to offer a power reserve of more than seven days – this is done using the rear bezel mounted on ball bearings. These two elements – the front and lower bezels are thus an integral part of this exceptional manual wind movement, visible through the open case back.

Available in 18 carat white or rose gold, the Blue Cruiser’s case measures 45 mm in diameter and is fitted with a blue or brown alligator leather strap with deployant clasp.

Technical details

Model: Blue Cruiser
Reference: 2050-131/03

Calibre UN 205
Movement indicates the time
Flying Carrousel
Power reserve: 7 days, slip spring
Frequency: 4 Hz (28, 800 VPH)
Moment of inertia: 8mg/cm2, adjusting over 4 screws
Hair spring: Silicon, exclusive Ulysse Nardin Design
Escapement: Exclusive Dual Ulysse escapement in silicon, non lubricated
Orbit: 1 revolution in one hour
Winding: Manual winding over the back of the case (1 full rotation is equivalent to 12 hours of power reserve)

Hours and minutes displayed by the rotation of the movement
Time setting: Unlock devise and turn bezel


18 carat rose gold or 18 carat white gold
Diameter: 45 mm<span

Blancpain Villeret Carrousel Phases de Lune (Ref. 6622L-3631-55B)

Blancpain Villeret Carrousel Phases de Lune features a successful alliance between a carrousel and a moon phase, two of the brand’s most iconic horological complications.

This new model in the Villeret collection once again expresses the tradition of innovation driving the Manufacture. The new Blancpain 225L movement unites a carrousel, a moon phase and a date for the very first time. Having been consigned to oblivion over a century, the carrousel (karussel) was brought back by Blancpain to the forefront of the watchmaking scene in 2008, with the introduction of the world’s first flying carrousel to perform a one-minute rotation.

Blancpain Villeret Carrousel Phases de Lune

Like the tourbillon, the carrousel also aims to reduce the effects of gravity on the rate of the movement. The distinction between these two devices lies in their construction. Whereas the tourbillon is linked to the barrel by one gear train, the carrousel has two : the first supplies the energy required to drive the escapement ; while the second controls the rotation speed of the carriage.

The moon phase is another complication that had experienced an almost total eclipse until it was reintroduced by Blancpain in the early 1980s. This new fully secured movement, comprising 281 parts including 61  for  the  carrousel  carriage  alone,  is  equipped  with  silicon  balance-spring  technology  and endowed with a five-day power reserve.

Blancpain Villeret Carrousel moon phase watch

This new timepieces bears all the signature codes of the Villeret collection. The double-stepped case frames a cambered grand feu enamel dial ; a blued steel serpentine hand indicates the date, while the delicately hollowed sage leaf-type hour and minute hands sweep gracefully across painted enamel Roman numerals.

The white dial features a 12 o’clock opening revealing the carrousel carriage with its complex mechanism, set exactly opposite the moon-phase indication at 6 o’clock.

Blancpain Villeret Carrousel Phases de Lune movement

The back of the 42 mm-diameter case carries the two under-lug correctors designed to adjust the date and moon phase. This patented Blancpain innovation enables smooth tool-free handling and also serves to preserve the pure lines of the case.

The same concern for detail is devoted to the finishes which are visible through the sapphire crystal case-back providing a view of the movement adorned with Côtes de Genèveas well as the open-worked and striated oscillating weight distinguished by a design echoing that of the carrousel carriage.

An alligator leather strap in chocolate brown for the 18-carat red gold version, or black for the platinum limited edition, sets the perfect finishing touch to the pure and elegant aesthetic appeal of this model.

Ulysse Nardin Freak Cruiser

Ulysse Nardin interprets its iconic Freak watch model which is originally launched in 2001 and unveils the new Freak Cruiser equipped with advanced and cutting edge technologies. This spectacular model equipped with a beautiful Carrousel-Tourbillon movement is completely redesigned, with a bezel dressed in aquatic fluting and a floating anchor in the form of a swing bridge.

