BOMBERG “BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog” Limited Edition

Swiss watch brand BOMBERG presents the first ever wristwatch to incorporate hemp leaves: the “BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog”.

From its launch in 2012, the brand’s main ambassador, which featured in the original adverts, was an English bulldog named Bolt. Additionally, BOMBERG has been associated with charity organisations involved in the protection of dogs, tigers and jaguars.

BOMBERG "BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog" Limited Edition

After Bolt, the brand’s favourite mascot, suffered an episode of stress, BOMBERG approached the “Bouledogue Attitude Foundation” based in Neyruz-sur-Moudon in the canton of Vaud, whose mission is to care for and rehome abandoned bulldogs. The Foundation recommended natural, CBD-based foods for Bolt.

BOMBERG "BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog" Limited Edition

CBD is known for its beneficial natural properties. By attaching directly to nerve cells, the active ingredients of CBD help to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as making the nervous system stronger and more resilient. Bolt made a speedy recovery and now he is enjoying a new lease of life.

BOMBERG "BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog" Limited Edition

Celebrating Bolt’s return to normal life, BOMBERG has launched the “BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog”. Powered by a Swiss automatic movement, this timepiece represents a major break with traditional watchmaking.

BOMBERG "BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog" Limited Edition

The dial features the instantly recognisable contours of the Cannabis indica plant, with its seven serrated leaves. The powerful Super-LumiNova used on the dial means the watch is always legible – even in the midnight.

BOMBERG "BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog" Limited Edition

Real extracts of Cannabis indica leaves are included inside the dial. The leaves are harvested from a plantation based in Nevada, USA that meets the strictest standards governing the environment, sustainability and natural production.

BOMBERG "BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog" Limited Edition

This watch also features a very special strap made from a mixture of leather and authentic American hemp, produced with one of the brand’s partners in Nevada in the Western United States.

BOMBERG "BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog" Limited Edition

The 43-mm diameter case offers superior comfort on the wrist. The BOMBERG BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog watch is instantly recognisable thanks to its crown at 2 o’clock and its domed sapphire crystal.

Technical details

Model: BOMBERG BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog
Ref.: CT43ASS.30-1.11

Special edition
Limited edition of 250 pieces

Automatic, 3 Sellita hands, SW200, 38-hr power reserve

43 mm, stainless steel; External ring with cannabis leaf pattern

Cannabis, American hemp inside the dial
Super-LumiNova on the leaf
Watch glass: Sapphire with anti-reflective coating

Real fabric made from American hemp
Stainless steel deployant buckle

CHF 1790 (excl. tax)

BOMBERG Watches enters the Filipino market

Swiss watch brand BOMBERG continues to grow and expand dynamically in its niche markets. In the Philippines, the brand will be developed and supported by a strong local partner with a home advantage: 88 Prestige Brands.

After opening in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, and more recently in China with two experienced local partners (On Time Group & Forever Light Asia) over the last 18 months, Bomberg, the disruptive Swiss brand, is now entering the Philippines backed by a solid local partner, 88 Prestige Brands, who knows its market inside out. The opening of an unprecedented flagship store in Manila is planned in July 2020, followed by 5 additional mono-brand boutiques over the next three years.

Gabriele Boschi, CEO of 88 Prestige Brands says: “In my 21 years experience in Retail and Distribution in the Philippines, I’ve always looked for brands that have a story, a very strong and unique identity behind it. With BOMBERG, we found a brand with so much personality and unparallel quality which is found in the best Swiss Made watches. We are excited to reintroduce this brand back to the Philippine market, and would like to put emphasis that BOMBERG is not only about its’ watches, but it’s the look, character and lifestyle that comes with it.”

88 Prestige Brands had been on the lookout for a creative, accessible, dynamic, different brand to complement its portfolio of brands already established in the country. Bomberg was a natural match around a partnership agreement that provides for a full range of actions that will be rapidly deployed. Already in July an unprecedented flagship store for the brand will be inaugurated in Manila, in one of the capital’s upmarket districts. Over the next three years, 5 additional boutiques will be opening in Metro Manilla, where most of the business is concentrated.

