Founded in 2003, Azimuth is the brainchild of two Singaporean watch enthusiasts, Christopher Long and Alvin Lye. Known for its highly innovative yet competitively priced mechanical watches, AWC’s quality timepieces are manufactured entirely in Switzerland. The watches span a variety of styles from race car instrument panel-like to vintage military watch designs, as well as a range of complications from chronographs to multiple-time zone indicators.

Azimuth creates avant-garde mechanical timepieces. Azimuth watches sport a variety of styles never before seen in the world of luxury horology, from race car instrument panels to gaming tables to robots. Azimuth manages the entire mechanical timepiece production from research, development and manufacturing, to retail, distribution and delivery worldwide.

Azimuth’s four foundation pillars that guide its watch-making philosophy are: avant-garde designs, mechanical complications, Swiss-made quality and competitive pricing. Azimuth is distributed in Europe, North, South and Central Americas, the Middle East and Asia. Azimuth also owns and manages its own Exclusive Boutiques in Singapore and Malaysia.


Azimuth Round-1 Baccarat

Following the success of the Azimuth SP-1 Roulette unveiled at Basel-world 2009, Azimuth introduces another gaming-inspired timepiece – the World’s First Round -1 Baccarat.

Based on the card game’s four possible results – ‘player’, ‘banker’, ‘pair’ and ‘tie’, this watch has a modified movement that allows the pointer to stop randomly at either of those positions. It is complemented by a stainless steel deployant buckle crocodile leather strap.

Azimuth Round-1 Baccarat watchAzimuth is rolling out 6 versions of this – a top tier, mid-tier and entry-level model for both ladies & gents. This is also the first Azimuth watch which is especially dedicated to the ladies.

Azimuth Round-1 Baccarat watch

At top of the range is a pavé diamond watch, with the case and dial of the men’s version covered with over 1100 VVS Top Wessleton diamonds (7 carats), and that of the ladies’ 800 VVS Top Wessleton diamonds (4.8 carats).

Azimuth Round-1 Baccarat diamond set watch

The second tier includes watches with a mother-of-pearl face and a bezel set with 206 black and white diamonds (1.2 carats), while the entry level versions come with a mother-of-pearl dial.

Suggested retail prices range from CHF 3’750.00 to CHF 42’500.00. The Round-1 Baccarat is available for sale from second half 2011.

Technical details

Round-1 Baccarat (Men’s)
Movement: Azimuth In-House Modified Hi-Beat 28,800 vhp Movement
Function: Hour, Minute, Seconds with In-House modified Baccarat game
Case: 316L stainless steel
Case Size: 42mm
Crystal: Domed Sapphire crystal
Dial: Black Mother Of Pearl
Glass: Dome sapphire crystal
Power Reserve: 40 hours
Band: Genuine leather strap with deployant buckle
Size: 42mm
Water Resistant: 3ATM
Power Reserve: 42 hrs
Limited Production 2011: 250 pieces
Recommended Retail Price: CHF 3’850.00
Availability: 2nd Half 2011

Round-1 Baccarat (Ladies)
Case: 316L Stainless Steel
Case Size: 38mm
Crystal: Domed Sapphire crystal
Water Resistant: 3ATM
Dial: Available in pastel pink and blue Mother Of Pearl dials
Movement: Azimuth In-House Modified Hi-Beat 28,800 vhp Movement
Function: Hour, Minute, Seconds with In-House modified Baccarat game
Strap: Genuine leather strap with deployant buckle, size 38 mm
Power Reserve: 42 hours
Limited Production 2011: 100 pieces
Retail Price: CHF 3’700.00
Availability: 2nd Half 2011

Azimuth Twin Barrel Tourbillon

Inspired by the most hard core contemporary super cars, the Azimuth “Twin Barrel Tourbillon” (TBT) represents a brand new era of “micro-machine making”. This complex modern machine draws its inspiration from the sexy silhouettes and raw muscle power of the various marques in the high end market of super cars.

Azimuth Twin Barrel Tourbillon watch

Pushing the boundaries of Avant-Garde design, Azimuth has yet again surprised the watch fraternity by introducing another “Out of the Box” design to couple a unique time reading mechanism with a highly coveted Tourbillon mechanism.

A peek at the machine’s bodywork reveals what the creators of Azimuth had wanted to achieve; an instrument that amalgamates the founders’ love of fast cars, the fast lane and haute horlogerie.

Fashioned and CNC cut from a solid block of Titanium, this ultra lightweight case similar to the racing bodies of super cars, is adorned with plates of carbon fibre fitted into the recesses at the sides as well as the back of the case.

