Founded in 1875 in United States of America, Bulova remains one of the world’s most recognized watch brands.

The company manufactures timepieces under Bulova, Bulova Accutron (New name: Accu.Swiss), Bulova Accutron II, Caravelle,  Wittnauer, brands. It also produced licensed Harley-Davidson® Timepieces by Bulova watches, Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® watches and clocks, and the award-winning Bulova Clocks.

[Note: In 2014, Bulova Corporation discontinued the production of watches under the “Accutron” and “Accutron by Bulova” brand.]

An independent subsidiary of Citizen Watch Company, Ltd. of Japan, Bulova is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Canada, China, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Bulova was founded in 1875 by Joseph Bulova, a 23-year old immigrant to the U.S. from Bohemia, today part of the Czech Republic. He ran the company until his death in 1935, a record of 60 years of leadership unequalled in the industry.

In that time, the Bulova Watch Company, as it was then known, amassed many “firsts.”

Here are some highlights: –

  • 1919: Bulova introduced the first full line of men’s wristwatches.
  • 1920: The Bulova Observatory was built on top of 580 Fifth Avenue in New York. It was constructed so that watchmakers in the company’s Setting and Timing unit could have precise recordings of sidereal time—proof of our longstanding devotion to accuracy. 1926: Bulova produced the nation’s first radio commercial.
  • 1928: Bulova introduced the first clock radio.
  • 1931: Bulova debuted the world’s first electric clocks.

Bulova continued making social and technical breakthroughs in the ensuing years:-

  • 1940: Bulova produced the first TV commercial as part of an experimental broadcast of a baseball game.
  • 1945: Bulova opened the Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking to help disabled veterans learn a valuable skill. The school was equipped with state-of-the-art accessibility features, including extra wide elevators and automatic doors. Those who graduated were guaranteed jobs.
  • 1960: Bulova introduced Accutron, the world’s first electronic watch. This revolutionary timekeeping invention, a watch without springs or escapement, was operated by an electronically activated tuning fork. Bulova’s Accutron technology was used by NASA during the space race in the 1960s.
  • 1969: On July 20, at exactly 8:17 and 41 seconds, Bulova landed on the moon when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin placed an Accutron timing mechanism in the Sea of Tranquility to control data transmissions back to earth. In all, Bulova timing mechanisms were an integral part of forty-six NASA missions.


  • 2008: Citizen Group acquires Bulova.
  • 2010: In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Accutron, a limited edition replica of the Accutron Spaceview 214 watch was released.  Bulova unveiled a new watch technology that represents a breakthrough in accuracy, design and style at BaselWorld 2010. Bulova Precisionist is the world’s most accurate watch with a continuously sweeping second hand. Most quartz watches are accurate to 15 seconds a month, while Bulova Precisionist is accurate to 10 seconds a year.
  • 2012: Bulova Corporation announced a revolutionary advance in timekeeping accuracy, introducing the Bulova Accutron Calibrator, featuring the world’s first and only External Fine Adjustment System (EFAS).
  • 2015: Bulova Corporation celebrated its 140th anniversary. The year also marked the brand’s return to Manhattan with the move of corporate offices to the Empire State Building.
  • 2016: Bulova Corporation presented the world’s first curved chronograph movement, the Bulova CURV.

Official website : https://www.bulova.com

Bulova Fall 2017 Collection New Models

Bulova’s newest additions to the fall 2017 collection expand on the brand’s rich tradition of a history of firsts, a tradition that started in 1875. Forward-looking styles and design partnerships combine with a lineup that takes some styling cues from Bulova’s design archives.

Bulova’s first-ever partnership with The Recording Academy® and The Latin Recording Academy® uniquely synergizes the integrity, artistry and craftsmanship synonymous with three iconic brands.

Six standout styles, for ladies and men, are at the heart of the GRAMMY® and Latin GRAMMY® collection that celebrates timeless moments in music history.