David Sanchez, CEO of BOMBERG, says: “It is during periods of high turbulence that market share is gained. Based on the proven principle of working with local partners who know their market and have experience in developing brands with a contemporary clientele, we return to the Philippines with an excellent, solid and experienced partner who is very confident in Bomberg’s potential. We have chosen 88 Prestige Brands for their know-how in developing watch brands. Our agreement covers 360° activation, accompanying Bomberg’s growth not only online through networks and e-commerce, but also offline by setting up a retail distribution network. The marketing strategy deployed will help build the brand in a targeted manner in the country. We look forward to working with the 88 Prestige Brands team to introduce Bomberg to the Filipino clientele receptive to a different kind of watchmaking.”

Under the leadership of the team around CEO David Sanchez, Bomberg is experiencing unprecedented growth in terms of business development and structuring a relevant offering in its markets. Already strongly established in Latin, Central America and the Caribbean – Mexico is one of its main markets (the brand is no. 5 among lifestyle brands there) – Bomberg has set out to maintain its momentum of success in the Asia-Pacific region.

BOMBERG New Watch Models

Launched in 2012, BOMBERG has deep roots in the world of Swiss precision timepieces and is renowned for its bold, offbeat designs. The brand reinterprets and subverts the rules of classic watchmaking to create truly remarkable timepieces.

At Baselworld 2019, the watch brand hosted the exclusive launch of the BB-01 Automatic, a mechanical watch that blends accuracy and style with a provocative energy. Equipped with a Swiss movement and exuding a sporty modernity and originality – as evidenced by its crown at 2 o’clock – the BB-01 Automatic approaches traditional watchmaking with trademark irreverence. Amongst its distinguishing features is its sapphire crystal, which adds an extra layer of brilliance to the details of the dial. This watch is the perfect illustration of the iconic BOMBERG timepiece, oozing strength of character and selfassurance.

In addition to this exclusive, BOMBERG also exhibited its iconic pieces, among them the BB-01 Lady Skylighter, a colourful jewelled timepiece for women.

The BB-68 model features a crown and push-buttons at 12 o’clock – typical of the brand – while the Bolt-68 Racing is available in an XL size and can be transformed into a pocket watch with a medallion and chain. BOMBERG will unveil the special edition Bolt-68 Maya, inspired by ancient Maya art, and the Bolt-68 Jaguar, created in the image of the big cat which, in Maya mythology, was considered a protector of kings.

Alongside the watches, BOMBERG has unveiled a variety of straps, bracelets and accessories. These can be used to transform the Bolt 68 and BB-01 Chain models into pocket watches in next to no time, while the jewellery pays tribute to the famous skulls that frequently adorn BOMBERG watches.


The new Bomberg “BB-01 Automatic” watch is a remarkable modern statement perfect for those who see the true value of this provocative timepiece.

Featuring an elegant and powerful profile and boasting bold colour combinations, this timepiece is equipped with a Swiss automatic movement. Exuding modernity and originality –as evidenced by its crown at 2 o’clock – this urban, sporty piece approaches traditional watch making with trademark irreverence. Amongst its distinguishing features is its sapphire crystal which adds an additional layer of brilliance to the details of the dial. The BB-01 Automatic is the perfect illustration of the iconic Bomberg timepiece, oozing strength of character and self-assurance.

The five models fitted on a perforated silicone strap evoke the power and discipline of the motor racing world. The dial decoration is inspired by the spokes of a wheel, like finely cutout beams which allow the date disc to be glimpsed behind them. Details in anthracite, red, green or blue against a black background match the dots on the strap to great effect.

The BB-01 Automatic is also available in a daring version featuring the provocative symbol which is one of Bomberg’s hallmarks: the skull.

Paired with a real leather strap, in a solid colour, to match the background colour of the dial, it features a stylised black cut-out skull, with Super-LumiNova® in relief. Available in red, blue or grey, it underlines the magnetic appeal that the famous death’s head holds for the living.

