RGM is a premium American watch company founded by Roland G. Murphy in 1992. With their exemplary line up of hand-made timepieces, the brand pays tribute to the rich American watchmaking tradition that dates back to the 18th century. Based in a small town in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, the RGM manufacture offers fine mechanical watches entirely produced in America. Click here to find more details about the brand.

Retail price range: US$ 2,500 to US$ 100,000.

Featured Timepieces

RGM Model 600 Chronograph

RGM Model 222-RR (Railroad) Type II Montgomery Marginal Minute

RGM Model 500-GMT-RS (Richard Sachs) Limited Edition

RGM PS-801-Skeleton

RGM PS-801-CE, Classic Enamel (801 Pennsylvania Series)

RGM Artwork Watch Collection – Model 25 Art Watches & Lady RGM Art Watches

RGM William Penn Re-edition

RGM Model 350-TZBD Timezone Big Date Automatic

RGM Pennsylvania Series Caliber 801 Chess (PS-801-CH) Limited Edition

Guitar Manufacturer C.F. Martin & Co. Collaborates with Premier American Watchmaker RGM Watch Co. for Showstopper Model and Introduces Limited Edition D-200 Deluxe Series

RGM 151-COE Corps of Engineers Watch

RGM Model 151-PR Professional Pilot

RGM Watch Company – in House 801 Collection (New Models: 801-EE and PS-801-EE)

RGM 801 Corps of Engineers Watch

RGM Pennsylvania Series 801 “Baseball in Enamel” Limited Edition

RGM Reference 151A “Pro Aviator” Automatic

RGM Series – 2 (300-2) Professional Limited Edition Diver

RGM Reference 400 Automatic Chronograph