Each one intricately detailed, some powered by Bulova’s Precisionist movement, and all punctuated with the globally iconic gramophone logo on the caseback. Altogether it’s a collection that makes a sophisticated statement of style with plenty of staying power.

The Archive Series revives some of Bulova’s iconic designs updated for today’s sensibilities. This year’s Chronograph C, with its bold red/white/blue dial and thick coin-edge case details, may take design inspiration from the 1970s, but its high-performance quartz chronograph movement is definitely 21st century.

A special-edition boxed presentation includes two straps: stainless mesh and navy leather.

The Chronograph C is the second in the Archive Series, following the Moon Watch chronograph, the original which went to the moon in 1971. New for 2017 is the blackout version in matte black IP and a trending black leather NATO-style strap.

The new Curv for Ladies boldly heralds the shape of things to come with three striking styles. Once again Bulova bends the rules with applied design technology to make a refined aerodynamic statement with curved movement, dial, hands and case that exactly follows the wrist, with three-hand multifunction and exhibition case back detail—finished with 26 sparkling diamonds.

One new men’s Curv style continues the breakthrough excitement of the Curv, the world’s first curved chronograph movement, which debuted at Basel in 2016.

The Marine Star Collection debuts new ladies’ all-ceramic case and bracelet styles with diamond accents.

From the Automatic Collection, 1960s-inspired aerojet designs with crown placement at the 2 o’clock position add new dimension to these self-winding movements and open apertures/exhibition case-backs showcasing meticulous craftsmanship.

From the new Modern Collection with metallized edge-to-edge crystal detail and ultra-slim case offers an edgier twist on timeless style, and is available in men’s and ladies’ silhouettes. From the Classic Collection, new day/date features update these well-loved designs.

Bulova Rubaiyat Collection

Rubaiyat, a name with poetic significance and sensuality, was chosen by Bulova in 1917 for its first-ever woman’s timepiece. Now a hundred years in the making, the Rubaiyat heritage has been reinvented. Fusing modern design aesthetics with deep roots of regal craftsmanship, the Rubaiyat Collection masterfully articulates and celebrates each pillar of empowered femininity.

For its Basel 2017 debut, the Rubaiyat Collection consists of 12 stunning timepieces. Each one is beautifully adorned with individually hand-set diamonds, unique cabochon-crown placement at the focal 12 o’clock position to echo the original design, and a choice of stainless, gold-tone and rose gold-tone cases and bracelets as well as elegant leather straps lined with sophisticated color accents.

Punctuating each caseback is the hallmark Goddess of Time insignia, gracefully alluding to the poetic sensuality of both the legend and today’s empowered woman. Collection pricing starts at US$550.

Reinforcing the extravagance of this collection are deluxe limited-edition styles embellished with a spectacular halo of more than a carat of dazzling diamonds and colored sapphires in rose, blue or blush tones, and straps made of exotic skins.

Bulova Special Edition Moon Chronograph

With this new watch, Bulova takes us to 1971 when Apollo 15’s mission commander made lunar history, while wearing his personal Bulova chronograph. Bulova’s new special edition moon chronograph watch replicates that original timepiece, updated with exclusive high performance quartz movement with a frequency of 262 kHz for unparalleled accuracy, continuing a history of precision timing.

Bulova’s legendary engineering expertise was tapped by NASA to help with the US space effort; that active partnership lasted from the mid-1950s into the 1970s. Bulova’s innovative Accutron tuning fork movement—which could work in low-gravity conditions—was used in all instrument panel clocks and timekeeping mechanisms on 46 NASA missions.

During the historic July 1969 moon walk, a Bulova ultrasensitive, precision timer was a crucial part of the seismometer placed in the Sea of Tranquility to conduct scientific experiments and transmit critical lunar data. On August 2, 1971, Apollo 15’s mission commander, the seventh man to walk on the moon and the first to drive the Lunar Rover, wore his personally-gifted Bulova moon pilot chronograph. Customized for lunar conditions by the company’s engineers, the legendary watch was used to precisely Track time.