Technical details

Movement: 3 Hands Automatic SW200
Case: 43mm, stainless steel/PVD
Watch glass: Sapphire
Strap: Silicone, leather
Additional accessory: Leather strap
Price: from CHF 1’290.-


This jewel of a timepiece is feminine and chic, available in a range of colours. Each model in the collection – called “SkyLighter” because it was designed to sparkle like a  star-studded sky – is elegantly radiant, like a firework which reminds us that life is a celebration.

It boasts an interchangeable black or white satin-finished leather NATO strap, making the watch perfect for sultry evenings or bright, beautiful days. Understated, with the centred logo and crown at 2 o’clock giving it a vintage feel, the round BB-01 Lady SkyLighter is a must for ladies with cutting edge style. Even the buckle is designed to match, in gold, black or steel depending on the chosen strap.

And, for yet more versatility, this piece can be easily transformed into an original accessory: attached to a chain, it becomes a pocket watch or a chic charm for a handbag.

Technical details

Movement: Quartz Ronda 513
Case: 38 mm, stainless steel / PVD
Dial: Set with Swarovski® crystals
Watch glass: Mineral K1
Strap: NATO black or white satin-finished leather
Chain: Not included
Price: from CHF 795.-

BB-68 (Line extension)

The BB-68 chronograph has its crown and pushers positioned at 12 o’clock, one of Bomberg’s signature design features. This configuration is known as “bullhead”, in reference to its bold, muscular profile. It not only serves as an immediate touchstone for the brand, it also ensures unrivalled comfort on the wrist.

The imposing aesthetic of the middle is softened by the gently domed sapphire crystal which amplifies the commanding view of the dial and its counters. These are available in silvery shades and graduations of black and grey. There is, however, one exception: a deep blue dial, perfectly paired with a steel bracelet.

The models in this collection range from vintage chic to a more sporty style. Two of these, with a fluted bezel combined with a leather strap, exude a resolutely retro air and are certain to win the hearts of traditional watch lovers who also favour a touch of originality.

The five pieces available on a perforated silicone strap or steel bracelet are complemented by a bezel with hour markers to highlight their sports aesthetic. The subtlety of the Bomberg brand is sure to appeal to connoisseurs of fine watchmaking that breaks with convention.

Technical details

Movement: Ronda 3520 quartz chronograph
Case: 44 mm, steel /PVD/ 4N PVD
Watch glass: Sapphire
Bracelet/strap: Silicone, steel, leather
Price: from CHF 745.-

BOLT-68 RACING (Line extension)

A stylish irreverent chronograph, this timepiece features the signature traits of BOMBERG writ extra-large: the crown located at 12 o’clock in the “Bullhead” position, and the matching coloured trigger pusher at 11 o’clock. It can be transformed into a pocket watch with a medallion and chain, available separately and worn instead of the strap, which boast finishes to match the chosen case.

The BOLT-68 Racing has the profile to conquer the greats. Beneath its imposing middle are finely crafted counters, numerals, bezel and hands in a harmony of vibrant colours.

When worn with their perforated silicone strap, these four models recall the elegance of the classic watches favoured by racing drivers. Yet, these are remarkably modern and sporty. Three of these models feature lines of colour in striking combinations which cross the dial and extend onto the strap.

The fourth is adorned with a bold royal blue, embodying the total freedom of expression inherent to BOMBERG.

Technical details

Movement: Ronda 3540 quartz chronograph
Case: 45 mm, stainless steel/PVD
Watch glass: Sapphire
Strap: Perforated silicone
Additional accessories: Chain & medallion in steel or black PVD
Price: from CHF 930.-

Bomberg BOLT-68 Special Edition

Bolt-68 Maya

The BOLT-68 collection from Bomberg includes a very special edition inspired by Maya art. In a large format, this timepiece features icons typical of the colourful designs created by the Mayans who were builders, savants and artists. Masks representing deities, motifs with skulls or sacred ornaments are open to interpretation.