Never before has a watch accomplished such a conceptual and technological leap forward for watchmaking – a feat that remains unrivalled even today. Stripped of its dial and hands, the Freak Cruiser is designed so that the movement revolves on itself. Linked to the center of this unusual vessel, the lower bridge indicates the hours, while the upper bridge – bearing the gear train, the balance spring and the exclusive Dual Ulysse silicon escapement –shows the minutes.


Named the Carrousel Tourbillon, this system, which defies the imagination, is entirely free-floating, as it no longer includes the center pin that previous incarnations bestowed with the sapphire crystal to support the entire structure.

The Dual Ulysse escapement also takes watchmaking to revolutionary new horizons. Its architecture abandons the traditional anchor and anchor wheel, and instead locates two silicon impulse wheels at its center. Each one is equipped with 18 active teeth which engage in turn, activating an alternator which transmits its energy directly to the balance staff — first in one direction, then in the other. This structure, which requires no lubrication, ensures that the force is always released in the direction of the balance rotation, thereby minimizing friction.

Furthermore, the natural oscillation of the silicon 1.1.1 balance spring – which beats at the high frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hertz) – is only very slightly disturbed. In fact, the contact between the balance and the escapement takes place over a 32° arc, whereas this lifting angle is 48° on a Swiss lever escapement. The amount of disturbance is therefore reduced to a minimum.

But these are not the only secrets of the incredible manual-wind caliber UN-205, which generously reveals all through the sapphire case-back. Stripped of its crown, the Freak Cruiser is adjusted in a phenomenal way.  Located between the lugs at 6 o’clock, a safety catch is used to liberate the rotating bezel. This adjusts the hours and minutes when turned in either direction. As for winding the barrel – designed to offer a power reserve of more than seven days – this is done using the rear bezel mounted on ball bearings. These two bezels front and back are an integral part of the movement.

With a diameter of 45 millimeters, mounted on an alligator strap with deployment buckle, the Freak Cruiser is as awe-inspiring as any treasures hidden on the seabed, available in 18-karat rose gold and 18-karat white gold.

Technical details
Reference: 2050-131

Caliber UN-205
Movement indicates the time
Flying Carrousel
Power Reserve:  7 days, slip-spring
Frequency: 4Hz (28,800 v/h)
Moment of Inertia: 8 mg*cm2, adjusting over 4 screws
Hairspring: Silicon, exclusive Ulysse Nardin design
Escapement: Exclusive Dual Ulysse escapement in silicon, non-lubricated
Orbit: 1 revolution in one hour
Winding: Manual winding over the back of the case
1 full rotation is equivalent to 12 hours of power reserve

H/M displayed by the rotation of the movement
Time Setting: Unlock device and turn bezel

18-karat rose gold or 18-karat white gold
Diameter: 45 mm

Ulysse Nardin Freak Phantom

Swiss luxury watch brand Ulysse Nardin unveils Freak Phantom, a proud addition to the iconic Freak line which was originally introduced in 2001. Since its induction, the Freak collection has featured groundbreaking advancements in technology, design and materials, particularly the use of silicium. The limited-edition Freak Phantom continues the evolution of this notorious family of watches.

Due to the unconventional design of the Freak’s tourbillon carrousel – one that possessed no traditional dial, crown or hands – and being the first timepiece to successfully present escapement wheels constructed of silicium, the Freak forever changed the course of haute horology. The Freak Phantom pays tribute to the revolutionary Freak by expanding its use of silicium and taking its tourbillon to new heights.

Covert-like in appearance, the Freak Phantom is a timepiece of true invention. A limited edition of 99, it uses silicium in its patented hairspring (Si 1.1.1.) and throughout the majority of its escapement. The in house produced movement offers an exceptional power reserve of more than eight days. Its performance is enhanced through its application of cutting-edge technology in the two ball-bearing systems; the balance-wheel concept and design; and the flying tourbillon that indicates the minutes with a tourbillon carrousel that does one complete rotation around the center in 60 minutes.