Azimuth Twin Barrel Tourbillon watch version 1

Examining the domed cockpit of this TBT and you will realise that the highly contoured windscreen is a work of art. Extremely complex and difficult to produce, this double domed sapphire crystal gives an added dimension to the aesthetics of the case.

At the 6 o’clock position beats a massive Tourbillon mechanism with KIF shock absorption system which acts as the “suspension” for the balance staff and the massive cage.

As with the finishing of some of the engine blocks of super cars, the Tourbillon Center Bridge is also “Black Gold” plated to give it a more sporting feel. The high beat 28,800 VPH, 5-day (120 hrs) power reserve Tourbillon movement powers this super-car inspired watch.

Connoisseurs expect nothing less than a well-stitched, handcrafted interior to complement the voluptuous beauty of their super cars. In the same spirit, the unique interwoven fibre leather strap with contrast stitching in this TBT is specially crafted to embody this very essence found in the super cars.

Azimuth Twin Barrel Tourbillon watch version 2

To reduce drag on the movement, Azimuth has constructed each of the interlocking and moving parts of this hand system from Titanium, with not only the huge arm that suspends the twin discs made from Titanium but also the twin discs as well as the gears underneath them.

Ball bearings are also designed in areas where constant discs rotation is experienced to reduce friction drag, a consideration which may affect its time keeping properties.

The Tourbillon mechanism is incorporated to eliminate any positional errors that arise from the constant G-force experienced by the escapement. All this to ensure precision timekeeping capabilities Azimuth has come to expect from its exceptional creation.

Time is told by reading the twin rotary discs suspended by a massive central arm made entirely of Titanium to compensate for the weight gained from the sheer size of this new system. The Azimuth TBT divides the 12 hours into 2 hexagonal discs, bearing odd and even hours on each disc.

The 60 minutes of each hour is displayed in an arc at the edge of the dial from the traditional 3 o’clock position to the 9 o’clock position. The rotary disc completes 1 hour of time recording once it travels through an angle of 180 degrees, as oppose to 360 degrees in a normal timepiece.

At the base of each numbered hour mark is a red arrow pointer that utilises each of the 6 points of the hexagon as hour indicators. Each new hour comes into play at the 3 o’clock position with the pointer indicating the minutes that corresponds to the hour in play.

Upon reaching the 60 minute mark (at the traditional 9 o’clock position), the next hour marker will then come into play at the 3 o’clock position. Each disc actually performs 2 minor rotations in the period between leaving the 60 minute mark and arriving at a new hour.

The new TBT from Azimuth testifies to the technical capabilities of this relatively young company to entrench itself in the niche market of Avant-Garde watch design and haute horlogerie. Only 25 examples will be produced for the privileged few around the world.

Technical details

  • Case: Titanium
  • Strap: Special interwoven black fibre strap
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 45mm x 25mm
  • Movement: Hand wind Tourbillon, 28,800 high beat with KIF shock absorber
  • Power Reserve: 5 Days (120 Hours)
  • Production Run: Limited Edition of 25 pieces

Azimuth SP-1 Roulette

For avid players of the Roulette game, Azimuth has launched the aptly named “Roulette” watch; inspired by the obvious; the roulette wheel and its solid rectangular table. The Roulette is produced in time for the opening of Singapore’s first and Asia’s grandest Casino in mind by end of 2009.

Azimuth SP-1 Roulette watch

The winding crown takes the form of a dice and serves 2 purposes; to set the time and to activate the spinning ball. By depressing and releasing the dice at the same time, the player “starts the ball rolling” (or spinning in this case). The hand with the ball spins around the roulette dial and stops randomly but always landing in the “slot” at the base of any given number.

Azimuth SP-1 Roulette watch

The 3-dimensional roulette dial gives the impression of a miniature roulette wheel encapsulated in a sapphire crystal.

Measuring 45mm x 34mm, the 316L stainless steel case is ergonomically designed to ensure a snug fit on the user’s wrist with its highly curved back case which also has the Azimuth signature “pothole” design showing the balance wheel spinning.

Azimuth SP-1 Roulette watch case back

A “BEAT THE CASINO!” phrase can be seen marked on the back plate. The Azimuth Roulette is made in limited edition of 500 pieces in stainless steel and comes fitted with a high grade leather strap with deployment buckle.