This timepiece bears the Bomberg signature “bullhead” at 12 o’clock: this arrangement optimises comfort as the push-buttons and the crown do not press against the wrist. It can also be converted into a pocket watch thanks to a medallion which is available as an alternative to the silicone strap.

Bolt-68 Jaguar

The “Jaguar” model from the BOLT-68 collection has been created as a special series, in homage to this unique, majestic feline. A symbol of power and strength, in Mayan mythology the jaguar is believed to protect kings and rulers. The dial of this timepiece features the powerful jaguar’s head with two piercing brilliant emerald green eyes. The intensity of its gaze is reinforced by the K1 mineral crystal.

Those who love timepieces with bold symbols will find this model has all the ingredients to fulfil their desires: the XL format, Bomberg’s signature “bullhead” and the option to replace the strap with a chain and medallion to convert the timepiece into a pocket watch.

Bolt-68 Pirate

An exclusive pirate-themed model, the BOLT-68 “Pirate” features the iconic skull as a conquering buccaneer. Legend has it that pirates are adventurers, belligerent characters, highly superstitious, an honourable mix of sailor and scoundrel, brave enough to face any danger if there is treasure in sight.

The counters on this special edition “Pirate” timepiece feature historical nautical emblems, such as the ship’s wheel and the wind rose. The hands are represented by glinting gilded pirate swords. The case – in 5N PVD like the crown and push-buttons at 12 o’clock – can also be attached to a chain as a medallion to be worn as a pocket watch.

Bolt-68 NEON V2

The sportiest of the BOLT-68 special series is called the “NEON V2”. Its dazzling blue PVD case is electrifying.

The original and innovative design has a striking futuristic appeal, but the detail of its finishes and its ingenious interchangeable function also ensure this piece makes an impact. In fact, this star timepiece can be transformed – in a flash – into a pocket watch thanks to the medallion and chain designed to give a variety of options. It sports the crown and pushbuttons in the famous “bullhead” position, one of Bomberg’s signature features.

To proudly emphasise its identity, the timepiece bears the name “BOMBERG” (in capitals, of course) as a banner on the silicone strap, written in bright blue to match the colour of the numerals and the hands.

Technical details

Movement: Ronda 3540 quartz chronograph
Case: 45 mm, steel/PVD/5N PVD/blue PVD
Watch glass: Sapphire, K1 mineral
Strap: Silicone
Accessories: Medallion and chain included
Price: from CHF 1’095.-


BOMBERG is a young, resolutely innovative brand deeply rooted in the Swiss precision watch sector. Founded in 2012, the company is renowned for its bold and disruptive designs. Staunchly unconventional, BOMBERG subverts the classical rules of watchmaking to create truly remarkable timepieces.

Its rebellious and provocative watches have injected new energy into a classic industry, attracting the attention of a new clientele. In addition to historic Swiss watch technology, BOMBERG’s collections of watches and accessories offer distinctive designs, colours and functions. BOMBERG’s subversive approach reveals a new facet of brilliance.

Available in Bern, Zurich, Interlaken, Lucerne, Solothurn, Geneva and Lausanne (Switzerland), BOMBERG watches are also very popular in South America, Asia and the Middle East.

Contact details

A division of Park Lane Partners SA
Route des Falaises 21
2000 Neuchâtel
Official website:

BOMBERG Roots 1968 Collection

At Baselworld 2017, Swiss watch brand BOMBERG launched their newest timepiece-collection – Roots 1968 for Men & Women. This collection is everything BOMBERG embodies – a statement of empowerment, very bold & daring.

BOMBERG brand was established in 2012 and since then stands out in the watchmaking & jewelry industry. Thanks to their innovative, bold designs, they have revolutionized the current market and by breaking the rules they bring freshness and innovation to the industry. In line with this philosophy, the ROOTS 1968 LADIES & MEN is another BOMBERG statement in itself. “Roots 1968” is the very first collection in the brand’s history, which does not have the ability to become a pocket or table watch.