The cage of the Freak Phantom is equipped with an arrow indicating the seconds on a transparent halfcircle, rotating in one minute on itself, with the zero position holding steady on the axis of the minute indicator. The two specially conceived ball bearing systems enable the “flying” function of the minute movement and of the seconds-indicator tourbillon without the need for a supporting bridge.

Simple and user-friendly, the Freak Phantom can be wound by turning the lower bezel, and the time can be adjusted by turning the upper bezel; while the direct gear link crafted between the three “hands” averts dephasing, or the throwing of hours, minutes and seconds out of step when adjusting or readjusting time.  Boldly masculine, its movement, presented in a shade of black, conveys an identity of silent strength, while its 18-karat rose-gold case reveals optimal elegance.

Technical details
Reference 2086-115
Limited Edition of 99 pieces

Calibre UN-208
Movement indicates the time
8-day Carrousel-Tourbillon
Small seconds on flying tourbillon 60 Seconds
Power Reserve: more than 8 days, slip-spring
Frequency: 4Hz (28’800 v/h)
Moment of inertia: 8 mg*cm2, adjusting over 4 screws
Hairspring: Silicium 1.1.1., exclusive Ulysse Nardin design
Escapement: Silicium, non lubrificated
Tourbillon: 1 revolution in 1minute
Orbite: 1 revolution in one hour

Manual winding over the back of the case
1 full rotation is equivalent to 12 hours of power reserve

H/M displayed by the rotation of the movement
Small seconds on flying tourbillon
Time setting: unlock device and turn bezel

18-karat rose gold
Diameter : 45 mm

Blancpain Le Brassus Collection Carrousel Répétition Minutes Chronographe Flyback (Carrousel, Minute Repeater and Flyback Chronograph – Ref. 2358-3631-55B)

Having introduced a series of world firsts in its Carrousel Volant and Carrousel Minute Repeater models, the Manufacture Blancpain maintains its well-deserved status at the very peak of the watchmaking art, by becoming the first to associate these two horological complications with a flyback chronograph in a self-winding version.

Watch brands capable of presenting such highly complex models are few and far between, and even those that develop these movements in-house are an even rarer species. This unusual threesome in the Le Brassus collection is distinguished by a range of complications exclusive to Blancpain.

First of all, the carrousel (or karussel), an exceptional mechanism revived and revamped by Blancpain in 2008, is represented in this model by its famous one-minute flying carrousel. The next complication is minute repeater. Blancpain has conducted a great deal of research to optimizing the sound of its repeater mechanisms.

Blancpain Le Brassus Collection Carrousel Répétition Minutes Chronographe Flyback (Carrousel, Minute Repeater and Flyback Chronograph - Ref. 2358-3631-55B)

The blades of its cathedral gong wrap one and a half times around the movement in order to emit a sound of surprising quality. Its transmission is optimised by fixing the gongs inside the case, a solution making it possible to achieve remarkable volume and clarity. The latest improvement to the purity of the sound is a flying governor that reduces the background noise produced by the movement. Finally, to avoid any risk of damage, the system automatically disconnects the crown-adjustment system when the repeater slide is activated.

The third function also stemming from the Blancpain classic legacy is the chronograph, the king of short-time measurements, particularly with the flyback or instant-restart function (historically used by pilots). Simply pressing the pusher at 4 o’clock enables the wearer to restart a time measurement while a first measurement is in progress.

Meanwhile, the recurrent signature features of chronographs from the Manufacture – namely the column wheel and the vertical coupling-clutch – ensure the peerless precision of the function’s activation.

This original version of an unusual arrangement featuring a 30-minute counter at the centre of the calibre demonstrates the horological mastery of the Blancpain movement design engineers. The extreme user friendliness of this new chronograph is matched only by its inner complexity.

This triple association is presented in a new red gold 45 mm case with a chapter ring, a 30-minute and hour-markers in grand feu enamel. Radiating an understated and effective style, the combination of the openworked dial and the sapphire crystal case-back both highlights and provides in-depth views of this complex device.