Technical details

  • Movement: ETA 2842 modified automatic winding
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, spinning roulette hand
  • Case: 316L stainless steel, 35 mm width x 55 mm lug to lug length, water resistant 5 ATM
  • Band: 22 mm leather strap

Azimuth Mr. Roboto

Unveiled at Baselworld 2009, the Mr Roboto watch is inspired by the Lantern Robot of the 1950s. Azimuth’s designers show that a timepiece’s practical functionality does not have to take a back seat to aesthetic visual designs.

Witness the perfect marriage of ingenious design and user-friendly functions, this unique timepiece that transcends time aims to revive the passion of the tin robot generation of enthusiasts and enduring science fiction lovers.

Azimuth Mr. Roboto watch
Mr Roboto’s visual appeal embodies the full-flavor revival of vintage tin robotic spaceman. The placements lend for easy reading and a radical tin robot visual appearance.

The left ‘eye’ is the hour register, right ‘eye’ comes with GMT indication, the nose region joint with the mouth region are the seconds and retrograde minutes placements respectively.

Mr Roboto is powered by a modified ETA 2836-2 movement. The robust case is forged out of hardy steel blocks with a warm touch of beveled edges at the sides of the tonneau shaped timepiece.

It comes with a unique box inspired by the whimsical designs of the tin toy packaging during the 1950s.

Technical details

  • Movement: ETA 2836-2 modified automatic winding
  • Functions: GMT function; hours register, retrograde minutes, seconds
  • Case: 316L stainless steel, 43 mm width x 50 mm length, water resistant 5 ATM
  • Band: 24 mm rubber strap and optional genuine hornback crocodile strap

Azimuth Round-1 Calendrier Lefty

The “facelifted” Calendrier Lefty model was unveiled at Baselworld 2009 as a new version from Azimuth Round-1 collection.

Azimuth Round-1 Calendrier Lefty watch

This new addition to the Round-1 collection is an expansion to the highly successful Calendrier series of watches.

Powered by an ETA 2836 base movement that has been heavily transformed by Azimuth’s master watchmakers, the watch is able to tell the Day, Date and Month under the sapphire crystal which are all activated by pushers that are flushed with the case. Each Calendrier comes with a pin like tool to allow the user to activate all these functions independently.

Azimuth Round-1 Calendrier Lefty watch

At 42mm, one suspects that this Calendrier Lefty was created to placate collectors who are in love with the Pilot watches but view them as being too massive at 47mm. This 42mm case will suit this group of collectors who prefers a smaller case.

The deep brown dial makes it look as though the dial has aged to what is nowadays known as “tropical” colour to many avid collectors. The Arabic numerals further add to the nostalgia of a military-looking timepiece.

Azimuth Spaceship Watch – SP-1 Mecanique

Swiss watch brand Azimuth’s Special Project Line, SP-1 Mecanique concept watch is a forward-looking timepiece with an adventurous mix of bold, futuristic styling and progressive technical flaunts.

The design idea of the large minute hand is inspired by the intergalactic warfare popularized by the sci-fi movies of the 1980s and 1990s. The 3-dimensional elongated carriage is the minute hand and it carries the hour disc with it.

The circular opening on the hand with the numerical displayed is the hour. The minutes are read off the traditional way. Once the minute hand completes a 60-minute round, the hour numeral jumps and the next hour is displayed within the circular opening.

Azimuth Spaceship Watch – SP-1 Mecanique

Inspired by the views from the cockpit of a space shuttle when telling the time on the SP-1 Mecanique, the enigmatic blue dial is showered with tiny specks of luminous stars into the ‘galaxy’. The rotating ‘planet Earth’ actually completes one revolution every 60 seconds. The rotating ‘Earth’ is the alternative to a sweep seconds hand, which indicates that your watch is alive and running.

Azimuth Spaceship Watch – SP-1 Mecanique

Matching the mesmerizing dial design is its equally ingenious jumping hour display. Powered by a Unitas 6497 movement finely finished in Cotes de Geneve stripes, a rotating disc, framed by the short end of the 3-dimensional minute hand, is a jumping hour complication. Highly stylized, the broad minute hand comes finished with a skeletonized outline that resembles a space shuttle hurtling across the universe.

Azimuth Spaceship Watch – SP-1 Mecanique

Its 45mm stainless steel case with elongated lugs is capped by a domed sapphire crystal to lend the watch a multi-dimensional look. The avant-garde case design then is topped with a giant crown at 12’ o clock.

Technical details

Model: Azimuth Spaceship Watch – SP-1 Mecanique

Unitas 6497-1 with Côtes de Genève decoration, blue screws

Mystery jumping hours, minutes, seconds

316 L stainless steel, ø 45 mm, water resistant to 3 bars

22 mm perforated sports leather strap