Hence, this collection represents a more traditional piece and introduces a new watchmaking mindset to BOMBERG. For the very first time, the Swiss watch and jewelry House also launches a collection for women – a first and big step in order to satisfy the demand of the market and widen its consumer target. The versatility of the product has always been at the very heart of the brand concept, initially with the BOLT-68 and now with the ROOTS 1968.


This model offers indeed the unique possibility to change the straps, due to a very easy system. Each watch comes with two straps, which can be switched depending upon the mood, the season or the dress code of the day.  As every woman has her individuality, there are three different styles within the ROOTS 1968 LADIES collection: – The ROOTS 1968 “CHRONO” – a watch that comes in three different colours – brown, blue and purple. Its bezel is embedded with Swarovski © Stones and the dial made out of the respective Mother of Pearl hue.


Also a very nice eye catcher is the ROOTS 1968 LADIES “HIMALAYA” – a watch that must be worn and seen. Embedded with Swarovski © Stones on the bezel, this time-piece comes in four catchy colours: black, pink, blue and slate gray. Each edition is equipped with a premium leather strap.


A total MUST-HAVE and for the very daring and fashionable ones is the ROOTS 1968 Ladies “INDIAN SKULL“– a watch so bold, modern and courageous – a true statement piece. It comes in three colours, two shades of brown and one in blue jeans fabric. The dial is also made out of mother of pearl in either the corresponding colour shade for the brown and blue time-piece – or a natural mother of pearl for the golden beige version. Various Swarovski© Stones on the dial are formed into an INDIAN SKULL – a woman’s bold statement to the world.


The year 1968 has been an important year for all women in Europe – a second-wave of feminism emerged. In various European countries, women and men walked the streets to raise awareness and fight for rights – emancipation, leadership and freedom. All values, which BOMBERG as brand itself also expresses – and in addition to the empowerment of women, celebrates also total equality. This is why this collection is not only inspired by the 68 movement but also designed for women and men alike.


The new ROOTS 1968 MEN CHRONO represents the masculine counterpart watch that is made out of stainless steel primarily and comes in six different colours and combinations, which are the following: red, green, blue, silver, black and full black.


The ROOTS 1968 MEN CHRONO, with a dial of 45 millimeters is no exception to the rest of the collection and offers the possibility to change the strap, depending on the wearer’s moods and personality. The straps are either made of silicon or of leather. The bullhead position at twelve o’clock is also a typical and distinguishing mark of BOMBERG – but it is now completely fixed.


Presented at Baselworld 2017, the BOMBERG BOLT-68 Automatic TARTAN is a daring and unconventional watch collection that celebrates the punk culture.

The story of the tartan pattern goes way back to 18th century and originally gets associated with the Scottish and Gaelic Culture. The Celtic knot art became a vital inspiration for this new collection as well as the punk culture. Initiated as a rebellion against society, a protest against the fashion industry, it later became a fashion trend itself. The punk trend was an early manifestation of deconstructionist fashion which emerged in UK in the early 70’s.

The new BOLT-68 Automatic TARTAN collection is available in 3 limited editions:-The BOLT-68 Tartan “McQueen” – the upper plate of the dial is made of a red colour, which matches exactly the one found on the “McQueen pattern”. Moreover, all three dials show engraved, traditional Celtic motives, which are superposed and hand polished.-The BOLT-68 Tartan “Hood” – the blue upper plate contrasts certainly with the “Hood” tartan pattern and highlights the dark colours of the rest of this time-piece.

And The BOLT-68 Tartan “McDonald” in Celtic green – this colour specifically has been a very traditional one in Celtic culture and stands for pride, strength and family. Values those are also dear to BOMBERG’s culture.