The special-shaped chronograph minutes and seconds hands are long enough to ensure maximal readability as they sweep over their corresponding indexes in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Blancpain Le Brassus Collection Carrousel Répétition Minutes Chronographe Flyback (Carrousel, Minute Repeater and Flyback Chronograph - Ref. 2358-3631-55B)

As one would expect from such an exclusive calibre, the bridges and mainplate are in 18-carat gold, a material that does nothing to facilitate the arduous task of the watchmakers from the Vallée de Joux.

The entire sum of this legacy and this expertise is combined within the new Carrousel Répétition Minutes Chronographe Flyback in the Le Brassus collection – a line epitomising the peak of the watchmaking art and vividly reflecting Blancpain’s innovative strength.

Blancpain Le Brassus Collection Tourbillon Carrousel (Ref. 2322-3631-55B)

The tourbillon and the carrousel (karussel) are two of the major devices aimed at reducing gravity-related effects on the running of the movement. For the first time in horological history, Blancpain introduces a wristwatch combining these two regulators.

The Manufacture from Le Brassus achieves a true technical feat by associating the tourbillon and the carrousel, two of the brand’s emblematic complications, in a model equipped with a flying tourbillon at 12 o’clock, a flying carrousel at 6 o’clock, and a date display at 3 o’clock.

The eye is immediately drawn to the surprising differences and similarities between the mechanisms, as well as to the beauty of their rotation. The two independent carriages are linked by a differential gear system, which transmits the average rate of both regulators to the time display.

Blancpain Le Brassus Collection Tourbillon Carrousel

An external winding crown enables both barrels to be wound simultaneously while guaranteeing their equal winding, thereby endowing this timepiece with impressive precision along with a comfortable seven-day power reserve. The sapphire crystal case-back provides a fascinating view of this ingenious mechanism as well as of the power-reserve indication.

In reviving the carrousel and opening up whole new vistas for this historical device, the Manufacture from Le Brassus effectively redefined it. It thus offers a genuine alternative to the tourbillon, but is distinguished by the way in which it accomplishes this function.

These two systems pursue the same purpose, but differ in terms of their construction. In the case of the tourbillon, the carriage is linked to the barrel via a single gear train, which means that if this mechanical connection is interrupted, the tourbillon also stops rotating. The carrousel is connected to the barrel by two gear trains: the first delivers the energy required for the operation of the escapement, while the second controls the carriage rotation speed.

The difference between the two systems thus consists in a more elaborate construction involving more components for the carrousel, but ensuring the smooth cohabitation of both devices is a true challenge and a world first achieved by the Blancpain watchmakers.

Blancpain Le Brassus Tourbillon Carrousel

Blancpain devotes considerable care to the movement finishing; on the dial side, the mechanism cover which is open-worked to provide glimpses of the moving parts in action features a flinqué decoration that is echoed on the bridge side to create a harmonious overall effect. The wheels echo the design of the brand’s signature bevelled wheel rim-style gears. This keen attention lavished on decorative elements endows this model with singular depth.

This complication is equipped with the new hand-wound Calibre 2322 measuring 35.3 mm in diameter and 5.85 mm thick, composed of 379 parts including two new silicon balance-springs.

Blancpain Le Brassus Tourbillon Carrousel movement

The 44.60 mm diameter case is extremely pleasant to wear thanks to its elegantly slender design measuring just 11.94 mm thick.

The dial with its discreet aesthetic has a grand feu enamel chapter ring bearing 5N gold Roman numerals. The alligator leather strap with alzavel lining is fitted with a triple-blade folding clasp ensuring optimal comfort and user friendliness.

Ulysse Nardin FREAK DIAMonSIL® Platinum Limited Edition

Half a decade ago, Swiss luxury watch brand Ulysse Nardin created a buzz in the history of traditional watchmaking by unveiling a watch code named “FREAK”. Until now, this watch has represented the pinnacle of both technological and artistic watchmaking. Produced in very small numbers, the original FREAK is sought after by the most elite and respected watch connoisseurs around the world.