That original Bulova chronograph, the only privately-owned watch to make space history, recently sold at auction for an astronomical $1.625 million. Taking inspiration from the original, the Bulova moon watch boasts exclusive high performance quartz movement with a frequency of 262 kHz for unparalleled accuracy.

Other features include superluminous hands and markers, anti-reflective sapphire glass, tachymeter and calendar in a solid 316L surgical-grade stainless steel case, with water resistance to 50 meters.

The strap version includes two interchangeable straps—one a textured black leather; the other, a black nylon with a nubuck leather patch that commemorates the date of mission (DOM) as 08.02.1971; UHF 262 kHz highlights the frequency of the proprietary quartz movement. Another version with stainless steel bracelet will also be available.

Bulova’s exclusive three-prong quartz crystal increases vibration frequency to 262 kHz, eight times greater than a standard quartz movement, providing unparalleled accuracy.

Bulova CURV

Since 1875, Bulova has played by its own rules with an unmatched legacy of historic industry “firsts”. The pinnacle of this legacy was in 1960, with the introduction of Accutron, the world’s first fully electronic watch. This technology played a part in world history – selected by NASA as the timekeeping device to guide its Apollo missions to the Moon.

This decade, in a breakthrough moment for timekeeping, Bulova launched Precisionist, powered by the exclusive three-prong quartz Precisionist movement with a 262kHz frequency – eight times greater than standard watches –accurate to seconds per year.

Today, Bulova continues this legacy with the groundbreaking debut of the world’s first curved chronograph movement, the Bulova CURV. The collection advances technical engineering with a sleek ergonomic design and a slim case previously not achieved in a chronograph movement.

The Bulova CURV is engineered to perfection with a first-ever curved chronograph movement and a high-performance quartz movement that vibrates at 262kHz frequency for precise accuracy. On the outside, Bulova’s applied design technology makes an aerodynamic statement with a refined, contoured simplicity that exactly follows the wrist.

The new 12 piece CURV collection offers a striking series of dress and sports watches. The hero piece, is the touchstones style featuring an exhibition case back and see-through dial with titanium and steel case with a black strap in rugged rubber.

Bulova Military Collection Style 96B229

Reflecting actual watches from Bulova’s archives developed for the U.S. military during World War II, this distinctive new collection, in 316L stainless steel, features easy-to-read minimalist dials, full Arabic numerals, red-tipped signature continuously sweeping second hands, and Bulova’s manufactured UHF (Ultra High Frequency) movement.

Technical details

Bulova Style 96B229
The Military Collection

Bulova UHF (Ultra High Frequency) movement
316L stainless steel case
Velvet black dial
White superluminous hands and markers
Red-tipped continuously sweeping second hand
Screw-down caseback
Green fabric strap
Water resistant to 100 meters
Diameter: 42.0mm

Bulova Sea King Collection Style 98B243

The Sea King Collection, in 316L stainless steel with Bulova’s exclusive, manufactured UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology movement, includes chronographs and time only designs, and features unidirectional elapsed time bezels, locking crowns and pushers, sapphire glass, and super luminous hands and markers. This diving watch has a water resistance up to 300 meters.

Technical details

Bulova Style 98B243
From the Sea King Collection

Bulova UHF (Ultra High Frequency) movement
Anti-reflective coating
316L stainless steel case/black ion-plated finish
Unidirectional elapsed time bezel
Velvet black dial
Light green superluminous hands and markers
Yellow sweeping chronograph second hand with light green superluminous tip
Small sweep
Screw-down caseback/crown
Locking pushers
Black rubber strap
Water resistant to 300 meters

Bulova Sea King Limited Edition Style 96B226

Water resistant to 1,000 meters and crafted in titanium, the Sea King limited edition diving watch, with automatic movement and helium release valve, will be available in a numbered, controlled production run of 500, and will come in special Sea King packaging, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Technical details