The Brand’s exclusive pattern of the strap, the dial and the watch bezel have made each watch a truly avant-garde piece of work and history. Inspired by those two traditional yet unconventional trends, the three references of the new BOLT-68 automatic 3-Hands Tartan collection combine the functional aspect of always being on time while not forgetting the long lasting tradition of the past. This time-piece will definitely make a long-lasting impression and reveal the little “punky rebel” inside you. The BOLT-68 Automatic Tartan collection wills not only make one stand out by its fresh design but also with its Helvetic craftsmanship – a Swiss Made watch that combines both, originality and tradition.

This new watch is also crafted with an ingenious bayonet system including a trigger guard. Patented by the brand itself, this system module is detached from its base and attached to a metal chain – and easily becomes a pocket watch.

Technical details
Movement: Automatic SW200
Automatic Sellita SW200
Autonomy in hours (for auto) : 38H
Case: Black PVD
Glass: Sapphire
Chain & Medallion: Specific
Strap Color: (blue) Leather Tartan “HOOD” (green) Leather Tartan “MCDONALD” (red) Leather Tartan “MCQUEEN”


Inspired by and designed in line with the Biker universe, this new BOLT-68 Line from BOMBERG is available in 3 limited editions.

The BOLT-68 Skull Rider “Blackheart” is the darkest and most rebellious model of the collection, thanks to the colour contrast between black and vibrant green. The skull eyes are changing their colour depending on time: wide open, they are green and when closed, we see a complete set of eyes in black. The strap is made of black leather and topped with black silicone nails.

The BOLT-68 Skull Rider “Hellgold”– the combination of a soft gold colour combined with dark black is a perfect interpretation of the devil/angel duality hidden in each of us. While the wide-open red skull eyes inspire respect, once closed, you will see nothing else but the calm dark.

And the BOLT-68 Skull Rider “Eternity Blue” – blue is the colour of the sky and is a symbol of eternity. When open, the skull eyes are blue and a symbol of pure life but once they are closed, they are a synonym of peace and eternity.

The three editions are endowed with night vision elements: the eyes, watch hands or numbers on the dial as well as the BOMBERG branding glow in the dark.

Equipped with silicon straps and nails, this revolutionary watch makes a bold statement and is always in line with BOMBERG’s identity as well as its dedication to the freedom felt in the “biker world”. But the BOLT-68 Skull Rider collection 2017 is not only standing out with its design and materials but also with its futuristic craftsmanship and the ability to wear it in different ways for any life occasion. The watch is produced with an ingenious bayonet system including a trigger guard. Patented by the brand itself, the bayonet system turns your wristwatch into an exclusive pocket watch. Moreover, the BOLT-68 Skull Rider comes with a handlebar accessory which enables to clip the watch on a motorcycle or on a bike.

Last but not least, the eyes of the skull head are moving in parallel with the movement of the wrist, imitating the gestures of the antique dolls.

Technical information
Movement reference: automatic ETA2671
Autonomy in hours: 38
Case: black PVD, 4N PVD, light gun PVD
Watch glass: Sapphire
Chain & Medallion: specific
Strap Color: Black Leather with Black Silicone Nails

BOMBERG Bolt-68 Skull Limited Edition

Swiss watch brand BOMBERG unveils a limited Skull version of its latest Bolt-68 chronograph timepiece. The Bolt-68 Skull asserts itself with a powerful look with a hint of offbeat humour – as well as an exclusive technical feature. This wristwatch is equipped with a clever bayonet-type system with a safety catch that enables the timepiece to be detached from the bracelet and fixed to a metal chain.

The stainless steel case of this timepiece has grenade motif on the middle. The Bolt-68 Skull houses the Concepto 99001 mechanical automatic movement and offers date, chronograph and tachometric functions. The Bolt-68 Skull is issued in a limited edition of 250 pieces.