No watch company has ever produced a timepiece like the FREAK – one of the most technically innovative watches conceived, designed and produced in the past 100 years. The concept was a technical tour de force, requiring the combined efforts of three of watchmaking’s most renowned engineers. The arrangement of parts was inconceivably unorthodox – it had essentially no true case. The crystal and the bezel were actually part of the movement; the Freak had no crown, no hands and the movement pivoted to indicate time.

It contained fewer parts than the simplest watch today, and remained a Carrousel Tourbillon by necessity. No watch had ever been designed this way. The development of the FREAK pioneered the use of silicium in the context of necessity – not for decoration or to be different. While developing this novel escapement the Ulysse Nardin engineers explored the various opportunities to be had with the implementation of nanotechnology. Indeed, the accuracy and lightness (accompanied with the ease in designing complicated movement parts) confirmed the unique abilities of silicium for the production of our escapement wheels.

The primary goal of the brand continues to be the improvement of the products, while increasing their maximum life span and protecting the mechanism against external strains and stress. Diamond “forever” is the ideal material to achieve this purpose. Beginning in 2005 Ulysse Nardin successfully applied diamonds on the FREAK DIAMOND HEART. The latest advancements in technology allow for alloying the light and easy-to-design silicium with diamond. Years of intense work at La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle have culminated with Ulysse Nardin presenting the incredibly supercharged and highly tuned version of the FREAK – the FREAK DIAMonSIL®.

The FREAK DIAMonSIL® in platinum is the first timepiece sporting a synthetic nanocrystal diamond escapement grown on a silicium raw part. This noble material was developed in cooperation with Sigatec (a highly qualified manufacturer of precision silicium parts) and its partner GFD in Ulm (leader in producing components in diamond with nanotechnology for various industries). The FREAK DIAMonSIL® represents the next leap forward for Ulysse Nardin.

The FREAK DIAMonSIL® is the embodiment of its proud tradition of 160 years of Innovation with Ulysse Nardin leading the way in silicium and diamond technology. The FREAK DIAMonSIL® is a technical work of art, a symphony in white and blue in a Limited Edition of 28 pieces in Platinum.

Dual Ulysse Escapement
The Dual Ulysse Escapement is the most vital part of the watch movement and is made in this very light but extremely strong and novel material : DIAMonSIL®, a registered trademark of Ulysse Nardin. The Dual Ulysse Escapement has 2 wheels, allowing natural force transmission: the force and the move have the same direction, alternatively clockwise with the first wheel and counter-clockwise with the second. The wheels have 18 active teeth, guaranteeing excellent energy transmission to the oscillator. No lubrication is required – the transmission occurs through a “gear like” mechanism. The impulse is given to an alternator, which passes it further to the balance shaft. This alternator is a gear which turns alternatively in one direction and then the opposite direction. The innovative principle of the Dual Ulysse Escapement permits a dramatic reduction of the lift angle from the usual 50-52 degrees (Swiss Anchor) down to approximately 30 degrees. The lift angle is the arc run by the balance between its first contact with the escapement and its last contact. The shorter the arc, the lower is the disturbance of the natural oscillation of the balance.

Technical details
Model : Ulysse Nardin FREAK DIAMonSIL® Platinum Limited Edition

Caliber UN-203, 13 ¾’’’
Dual Ulysse Escapement in DIAMonSIL® – patent pending
28 jewels
Power-Reserve: 7 days
Winding: The mainspring is wound with the case back

Carrousel Tourbillon displaying hours and minutes
Dual: Ulysse Escapement 28’800 V/h (4 Hz)
Turning bezel with lock device to set the time

Platinum case
Diameter of case: 44.5 mm
Crystal: Anti reflective sapphire crystal
Case-back: Anti reflective sapphire crystal

Alligator leather strap, folding buckle