Bulova Style 96B226
From the Sea King Collection

Limited Edition – Available in a numbered, controlled-production run of 500
Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity
ISO 6425 certified
21-jewel automatic movement
Anti-reflective coating
Titanium case/black ion-plated accents
Diameter: 50.0mm
Unidirectional elapsed time bezel
Velvet black dial
Light green superluminous hands and markers
Orange second hand with light green superluminous counterweight
Helium release valve
Locking top ring/pushers
Screw-down caseback/crown
Black rubber strap with extender
Water resistant to 1,000 meters

Bulova 140th Anniversary Commemorative Watches – Limited Edition Statue of Liberty Coin Timepiece and Special Edition Precisionist Chronograph

Honoring its 140-year commitment to innovation, as well as the company’s long and continuing role in the business life of New York City, Bulova Corporation will be introducing two commemorative watches as part of the celebration of its 140th year in continuous business. The special introductions include a Limited Edition Statue of Liberty Coin Timepiece and a Special Edition Precisionist Chronograph.

Founded in New York in 1875, the global timekeeping brand is adding these introductions to its year-long schedule of initiatives, including the company’s move to New York’s iconic Empire State Building.

Bulova Limited Edition Statue of Liberty Coin Timepiece

A tribute to one of New York’s most famous landmarks, the Bulova Limited Edition Statue of Liberty Coin Timepiece, based on the 19th-century Liberty-head gold coin, features a dimensional medallion dial and twelve diamonds, individually hand-set into star-shaped settings.

With a detailed, coin-edged, 39 mm case and quartz movement, this unique watch will be available in a numbered, controlled-production run, and will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. The back of each case will feature Bulova’s 140th Anniversary logo. The Bulova Limited Edition Statue of Liberty Coin Timepiece is crafted of 316L stainless steel with gold finish and includes a domed sapphire crystal and black leather strap.

Technical details

Bulova Style 96B241
140th Anniversary Special Edition Precisionist Chronograph

Dial details in “Accutron green” – color used on the dial of the world’s first fully electronic watch (1960)
Bulova 140th anniversary logo on caseback
Chronograph timing to 1,000th-second
Bulova UHF (Ultra High Frequency) movement
316L stainless steel
Black carbon fiber dial
White luminous hands and markers
“Accutron green” continuously sweeping second hand
Screw-down caseback/crown
Double-press fold-over clasp/safety lock
Water resistant to 300 meters
Diameter: 44.0mm

Bulova 140th Anniversary Special Edition Precisionist Chronograph

Featuring Bulova’s UHF (Ultra High Frequency) exclusive technology, the 140th Anniversary Special Edition Precisionist Chronograph pays tribute to the company’s continuing commitment to innovation and design. With a three-prong quartz crystal (torsional resonator) producing a vibrational frequency of 262 kHz, eight times greater than a standard quartz crystal, at the heart of the exclusive Bulova movement, Bulova UHF provides accuracy to seconds a year and features a signature continuously sweeping second hand.

In a tribute to a signature technological breakthrough in Bulova history, the 140th Anniversary Special Edition Precisionist Chronograph features green dial details in the same distinctive green used on the dial of Bulova’s revolutionary Accutron, introduced in 1960 as the world’s first fully electronic watch. Including the 140th Anniversary logo on each caseback and providing chronograph timing to 1,000th of a second, the 140th Anniversary Special Edition Precisionist Chronograph is crafted of 316L stainless steel and features a curved sapphire crystal, carbon-fiber dial, luminous hands and markers, tachymeter, calendar, and water resistance to 300 meters.

Technical details

Bulova Style 97D105
140th Anniversary Limited Edition Statue of Liberty Coin Timepiece

Based on the 19th-century Liberty-head gold coin
Available in a numbered, controlled-production run
Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity
Bulova 140th anniversary logo on caseback
12 individually hand-set diamonds on medallion dial
316L stainless steel case/gold finish
Detailed, coin-edged bezel
Black leather strap
Water resistant to 30 meters
Diameter: 39.0mm