Technical details
Mechanical automatic, Concepto 99001 calibre

Hours, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph, tachometric scale


Black-finish steel, knurled bezel, grenade motif on the case middle, 47 mm
Chronograph crown and pushers at 12 o’clock
Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to 100 metres

Luminescent hands and hour markers
Hours, minutes and small seconds counters at 3, 9 and 6 o’clock respectively
Date window at 12 o’clock
Tachometric scale on the inner bezel ring

Leather strap with Skull buckle + black PVD-coated chain itself composed of skulls

Indicative retail prices
CHF 3,100/ USD3,995/ € 2,900

BOMBERG Bolt-68 Chronograph

BOMBERG’s Bolt-68 Chronograph is a modern watch making gem that shakes up traditional watchmaking standards to impose its own rules. This sporty chronograph timepiece can be switched between a wristwatch and pocket watch. It comes in a 45mm round black PVD-coated steel with criss-cross knurled pattern. The crown and chronograph pushes of Bolt-68 Chronograph are positioned at 12 o’clock.

The ultra-powerful construction with a criss-cross knurled pattern around the rim not only aesthetic but also ensures a firm grip when it’s time to transform the Bolt-68 from a wristwatch to pocket watch by providing a smooth transition. Equipped with a Swiss made quartz movement, this timepiece displays Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph and date, tachometric scale.

The chronograph-activator pusher is highlighted either in yellow or red colour depend up on models. The meteorite black dial has luminescent hands & hour markers, date aperture at 12’o clock and chronograph 12 hour counters. The inner bezel ring features tachometric scale.

Technical details
Quartz, Ronda 3540D

Hours, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph, tachometric scale

Black PVD-coated steel, criss-cross knurled pattern, 45 mm
Crown and chronograph pushes at 12 o’clock
Yellow or red chronograph-activator pusher
Reinforced anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to 100 metres

Meteorite black
Luminescent hands and hour markers
Tachometric scale on the inner bezel ring

Black leather with yellow or red perforations and matching topstitching +black PVD-coated steel chain

Retail prices
CHF 930/ USD 1095/ € 865

BOMBERG 1968 Collection

BOMBERG, the young watch brand from Switzerland produces spectacular timepieces specially designed for discerning male. This mid price range timepieces stands out with their muscular design, sleek industrial lines and the manly attitude.

Made its debut in 2013, the BOMBERG introduced three models – 1968, Maven and Semper – the superior timepieces made for those men who live a red blooded life and possess an uncompromising sense of style.

The BOMBERG 1968 collection consists of 22 timepieces featuring cutting edge, slick black look with smooth, burnished lines and a striking asymmetric watch case and available with both chronograph and automatic movements.

The chronograph models equipped with highly reliable Miyota OS11 movement, offer high functionality and ruggedness of a sports timepiece. The unconventional positioning of crown and pushers adjacent to the lugs is very interesting, also easy to handle. The 44 mm, round, sandblasted PVD case along with black leather strap and sand blasted PVD buckle displays the bold character of the timepiece. The black sandblasted case back is screwed down thus ensuring the exceptional water resistance of 100 meters.

These models are available in various dial colour versions such as black, green and orange. Indexes, counter and hands are applied with Luminova to increase the legibility of the timepiece. In the functional side, this BOMBERG 1968 model features a Tachymeter scale, chronograph counters and day and date indication.

Inspired by its initial success, BOMBERG is gradually conquering the markets worldwide. Now the brand has launched a special campaign only for the customers from USA and Canada by offering the models from their flagship collection 1968. The chronograph models, priced $675, can be purchased online by visiting the BOMBERG online boutique. The BOMBERG 1968 collection also offers automatic models.

BOMBERG is a new comer to Switzerland’s tradition rich watchmaking industry. Headquartered at Neuchâtel, the nerve centre of Swiss horology industry, this revolutionary watch brand offers exceptional timepieces in mid price range without compromising on quality and trustworthiness.

Three exceptional collections – 1968, Maven and Semper – with their resolutely male attitude enrich BOMBERG’s inventory. Each timepiece comes with BOMBERG’s uniquely exceptional customer service, and a two year warranty.

BOMBERG‘s ambassadors are Austin Trout (WBA Junior Middleweight Champion of the World), Martin Fuentes (Mexican racing drive) and Chris ‘The Birdman’ Andersen (superstar basketball player for NBA champions Miami Heat).